Unrighteous hero

What is a hero?

In a town, there is a boy named Mark and his brother Xi Nuo. Mark's character is more pushy, and his dream is to become a swordsman who guards the town. As long as he is free, he will enthusiastically devote himself to the practice of swordsmanship.
Mark's younger brother Xi Nuo is more timid and respects his brother very much. I always run around behind my brother, imitating my brother in everything.

Later, Mark finally learned the swordsmanship, and his strength gradually became so strong that he couldn't feel the weight of the sword. At this time, a warcraft appeared in the town. Just when the residents yelled for help and fled around, Mark ran to the place where the monsters were.

"I will guard the town where my family lives!"
Mark's not yet proficient swordsmanship is simply not enough to deal with a monster that is twice his size. Even so, Mark still did not give up, and fought desperately against Warcraft, tightly restraining Warcraft.
After a while, the soldiers rushed to the place where the beast was, and found the figure of the beast who was fleeing from the wound, and Mark who was kneeling on the ground covered in wounds. Thanks to Mark's heroic performance, no urban residents were harmed and successfully guarded the peace.

"Thanks to Mark, this kid can be saved. You are our hero. When this kid grows up, I will tell him."

The wife who lives near the place where Warcraft appears while coaxing the baby, she expresses gratitude to Mark. Mark is very proud of being able to protect his life by his own strength, and deeply imprinted the baby's cheerful smile in his heart. So Mark’s heroic behavior was praised by everyone and was called a hero by the residents of the village. Marco is very happy that his efforts have yielded fruitful results, and his skills in swordsmanship have become more refined.

Since this incident, as long as Mark and Shino walk on the street together, Mark will be welcomed by passers-by every day. There will be courtesy in popular facilities, and gifts from high-ranking officials in the town will also be received.

"What can I do to become a hero?"

Faced with Syno’s question, Mark answered without hesitation:

"Make yourself stronger and defeat the bad guys. If Xinuo wants to become a hero, he must defeat the bad guys and get the approval of the townspeople."

The hero raised his head and held his chest up, speaking with confidence, looks very handsome in Xino's eyes.
"Well, I have to work hard to become stronger."

At the same time that Mark became a hero, there was a huge change in Xeno. From before, I always felt that only what my brother did was right, and what I did always failed. With this kind of thought, Xi Nuo gave up his own possibilities, and had no dreams and hopes at all.
However, for the first time in his life, Xinuo has a dream for the future. That is "becoming a hero". No longer just follow my brother aimlessly, but like my brother, dream of becoming a hero.

Since that time, in order to realize his dream, Xinuo has been learning all kinds of "hero" knowledge from his elder brother too honestly.

Afterwards, whenever the monsters appeared, Mark would take the lead to rush to where the monsters were and fight back those monsters. Repeating this kind of life all the time, Mark's swordsmanship has progressed and grown to the point where a normal monster would be cut off by him casually. Seeing him clean the blood stains on the sword cleanly, and the appearance of the sword being sheathed, no matter what it looks like, Xi Nuo also yearned for such a brother, and devoted himself to the practice of swordsmanship every day.
However, Mark was accustomed to the welcome of everyone, and his attitude gradually became arrogant and domineering, and now he even began to feel that he was superior to all the residents of the town.

"I replaced the townspeople and chased the bad guys away. If you compare me with the guys who flee from the enemy and hold back, it would be too rude to me as a hero."

Having said that, Mark began to put on airs to the residents of the town. Xino, who had never seen other heroes except Mark, still regarded his brother's words as truth, accepting everything as it was, and remembering everything in his heart. The hope of becoming a hero soon was overflowing in his heart.

After that, in order to protect the life of being championed as a hero, Mark repelled the Warcraft every day, and slowly the Warcraft ceased to appear. The opportunities for Mark to be able to perform are getting less and less, and the popularity of him touted as a hero is getting less and less. 

"Well, since just hitting the monsters that have left the current town has no way to get everyone's approval, they can only show a more eye-catching performance."

Mark believes that as long as he shows stronger power to the residents of towns, he will be embraced by everyone again.
Mark eager to make meritorious service rushed into the forest first, annihilated the monsters living in the forest, and was complacent. Faced with such an older brother, his younger brother Xi Nuo never bored with him every time.

One day, thieves appeared in the town. With his well-trained swordsmanship, Mark hacked all the thieves to death without a hard fight. Mark alone didn't think it was enough, and even the thieves lurking outside the town were wiped out by him. In this way, due to Mark's struggle, the incident was successfully resolved without any loss of property.
Walking behind his brother every day, Xi Nuo's eyes reflected the back of his brother who had hacked people to death without any explanation.
On another day, a burglar appeared in the town, and Mark took the lead in catching up with the burglar and hacked him to death. He also firmly believed that the burglar’s family was also an accomplice, and Mark had not investigated them carefully, so he hacked them down. Since this incident, Tomac's blessing, the residents of the town have never encountered any disasters again.
However, just as Mark became active, the surrounding area began to spread rumours of cruelty and ruthlessness in that town. Not only that, the more Mark wields his sword in search of performance, the less town dwellers regard him as a hero and keep him away.

"I obviously saved the town, why should everyone avoid me?"

Mark held this question, but did not discuss it with Xino or others. Precisely because he feels that he is always right, no matter the past or the future, he can never make a mistake.

"Yes, as long as I gain more power and kill bad guys, everyone will treat me like a hero again."

Mark still can't understand why everyone no longer regards him as a hero, and intends to continue to implement what he has always done, and patiently wait for the day when he is regarded as a hero again. Mark, who has stopped thinking, just concentrates on pursuing the power to defeat the bad guys and continues to hone his sword skills.

The townspeople are very afraid of Mark, and no one dares to talk to him. 

"Although I am very grateful to Mark for saving the town, if I do something bad, I feel like he will be killed as a bad guy."

With such an idea, the townspeople began to flatter Mark and once again touted him as a hero. On the other hand, Mark said with satisfaction:

"It seems that everyone is finally thinking of how important the existence of heroes is. However, to me, repelling the bad guys is the same as repelling pests. If you don’t kill them as soon as they appear, someone will be harmed. I’ll get rid of them all. Everyone should cooperate too."

He is very happy to continue to be named a hero.

Until one day, when he heard that kidnappers had appeared in the town, Mark took the lead. Xi Nuo followed his brother along as usual. Mark used the town’s intelligence network to grasp the true identity of the kidnapper before anyone else, but he stood still and waited for the moment when the prisoner started.
Finally, when the kidnapper sneaked into a house, Mark saw that he was in contact with someone and broke in, and hacked him to death with all his strength. As everything went smoothly as planned, Mark showed a smug smile on his face and reached out to the man who was almost taken away by the kidnappers.

"How about it, did you see it? I knocked down the bad guy, it doesn't matter anymore."

The person at the scene is a very young girl. Mark had an impression of the girl's face.

She was the first life Mark saved when he became a hero, which is what the little baby looks like when he grows up. But her expression is not at all as cheerful as it was at the time. Instead, she was frozen in place in a daze, and her whole body was wet with the blood sprayed when the kidnapper was hacked to death by Mark.


Originally thinking that he would hear words of thanks from the girl, Mark was full of confusion. He looked at the man who was chopped to the ground again. He held a cute and bright bouquet in his hand, and the card with "Happy Birthday" was still inserted on it, so it was dyed dark red in a pool of blood.

"What's going on? I only came after hearing the rumors of the kidnappers."

Mark asked the girl. The pale girl slowly opened her eyes after listening to Mark's words. Then she stared at Mark, the enemy who killed her father, and said with hatred:

"What the hell did Dad do wrong!? Kill... the murderer... you murderer!"

The girl's accusation contained anger that didn't seem like a child would make, and she glared at Mark slantingly. For him, the girl can be said to be the origin of becoming a hero. What she said deeply pierced Mark's heart. He instantly felt that his whole heart was cold, so he left the scene. Xi Nuo still followed behind such a brother.
At this time, Mark didn't know that the figure rumored to be a kidnapper was actually a father who had to sneak up to meet the child due to certain family factors. Since the girl's birthday is approaching, he wants to find an opportunity to give the gift to his daughter, and follow the girl everywhere, so that misinformation will appear.

Mark fled into the desert and entered an unmanned road where no one passed by. He wiped away the inexplicable large amount of cold sweat. Mark has always killed a lot of "bad guys", but after being accused by the girl of being a "murderer," he realized that he had killed "human beings."

"I have always killed bad guys...not people. Everyone will be very happy because I knock down bad guys. Of course, what I did is right."

Beside Mark who is talking to himself,

"Since the bad guys have been defeated, please hurry up and notify the residents of the town, right?"

Shi Nuo calmly urged Mark.

"...You report instead for me."

"Why? Isn't my brother the first to inform everyone every time?"

In contrast to Shino, whose expression had not changed at all, Mark broke into a cold sweat and looked very embarrassed.

"What the hell did dad do wrong!" ? Kill... murderer... you murderer! "The girl's words lingered in Mark's ears.

Mark vaguely felt that his behavior was terrible all the time, so he said to Xi Nuo who was following him:

"...I don't want to be a hero anymore. If you want to be, just be you."

After Mark finished speaking, he gave his brother the proud sword that he forgot to wipe off the blood. Shi Nuo's serious expression immediately turned into a full smile, and replied:

"Really!? Then...I will be a hero instead of my brother!"

Shi Nuo did not conceal the excitement that the dream came true, and after accepting the sword with a happy expression, he did not hesitate to poke the sword into Mark's chest.

"Ahaha, I defeated the murderous bad guys, now I am also a hero! Right, brother!"

Shi Nuo looked at Mark falling down on his knees with a smug look, and then neatly wiped off the blood on the sword, and put the sword in its sheath. His posture is exactly the same as Mark.

"Then just let the urban residents see and get approval."

Finally, looking at the figure of Xino leaving briskly, Mark deeply realized that he had been doing something wrong all this time-while closing his eyes that could no longer be opened.

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