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There is a need to further improve and expand the construction of this site. Welcome everyone who is interested in the construction of this site to join the site management team. The following are some examples of work:

  • Artist: Responsible for creating some fan works and website logo design
  • Data: Responsible for entering the in-game data (eg equipment, circuits, etc.) into the Excel table
  • Plot: Responsible for converting all the main plot dialogues of the game into text
  • Role: Responsible for using PS to extract characters from various sources
  • Role: Write a profile of each person
  • Strategy: Responsible for the production and proofreading of the strategy
  • Development: Perform secondary development of certain functions of the website or develop new functions for the website
  • Translation: Translate some trajectory-related resources (e.g. anniversary book, set collection, etc.)
  • Design: Design the UI of the website
  • News: Collect track-related information and publish it on the website

This site is a non-profit website,Sincerely hopeLove Track Series, Familiar with the characters’ background stories; yesAmple timeOr are willing to contribute their free time to join our station management team. Of course, even if you don’t know much about the skills of website building, but you have plenty of time and are willing to learn with a humble mind, there are seniors in various fields in the site management team to get you started.

Interested applicants can first join our QQ chat group (the group QR code is as follows), and take the initiative to contact the administrator (@1) RequestEdit application form, Pending formal invitation.

Exchange group 1: 651141827 (full)

Communication group 2: 901434394