Black history book

Prophecy passed down from goblins (spoiler warning)

Spoiler alert, if this is your first time conquering Trails of Cold Steel III/IV, please read this book carefully so as not to affect the game experience.

Before "The Giant God of Creation" Qi Yaoli


In the beginning, there was a two-pillar giant.

Yizhu shouldered the courageous strength,

Yizhu shouldered the tenacity.

The giant god and his family descended from the sky--

And meet in the dark land.

Because of their essential differences, the two gods cannot tolerate each other——

The battle that shook the world began.

The lament of the goddess and the elves is helpless,

The great earthquake shook, the sky cracked--

His family members were afraid and trembling, and could do nothing.

The war lasted thousands of days, and the result--

The two giants died together on the last day.

A hollow body that has lost all power,

Each was shocked to the outer edge of the dark earth.

Shocking scars were left, and the abandoned family members--

And "Great Power" in the earth.

"The opening of the imperial capital ~ the starting place" S0081──


Decades after the catastrophe, Heimdall, a revival stronghold in the land of darkness (Erebos), established by the mediator Yanor, began to be called the "Imperial Capital".

This is because the people who were in poverty and suffering at the time were looking for a guide who could serve as an eternal spiritual sustenance.

As a result, the first Yanor and this lineage, who were admitted as mediators by the two sacred beasts, were entrusted as hereditary instructors, and were put on the lofty position of "emperor".

——Supporting such a system, at a certain level, can be said to be the use of the system. It is the clergy of the Qiyao Church sent from Yaltria.

For the sons of people who lost their spiritual support in "The Great Crash", they promoted "faith", a new form of contact with goddesses, and at the same time, by acknowledging the legitimacy of instructors across the mainland, they hope to consolidate the social foundation after the revival. Make it stable.

Seventy-first year of the Qiyao calendar-Under the governance of the third emperor Sion Yanor, the cathedral of the Qiyao Church was established in Heimdall. After that, the city began to be called the "Imperial Capital".

As a base of faith, the cathedral is also a venue for ceremonies to recognize the orthodoxy of the emperor’s family, but there are more important and specific tasks here.

That is to prepare for the "starting place." ──The prototype is kept in Yaltria, and "a certain purpose" is achieved by building a copy of it. It can also be called an underground facility of "Artificial Singularity".

──In this way, the chaotic period after the Great Collapse came to an end. The sons of man who lost the past civilization are guarded by the cradle called "Faith" and are about to welcome the dark age of seeking light.

...But 200 years later, in the land of Ereponia, the "darkness" has turned into a desperately bleak, full of suffering.

From the day the dark dragon sealed Heimdall in the miasma──

"Dark Dragon in the Deserted City" Qiyao Calendar 371 years


The imperial capital Heimdall has been established for two hundred years.
"That disaster" suddenly appeared from the ground.

-"Dark Dragon" Zero Strider.
A terrifying dragon that emits black miasma.

The miasma spit out of the magic dragon enveloped the imperial capital, and Heimdall turned into a dead city.

The dead were desecrated and manipulated by the dragon and wandered around the area, attacking the surviving people, thereby increasing their dependents.

At that time, Emperor Asterius II faced such a situation and led the people and courtiers to escape from Heimdall and established a companion capital in St. Tejak in the south.

——After a hundred years, Emperor Hecht I, after seven generations, decided to regain Heimdall, which was turned into an abandoned capital.

The surrounding area of Heimdall has been swallowed by monsters and is dominated by the dark dragon.

Although Hecht I led the fierce Knights to attack, he fell into a bitter battle under the obstruction of hordes of powerful monsters.

At this time, Hecht I meets "some existence". The huge scarlet knight-"Testa Rosa".

The Scarlet Knight, who accepted Hecht I as his master, used his incomparable strength and countless weapons to enter the abolitionist capital and confront the dark dragon, the culprit.

After a fierce battle-
The Scarlet Knight successfully subdued the Dark Dragon.

But it also paid a great price-
The emperor was killed by the blood of the dark dragon, and the Scarlet Knight was also cursed.

Turned into "a demon with thousands of weapons"-
It only reacts to the blood of the royal family. Once it loses control, it may swallow all the "blood red catastrophes" on the ground.

Finally, the "Majin" was sealed in a dark place deep underground in the imperial capital.

Then, the disintegrated abandoned urban street was covered underneath, a new capital was built on the top, and the people came together again.

Today's "Crimson Imperial City"-the street scene of Heimdall is a continuation of the time.

"Magic Puppet Soldier" S0527


It has been 150 years since the Hecht Emperor regained the imperial capital. Although the imperial power seemed to be stable, wealthy clans appeared throughout the empire, and these people slowly divided the country in the form of leading states.

The tyrants were made aristocrats by the emperor, and then they competed for land as if they were competing with each other, and started numerous small-scale wars in various places.

In this situation-"Huge knights" of the same type as "Fei" serving for Emperor Hecht are found everywhere, and they will be used in wars from time to time.

Cang, purple, gray, silver, and gold--these exerted their combat power far surpassing the powers of the wealthy clans in the early days of the Dark Age, expelling the soldiers with an overwhelming force and determined the battle.

But the "Huge Knight" is like a natural disaster. Even if the powerful and powerful family pays money to satisfy him, they can't make him work for him. In this sense, he needs to seek a "certain means of confrontation."

──At this time, there are several magical puppet golems "Magic Warriors" produced by the magisters of the time.

Like other regions, the imperial magisters of the Dark Age are pursuing the miracles and glory of the collapsed Semurian era, and they are enchanted with the delusion of recreating the glory of the past.

At this time, supported by the powerful Mila of the powerful family, and with the help of a certain force, he created several magic soldiers to fight against the "Huge Knights".

──In fact, most of the Demon Armaments are insufficiency, and they have the fatal flaw that they can only be activated when their spiritual veins are activated.

However, when the "Huge Knight" appeared, most of the spirit veins were in a chaotically activated state, and it was established as a "countermeasure" to some extent.

── In the 527th year of the Qiyao calendar, it can be said that the first puppet of the Mohuang Soldier prototype was born in the workshop of a magister. He served for the powerful and powerful family that has now passed away.

It's called "Headless Guards"-the total height is about 5 subdimensions, and the "headless" armored puppets are slightly smaller than the later magic soldiers. You can use this to get a glimpse of the traces of the magisters' wrong trials.

``The Saint of the Gun: The Story of the Day before the Day'' S0942


In a corner of the dark underground, two shadows swayed under the light of the fire.

"So... I can feel the overwhelming "qi"."

Standing at the front was a slim, glamorous young girl---a head of golden shining hair, flowing in the wind flowing underground, carrying a spear, and looking a little bit different from her slender arms.

"Why, do you still want to stop?"
"That's good, this force is beyond the burden of the Son of Man."

The answer is a character with archaic speech──
A long robe envelops the sensual body of this young woman, and the stick in her hand is swaying with flames, with dark blonde hair and crimson pupils.

The girl shook her head in disbelief and asked the woman to open the "door" in front of her. The door is engraved with a spiral crisscross.

──The girl's name is Lianna Sandrot. In order to govern the daughter of the earl's family in Lohengrin City in the Ragram region, later generations called the girl "the saint of the gun".

Growing up in Ragram, where martial arts is popular, is the opposite of Chuchu’s poor appearance. He has been growing up since childhood.
Using his talents and talents, he has the martial arts enough to keep pace with the knights in the city when he is only 15 years old. The skill of the knight's gun is like a divine help, and even surpasses the knights in the inner-level competition, winning the championship with honor.

The knights were also amazed at the talent of the girl who should have been protected by them, and despite the helplessness of her father, count, they overwhelmingly supported and admired the girl.

...When the girl was 16 years old, she heard a certain "voice".

Majestic and elegant, but with a cold "voice".

The voice whispered to Lianna the mission she should complete and the fate that she must accept in its entirety, and urged her.

No one could hear the voice except her. It made Lianna very distressed, but at this time an incredible woman who claimed to be a "witch" appeared in front of her.

The witch told her that the voice came from a "some existence" that had been sealed under the castle, seeking Liana's service as a master.

──It is a very powerful existence. Once acquired, the consequences will be unimaginable. At the same time, great power may bring about a crisis of destruction.

But at the end of her troubles, Lianna decided to complete the trial and face the existence directly.

In order not to be taken away and used by powerful nobles who continue to use force, the existence should be regarded as the "trump card" to end the chaotic world of war.

Although the witch was surprised after hearing her answer, she still agreed with Lianna's unselfish determination and spirit, and wanted to provide assistance.

In this way, they opened the door, and the girl with gun and the witch of flame stood up to challenge the trial...

──Five years later, due to the death of the emperor at that time, the largest civil strife in the history of the empire, "Battle of the Lions" broke out.

"Battle of the Lions·Outbreak" Qi Yao Calendar 947


In 947 of the Qiyao calendar, with the death of Emperor Bolius V, it also unveiled the largest "civil strife" in the history of the empire.

Bolius V was known for her femininity at the time and was said to have many concubines.

And these concubines all came from the nobles from all over the empire, which really reflects how they fought for the hegemony of the empire.

Then a few days after the emperor's death, Crown Prince Manfred, the son of the imperial concubine, was assassinated by unknown persons.

Immediately afterwards, the son of the imperial concubine, the fourth prince Otrus, rose up and took control of the imperial capital Heimdall——

After he completely liquidated the opposition forces, he declared "ascended the throne" and regarded himself as the emperor.

As a result, the other three half-princes also followed suit and announced their "ascended thrones" under the support of their respective noble relatives.

After 5 years of bloody civil strife-
"Battle of the Lions" kicked off.

——In the beginning, the fighting power of the various factions was equal, but the prince Otrus faction, who was later called the "Pseudo-Emperor", successfully resurrected the "certain existence" that was sealed in the imperial capital.

The huge scarlet knight who defeated the dragon in the past and was cursed by its flying blood-"Testa Rosa".

With the blessing of the so-called "Devil with Thousands of Weapons", the Otrus camp has gained absolute superiority in force, and even the brave and world-famous fifth prince Kunal's army has also been defeated——

At that time, there was a rumors that other camps would be annexed, but at this time the camp of the sixth prince Lucius also moved.

The new "Huge Knight"——
"Amethyst Knight" joined the camp.

Prince Lucius, who had gained this power, defeated the second prince Elbert's regiment, which was famous for his wisdom, and gained enough troops to fight the Otrus camp.

But the once defeated Prince Kunal and Prince Elbert regrouped and joined forces to fight against the two camps.

The two camps with extraordinary power and the camp with the largest military power pushed the battle to a "three strong" situation-

After 2 years from the outbreak of "Battle of the Lions", the chaos and brutality of the civil strife continued to increase, causing the entire empire to be gradually engulfed by "Darkness (Erebos)".

"Dreikaels Raising Soldiers" Qi Yao Calendar 949


A young man sleeps in the quiet grassland in the morning. There are sheep grazing around it, leisurely enjoying the gentle wind.

There was a young man dressed as a knight with a sad expression on his horse. Take a closer look, there are countless stab wounds and arrow wounds on the armor, and a shocking bandage on his left arm.

After a few years of reunion, there is no nostalgic atmosphere.

"You're right."
"If this goes on, the empire will perish--"

The young man sat up after hearing the words.

He is the imperial prince who wanders incognito, the third prince Delekels Lezer Janor.

——Drekells, as the concubine prince, was squeezed out by other heirs to the throne and traveled around to take shelter. Since 3 years ago, he has been living in the foreign land of Nord.

He was born with great manhood, and he immediately minted with the locals, and his life was unfettered. But he did not forget everything in the past.

His mother died in the wanderings. Delekels clearly remembered what his mother said to him.

"Your blood will never let you abandon the empire and disregard misfortune."

The prince who was solitary at a young age kept asking himself for many years. What can I do, who is wandering and has no strength.

The news that came out showed that the civil war was expanding and the empire was heading for destruction step by step.

My mother’s words are probably true. The prince, who could no longer ignore it, decided to come forward.

——Drekers began to prepare for departure in the village of Nord.

Next to him is the young knight Luo Lan who brought the news——
He is the best friend of Dreykells, he is also a bad friend, and at the same time, he is under the abdomen of entrusting the funeral before going to this foreign land.

The tall Nord warrior with the cross gun in his hand appeared behind him at this time.

They also had a close friendship with the prince, and they naturally expressed their willingness to go with them when they were not assured that there were only two people.

The next morning, the group of men dressed in travel costumes were seen off in the countryside of the village. The prince bid farewell to the people of Nord, and the elders blessed.

"May the wind and the goddess bless you and go."

In the autumn of 949 on the Qiyao calendar, the Drekers army rose up from Nord—
Its military strength is only 17 people.

"Battle of the Lions·Success", Qi Yao Calendar 952


Qiyao Calendar 952 July-
After five years of "Battle of the Lions" civil strife subsided.

The fourth prince Otrus camp and the sixth prince Lucius camp who got the two types of "Huge Knight", "Crimson" and "Purple Cyan", respectively.

Even with the golem that uses the power of 『Magic』 to fight against the Fifth Prince Kunal and the Second Prince Albert Faction of the two camps——

But it was the third prince, the Drekers camp, who came forward in the middle of the civil strife to quell the dispute.

The prince Drekers, who had risen up at Nord, lost his inner knight-Luo Lan during the civil war, but not long after-he had a fateful encounter with a certain character.

The daughter of Count Sandroth who rebelled in the lakeside town of Ragram.

This female warrior, with a god-assisted marksmanship and an incomparable leadership temperament, led all the "Iron Cavalry" composed of warriors who were capable of one enemy a thousand.

She is the "Sage of the Gun"-Liana Sandrot.

The wandering prince and the saint who saves the country-

The two people born from different backgrounds share the same empathy for the people suffering from the war and a strong desire to end the conflict.

And it is this kind of thought that makes the two people attract each other on the battlefield, and finally work together.

"Iron Cavalry" and Nord's warrior regiment, as well as the aspirants who responded to them, with their help, the prince and the saint liberated all places-

Later, he even moved the heart of Prince Lucius, who owns "The Purple Knight", and took a big step towards ending the civil war.

——But at the same time, "False Emperor" Otrus did not know what method was used to make the cursed Scarlet Knight-"The Devil with Thousands of Weapons" sublime to the realm of "God".

"The Crimson End Demon King"-

With the appearance of the huge magic city in Heimdall, the "Devil God" will gradually approach the imperial capital, Kunal, and the allied forces of Elbert will be destroyed after only one battle-no, it is "destroyed".

The demon god then also crushed the purple knight-
With the magic city as the center, countless red spiritual veins extending radially robbed the capital of the imperial capital and the surrounding people.

The prince Dreykells and the saint of the gun are in a desperate situation.
——Even so, they still did not give up.

They followed the guidance of the "good witch" who helped, and met the new "giant knight" in the suburbs of the imperial capital——

After some trials, the power of "Gray Knight" was obtained.

And with the cooperation of the Iron Cavalry, the Nord Warriors, and the facilitators and Lucius camps, the bloody way to the imperial capital was opened.

The prince and saint drove "Gray Knight" into the magic city of Red Lotus.

——Three days later, the magic city is destroyed and the capital is liberated.

The time is July 4th, 952 in the Qiyao calendar.

"The Lion Heart Emperor · Hou Ri Tan" S0994


"If you have work, you can withdraw."

"Yes, please tell me if there is anything else you need."

The middle-aged butler bowed out, "he" sighed softly, and leaned his back on the bed.

"He" is old and sick──
The physique that has gone through exercise hasn't seen the slightest aging so far, and most people will not be suspicious of him seeing his strong appearance.

But "he" is indeed old and weak, and has a premonition that his death will be approaching.

──"He" is the 73rd emperor, the lionheart emperor Delekels Lezer Yanor, who is 70 years old.

Since the end of the five-year civil war "Battle of the Lions", more than 40 years have passed. Dreykells has never rested for a while and has been running continuously.

Ascended the throne in the year of the end of the war, bid farewell to Nord's friends and witches, and worked hard for the revival of the empire with those friends who became courtiers.

(──There should be no regrets.)
(Don’t worry about the kids...)

He married the princess in order to get rid of the longing of the past.

She is the daughter of the Marquis who supported him in the Civil War but was murdered. Although she regards her as a younger sister, she is moved by her continuous admiration for her and marries her as her concubine. He later gave birth to two boys and two girls.

Although the princess died a few years ago, his sons and daughters are still strong, and they will shoulder the future of the restored empire, he is so sure.

(Also cultivated backward...)

In the first few years of the Civil War, Roland Vandel, a confidant and close friend who lost his life to cover him, left a posthumous child. He was also very relieved to be able to watch the child grow up all the way.

Now that child is over forty years old, holding an important position in the military, and at the same time active as a martial arts master and guardian of the royal family, just like his other son.

There is also "Toltz Military Academy"-I have discussed with my friends that the military academy regardless of status was also established 20 years ago, and many outstanding students have emerged.

("He" will be surprised too...)

He thought of his comrades who had fallen asleep forever after saying goodbye in the year of the end of the war, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

The place where the Officer Academy was established was the place where "him" was found, and it was also the place where "him" fell asleep again.

(It seems that the rest of my life has not been spent in vain.)
(As long as you can survive "that" before the goddess picks me up...)

He suddenly looked at the corner of the room without emotion.

There is an indescribable "darkness" entrenched there.


The darkness repeated the same behavior today, talking to him tirelessly.

It was so sad that it was pleading.
Mighty and threatening,
But it's secretly temptation.

He knew the true face of the darkness.
Since 40 years ago, the day he inherited the throne began.

(It is comforting that this darkness will not find his children and grandchildren...)

And today - the time of pain and despair is unfolding again. If this man doesn't have the heart of a lion, he probably won't be able to survive.


──Wait until the silver bell-like sound he missed so much, and accompanied
Only by appearing with a shiny blond and flowing "she" can he be truly relieved.

"Pile of Salt" S1178


Qiyao Calendar July 1, 1178, 5:45 pm──

Located on the north side of the empire, in the old Northumbria Grand Duchy in the northwestern part of the Semurian continent, the "catastrophe" occurred.

In the outskirts of the old capital of Khaliyask, a huge white pillar suddenly appeared, engulfing most of the country in an instant.

The true face of the giant pillar is not ice and snow, but "salt". The salt erupted from the giant pillars successively covered cities, mountains and rivers, and none was spared. Most residents were forced to go to the southern region to seek refuge for several months.

The number of victims temporarily affected by this disaster reached about one-eighth of the population of the Grand Duchy at that time──

But if the second disaster is also included, the final estimate is that one-third of the people of the country have died.

In addition, after the incident, the Qiyao Church immediately launched initial responses such as evacuation, ambulance, and medical treatment. Then the Guerrilla Association also dispatched hundreds of guerrillas...

Rescue troops from the Empire, the Duchy of Remiphylia, the City of Julai, the Kingdom of Liber, and the Republic of Kalvar also arrived immediately.

However, the head of the Grand Duchy, Grand Duke Balmuth, was the first to escape to the neighboring country Remifilia after the incident. After returning home, the enraged people greeted him with riots...

Eventually it evolved into a riot by the Principality Army, the Grand Duchy collapsed, and Northumbria was reborn as an autonomous prefecture with a parliamentary democracy.

──However, in response to this incident, the Ereponia Empire, which borders only a small area in the northern border, adopted two contradictory reactions.

On the one hand, the empire system absolutely cannot agree with the process of democratization of the Grand Duchy due to the coup d'etat.

On the other hand, they strongly support the establishment of the mainland’s largest hunting regiment, the "North Hunting Forces," by the Old Duchy’s army in order to obtain foreign currency in the extremely impoverished autonomous prefectures.

At that time, in the border areas of the empire, the great nobles and the emerging big companies were constantly competing with each other for Qi Yao stone and mineral resources...

The giant hunting regiment with proficient martial arts and large-scale use was born, which is just right as a piece of "proxy war".

Ironically, the considerable Mira that flowed from the empire into the empire in this way can be said to have saved the poor Northumbria...

──Then, 27 years after that catastrophe, "Battle of the North" ended and Northumbria was merged by the empire.

It is still ironic that due to the injection of huge imperial capital, the long-term poverty is gradually showing signs of improvement...

Regarding the root of everything, "Salt Pile" ─ ─ After the mutation, the Qiyao Church has a huge white pillar of "first-level singularity" which is a taste, cover, cover, its existence, existence, and the Imperial Intelligence Bureau also unfolds Follow-up investigation.

In addition, according to the "an organization" assisting the Intelligence Bureau, it pointed out that──
It is said that the guardian knights of the church at that time brought back to Yaltria. Some of the remnants of "Salt Pile" had deteriorated. Somewhere in the present, before, there, may, can, still, stay, where, and land. .

"Guidance Stop Phenomenon" S1203


Qiyao calendar February 1203-The southernmost part of Shasarant State, the "Stopping of Conductivity Phenomenon" occurred around the city of Palme and Titus Gate.

It happened to be in the mid-winter period. Although it was a warmer winter compared to previous years, the guiding machines such as lighting, communications, and heating products could not be used──

The residents of Palm, the textile town, shivered in the cold and night for a whole week, and the local leader of the Shasarand was very busy to respond.

The reason is presumed to be the "floating city" that appeared over Lake Valyria in the center of the Liber Kingdom, a neighboring country to the south.

With a total length of 5,000 sub-dimensions and a full-scale area of 3,000 sub-dimensions, the ancient city of the Semurian era absorbed almost all of Libel’s force and exerted such an extraordinary power──

Part of the southern part of the empire has also entered that range, and this is the "cause" of the stop of the guiding force.

──Three days after the change, the 3rd Mecha Division of the Regular Army arrived at Palme from the Dorynor Fortress at an astonishing speed, and while protecting the local residents, it crossed the Titus Gate and arrived at the border.

A large number of steam tanks owned by the 3rd Mech Division──
The decommissioned old tank uses the power of steam and is equipped with an external combustion engine. It is a modified tank that does not rely on "guide force" to operate.

Its main gun is not guided, but uses gunpowder from the old age. Although it is difficult to use, it is fully regarded as "practical".

Leading the 3rd Mecha Division was Lieutenant General Sykes Vandel-from a family who served as the guardian of the royal family. This wise general who is known as a neutral and steady faction in the regular army felt a strong feeling when he marched. Feeling strange.

"While protecting the residents of the southern region where the guidance has been stopped, they will lead, guide, and restore the law and order of Liber, who is in extreme chaos.

This government directive can obviously only be interpreted as "aggression."

One month before the occurrence of the mutation, it was directly ordered by the government to require the army to use modified weapons that were inferior to the current tanks.

After the Third Division, several divisions that were also equipped with steam chariots also advanced towards Libel's border...

─ ─Finally, the empire temporarily dismissed the idea of intervention under the circumstances of Emperor Olivet's son, Prince Olivet, and Brigadier General Cassius Bright, commander-in-chief of the Liber Army.

Then, as the kingdom's flying cruiser "White Wings" went, the floating city ceased operation, quelling the phenomenon of the stop of the southern lead. I thought that the tension between the Empire and Libel would end there too, but...

The association apostle "White Face", presumed to be the leader of the mutation, seems to be acting simultaneously with the Imperial Intelligence Agency through a certain kind of cause. In the eyes of some relevant personnel, this situation is already very obvious.

──In addition, the automatic control type small armament used in "White Face" is called "Tactical Shell".

"Twilight Prologue" S1206


The slit between the flame and the earth ─ ─ In the precarious darkness, the final legend kicks off.

One, the two-pillar giants are against each other.

Second, the flames and the earth merge and complete the seven kinds of instruments.

Third, the development of the Millennium Capital and the bearing of the Star Cup.

Fourth, the disaster of the disappearance of the holy beast and the dark dragon.

Fifth, regain the curse of the imperial capital and Crimson.

Sixth, the war of the lions and the sacrifice of the saint.

Seven, the giant pillars and the sons of terror appear in the north.

Eighth, the feudal city and the Hundred Days Expedition reduced to sacrifices.

9. The big green tree in the east and the magic city appear.

In this way, the long-standing wish for thousands of years can be fulfilled. When the blood of the ancients was sacrificed, the road to the "Black Star Cup" was opened.

The filthy sacred beast is penetrated by the sword of the end, and when the blood is overflowing with the star cup...... ── the prologue of "Giant Twilight" is unveiled.

"End of Twilight" S1206~


After the prologue of dusk, two trends of activity began.

One, the dragon of the earth ─ ─ has seven heads and seven mouths, which makes it the power of steel to devour the world.

Second, the Thousand Sun Flame-the best battle that can stop the dragon and behead its head.

The light-wound wings spread their wings again, but the wind that swept through was weakly weather-free.

After the saint’s fragrance disappeared, the false salt piles and the final fortress appeared, and the world immediately fell into darkness—this is an established fact.

──This book is a phase mechanism that describes the law of cause and effect.

Caused by the fierce confrontation between "Red Ark (Crimson Crimson)" and "Huge Black Mallet (Dark Night)", the devastating ending of this "legend" is clearly before us──

But there is a level that cannot be seen through at a glance, that is, when "people" and "people" irrationally swing and resonate, there will be results that cannot be described.

It continued to imply that this extremely small possibility, and the first thousand and sixteenth year after the start of the first Yanor, the responsibilities of this book were completed.

──Wish people happiness.

The 03th Causality Description Organization "AZOTH"

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