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SC to 3RD (late 02 to early 03)

[Special Feature] Wang Guojun's reorganization follow-up report

◆Two months after the coup event◆

As a new unit that has just been organized, the Intelligence Department of the Kingdom Army has also been given higher expectations after showing its talents. Two months have passed since they launched the attempted coup d’état in a blink of an eye-

The Kingdom Army has not been able to prevent the rebellion launched by powerful troops before it happened. They are now making all-out organizational reforms based on the reflection of the incident.

How can they regain the trust of the citizens, let us approach the hard days behind the reorganization of the Royal Army.


◆Reorganization to carry out problems blocking the way◆

Under the command of General Morgan, the head of the combat headquarters, the units of the Royal Army are reorganizing at an alarming speed. However, even a battlefield veteran who wants to reorganize the central part of this reform-the command system will take a lot of time. The reason is that "the relationship between the various command nodes and the Intelligence Department is unexpectedly deeply entrenched" (relevant military personnel). It can be said that it is quite difficult to completely eliminate the influence of the Intelligence Department. This is also one of the proofs that Yuanjing said how thoughtful and meticulous the army's infiltration work is.


◆Road to Reconstruction of the Kingdom Army◆

The Kingdom Army will continue to reorganize in the future, and there are still many problems waiting for them to solve. The coup plan launched by the highly secretive force Xiaohua-this incident raises profound questions. Since the military's mission is national defense, secret involvement is inevitable, but this has become a disguise for conspiracy in the coup d'etat.

The army is now also launching actions, such as actively proposing to cooperate with the guerrilla associations, etc., hoping to open a gap in the organization of transformation. How to build an organization that is as transparent as possible while continuing to maintain confidentiality when performing tasks

——The journey of the Kingdom Army towards reconstruction has just begun.


[Diplomacy] Advocated by Her Majesty the Queen! Non-aggression treaty

According to information released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ereponia Empire, the Kalvard Republic, and the Kingdom of Liber have reached an agreement on a non-war treaty (mutual non-aggression treaty). Now the relevant agencies seem to have begun the specific coordination of the signing ceremony.

The concept of this treaty was put forward by Her Majesty Queen Alicia herself. Therefore, after being recognized by the Kingdom Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has carried out negotiations until now.

—— It has been 10 years since the "Hundred Days Campaign" ended. I hope this treaty can bring dawn to the relationship between the three countries.


◆The head of the combat headquarters hinted at his upcoming retirement◆

The senior officials of the Royal Army may be replaced in the near future. General Morgan, who is currently the head of the combat headquarters, stated at a regular reception recently that he would make way for the outstanding juniors. He signaled that he would retire when the reorganization of the Kingdom Army came to an end. The most popular candidate to take over is the active Colonel Cassius Bright, an assistant to the current general. Will the Kingdom Army produce a young and promising leader-please pay attention to the future trends of this event.

[Special Feature] Coming soon! Lu'an Mayor General Election

◆Two candidates for mayor peek at Luan's future issues◆

Lu'an mayor election scheduled due to the arrest of former mayor Delmon. After being postponed due to the impact of the coup, the election schedule was finally announced a few days ago.

Those who are preparing to run include Norman, an industrialist, and Bordeaux, the head of the port (in order of declaration). Two candidates with a clear support camp will compete fiercely one-on-one. Who on earth will Lu'an citizens entrust the future of the city to? This magazine reports to you about the fierce election battle.


【Norman candidate for tourism promotion】

As the owner of the leisure hotel "Blancsey Hotel", Norman has been doing his best to develop tourism since a long time ago. Of course, the program of this election also focuses on "activation of tourism." The proposition that "the tertiary industry will be the mainstay of Lu'an economy in the future" also won him many supporters.


[Candidate of Port Business Maintenance Group]

The Bordeaux candidate for field director of today's port area has been advocating the maintenance and management of port facilities since the Delmon period. The program of this election is "maintenance of the harbor business". His suggestion of rebuilding the regional economic foundation has won broad support mainly from laborers in the harbor area.


◆Opinions of voters◆

At present, voters' opinions are basically divided into two factions. The Norman candidate in the north block with a developed tourism industry has the advantage, while the situation in the harbor area is beneficial to the Bordeaux candidate, and the election has formed a completely opposed situation.


◆Where is the general election going? ◆

Since both camps have a solid public foundation, how to weaken the other camp in the future has become the key to the election campaign. There are opinions that the Norman candidate is more advantageous, but from the perspective of the situation, a reversal is likely to occur. How many opposition parties can both sides win? The fierce competition between the two candidates will continue.


[Society] The threat of Warcraft continues to increase

According to the report of the Kingdom Army, the beasts that have appeared in various places in Libel have a tendency to become fierce and violent, and it can be confirmed that there have been many new species. Although the direct cause is not yet clear, the periodic activation of the Qiyao Vein sleeping underground, the influence of the alignment of planets, and the abnormal activity of the sun, etc., attribute the cause to various mysterious natural phenomena. The hypotheses of ”are endless, but all of these hypotheses lack conclusive evidence.

The Kingdom Army will continue to investigate the cause of this phenomenon, but it is estimated that it is unlikely to be solved perfectly. I also ask you readers to be more careful when navigating the streets.


[Society] Cassius became the head of the combat headquarters

A new leader was born in the Kingdom Army. The Ministry of Personnel announced that Brigadier General Cassius Bright (on the same day he was promoted to Brigadier General Purdue) succeeded General Morgan as the head of the Operational Headquarters of the Royal Army. What kind of changes the new system will bring to the Royal Army, everyone is looking forward to the performance of Brigadier General Cassius.


[Diplomacy] Signing Ceremony of Non-aggression Treaty

It has now been determined that the signing ceremony of the non-aggression treaty will be held in the Kingdom of Liber. The Three Kingdoms also discussed the possibility of a signing ceremony in an overly neutral location, but had to give up due to security reasons. In view of the discord between the Empire and the Republic, this decision can also be said to be appropriate.


【Technology】New-type tactical force guides equipped with various dynamics

Not only the Kingdom Army, but also the power guide has ushered in the trend of generations. The new tactical force guide (photo) developed by the Epstein Foundation is now showing a trend of rapid popularity.

The addition of a new crystal hole makes the number of crystallizing circuits that can be installed up to 7. Although it is not compatible with the previous crystallizing circuits, it has been highly evaluated among guerrillas because of the powerful new method that can be used. Various workshops have also prepared equipment corresponding to the new specifications. It seems that the whole replacement of the old and the new is about to be completed in one breath.

[Special Feature] Almost a conflict! ? Mayor election campaign is overwhelming

◆Surface of the struggle between the two camps◆

As the voting date draws closer, the election for the mayor of Lu'an has become increasingly fierce. The dispute between the supporters on both sides finally developed into a big commotion.

Fortunately, the commotion did not evolve into a violent conflict. It is said that the fuse of the commotion was a quarrel between the two parties. Arguing is fine, but we don't want to hear unreasonable quarrels and disrespectful verbal abuse with the opponent. I hope that the two candidates and their support groups can deeply reflect on this matter.


◆The opposition is getting worse, the two sides urgently need to compromise ◆

Behind this incident is a sharp confrontation between supporters on both sides. A certain degree of ambivalence caused by the different arguments of the two parties is also not self-satisfactory, but Lu'an's current situation has obviously gone too far. What the two camps need now is not to win over the popularity through radical words and deeds, but the spirit of self-reflection and mutual concessions.


◆The mediator is actually the sound of lute? ◆

The commotion almost developed into a large-scale fight, and it was said that it was "the sound of the lute" that calmed the mood of the masses at a time of tension. It seems to be a tune played by a performer on the boat... Is music really the language of love?


[Society] Undead appeared in Luan?

The "white shadows" flying in the night sky-at the same time as the fierce election battle, the Lu'an area has received similar sighting reports one after another. "Shadow" only appears at night. Because it looks like a human figure, the citizens of Lu'an gradually fell into tension and anxiety. Finally, the Guerrilla Association also intervened in the investigation, and the final conclusion was that "a person who wants to get pleasure from the panic of the citizens is bad. Prank" (representative of Lu'an branch). Although the whereabouts of the prisoner is unknown, the articles used by him have been confiscated, and similar incidents should not happen again.


[Society] Mutual non-aggression treaty, the pledge of peace at the Albey Palace

According to information released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the signing ceremony of the treaty will take place at the Albey Palace. In order to successfully hold the ceremony at the end of this month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems to be negotiating with various countries. After learning of this news, the Royal Army also stepped up the drafting of the security plan. In this way, the preparation for the ceremony has entered the formal stage.


【Flash News】Earthquake in Chase area

Yesterday afternoon, an earthquake occurred near the Fort Worfee in the Chase area. The earthquake lasted about 10 seconds, and there are still no reports of casualties or losses.

[Special Feature] Chase Central Public Housing Chief announces the complete end of the earthquake

◆ Chase’s mass earthquake finally subsided ◆

The recent frequent earthquakes near the Chase area have finally come to an end. Starting from the Fort Worfee mentioned in the previous bulletin, earthquakes occurred in Chase City, St. Helm Gate, Reston Fortress and other places one after another, and their intensity continued to rise. At the same time, this time The mass earthquake in China also caused anxiety among the citizens.


◆"Safety Declaration"◆

However, within a short time after the Reston Fortress was hit by an earthquake, the Central Public Housing issued a "security declaration" in the name of the head of the workshop Maddoch.

Although many people were confused by this sudden announcement, in fact the earthquake has not occurred since then. Why can the Central Studio make a safety declaration in advance? Mr. Maddoch Atelier explained that "because it can be determined that this earthquake was caused by special factors." The cause of the earthquake is said to lie in the underground Qiyao meridian (natural flow of conduction), and the Central Studio successfully predicted the time for the earthquake to subside based on the correct analysis of its activities.

In short, the threat of the earthquake is over. However, as the head of the workshop said in the safety declaration "prevent trouble before it happens", no one can be sure when the disaster will happen. Taking this earthquake as a lesson, we also need to re-examine the disaster prevention measures in the region.


[Technology] The new guided force engine has finally been developed!

The new guidance engine developed by the Central Studio was finally completed and officially released to the media.

The guided force engine was designed for the cruiser "El Seio", and its output power is much higher than before, and it can be repaired in the field, and maintenance and maintenance are also quite easy. The "Elceiu" equipped with this engine has a cruising speed of up to 3,200 Celsius per hour, which is approximately 4 times the average sailing speed of a regular scheduled ship. "El Seio" is undoubtedly the fastest airship in the world.


[Diplomacy] The new engine links the peace of the Three Kingdoms

The samples of the new engine introduced on the previous page will be provided to both the Empire and the Republic at the signing ceremony of the non-aggression treaty between the three countries. In fact, this proposal has also played a vital role in the process of signing the treaty. The role of.

The new engine can be said to be the key to the next-generation airship. The technology provision this time was interpreted by the two countries as the "fruits of peace", and it was directly related to the positive evaluation of the treaty. It is said that behind the smooth progress of the negotiations, the impact of this technological opening is indispensable.

The pledge of non-aggression maintained by Libel's technical power-as a kingdom's diplomatic trump card holding high the banner of peace, the new engine has also received many expectations from all walks of life.


[Society] Armore Hot Springs boil for a short time

A marvelous event such as the boiling of hot spring water also occurred in the village of Almo, located in the southern Chase area, which was hit by a mass earthquake recently. Although the hot spring returned to its original state after a few hours, the cause of the incident is still unclear. It is now speculated that it may be due to frequent earthquakes nearby, causing some kind of abnormality in the underground. According to information from the Guerrilla Association, which is investigating the source of the hot springs, this phenomenon is "only temporary and will not occur again" (local representative). The association also plans to work with Gongfang to investigate the connection between this incident and the previous earthquake.

[Special Feature] The Norman candidate for the mayor of Lu'an is elected!

◆Norman was elected as the new mayor◆

The election for the mayor of Luan finally ushered in the polling day. The two polling places in Luan and Manoria were crowded with voters early in the morning, and there was no imaginary riot that day. The voting process took place in the evening of the same day. It ended smoothly. Immediately afterwards, the ballots were opened on the same day together with the advance voting of the resident soldiers.

The results of the balloting show that the Norman candidate won about 60% of the valid votes and will be the mayor of Lu'an. In this way, the victory of Norman came to an end after a fierce battle in this election for mayor.


◆Norman's new mayor "Harbor business is equally important"◆

The new mayor Norman, who advocated the development of tourism and was eventually elected, proposed measures to activate the tourism industry as stated in his campaign platform. However, in an interview after his election, he stated that "there is a harbor first, Then there is the cautious attitude of tourism. As the mayor of an industrialist background, how he will conduct municipal management from now on may be his touchstone for the policies he adopted for the harbor industry.


◆Bordeaux prepares to fully assist in defeat ◆

Although Bordeaux unfortunately lost in the general election, he has already stated that he will support the determination of the new mayor as the responsible person in the future. At the same time, he also hopes to ease the fierce confrontation between the two parties as much as possible before disputes between the supporters. Let us look forward to the suggestions made by Bordeaux, who is familiar with harbor facilities, can bring new perspectives to municipal construction.


[Society] A lively scene reappears in the capital city near the signing ceremony

The signing ceremony of the non-aggression treaty will finally take place next weekend. Due to the gathering of guests from all over the world, this signing ceremony has attracted attention from all walks of life, and a large number of off-season tourists have also poured into the capital. The hotel in the hinterland of the North Street District is also full of appointments in the past few days. The prosperity that has never been seen since the Queen’s birthday celebration last year made the hotel owner weep with joy. According to the Airship Commune, it is expected that there will be more foreign travelers this year than usual, and this lively scene should continue until the day of the signing ceremony.


[Society] The Royal Army sets up a garrison headquarters in Albey Palace

As the Albey Palace will be used as the venue for the signing ceremony, the Royal Army set up a garrison headquarters here. Lieutenant Colonel Sid, who was in charge of commanding and guarding the police yesterday afternoon, has also arrived. Until the signing ceremony is over, they will be responsible for security tasks such as cleaning up the surrounding monsters and protecting related personnel.


【International】The background of the conclusion of the treaty

The Autonomous Region of Closberg is located between the Ereponia Empire and the Republic of Kalvard. Surrounding this region, which is rich in precious Qi Yaoshi and is located in the middle of the mainland, there have been several conflicts between the two big countries in the past. After the last armed conflict between the two countries, this area was designated as an autonomous prefecture, temporarily maintaining political neutrality. However, due to the rapid advancement of guidance technology in recent years and the simultaneous surge in demand for Qiyao stone, the The Los Bell question surfaced.

It can be said that behind Her Majesty the Queen’s urgent approach to the conclusion of a non-aggression treaty between the two powers is precisely this Crossbell issue. Although many people doubt whether the treaty to be concluded is effective in terms of security protection, it is of great significance for the exchange of opinions between the empire and the republic during the negotiation process of this treaty to look at the stability of the western part of the mainland. The conclusion of a treaty is not a guarantee for the maintenance of peace. The continuation of the dialogue between nations and the construction of mutual trust between nations based on this is the only way to create peace.


[Society] The newsletter received a threatening letter "relevant reports on the cessation of treaties"

The editorial department of our journal in the West Street district of Wangdu recently received a threatening letter requesting the cessation of non-aggression treaty-related reports. The editorial office immediately reported the matter to the Kingdom Army and the Guerrillas Association. Although there is no actual development of the incident yet, relevant agencies have begun to investigate the incident.

[Special Feature] The Remaining Party of the Intelligence Department is trying to make a comeback in the royal capital!

◆Former Captain Kenona was arrested and the Duke of hostages is safe ◆

The remnants of the old intelligence department once again shook the quiet night in the capital.
They launched a riot in the harbor area, and took His Excellency Dunant as a hostage and resolutely began to attack the city. However, the guerrillas and the Royal Guards who rushed to successfully suppressed them after fighting bravely and ensured the personal safety of the Duke. At the same time, they arrested a thousand people headed by the former Captain Kenona (27).

So far, all the key members of the Intelligence Ministry who initiated the coup have been arrested and brought to justice. This long-running incident is finally about to draw a perfect end.


◆Hidden and rise again◆

According to an investigation by the Guerrilla Association, after the coup, the former Captain Kenona and others hid in the abandoned pit of Ravennu in the northern part of Perth in order to avoid rigorous search and pursuit, and at the same time, they were also seeking a chance to make a comeback. . In the end, they chose the time when the Duke to lift the house arrest and implemented the plan this time.


◆ Well-planned and detailed tanks are also prepared ◆

Before the riot, the former captain and his party had already prepared the guided chariot secretly developed by the original intelligence department. The plan is to take advantage of the overwhelming firepower of the tank to suppress the royal city in one fell swoop. According to the combat plan made by the former Captain Kenona, known as the "mother fox," the high-powered conductive engine necessary to start the tank must be embezzled from the "Elceiu" stored in the Harbor Office with a new model. Engine, this can be described as a thorough, detailed and flawless combat plan. In the end, this huge conspiracy was defeated by the guerrillas and the soldiers of the Guards, but a mistake is likely to lead to a tragic result. The sly eyes of the female fox definitely aimed at the figure of the white falcon.


◆What is the connection between the huge black shadow that you witnessed and this incident? ◆

On the night of the incident, a large number of reports reported witnessing huge shadows flying away from the port. The connection between this shadow and the incident is still unclear. As its physical condition is still under investigation, we are unable to obtain detailed explanations from relevant personnel.


[Diplomacy] Signing Ceremony of Non-aggression Treaty

A historic moment is coming. In order to prepare for the signing ceremony of the non-aggression treaty, guests from various countries who will attend the ceremony have also arrived in the royal capital one after another. A strict security system has been deployed around the Erbei Palace. The good weather in recent days seems to continue for some time. Everything is ready, and I hope the goddess will bless the ceremony tomorrow.


[Society] Hoax in the threatening letter incident?

A few days ago, several non-aggression treaty-related organizations, including our magazine, received anonymous threatening letters. Although it was once suspected whether it was related to the Ministry of Intelligence incident, since there were no actual victims, this incident was more like a hoax. The Kingdom Army has reduced the scale to continue the investigation, and is also seeking relevant clues.


[Society] The Capuya Air Pirates took back their airship!

The Kapuya Air Pirates, which was famous all over the world due to the "Linde" incident, reappeared. The air thief group sneaked into the original base camp (now the Kingdom Army Flight Training Ground) in the misty canyon, snatched its airship "Lynx" and fled. Now the Kingdom Army Border Division is following their whereabouts.

The Capua Air Pirates was originally arrested and detained due to the "Linde" incident, but escaped during the coup incident and became the most wanted criminals throughout the kingdom.

[Special Feature] The Three-State Non-Aggression Treaty Is Finally Sign

◆The moment of signing◆

This memorable appointment ceremony was opened with the oath of non-aggression by Her Majesty Queen Alicia. Under the gaze of the witness, Archbishop Karan, Her Majesty and the two plenipotentiary ambassadors representing the Empire and the Republic signed the treaty. In this regard, the non-aggression treaty between the three countries has finally become a reality.

It has been 10 years since the end of the "Hundred Days Campaign"-the peaceful foreign policy that Her Majesty has been promoting at this moment finally bears fruit.


◆Follow the guests from various countries who signed the contract◆

Although neither His Majesty the Emperor Jukent nor the President of the Republic Locksmith were directly present, the meeting hall still gathered dignitaries from various countries, which also showed the great attention of various countries to the signing of this treaty.

The press booth in the corner of the hall also gathered many news agencies, including ours. They set up their positions and used cameras to greet all attendees in formal wear, and blessed the moment of signing with flashing lights.


◆Gift new engine samples◆

At the end of the signing ceremony, the Kingdom presented samples of the new engine to both the Empire and the Republic. Her Majesty the Queen reiterated her philosophy "Technology should not be monopolized, but should be shared", and sincerely hoped that this new technology can be used in the cause of peace between the three countries. The entire ceremony also ended in this speech by Her Majesty.


◆Mutual non-aggression treaty and the future of the three countries◆

Many people at home and abroad still have doubts about the actual effect of the non-aggression treaty. However, as mentioned earlier in this publication, the real significance of this treaty is to provide Ereponia and Calvad with an opportunity for peaceful dialogue. Just like the opinions of skeptics, there are countless excuses for both sides to break the treaty. The two countries should not be satisfied with the conclusion of the treaty, but should use this as a starting point to further strengthen exchanges between the two countries and deepen mutual understanding-these are the real security guarantees. The conclusion of the non-aggression treaty this time is just the starting point to the road to peace.


[Society] Dense fog emerges in Loriente area

From the morning before yesterday until yesterday afternoon, the surrounding area of Loriente was shrouded in dense fog. Regular boats were unable to sail for a whole day. Except for traffic, the heavy fog has also had a huge impact on other aspects of citizens' lives. This kind of thick fog has never been recorded in the local history, and everyone is puzzled by this sudden thick fog.

[Flash News] Ancient Dragon Appears!

◆Fly to Perth City! The legendary ancient dragon◆

There is no need for more explanations in this publication. Please look at this picture-this is the figure of the "dragon" that appeared in Perth at noon yesterday. It flew into the city from the east and "landed" on the roof of the Perth supermarket. The supermarket was stepped on by this behemoth with a total length of about 40 inches, and the entire ceiling was overwhelmed and collapsed, causing many people who were shopping to be injured. After that, the dragon also attacked the village of Ravennu in the northwest. The flame it spit burned the orchard in the village to the sky, and finally went to the clouds.

After the incident, the Royal Army immediately blocked the surrounding airspace. Now it seems to be tracking the whereabouts of the dragon with the border division as the center.


◆ Citizens ran away from the supermarket and suffered huge losses ◆

The dome-shaped ceiling of the Perth supermarket collapsed after being trampled on by an ancient dragon. Although the guerrillas quickly launched rescue operations, a large number of people were still injured as a result. There are still some victims who have not regained consciousness, and the situation is not optimistic.

At present, the entire supermarket is forbidden to enter, and the time for reopening has not yet been determined. As a symbol of Perth, this old building suddenly suffered such a tragedy, and the citizens all felt very sad.


◆The orchard was burned down in Ravennu village, immersed in sorrow ◆

The village of Ravennu, located in the northern part of Perth, was also burnt down due to the attack of ancient dragons. And this place is also a well-known fruit producing area, so shake and anxiety are spreading among the villagers.


◆Her Majesty the Queen issued an emergency statement "Hope to respond quickly"◆

After learning about the disasters in many parts of the kingdom, Her Majesty Queen Alicia issued a statement to urgently support the disaster-stricken areas. At the same time, in this statement, Her Majesty the Queen also stated that the Royal Army has been asked to seek countermeasures as much as possible to avoid further expansion of the disaster. According to information provided by relevant military personnel, the Royal Army seems to have begun to formulate a combat plan. Since the whereabouts of the dragon has not yet been ascertained, there is no way to know the time and location of the next attack. In order to eliminate the anxiety in the minds of the citizens, more specific measures still need to be implemented urgently.


◆The violent ancient dragon is different from the legend ◆

The "dragon" depicted in the legend is gentle and sensible, but is it really the same "dragon" that appears in front of us now? Experts in paleontology pointed out that "because the appearance characteristics are the same, it should be the same kind of creatures." However, the ancient dragons attacked human settlements one after another this time, which is very different from the image depicted in the legend. What does this difference mean? "The ancient dragon survived before the great collapse 1200 years ago. It may be overwhelmed by changes in the environment" (same as paleontologists). Although this statement exists, the truth is still in the mist. The Royal Army is now discussing how to deal with the signing, and at the same time a trace of anxiety appears on the faces of the researchers.

[Special Feature] Ancient Dragon Threat Released

◆Ancient dragon leaves Libel's airspace◆

The ancient dragon, which suddenly appeared in the Perth area and brought great disasters to nearby places, has already flown out of Libel's airspace after the capture operations conducted a few days ago. This news has been confirmed by the Royal Army. The Border Division continued to patrol afterwards, and the figure of the ancient dragon has not yet been discovered.

From the beginning of the battle until the Kingdom Army confirmed that the ancient dragon "leaves the border", we have been tracking the movement of the forefront.


◆The whole picture of "Dragon Capture Operation"◆

On the second day after the dragon appeared, the Royal Army made a decisive decision to implement the "capture operation" in order to prevent the disaster from spreading further. The reason why it is called "capture" is because Her Majesty the Queen respected the life of the ancient dragon known as the holy beast and personally gave the intention.

The outline of the operation is to use a large number of ships to drive the dragon over Lake Valyria, and then fire an anaesthetic bomb to disable it. Therefore, in addition to the flying fleet that occupies the main position of the aviation force, there are even cruisers equipped with new engines. "El Saiyou" was also put into this battle. Our reporters also boarded the "Elceiu" together with the guerrillas who were observers, and experienced the largest combat operation since the "Hundred Days" at close range.


◆The first capture operation ended in failure◆

After a long wait, the Kingdom Army finally received a report that a dragon was found over the Maruga Mine just after noon. General Morgan immediately gave the order, and the dragon capture operation began.

The flying fleet that the Kingdom Army is proud of smoothly forced the dragon to the sky over Lake Valyria with ingenious cooperation, and then fired all of the anaesthetic bombs-the dragon immediately lost consciousness, and his whole body was lying on the lake. The ship is all excited about the success of the battle-however, the legendary ancient dragon far exceeds people's imagination.

The silent huge body suddenly awakened, aside from the kingdom's warships that were preparing for towing, they disappeared into the clouds instantly. The flying fleet immediately launched a desperate pursuit, headed by the "Elsaiyo", but after all, it was not an opponent of the ancient dragon's extraordinary flying ability. It finally lost the target in the sky over the Mist Canyon, and even its guidance response was the same. And disappeared.

The battle conducted by the Kingdom Army with all its strength ended in failure. Inside the ship fell into silence, only the sound of the new engine running still echoing hollowly.


◆Resolutely implemented alternative search on the combat ground◆

This battle, which was considered foolproof, would end in failure. However, the upper ranks of the Kingdom Army quickly played the next card. They asked the guerrillas who were traveling as observers to search for the dragon's whereabouts in the Mist Canyon, and the Guerrilla Association readily agreed. Only a few hours after the failure of the operation, the replacement operation began.

This bold decision quickly showed results. I don't know if it was stimulated by the actions of the guerrillas, the dragon lurking in the canyon once again appeared in the air.


◆The flying fleet confirms the departure of the ancient dragon◆

The flying fleet detected the dragon as it reappeared. The soldiers of the Kingdom Army who started tracking immediately found that the ancient dragon flew away from Libel's airspace without lying or hurriedly. In short, this major event that shook the kingdom of heaven came to an end like this.


◆How likely is the ancient dragon to come again◆

Did the ancient dragon really leave? Now the Kingdom Army has reservations about the possibility of the ancient dragon coming back, "it is still difficult to judge." The Royal Army has intensified its patrol activities in the airspace of the national border to prevent accidents from happening again.


[Society] Donated 10 million mila anonymously in the disaster-affected area

Liber cities have raised a lot of donations for the disaster-stricken Perth City and Ravennu Village. Some of them even donated the crystal of Jin Yaoshi anonymously (equivalent to the current market price of about 10 million meters), which can not help but amaze the relevant personnel. With these donations, plus part of the funds allocated from the national treasury, the local rehabilitation project seems to be able to succeed smoothly.


[Society] Perth Supermarket resumes business

It has been a week since being attacked by an ancient dragon, and the Perth Supermarket has reopened today after undergoing emergency repairs.

Under the leadership of Ms. Maybell, the mayor of Perth, local businessmen worked together to complete the emergency repair. "This can't help but remind us of the unity after the "Hundred Days" campaign. A smile appeared on the faces of the local old people. Is the soul of "Merchant City" still alive now.

[Special Feature] Reform of the New Kingdom Army is imminent

◆The changing army◆

In the "Dragon Capture Operation", the Royal Army went with the guerrillas who were observers and cooperated in the battle. In the past, no matter what incidents they faced in the past, the cooperation between the Royal Army and the Association drew a lot of discussion. Compared with that time, the system of the Royal Army seems to be undergoing significant changes.

What is happening in the Kingdom Army now?

We will take Brigadier Cassius, who took the core position in this organizational reorganization, as the focus, and approach the background and results of this reform.


◆The origin of organizational reform◆

Regarding the reorganization, Brigadier General Cassius said that he had an ideal from the beginning. That was the independent mobile unit he personally led during the "Hundred Days" campaign.

Just like the word "independence" in its name, this unit is small, but its organization allows it to conduct combat operations alone. They used the military airship just developed by the kingdom to detour behind the imperial army and disrupt the enemy's entire front. Finally, it is well known that the imperial army that invaded the kingdom was successfully intercepted, thereby turning the situation around in one fell swoop. Due to the small size of this unit, the connection between its various components is also closer, which brings the maximum result (expected goal)-it is not difficult to imagine that the combat experience at that time will remain in the card. In the heart of Brigadier General Sius.


◆The concept of penetration◆

In fact, various departments of the Royal Army are gradually carrying out reforms based on the concept of brigadier generals. The "capture operation" mentioned at the beginning is an excellent example. Although the Chinese border divisions, flying fleets, and royal guards are assembled with units with different command systems, they can still make flexible changes in the organization according to changes in the situation during operations. Moreover, after the battle failed, the decision to request the cooperation of the Guerrilla Association based on the judgment made by the on-site commander is more worthy of a special mention. The Royal Army, which used to be stuck on the face of the regular army, may now be completely reborn.


[Express News] "Gulian Soldiers" witnessed one after another from various places

Reports of sightings of "unidentified soldiers" came from all over Libel. These soldiers are said to be wearing bright red armour, which is why they are called "Red Lotus Soldiers" by witnesses. There is also unconfirmed news that these soldiers are using airships for activities. The Kingdom Army has stepped up its guard, but here I also hope that the citizens will not be fooled by rumors and speculation.


[Flash report] Wang Guojun raises first-level alert posture

After receiving a report on an unknown armed group, the Royal Army combat headquarters decided to urgently increase the current alert posture. Since the strongholds located far away have in fact entered a state of war, they have also issued advice to control street traffic. The combat headquarters has adopted a cautious approach to the development of the situation, but the garrisoned troops in the Reston Fortress have also been preparing for deployment to the five major cities. Although the intelligence is complicated at this stage, I hope you readers must act calmly.

◆To all readers◆

As you all know, the area around the royal capital (or the entire kingdom of the kingdom, this information has not yet been confirmed) is in an abnormal state where all power conductors have stopped operating. The impact of this incident on the manufacturing and circulation industries is also quite profound, and the editorial department of this journal has also experienced great difficulties in issuing this issue of the magazine. Although it is very sad for this magazine, which has been implementing the policy of simultaneous sales throughout the country, in order to perform the minimum duties of the news agency, this issue of the magazine is only available for sale in the Wangdu area. In addition, since the truth of some facts cannot be confirmed, a more ambiguous way of expression was used in the report, and I would like to apologize to you all. This is indeed a measure taken in an extraordinary period, and I hope that readers will understand it. (Editor-in-chief's note)


[Express News] Shudder! All parts of the kingdom have been caught in the flames of war

◆Warcraft groups appear around each city◆

According to the intelligence of the Kingdom Army, since yesterday morning, groups of monsters of unknown origin have appeared in the suburbs of the five major cities except the capital. The defensive forces that had been deployed fought fiercely with them, but in the afternoon, the operation of Warcraft fell silent. Fortunately, the urban area was not damaged.


◆Guren soldiers attacked various checkpoints◆

Almost at the same time as the emergence of Warcraft, the "Red Lotus Soldiers" mentioned in previous sighting reports launched attacks on various gates, and engaged various garrison troops that were performing the task of being a police officer in a state of battle. According to the information available at this stage, it seems that none of the gates has been compromised. There is also news that the Red Lotus soldiers have used airships to retreat, but the details including the losses of the Royal Army are still unknown.


◆What is the real face of the Guren soldiers? ◆

From this armed conflict, we can clearly know that the Red Lotus soldiers are a highly organized force, and they can also use high-performance airships to fight. At present, it is the most convincing statement that these soldiers belong to the "chariot regiment" operating abroad, but the problem lies with the provider of the airship. At present, only a few companies have airship manufacturing technology on the entire Semria continent. It is really hard to imagine that they will have contact with the "hunting regiment".

The Guerrilla Association is currently investigating the true identity of this mysterious armed force and its hiding place, hoping that they can achieve results as soon as possible.


[Flash News] Mysterious floating objects appeared over Lake Valyria!

In the early hours of yesterday morning, accompanied by a burst of golden light, a huge floating object appeared over Lake Valyria. At the same time, all the power conductors ceased operation, and the surrounding area of Wang Du fell into a brief panic.

It is not difficult to imagine that there should be a certain connection between the appearance of floating objects and the stop of the force guiding device, but it is only pure speculation now.


[Breaking news] The force director still can't work, it is urgent to ensure substitute items

The cessation of power conductors is still ongoing, and the administrative department of the Royal Capital urges citizens to prepare substitutes as soon as possible. Lighting can be achieved with incandescent lamps and candles, and heating can be achieved with wood-burning stoves or solid fuels. Since the reason for the abnormality of the force guide is not a mechanical problem, there is no way to repair it. In order to prevent this situation from continuing in the long term, I hope that all citizens can be fully prepared, at least to be able to maintain a minimum life.


[Flash News] "Four Wheels Tower" has changed again! ?

Just as the defense forces were fighting fierce battles with groups of monsters in the suburbs of various cities, some people witnessed the strange phenomenon that the tops of the ancient ruins "Pagoda of Four Wheels" standing in various parts of the kingdom were covered by "black spheres". After the Queen’s birthday celebration, these relics were confirmed to have produced mysterious light, which attracted the attention of a large number of researchers at that time.

[Flash News] Street Fighting "Gulian Soldiers" attack the capital!

◆"Gulian Soldiers" has discovered the royal capital! ◆

At noon yesterday, the capital city, which was in chaos due to the stop of the power guide, was suddenly attacked by the "red lotus soldier" in an airship. They broke through the defensive line of the Royal Army and intruded into the urban area. In the face of these enemy forces that were able to use guided weapons casually even when the guided forces were stopped, the Kingdom Army, which could not even use guns, fell into a bitter battle. It seems that the fall of the royal city is only a matter of time.


◆Unexpected reinforcements and former special forces appear ◆

However, what appeared in front of the impoverished Kingdom Army were unexpected reinforcements—they dressed in black attire were the original intelligence spy forces that had planned a coup d’état and were disbanded on charges of conspiracy to rebel. In the process of being escorted, they were involved in the invasion of the royal capital. However, they did not choose to take advantage of the chaos to flee, but decided to step forward and save the motherland in crisis.

Due to the emergence of these special forces, which can be called hand-to-hand combat experts, the Royal Army finally took a sigh of relief. The regrouped Kingdom Army took this opportunity to start counterattacks, coupled with the courageous fighting of the upper rangers, and gradually pushed the front line back. Finally, after a fierce street fighting, the Honglian soldiers were finally forced to retreat. This time, it was finally at the last minute to avoid the huge crisis concerning the survival of the capital.


◆Behind the armed forces are international criminal organizations◆

The Red Lotus soldier, whose everything was previously engulfed in a mystery, is now gradually being revealed. According to the investigation of the Royal Army and the Guerrilla Association, it can be found that there is an international criminal organization called "association" behind the armed forces. Judging from the level of weapons provided to the Red Lotus soldiers, we believe that "Association" should have extremely high technical capabilities, but the specific purpose of its activities has not yet been ascertained. In the future, the Royal Army will also work with the Guerrilla Association and other search agencies in other countries to make every effort to find out the organization of the "association".


【Express News】His Royal Highness Kolotia was named the Queen's maiden

The future of the kingdom is shrouded in a cloud of Ma, and it has been a long time since I received such exciting news.

Her Majesty Queen Alicia had appointed her granddaughter, Her Royal Highness, Kolotia as the prince's maiden during the temporary meeting. After the ceremony of setting up the maiden in a convenient way earlier, Her Royal Highness Kolotia was formally confirmed as the heir to the throne. Her Royal Highness Kolotia made up her mind to take on this responsibility when she was only 16 years old. We hope that she has a bright future and can work together with the people to tide over the current difficulties.


[Quick News] "Zero Force Field Generator" has stopped phenomenon solved?

It has now been confirmed that the effect of the stop phenomenon of the force guiding device is not limited to the vicinity of the royal capital, but covers the whole kingdom of the kingdom. The "Zero Force Field Generator" developed by Dr. Russell of the Central Studio may become a breakthrough to solve this incident.

The "Zero Force Field Generator" is a device that can radiate the guided force wave of the "neutralization stop phenomenon", and has the effect of making the force guides within a few miles of the surroundings work normally. Because its manufacturing involves cutting-edge technology, mass production is very difficult, but now the communicators of the Royal Army and the Guerrilla Association are equipped with this device. It is hoped that this epoch-making invention can become a breakthrough to clean up the situation.

[Special feature] Floating city "Liber·Ark" collapsed!

◆The huge mystery object suddenly begins to collapse! ◆

The unidentified floating objects that appeared over Lake Valyria last month collapsed and fell suddenly as they appeared. I believe that there are not a few people who have seen this scene. The falling process of the floating city that makes a blast can be observed not only in the kingdom, but also in the southern part of the empire and the Republic. The floating objects that some people said before were actually the secret weapons of the Kingdom Army, and they were self-defeating.

At the same time, due to the impact caused by this urban collapse, the waves on the shores of Lake Valyria reached approximately 2 sub-moments. So far, there have been no reports of casualties and disappearances caused by this. Many people who were fishing at the time were caught up in the huge waves, but fortunately they got wet all over their bodies.


◆What is the floating city "Liber Ark"? ◆

According to a joint investigation conducted by the Guards of the Kingdom Army and the Guerrillas Association, the floating object is named "Liber·Ark", which was a floating city during the ancient Semrian civilization. Why this kind of thing appeared in the sky above Valyria Lake, and what caused it to finally collapse, all of this is still under investigation, but at least it is certain that it is separated from the international criminal organization commonly known as "association". No relationship. According to unconfirmed information, the investigation team that broke into the floating city once engaged with Guren soldiers.


<A word from an investigator>

Although I don't know what this place is for, but I will never let those guys succeed!

At the same time, Chase Central Studio and the Kingdom Army reached an agreement to jointly salvage "Liber Ark" and conduct related investigations in the future.


◆Response to the stop of the guiding force◆

Following the collapse of "Liber Ark, the "Stopping of Guidance" that affected the entire kingdom also disappeared. It is now speculated that the root cause of this phenomenon should be "Libel Ark", but so far no conclusive evidence can be found to prove this speculation. Everything has yet to be further investigated in the future.


◆Comment ◆

The cessation of the guiding force this time and the chaos caused by it have made us deeply aware of the extent to which our daily lives rely on the force guiding device. We should take this as a lesson. Although this state of affairs may not happen again, we should still be prepared to not rely on force guides at all times. Finally, we should again thank the existence of the force guide.


[Politics] Princess Kolotia shows off

It was also reported in the previous briefing that Her Royal Highness Kolotia had become the heir to the throne not long ago. Liber Communications will also refer to Her Royal Highness as the prince of King Kolotia in the future.

After the incident, the prince Kolotia met with Prince Olivet of the Erebonian Empire. After emphasizing and confirming the friendly relationship between the two countries, the two got on the cruiser "El Saiyou number. It is believed that this meeting will further promote the friendly relations between the two countries.

In addition, it is reported that the prince and the prince will also attend the celebration banquet held in Gransell City. We will also make follow-up reports on the situation of this celebration banquet, so stay tuned.


Finally-with this special issue-

Over the past year, many incidents have occurred in the Kingdom of Liber, and many problems have also been encountered. Since the coup incident, the "Four Wheels Tower" anomalies, earthquakes and dense fog and other anomalies, ancient dragon attacks, and the king’s capital attack and the cessation of guidance, and finally this time "Liber Ark" The appearance and its collapse.

We can see guerrillas in the resolution of all these incidents. They never give up lightly at any time. This unyielding spirit shines on and supports us, and finally resolves the incident successfully. Without these guerrillas, these events may not end, and may even lead to a worse ending. I want to express my gratitude to the young guerrillas who are only 16 years old.


thank you all. Our wings of hope.

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