Trajectory translation table

Due to the large time span of the game's release, many companies and individuals have taken over the translation project of the game, resulting in inconsistent translations of various versions, so this site has established a translation table for comparison.

This project will continue to be updated, and readers are also welcome to visitTencent Document ( Make a contribution, and you can edit directly after logging in. We will update the form on the website weekly based on the content on the Tencent document.

wdt_ID Types of Japanese original name Roman Happy World Jane Princess Jane Yunmao Fanzhong English
1 Roles レン・ブライト Renn Buraito Ling Bright Ling Bright Ryan Bright Renne Bright
2 Roles ヨシュア・ブライト Yoshua Buraito Joshua Bright Joshua Bright Joshua Bright Joshua Bright
3 Roles クローゼ・リンツ Kuroze Rintsu Kross Lynch Krossell Linz Kloe Rinz
4 Roles クローディア・フォン・アウスレーゼ Kuroodia fon Ausurēze Kolotia von Osres Crotia von oseles Klaudia von Auslese
5 Roles Yulia・Shibabaruツ Yuria Shubarutsu Yulia Schwartz Julian Schwartz Julia Schwarz
6 Roles ジーク Jiiku Kiku Geek Sieg
7 Roles ミシェル mishyeru Michelle Michelle Michel
8 Others グロリアス Guroriasu Gurolius Glory Glorious
9 Roles アリアンロード Arianrōdo Arian Hurd Aryan Lord Arianrhod
10 Roles Kanberra Kanpanerura Camparella Campenilla Campanella
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