Empire Times (Flash 3)

Newspapers of Ereponia (April-July 2006)

【Politics】The Central Assembly of the Empire is closed

On March 25, the Imperial Central Assembly held in the imperial capital of Heimdall closed. The House of Lords and the House of Commons that had existed until the previous year were integrated, and the states of Closberg, Northumbria, and the Julet District were newly added to the elections. The representative of this system is the first parliament convened under this system.

In the presence of Prime Minister Osborne, the government representative, many important bills were passed beyond previous years after a heated discussion process in the forum.


◆Dispute over the abolition of the House of Lords and the House of Commons◆

The Central Assembly of the Empire was established last spring under the leadership of the government, recognized by His Majesty and approved by the Supreme Court of the Empire. Although it was strongly opposed by the representatives of the upper house, after adding a certain number of guaranteed seats to the title holders, the decision was finalized.

As a result of the passage of the bill, all major cases concerning the entire empire can be smoothly reviewed, and it is estimated that most of the bills will be passed this time.


The head of the Imperial City Hall Regnitz stated:

Also due to the existence of the Empire State Council, the two-chamber system formed by the House of Lords and the House of Commons in the past always incurred criticisms of inefficiency. Although I personally believe that under the reforms that are close to the times, the Prime Minister already has a clear vision for how to promote the modernization of the empire, but the bills still need to go through a full deliberation process before they are passed. (Answering questions from our reporter)



[Culture] Enrollment of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince

On April 1st, the Imperial Tolz Military Academy, located in Tolista, on the eastern outskirts of the imperial capital, held its new year's opening ceremony. Standing on the stage as the representative of the enrolled student is the candidate of Seidlik Lezer Yanor, the Crown Prince of the Erebonian Empire that no one knows.

With the advent of the new school year, the prestigious military school where the Grey Knight Lien Shuhuaze had been studying has increased the number of students, abolished the class system for distinguishing identities, and revised the curriculum, and the whole school has been transformed. , To become a more formal military academy.


Due to physical conditions and other reasons, the Highness who missed the admissions of the previous year showed amazing recovery and growth. He was different from the previous one. He delivered a generous speech as the first student and received "I can't help it." Sounds fascinating", "Thanks to the goddess for giving me this opportunity to enroll with him" and other comments. (New students of the college, female students next door)

On the other hand, Rivers, located in the western suburbs of the imperial capital, also held its opening ceremony on the same day as the newly established branch campus of the same college this year.


[Advertising] Horse riding club "Neynz"

To introduce gentlemen and ladies to the riding culture that the Empire is proud of──

The club is currently recruiting new members, regardless of title.

For details, please contact the Imperial Capital, the State Capital, and the City Affairs Bureau of Closberg.

[International] Visit of Grand Duke Remi Filia

On April 17, His Excellency Albert von Bartolomeu, the head of state of the Duchy of Remifilia, and his wife came to Heimdal for a visit. The special flying boat they took arrived at the newly renovated Imperial Capital Airport, and was invited to Balfram Palace, where they were greeted as a state guest by members of the royal family headed by His Majesty Jugent and Prime Minister Osborne.


The 38-year-old Grand Duke has forged an indissoluble bond with the empire and has already come to study in the imperial capital in the age of the son. The friendship with His Majesty Yukent, who is 10 years older than him, is also very deep, and he visited their respective capitals. However, the opportunity was missed due to the civil war and the chaos on the Crossbel and Northumbria sides the previous year. 5 years apart.

The Grand Duke and his wife are expected to stay in the Karel Palace for 3 days, and after meeting with the head of the imperial capital and other important people, they will leave the imperial capital, and then go to the city of Closberg to start a tour and return to the country. At that time, the governor of the state, Lufas Al Barrea, will host the two distinguished guests.


◆Development potential of medical technology◆

As an advanced medical country, Remi Filia has been cooperating with a certain medical university in the state of Closberg for many years. As the state becomes the empire, it can be expected that the medical technology of the two countries will have a rapid development. "As long as we have the technology and manufacturing capabilities provided by our company." (Relevant persons in the RF Group)



[Military] Military clashes in the Nord Plateau

A few days ago, on April 12, there was a military conflict with the army of the Republic of Kalvard on the Nord Plateau in the northeastern part of the empire. Although the 7th Mech Division, stationed at the border of Kandamen, immediately responded, relying on the mecha units and military flying boats to block the aggression of the enemy airboat units, this is already the third conflict this year. . Although the frequency has dropped compared to the previous period, "small-scale aggressions continue to occur intermittently." "In the future, we will maintain vigilance while discussing thorough countermeasures." (Regular Army spokesperson)


[Politics] Shira Coordinator's Assistant Officer Steps Down

After the civil war the previous year, instead of Duke Koroval de Kane, who has been detained until now, the term of Assistant Shila, who co-ordinates the affairs of Lamar State, has ended and will return to the imperial capital. In addition, the imperial government has no plans to send a successor, and it is speculated that Sazarante will send personnel to assist the Marquis of Barrard, who has become a separate interim ruler.


[Advertisement] Please experience the fishing tackle of the new era

The company's latest product, "Lake Rod Modified", is a next-generation fishing tackle system that can be adapted to various fish species and terrains by assembling a variety of modified parts and gears. For more information, please contact our store in the Lycra District of the Imperial City.

[Military] Garelia Fortress Parade

On May 5th, an unprecedented large-scale military parade of the Empire’s regular troops was held at the Galeria Fortress in the eastern part of the empire. The fortress that was destroyed during the Clos Bell Incident the previous year has been completely rebuilt. The Honorary Marshal Van Dijk, known as a rare and famous general, also returned to serve as the commander-in-chief of the regular army 7 years later. This ceremony also covers the celebration of these two events. The meaning is included.

A total of 15 mecha divisions participated in this military parade, accounting for almost half of the entire army. The number of military vehicles led by the main combat vehicle Shiba was as high as 1,000. It was replaced by a variety of new mechas and hundreds of them participated. Among them, about 10 "Giant-type" prestige, known as giant aircraft, were also seen. In addition, the first and second flying fleets established last year also flew up to this point. On this day, the largest in mainland history was assembled in this fortress. Combat power.

◆Expansion and maintenance of the regular army of the Empire◆

The empire has two types of armies: regular army and leader army. Since the civil war of the previous year, the balance between the two has changed drastically according to the agreement between the reformers and the nobles. The mechas that were originally used by the leader army have also been formally adopted in the regular army. In the use of the flying fleet, many talents who originally belonged to the leader army have also been promoted.

These are obviously countermeasures against the Republican Army, which is constantly launching small-scale aggressions. On the other hand, they can also be regarded as countermeasures against international criminal organizations that were secretly active in the civil war and the hunting forces that had set fire in Keldic. Preventive measures.

However, at this stage, maintaining such a combat power can be said to be excessive, and the extent to which it will be maintained in the future will become a major issue that needs to be explored. (Reviewer of this newspaper)


[Event] An abnormal change occurred in Sazarant State?

A few days ago, on April 22, in the outskirts of St. Tejac, the old capital of the southern state of Shazarante, the military school exercise site where regional exercises had been conducted was attacked by unknown persons. The school is a branch of the Torz Military Academy. It was attacked by a group of autonomous weapons. It was finally repelled without any casualties.

At noon on the same day, the railway line from the old capital to Palme also suffered a derailment accident, but it has not been ascertained whether it is related to the incident. In any case, it is certain that the response of the local leading army has been slowed by half a beat, which can be said to fully highlight the problems of the state government in maintaining public order.

[Culture] The baker's art in the north

At the eastern end of the empire, there is a well-received bakery on the "West Street" in Crossbell City. The name of the store is "Morji"-not only won the mayor's award during the autonomous prefecture era, but some people even visited the city specifically to buy bread, and it is very famous.

Bakery owner Morji set off in February this year for Northumbria, which was merged last year. His goal is to train baker in the state where food shortages continue to occur intermittently. Since the opening of the local branch, it is rumored that there have been days of enthusiasm.

Morge entrusted the head office to his apprentice Oscar. According to him, "The boss seemed to have practiced in various parts of the mainland when he was young." "He should hope to repay his favor in this way." During the absence of the boss, he seemed to be afraid of regular customers. He no longer visits his door, and he continues to struggle every day, but I heard that his extraordinary craftsmanship has also attracted many fans. The fragrance of bread that always floats on the "West Street" seems to continue to fragrant.

【Express News】Emergency Announcement of the Kross Bell Inspection Team

On May 19, the imperial government and the Governor-General of Clos Bell suddenly announced that a special inspection team from the Empire will visit Clos Bell. The date is expected to be set for a week from May 20, but the members of the inspection team are completely closed to the public at the moment when they are about to depart. It is presumed to be out of alert countermeasures against terrorists and the Republican Army, but from the perspective of this thorough intelligence control situation, the members "should be quite heavyweight VIPs." (Cross Bell News Agency · this newspaper co-reported)


◆Corresponding measures between the empire and the local area◆

The railway gendarmerie, which everyone is familiar with, has begun to adjust the tires of the Continental Transcontinental Railways in the empire. In addition to the scheduled flight ships that will also change some flights, public transportation agencies such as buses, railroads, and watercraft in the Clos Bell State have also begun to make adjustments.

However, no restrictions on movement from the mainland to the state were issued. "It is great that I originally planned to go on a family trip on the weekend." "I hope to communicate with the topical "Missy"." (Participate) Guests of the itinerary of Imperial Travel Agency)


[Technology] Guidance Network Concept

At present, there is an intelligence service in the city of Closberg that comprehensively processes the images, text, and audio content provided by the city. This kind of service is called "Dao Li Network". It has been tested and used together with the Epstein Foundation since the age of the autonomous prefecture. Now it has become one of the indispensable social infrastructures in the city.

Of course, there are discussions about importing this service into the empire, but if a large amount of data has to be processed, there is a need to spread cables on the ground or underground, and it needs to take into account both the urban landscape and cost considerations.

However, starting from last year, under the leadership of RF Group, the steel capital Lulei was officially introduced, and the application situation seems to be very satisfactory. "One day the Imperial Capital and other states will have a way to import it." (CEO of the company)


【Economy】Emperor Capital Bank Announces Revised Interim Final Account

On May 10, the Imperial Capital Bank announced an upward revision of its interim final accounts. According to the bank’s president, Diskal, the business cooperation with IBC (Cross Bell International Bank) has exceeded expectations and the results have greatly exceeded the original forecast before this emergency announcement will be made. Affected by this news, the bank's stock price also temporarily showed a trend of daily limit.


[Culture] The Empire Biennale closes

On May 14, the biennial art festival "Imperial Biennale" closed. At the venue of this event, Baliahat, the public capital of Kruchen Region, exhibited numerous masterpieces in the fields of painting, sculpture, and architecture, bringing a visual feast to citizens and tourists. Selected as the grand prize is "Dawn" by the up-and-coming sculptor Clara Wochi. The trophy will be awarded by the state's coordinating agent Juss Al Barrea.

【Special Feature】Cross Bell's special inspection team returns

On May 27th, the special inspection team to the Closberg State had concluded all its itineraries and returned to the imperial capital smoothly. The list of members of the inspection team that was not made public at the time was actually heavyweights that far exceeded expectations, including the head of Carl Regnitz’s imperial capital, Irina Ryanforte’s RF group chairman, and His Royal Highness Prince Olivet. The famous members of Her Royal Highness Alfin should surprise many readers, right?


◆Her Royal Highness whirlwind is also blowing in the area◆

The surprise that the inspection team brought to the local people reached its climax from the arrival of the ceremonial ship Patanguai to the moment when the two Highnesses stepped down the airship. In particular, everyone praised His Royal Highness "Lovely as an angel", her 17-year-old in the Mood for Love blooming with dazzling beauty, which surprised the citizens of Crossbel who had heard the rumors. Coupled with His Highness's approachable personality, it seems that the "Her Royal Highness Whirlwind" blowing in the state will continue for some time.


◆Results of the special inspection team◆

It was proposed by the governor of the state, Lufas El Barrea, that the inspection team achieved fruitful results in politics, economy, military, technology, medical care, and international exchanges. But perhaps the biggest achievement is to stabilize the people of the Closbell State who have officially become a member of the former sovereign state of the Empire?

It also published the "Eight Metropolis Conception of the Empire" including the city, revealing that it will further strengthen the defense system against the Republican Army and the operation of large factories. This may be attributed to the fact that, as the largest trading and financial city in the mainland, it is confident that it will develop more vigorously in the future.


[Military] The new train cannon is publicly unveiled

At the same time as the inspection team visited, the Imperial Army also unveiled the new Dragunov-class train cannon. The old improvements that were once carried in the Galeria Fortress are reduced, and the firepower is almost equal. As long as the bypass route is used, it can also be used on the general route.



[Politics] Conference of the leaders of the empire held

A few days ago, on June 18th, this year’s imperial leaders’ meeting was held in Ordis, the capital of Lamar State. It is expected to be co-hosted by the interim ruler of the state, the Marquis of Barrard, and other four famous representatives. In addition to the new tax reform measures, it seems that other important cases will be discussed.


【Culture】Using the mainland cross-section railway to take a "adult’s journey"

Starting from Haidu Ordis in the west, it crosses the border to connect to the central part of the mainland, and the continental cross-section railway that travels the farthest to the east has a special passenger sleeper train. In addition to luxurious and exquisite guest rooms, this one-way train, which runs for about 10 days, also has a dining car service that provides luxurious meals using specialties from various countries.

In the salon, passengers will be treated to famous wines and cigars from various countries, and the most popular "Imperial Brandy "Sacred Rose" and Libel wine "Gran Charina"." (Nicolas, Railway Commune Planning Department director)

[Culture] Preparations for Midsummer Festival in various places

This year is also the season of Midsummer. Within 5 days from June 17 to 21 this year, many areas, such as the old city of Saint Tejac, where night celebrations are held day after day, and the Haidu Ordis, where countless campfires are lit in the bay, are available this year. Appreciate the scene showing the traditional culture passed down from various places.

In addition, the Midsummer Festival in the Imperial Capital is almost a month late. It seems that many residents will choose to travel to various places during this period. Since last year, there have been more and more travelers from Crossbel. "It is expected that the number of people will double this year." "We have prepared short-term trips, etc., hoping to respond to the needs of tourists." (Emperor Travel Agency)

During the same period, Haidu was holding this year's Empire State Conference. According to Lamar State, there were no special problems in security.



[International] Convene countries to participate in the West Semlia Business Conference

The source pointed out that the imperial government is asking the main countries of West Semlia on their willingness to hold the "Second West Semlia Conference on Commerce". This meeting was held in the city of Closberg in the autonomous prefecture two years ago, but because of the subsequent Closberg Incident, many agreements were invalidated and there was no conclusion, so this proposal was put forward.

It seems that many countries have already expressed their willingness to participate, and the only objection is the Republic of Kalvard. At that time, it may be possible to exclude the Republic from convening trade conferences depending on the situation.


[Technology] RFGroup Fourth Development Department

As long as the technology manufacturers of the Empire are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Ryanforte, but unexpectedly, few people know that the group can be roughly divided into three manufacturing plants from the first to the third. Although there have been issues such as confrontation between the production houses in the Civil War, all production houses are currently under the overall overall management of the CEO Irina.

Under such circumstances, the "Fourth Development Department" that was originally established by the chairman to launch many projects has escaped her direct control and is positioned as a more independent and highly mobile unit that continues to evolve. This newspaper interviewed the director of Alyssa PM's project management office who is currently in charge of managing the development department's project.


This newspaper: I will enter the topic immediately. What are the business contents of the fourth development department?

Director Alyssa (hereinafter referred to as the Director): As long as it is not part of the current basic business of the RF Group, it is covered by our business scope. Such as the research and development of the guidance network and business system, the joint development of new technologies including the tactical guidance device ARCUS, and so on.

Reporter: Is the so-called joint development aimed at foreign manufacturers? Director: Yes, it is mainly the technical cooperation with the Epstein Foundation and Lieber’s ZCF, which will become more and more important in the future. In addition...we are also starting mass production of guided locomotives.

This newspaper: Daoli Locomotive! This has already caused some discussions. Is the department responsible for mass production different from the guided vehicle? Director: After all, we can only be responsible for products with doubtful effectiveness... (laughs) It seems to be well received at the moment, let us breathe a sigh of relief.


[Advertising] Opening of the Julai branch of Crest Mall!

Following the imperial capital and the Haidu, the third store in Julai District has opened!

Provide quality-guaranteed products and affordable prices than other stores!

Cooperate with RF store and plan to import point cards!

[Special Feature] Sea Capital is shelled, Juno Fortress is occupied

In the early morning of June 19, the Haidu Ordis in Lamar State was attacked by a loud noise. At the same time, a huge water column was stirred up in the bay. After 10 minutes, with the second wave of loud noises, the cargo ship anchored in the bay was sunk, and the huge harbor city suddenly fell into chaos.

After that, explosions sounded intermittently. Although it was unfortunate not to fall in the city, the facilities and ships in the harbor area suffered huge disasters, and the great lighthouse of Vallares, which was a symbol of the sea, was also forcibly destroyed. Fry it to pieces.


◆The true face of the incoming enemy◆

The source of the explosion sound is actually a train cannon-a new Dragunov-class shell that has just been publicly unveiled a few days ago. Built in RF's western factory, 4 strategic weapons scheduled to be included in the regular army's armed lineup were taken away, and continued artillery bombardment in the valley above 500 square meters from Haidu.

According to the news released by the regular army, the new type has a maximum effective range of 500 Sel moments, unexpectedly showing the performance of the cannon in this way.


◆The sea fortress is temporarily occupied◆

At 9 o'clock on the same day, in the midst of the continuous sound of intermittent explosions, the Juno Sea Fortress, located in the outskirts of Haidu, was severely attacked and temporarily occupied. The opponent took advantage of the unified local army that managed the fortress to occupy the gap in response to the cannon attack of the canyon area. It is said that it was a group of unidentified hunting regiments and automatic operation weapons. It is speculated that the opponent and the captured train gun belong to the same group, but it seems that other hunting groups and groups wearing different armors have appeared, and the intelligence is very confusing.


◆Resolve incidents and attribution of responsibility◆

Even though the surrounding area of Haidu and the valley area were in chaos, before noon on the same day, the unified local army and its cooperators regained 4 train guns, and the cooperators who launched operations suppressed the sea fortress and resolved a series of incidents.

However, the detained forces outside the hunting regiment were allowed to flee on the spot, and the whereabouts of the opponent has not yet been ascertained. In addition, the hunting regiment was handed over to the Imperial Intelligence Agency, which seems to have been identified, "but it may be based on political judgments and there is no way to disclose it." (Source)

In any case, the reason for the seizure of the train artillery and the weak defense of the sea fortresses are indeed inseparable from the responsibility for these two things, the interim ruler of Lamar State, the Marquis of Barrard, and the Council of Leaders has issued a special impeachment. Statement, it is assumed that His Majesty will also recognize the statement.


[Event] Abnormal changes occurred in the suburbs of Khaliyask

Also on June 19, an autonomous weapon factory hidden underground was discovered in the suburbs of Dukhariyask, Northumbria, and suppressed and destroyed within the same day. It is presumed to be left over by an international criminal organization that was secretly active in the Northern Campaign last year, but it does not seem to be directly related to the incident in Lamar State.


◆Toltz Military Academy makes great achievements◆

The solution to this incident was the Tolz Military Academy, which came to Khaliyask for local exercises. Under the judgment of Prince Seidlik, the candidate for the chairman, he finally hit the underground factory with the main artillery of "Red Wing" and completely destroyed it, so as to avoid any worries. Although nearby residents were affected by it and temporarily took refuge, his evacuation and the consideration of minimizing casualties were very thorough, "completely beyond the mind of a student." (instructor of the college)

On the other hand, in the Lamar State incident, the second branch of the same college also contributed to the resolution of the incident, which made people feel the powerful light of the unicorn lion coat of arms.



[Culture] The Midsummer Festival in the Imperial Capital is ready to begin

It is one month late for all parts of the empire, and the imperial capital will also welcome the coming Midsummer Festival this year. This year, it is scheduled to be held in the three days from July 17th to 19th. Although the time is a little shorter, it is full of various activities such as celebrations, music festivals, the Midsummer Cup of horse racing, and special opera performances. It will be very lively.


【Exhibition】Stars and Ancient Civilization Exhibition

From July 7th, the "Stars and Ancient Civilization Exhibition" will be held at the Imperial Museum in the Lycra District of the Imperial Capital. It will be held for a whole month, and it is predicted that there will be a large crowd of visitors during the Midsummer Festival. The content of the permanent exhibition in the entrance hall is also very substantial, "I hope it can inspire the people's nostalgia for the past." (The curator of the museum)

[Politics] The current Duke of Kane confirms the sentence

On July 12, the Supreme Court of the Empire rejected the appeal of the ruler of Lamar State, Koroval de Kane, and sentenced him to life imprisonment on the crimes of civil strife and foreign aggression. After one and a half years after the "October Battle" the previous year, the trial finally ended.

In addition, the case of Helmut Elbarea, the ruler of Kruchen Region, has not yet concluded the trial, and the results of the trial in the future are cause for concern.


◆The key to the verdict◆

In the October campaign, with the exception of partial plunder and torture, the act of war itself was not subject to guilt and punishment. However, the Duke’s situation was special. One major reason was that in the Krossberg Incident, he entered into an alliance with the independent country behind the scenes, destroyed the Garelian fortress, occupied the imperial capital, and imprisoned members of the royal family headed by His Majesty. It is the decisive basis for the judgment. Others pointed out his relationship with international criminal organizations operating in cases across the mainland. It is not difficult to imagine that these factors will become the key to the judgment.


◆The whereabouts of the dukedom◆

Since the sentence was determined, what is of concern is the whereabouts of the next duke. According to the imperial law, if the title of the current duke is immediately taken away, it is customary for the princes to elect a strong candidate and inherit it after being recognized by his majesty. However, due to the recent bombardment of the Haidu, the most powerful candidate is the Marquis of Barrard. He was impeached during the leadership meeting. Although the people who can inherit the largest empire and are one of the few leading states in the mainland are of concern, "it has also been reported that a strong candidate has been confirmed and is currently asking your Majesty’s opinion." (Informed sources in social circles)



[Military] Tangulam Fortress reconstruction completed

On July 10, the Tangulam Fortress, located in the border of the neighboring Republic, at the eastern end of the Closberg State, was rebuilt and made a new public appearance. This fortress will respond to the continuous aggression of the Republican Army, with a defense wall of up to 50 sub-dimensions and 8 new train cannons. The munitions factory on the western outskirts of Clos Bell also began operations and was equipped with a new type of flying warship. Will cooperate with the Garella Fortress of the headquarters.


[Culture] Record sales achieved great results

Record sales in the first half of this year have achieved good results, and it is predicted that they will surpass the previous year's results. During the break, the release of the concert album by the singer of the blue Givita Klotide, and the sales of the first album by the up-and-coming performer Eliot Craig also had a great influence. (Investigation by Levitt Company)


[Column] Weird Thief BWhere are you?

Not only in the empire, but also caused riots in various mainland countries, "Guest Thief B" has had no new crimes and sightings since last year. There are currently some claims that he has retired or even died. And what is the truth? During the period when the imperial capital is about to usher in the Midsummer Festival, the authorities must be called to pay attention, and the thief cannot be allowed to perform magic again.

【Special Feature】Emperor Capital Holds Midsummer Festival

This year, the Midsummer Festival in the imperial capital Heimdall was also held around one month later. The Battle of the Lions 250 years ago ended in July. Due to the celebration of the end of the war, the Midsummer Festival is only three days long, but it is full of important ceremonies and activities. Many readers must look forward to it.


◆2Congratulations and other events◆

On the first day of this year, in addition to the Midsummer Cup held at the Imperial Racecourse, the congratulations party hosted by the imperial family in Balfram Palace and the congratulatory party hosted by the Imperial Palace in the Sun Villa will be held in the evening. Both sides have invited important people at home and abroad, predicting that His Royal Highness Prince Olivet will attend the latter.

On the second day, there will be a special performance in the Imperial Opera House and a special mass in the cathedral. On the third day, there will be a parade of royal family members and a music festival in the Notre Dame Park. Finally, from early evening to late at night, 20,000 fireworks will be launched to decorate the night sky.

But no matter what, the most eye-catching thing was the congratulations to the imperial city attended by His Royal Highnesses Seidlik and Alfin. Different from the previous one, who will be chosen as the dance partner of the heroic and energetic Royal Prince and the beautiful and beautiful Royal Highness, please look forward to our follow-up report.



【Express News】Arrested Armed Foreign Group

Yesterday, July 16, a foreigner group with nearly 100 members was arrested in the Imperial City. They were armed with the same type, and their identities were also disguised, and they were handed over to the Imperial Intelligence Agency and the Railway Gendarmerie after all the members were captured. Such astonishing incidents happened on the eve of Midsummer Festival. The authorities have not yet publicly stated their true identities. "It must be the Republic of Kalvard, or someone with ties to that country." (Military commentator)

According to the source, "Red Wing" also captured the suspicious airship. Although it is rumored that the Fourth Mech Division also took action, it seems to be just groundless worry. In case the military is dispatched, it may not be able to greet the first day of Midsummer Festival smoothly.


◆The two schools of Tolz and the two heroes made great contributions◆

The armed groups were captured by the Tolz Military Academy Headquarters and the Second Branch Campus, which performed well last month. The students were all led by their respective instructors, suppressing the armed groups that fled into the underground of the imperial capital and subduing the enemy. While cooperating with the Guerrillas Association, it is said that more than 70% of the members of the armed group were actually captured.

Therefore, this morning, the Imperial City Hall urgently praised the students of the two schools. And there was a scene in which His Royal Highness Prince Sedlik, the chief candidate of the main school, shakes hands with the instructor of the branch school, Lien Shuhuaze, the gray knight, which allowed everyone to witness the same framed picture of two young heroes in the new era.


[Event] The president of Imperial Capital Bank accepts investigation

Also yesterday afternoon, Dario Tiskal, the president of the Imperial Bank, was arrested by the guards. Suspects of abducting minors and attempted use of firearms in urban areas are currently under investigation.

[Extras] His Majesty the Emperor was shot and fell to the ground

Yesterday, on the evening of July 17th, in the waiting room of the congratulatory venue at Balfram Palace, His Majesty the Emperor Jukent was shot. The prisoner was judged to have been invited to attend the meeting and belonged to Ash Kabaid of the Second Branch of the Torz Military Academy. Judging from the fact that he used a special pistol made by the Republic’s Urnu Company, there has also been progress in the background of the inventory.

Although his Majesty has been dealt with urgently, it seems that he is still in a state of serious injury. Although the chief surgeon was urgently recruited from Ursla Medical University in Krossberg, "Now I can only pray to the goddess." (Related personnel of the hospital)

Affected by the incident, the Tolz campus and the main school also suspended the exercises and were disciplined at their respective exercise sites. However, it is said that the students could hardly believe that it was their classmates who committed the murder. Everyone could not hide the sway in their hearts.

◆Event background◆

According to the investigation by the authorities, the birthplace of Kabad’s current offender is unknown, so it is impossible to deny that he may have been born in the Republic. The armed group arrested the day before yesterday has disclosed that it is a special unit of the Republican Army, increasing the possibility that the suspect is an insider. Although it cannot be judged lightly, it is related to the attempted assassination of His Majesty. I hope that the relevant authorities can investigate the suspect’s background as soon as possible and sincerely pray that His Majesty is safe and recovers soon. (Editorial Department)


【Politics】The imperial capital and the martial law of the whole territory

Since yesterday night, the imperial government has issued a martial law order and established a temporary martial law headquarters. Governor Lufas El Barrea has become a temporary representative. Not only in the imperial capital, the transportation agencies of the entire empire are restricted, and the main divisions of the regular army are also in a state of preparation.

There is no need to explain, the purpose of course is to prevent the invasion of the Republican Army, perhaps to remember the painful lessons of the civil war the previous year. At that time, because the prime minister was sniped, the aristocratic coalition army seized the opportunity to occupy the imperial capital. In this sense, it is not yet clear when the martial law will last this time, but it should be decided based on the ups and downs of your majesty's injuries and the movements of the Republic. Readers are also asked to calmly wait and see the situation and try to avoid unnecessary outings.

[Event] The whereabouts of the daughter of the Marquis Rogner family is unknown?

Although it is not clear whether it is related to a series of incidents, in the sky cemetery in the southern suburbs of the imperial capital, items left by Miss Angelica, the ruler of Nordia and the daughter of the Marquis of Logna, have been found. The whereabouts of the young lady has been unknown since the 19th of last month. This discovery can not help but worry about whether the young lady was involved in a major incident. "The possibility of being kidnapped by agents of the Republic cannot be ruled out." (Imperial Intelligence Agency)

[Express News] Osborne and Rufas gave urgent speeches

At noon of this day, as His Royal Highness Prince Seidlik issued a public greeting, representatives of the Osborne Empire government and representatives of the Rufas Martial Law Command also gave emergency speeches. The specific content is a solemn condemnation of the Republic of Kalvard and a statement on the "General Mobilization Law of the State." Although the specific content of the decree is not clear, judging from the terms of political science, it can be inferred that it is related to a long-term national battle. Although the consent of His Majesty is still required, it is said that the imperial government has asked other mainland countries to issue a statement of condemnation against the Republic. Please continue to pay close attention to the evolution of the situation. (Editor-in-chief of this newspaper)