Friendship application

This site is a non-profit website. The following are the application requirements for Friendship Chain:

  • Your site has survived for more than 3 months, and daily IP > 100 (or daily PV > 300)
  • Your site is normally indexed by mainstream search engines
  • Your site is not a collection site, not a content farm site
  • Even better if you are a Falcom fan (*^_^*)
  • If you want to join us and participate in the construction of this site, please see:join us

How to apply for Friendship Chain:

Please send an email to and cc to, the recommended format is as follows:

Title: [Friendship Chain Application] Apply for Track Cafe Friendship Chain (your link)

    I would like to apply for an affiliate link to the Locus Cafe site
    Here is the site information:
        Link: xxxxx
        Title: xxxxx
        Image: xxxxx
        One sentence description: xxxxx
good luck!
If your browser supports opening the mail client, you can directly click the "Friend Link Application" button below.