Rose of the Red Moon

Based on the event of the Family of the Night

History goes back to about 200 years ago, the medieval era.

That was the end of the "Battle of the Lions" in the Erebonian Empire, the great power of Western Semlia. The core character, the death of King Drekers, passed more than ten years.

The imperial capital Heimdall. A beautiful traditional city with houses based on crimson bricks standing in a row, with the title of "Crimson Imperial Capital"-located in a small alley in the corner of this city, there have been soldiers in military uniforms coming and going early in the morning. To go, plus a group of people who would not leave even if they warned, to watch the lively crowd, presenting an atmosphere of seriousness.

In the middle of the noisy crowd, there was a young woman lying in her early twenties. Her skin looked terribly pale, and she didn't feel bloody at all.

There are two spots on the woman's neck that have appeared black and red. The middle-aged soldier who saw this phenomenon sighed deeply and took out a pocket watch-almost just after 6 o'clock.

After he was ordered to lead the imperial capital to maintain the security forces, he instructed his subordinates: "Confirm the identity of the woman as soon as possible," and the woman's body was quickly transported out. He watched the body be delivered, and saw in front of him the figure of a familiar young soldier who was also watching the body.


After being tapped on the shoulder and calling his name, the young military talent finally remembered that he was still on the mission.

"...Uncle, sorry."

Alphons quickly tidied his military cap in a reflexive manner, and immediately lowered his head as if sorry. Such an expression made people feel what was in his heart.

"Didn't you say that you will call me "captain" when you work?"

Grade, who said with a joking smile, after reminding him to concentrate on his work now, he turned to give instructions to the other team members. For the uncle who always cared so nonchalantly, Alphons returned to his post with gratitude.

The person in charge of investigating the scene of the crime and observing the surrounding situation is a young soldier of the same age as Alphons. His expression that originally seemed to be in a bad mood, now even more frowned, and sighed.

During this period, a series of murders occurred in the imperial capital. Most of the victims were young women who stayed on the street late at night, and the cause of death was all due to excessive blood loss... In other words, these women died after being bled to dryness.

Moreover, in the body found, it can almost be said that some kind of weird trace will be found. That is the kind left on the neck-"like a mark bitten by sharp fangs".
When this phenomenon spread among the masses, everyone did not consciously think of the "certain legend" circulating in the empire.

Someone who will not die will walk in the dark night and live by sucking human blood—such a weird legend circulates in the imperial capital. This weird serial killing incident, which is similar to the legend, is unknowingly called the "vampire incident."

That night, after completing the follow-up work of the "vampire incident" in the army, Alphons walked to the tavern "Jubilation" in the corner of the imperial capital and ate the a little late dinner.

A girl who was a little younger than him was watching him eating with a nervous expression on her side.

", how? Is it delicious? I am very confident with today's food."

With a shy smile on her face, a lovely girl with a chestnut-colored ponytail hairstyle, named Luca, was the childhood sweetheart of Elphons who came to the imperial capital almost ten years ago.

Under Luca's earnest gaze, Alphons felt a little uncomfortable to eat, but the simple beef stew technique that was delivered to his mouth was just what secretly matched the taste and made him feel at ease.

"Yeah~ it's delicious. It's quite improved, right?"

Hearing such a response, it was like Luca who put down a big rock in his heart. Knowing that there were other guests watching, he desperately sat down opposite Alphons, and then showed a happy smile on his face.

... After a while, maybe it's because I'm afraid the place will get colder——

Then he talked about things like "Uh~ Al, how's your work done?" and just squeezed out some topics.

Recent work-Hearing these words, Alphons suddenly stopped eating.

In the case commonly known as the "vampire incident", so far there is still no clue to the murderer. During the day, the body of the woman suddenly came to mind.

——Of course that woman must have family, friends, and loved ones. The life she was just about to unfold came to an abrupt end because of this. Of course there is no reason to let this kind of thing go. He is quite persistent in the investigation of this case. The reason for this is his own reason, but ironically, he was excluded from the investigation team of this case.

"Al-don't force it."

Hearing these words, Alphons noticed that his expression did not know when it started to become serious. This seemed to worry her who knew her situation, so Alphons scratched her head and said, "Well, I'm fine." So she can relax.

The unit to which Alphons is affiliated, commonly known as the "Gladder Team", is one of the imperial army units responsible for keeping the imperial capital public. Alphons was the uncle Gerard who had taken care of his father for a long time, that is, the man who commanded Gerard’s team. He encouraged him to serve in the army, and then he was sent to the army by his superiors. service. After many years, Alphons still lives in the dormitory near the army station.

After eating in the tavern, Alphons followed the old road, preparing to walk back to the dormitory.

The strange red full moon is hanging high in the sky, and the row houses made of crimson bricks are horrifying and terrifying.

Perhaps it was affected by the "vampire incident". Recently, at night, few people came out and walked around. But even so, the cases happened night after night, as if they were mocking the soldiers who were still patrolling the streets in the middle of the night.

Alphons can deeply feel that the fear in the hearts of the people is expanding day by day.

I must catch the murderer myself. He made up his mind and said to himself.


Alphons stopped suddenly. He saw a woman walking alone in this dark alley. Because of the dim night, I can't see the situation clearly, but I feel that my steps seem to be unstable, and I walked all the way into the darker alley.

When the "vampire incident" happened, it was still like this. Alphons thought that it was necessary to talk to the other party like this, and walked towards the woman. Although the surroundings were dark and unclear, as soon as I walked into the alley, I saw the back of the woman just now.

"Miss, it's so late--"

When it came to this, Alphons fell silent. The woman in front of her slowly turned around to look at her-she looked obviously something wrong. The other party’s head was softly slanted to one side, and the long hair had completely covered the face, but there was no intention to pull it away. The slightly exposed eyes from between the hair just stared hollowly forward. The mouth groaned that didn't seem to be talking. Seeing such a strange situation where no anger was felt at all, Alphons couldn't help but froze.

In the next second-the ghostly woman suddenly stretched out her hands and grabbed Alphons by the neck. Alphons was surprised and couldn't stand up, so he was pushed to the ground by the opponent. The woman riding on him then began to gradually increase the force of the fingers on her neck.


The opponent's strength is too great. Even as a long-trained soldier, Alphons was still unable to pull the opponent's hand away. Slowly pinching fingers stopped breathing, causing Alphons to show a pained expression.

Under the hair that was hanging down to cover his face, it was a pale face, which felt like a lonely wild ghost. Then the woman opened her mouth greatly; although she opened her mouth so that the corners of her mouth were cracked, she didn't care about it.


In such an unclear situation, only this move made Alphons intuitively aware of the meaning. He resisted desperately, but the fingers pinched on his neck continued to strengthen, which even forced him to have no time to pull out the saber that was worn around his waist.

The ghostly woman suddenly dropped her head, and she was about to tear Alphons's apple with her mouth.

Just when Alphons was already conscious of death

——Suddenly there was a snap in front of my eyes.

He saw the geometric figures passing by for a moment.

It is the sole of leather boots. The boots passed in front of Alphons' eyes.

With a violent impact, the leather boots kicked the woman who had opened her mouth wide. The scene in front of him suddenly changed to the night sky, and his body was liberated from the shackles. The almost choked throat breathed air, causing Alphons to start coughing violently, uncontrollably.

"Are you okay?"

The voice was clear-it came from around.

Just beside the person who should have been empty just now, there was already a person standing, who seemed to be a woman.

She was wearing a dark blue coat and a flat hat that was also dark blue.

Under one shoulder-length golden hair, Zhang is still a little childish, but his expression is firm and awe-inspiring. He seemed to be about the same age as Alphons.

However, Alphons didn't know the situation at all, and he was still in a mess.

With no expression on her face, she looked straight at Elphons's woman, and said without waiting for an answer, "It seems to be all right. Fortunately, I caught up." Then immediately turned his head away.

What she was looking at was the ghost-like woman who had just attacked Alphons and was now lying on her back.

"It's called a corpse man-it's a poor thing that becomes a poor thing after being sucked up by a vampire..."

The blonde woman said so, and stepped on the ground with her left foot, adjusting the feel of the leather boots on her feet. Judging from this situation, the woman used the leather boots to kick the ghost-like woman in the face of the person she called the "corpse man" and kicked the person away.

Wait, what did she say just now? --vampire?

"It's up to you to stay in a daze over there, but if it is convenient, please go back to the back. Otherwise, it will get in the way of me."

After the woman finished speaking so coldly, there was a rolling noise from the friction of unknown objects. The corpse man who had fallen on the ground just relied on the strength of his legs to stand up. Although he was kicked hard in the face, there was no pain at all.

In the next second, the corpse man stomped on the ground vigorously like a beast, and rushed over here. Alphons, who was still languid on the ground, saw the situation in front of him, immediately stood up, and then rushed over to help the woman stop—

Just as the corpse man's paws were about to hit Alphons, the blond woman behind him unhurriedly reached into the waist of the coat.

Then he drew something neatly from there. It was a thin sword with a slender blade used for thrusting. The sword body has a beautiful silver brilliance, reflecting the light of the red moon. Then, she pierced forward with the sword behind Alphons without hesitation.

The sharp blade swept over his neck and pierced the corpse man's throat in a blink of an eye, leaving no room for resistance.

——When the woman drew the sword from her throat, the corpse man fell on the spot, and there was no more movement.

The strange feeling that had been exuding until the previous moment disappeared without a trace.

All this happened before Alphons didn't know what to do, and could only stand aside. A bloodshot was oozing out of his neck, which was swept by the rapier.

"I have already told you, please stand back, it seems that you haven't heard it."

The blonde woman showed a reluctant attitude, and at the same time she waved her sword, threw away the blood of the corpse, and retracted the scabbard.

"If you hear this and make such a move, then you can be said to be hopelessly stupid."

Hearing the woman's nonchalant and non-stop speaking attitude, Alphons finally came to his senses.

"I, I want to save you, eh, don't care about it, what is the situation just now!? Who are you!? Why did that woman want to—"

——Would you like to eat me? This thing was so terrifying that Alphons was so frightened that he couldn't say it.

It is also true that the woman in front of him saved herself. Stabbed that one called "corpse man"...

Looking at Alphons, who was not knowing what to do with the thoughts echoing in his head, the blonde woman sighed and said, "Okay."

"You look like a soldier, right? The serial killings in the Imperial Capital recently... "The Vampire Incident," do you know?"

"Uh, um, of course I know."

"Then-if I said that this incident was "really done by a vampire", would you believe it?"
Elphons showed an expression that he didn't understand what he was talking about, but the blonde woman said nothing, and picked up the corpse who was lying on the ground. The body she picked up... the expression was peaceful, and she couldn't tell that it was the same person as the one just now.

"——Come, please look here."

She pointed to the neck part of the body she had picked up. There are two red spots on that part. This is exactly the same as the traces on the victims of the "vampire incident".

"This is the mark of being bitten by a vampire."

Although the other party was taking it for granted, Alphons still sounded confused, but the blonde woman didn't care about it and continued to speak.

"Humans who have been sucked blood will become corpses and begin to prey on other humans. With this sword that has been blessed by the church, they can rest in peace again."

Hearing what the woman said, Alphons recalled the surreal series of situations just now. Church, the word made Alphons a little bit concerned, but he pressed it down first.

"—Is this really something vampire doing? You want me to believe such ridiculous things?"

"I didn't want you to believe it, but it is true. Although it is really regrettable."

The tone of the blonde woman was always calm and indifferent. However, if things are as she said, then it makes sense. Moreover, what she said sounded quite lifelike, not as if she was lying.

Alphons was unbelievable that he would think this blonde woman's words were credible.

"Vampires are indeed hiding somewhere in this imperial capital."

After she said this again, she stretched out her hand to caress her chest: "Then" and continued.

"I came here to eliminate vampires."

There was a brief silence at the scene.

The blonde woman looked at such a silent scene and continued to speak on her own.

"...It doesn't matter, this has nothing to do with ordinary people in the world, I suggest you forget it early."

Then she finished: "Please don't disclose it to other people as much as possible. I'm leaving." After that, she turned around and left.

"——Please wait a moment."

Alphons had already made up his mind and stopped the woman.

"Can I help you?"

The woman suddenly stopped.

The woman who was almost expressionless at first seemed to be taken aback when she heard these words, and then slowly turned her body back.
"...This is really an inexplicable proposal. What obligation do I have to ask you to help?"

The woman's attitude was always cold, and Alphons replied after closing his eyes quietly:

"About ten years ago...My parents were killed.-The technique is the same as the current "vampire incident"."


This made the woman even more surprised, and she raised her eyebrows again. Alphons continued:

"I don't remember very clearly what happened at that time. But... it's deeply imprinted in my mind."

The moment I finished saying this, the scene at that time appeared clearly in my mind.

About ten years ago, the Alphons family was still living in a village on the border of the Empire. His father was a member of the Imperial Army and served in the troops stationed nearby. No major incidents happened in the area, and the family lived a stable life.

Until one day, Alphons, who went out to play, came home and saw the scene as soon as he walked in.

——Parents lying down in the blood-stained room.

On their remains, the blood has been drained entirely, and there are still "bite marks" on their necks.

Because this case was too bizarre and brutal, there were also widespread sayings that "did by a vampire" at the time, and the military also mobilized to investigate. But in the end, no clues related to the murderer were found, and the case fell into a maze without a clue. The unaccompanied, young Alphons, was later taken in by his father's colleague, and at the same time his inexorable acquaintance, Ge Lade, and came to the imperial capital.

If it is true that there is a "vampire" as the woman said, then the event that I personally experienced... is not impossible. In this regard, the woman seems to have been aware of it.

"...No, even if the previous case was not a "vampire"...If this case can be solved, then I can say goodbye to it. I feel that way. So..."

There was another long silence at the scene. The blonde woman was thinking about something, and she was temporarily lost in thought.

Alphons just waited quietly for the woman to answer.

Then-a small sigh came out on the scene.

"...As a soldier, it should be easy for you to get information about the case. In order to find the vampire, it may be a feasible way to ask you to cooperate."

After the woman said this, she slowly took out something from her body. It was a silver dagger... the light it radiated was very similar to the thin sword she was wearing.

"This is a weapon that can fight corpses and vampires. If you are willing to cooperate with me, please accept it.-However, please protect your own life."

From the woman's expression, Alphons could see what the other party had for him.

That's - there must be an awareness of what can't be shaken. You must have the consciousness to fight against a corpse like just now.

It is absolutely necessary to annihilate the consciousness of the "vampire" lurking in the imperial capital-but Alphons' answer has already been confirmed.

"My name is Alphons-everyone I know calls me Al."

Alphons made up his mind, took the heavy dagger from the woman's hand, and introduced herself to the other party.

The blonde woman saw that the other party took the dagger in her palm, and the corners of her expressionless mouth suddenly raised slightly, and then she pulled up the skirt under the coat and saluted Alphons respectfully.

"——I’m Rosey. I’ll ask you for your advice during this time, Al."

The next morning, Alphons went to the office where the captain of the unit Gerard was working. His purpose in going to the office was to ask the captain to allow himself to conduct the investigation on his own.

Captain Gerard stretched out his hand and scratched his head. Although he was old, but still sturdy face, he looked at Alphons who was like his own son with a surprised expression.

"...You said you want to pursue that case alone?"

"No, I already have private partners. I plan to investigate together with the other two."

Alphons replied clearly, but in fact he knew it was a somewhat nonsense proposal.

"The existence of vampires was originally something that could not be disclosed to the world. Please also make up other excuses for the two of us to investigate together."

Last night, Rosey said such a thing to himself, and after a "goodbye", he disappeared into the darkness of night.

In fact, what she said is not wrong, it is very reasonable. No matter how much I explained about vampires, even if it was Grad, who was close to his father, he probably couldn't understand and accept it.

Even if I had personally seen the corpse man, I felt that the experience was like a dream.

What's more, it seems that Rousey's identity is also due to a lot of inconvenience, and he doesn't like the appearance of open activities outside. Therefore, although the military has formally established an investigation team for the vampire incident, if Rossi is included in the investigation team, many thorny problems may occur. It is precisely because of this that Alphons had to make a proposal to investigate with Rosey.

But unsurprisingly, Ge Lade really showed an expression that could not be said to be a kind response.

"...Al, I...have the responsibility to replace your father. I want to train you to be an excellent soldier, and I don't want you to do work that is meaningless and too dangerous."

From the very beginning, Alphons was excluded from the official vampire incident investigation team in the army and the late-night patrol scheduled to prevent the expansion of the case. Grind also understood that Alphons had stubborn feelings about this case, but it was precisely because of this that he worried that if he was too deep, he would put himself in danger.

"...I understand what the captain said. But I...I hope this case can have a satisfactory result." "...Um..."

Seeing Alphonse's determined expression, Gryder was instantly speechless. He can no longer feel the worrying breath from him now, but a firm determination and consciousness.

After meditation for a long time, Gerald finally sighed as if he had given up.

"...Oh, you are really exactly like your father."

After speaking like this with a smile on his face, Ge Lade immediately reminded with the majesty of the officer:

"Go all out to the last minute and solve this case. However, remember to submit a report on the investigation content within the same day."


Alphonse almost couldn't help calling it with his usual attitude, but immediately adjusted it back. Seeing this behavior, Ge Lade smiled slightly and habitually replied: "Call me the captain."

"Listen well, you can't force it. If you have any questions, please tell me immediately."

"--Yes!" Alphons replied respectfully with a feeling of gratitude for Grat's care.


"It seems that things are going well, congratulations."

A corner of the Imperial City Shopping Street where the first victim of the vampire incident appeared. This narrow alley surrounded by houses is dim and dim even in the daytime. As soon as Alphons walked into the alley, Roussey appeared silently and reunited with him, just like last night.

The place where Alphons was attacked by the corpse last night was the place where the new victim appeared, and the Gruber team is investigating there. He felt that it would be better not to be close to that place today, so he chose this place as the first place for the two to investigate.

What Rossi wore was not the coat and sword that last night, but a clean dress that looked like a normal girl at first glance.

It is said that because vampires and corpses do not move during the day, there is no need to wear combat equipment.

Although the other party said that this dress was to avoid arousing suspicion, it was weird to be with Alphons in military uniform after all. Fortunately, no one passed by at this place, so he was relieved.

The scene of the crime still reverberates with an atmosphere of silence. Alphons, who was thinking about the victim and investigating whether there were any suspicious signs, suddenly a question emerged in his heart.

"By the way... the previous victims didn't become the "corpse man" or something. Could it be that they were also defeated by you?"

"No, the people before last night, I used "Spell" to cleanse them before they became corpses. Because I also hope that I don't hurt the victim's body as much as possible."

Magic-It is said that it is a special technique that some people in the Qiyao Church can use. The rapier worn by Rossi, and the dagger that Alphons received, has the power to kill corpses and vampires, it seems that it is also based on the power of magic. However, even if she went back to ask her if she was related to the church, when faced with such a question, Rosey just replied: "It's okay, just think of it like this." Such a fascinating statement.

In any case, she said that the time it takes for the leopard's body to become a corpse has been getting faster and faster with the frequency of cases, and it finally came to the scene that it was too late to deal with it last night and had to deal with it.

"This result is not surprising. Because it was the same before. But I really didn't expect someone like you who just wanted to get in."

Let Rosey smile so sweetly, so Alphons couldn't help feeling a bit frustrated.

"Anyway, in short... Did you find anything in the previous investigation?"

Asked Alphons, who was squatting on the ground and looking around the scene. Rossi nodded at this.

"From the previous bite marks left on the victim, the vampire may be a male. Although the cases are all over the imperial capital, judging from the consistent shape of the bite marks, it is quite possible that it was done by one person. As for further clues, there is still... …"

After Roussie talked about this one after another, he began to ponder.

"Did you think of something?" Alphons couldn't help but then asked Rossi.
"...Well. Maybe the one hiding in the Imperial Capital this time is—"

When the words came to this side, Roussey stopped and did not continue. Her gaze was in the direction behind Alphons. Alphons looked back and saw a young man in military uniform standing in that direction. This young man is also a figure he knows well.

"Eleroy? Why are you here..."

"This sentence is what I want to say."

The young Eleroy who answered with an unpleasant expression, like Alphons, was a soldier who served in the "Gryder Team". The two of them were at the same time, and they were almost the same in age, but the two of them had quarrels from time to time. When did this situation begin, even Alphons himself can't remember.

"I heard that you formed a special team to investigate... I didn't expect it to be for a tryst with people."

Elleroi suddenly threw a mocking slander at Alphons. Judging from this situation, the vampire mentioned just now seems to have not been heard by him. Alphons coughed, cleared his throat, and defended him in his usual tone:

"... She is the partner of my folks, so I don't molest others. What are you doing in this place?"

"Hmph, I just passed by accidentally. It was the inexplicable case that caused the patrol to expand."

"Speak carefully. The victim's survivors live nearby."

Hearing Alphons's words like this, Elleroy responded with a snort, and then coldly glanced at the area where the first victim was lying dead.

"Ha...what a "vampire incident". As imperial soldiers, we still take this seriously. What's more. Besides, such cases have already happened, and we still dare to walk at night. We really don't know whether it is good or bad. It makes us feel more burdened and troublesome."

"You guy--!"

Hearing Elleroy's excessive remarks, Alphons suddenly filled his chest with anger, and wanted to rush up to show him good looks. However, his arm was grabbed by someone and prevented his movement. The person who caught it was Rossi who was listening to him. She was still expressionless, not looking at Eleroy, and whispered:

"(This is a waste of time. If you have this kind of time, continue to investigate.)"

Hearing that Roussey maintained his usual calm attitude, and said categorically in a cold tone, Alphons, who was already irritated, immediately felt that his heart was gone. Now is indeed not the time to quarrel with others in such a boring fight. Alphons has vowed in his heart that he will resolve this vampire incident no matter what, and say goodbye to the past completely. So Alphons adjusted his breathing, and stretched out his hand to feel the weight of the silver dagger in his arms again.

Seeing the interactive performance of the two people like this, Elleroy, who felt self-defeating and boring, snorted coldly again:

"The same goes for that woman over there. Be careful when walking at night. Don't increase the burden on our Imperial Army."

After leaving this sentence, he left.


Next, Alphons and Rossi spent a whole day, investigating the crime scene of the first three victims, but they did not get any new clues. After Alphons reported the results of the day's investigation to Grad, he set off for the tavern "Jubilation." He has made an appointment with Rossi to discuss the future there.

There was already a slanting sun outside. When Alphons stepped into the store, there were already many customers sitting around in the store, and the figure of Rossi was one of the seats by the window inside the store. Probably because it was time for the sun to go down, she was wearing the blue-purple coat again, and it seemed that the rapier was also hung around her waist.

"Hello. You are late."

Rossi, who found Alphons, said hello to him, but he didn't respond because he didn't know why, his childhood sweetheart was sitting on the opposite side of Rossi.

"What's wrong, Luca?"

Luka turned her head when she heard Alphons's voice---eyes were already full of tears that were about to burst into her eyes.

"Ai, Al...! What is the relationship between you and her...!?"

"What, what?"

Alphons couldn't figure it out, so he turned to Roussey and asked about his status with his eyes. She always said blankly:

"I asked him, "I want to talk to Al about the future, and please give us an inconspicuous position." Then...I was being questioned all the time..."

Roussey shook his head with a helpless expression and sighed. Seeing this sight, Alphons sighed heavily.

So Alphons had no choice but to explain to Luca that Roussey was the partner of his work. This finally solved Luca’s misunderstanding. Luca’s performance seemed to have been relieved a lot. The whole person’s Compared with the previous one, he seemed to have changed his attitude, and he bounced back to his job in the store. When other guests gradually shifted their focus from their side, the two began to talk about the future work of this vampire incident.

——The time for vampires to exert their power is at night. In the daytime, he will become completely indistinguishable from a human being. It is said that even Rousey himself cannot distinguish the difference between the two. If you want to find a vampire, you must have a clue that is strong enough to find out the true face of the other party. At the thought of re-investigating the remains of the victims who had been buried in the grave, Alphons’ expression immediately turned pale. Fortunately, Rosey said that she had already investigated the remains carefully. , This made Alphonse a sigh of relief. (According to Roussey, only clues about the "bite marks" can be obtained from the body.) The vampire's method of committing crimes is so meticulous, and both of them deeply feel that this cunning mentality is precisely what the other party usually regards as a human being. Created by identity life.

When the two of them ran out of the simple meals that Luca brought and they decided on the investigation procedures for tomorrow, Roussell suddenly turned his eyes to the store and said softly to Alphons:

"...You have a very good relationship with the one just now."

At first Alphons didn't know exactly what Rosey was talking about, but then he remembered what had happened just now and knew that the one she was talking about was referring to her childhood sweetheart Maluka.

"Ah... it's okay. I have known her for ten years."

Elfons, who was adopted by Grada and came to the imperial capital, lived in the vicinity of this shop at the beginning. When he was a child, he was often taken to this shop, and because he was about the same age as Luca, he immediately became friends. This has also become a great comfort in the heart of the unaccompanied Elphons.

When Alphons said this, he felt embarrassed and touched his nose.

"I envy you a little bit."

Rossi who said these words showed an expression that Alphons had never seen before. This expression is very different from her usual expressionless, cold and plain conversation, and it feels lonely. This made Alphonse want to comfort her a few words.

——At this moment.

Rossi suddenly stood up from his seat. The chair she was sitting on was knocked to the ground by the legs she stood up, and the sound of falling to the ground attracted the attention of other guests, and they turned their heads to look here. Rossi didn't care about it, but stared at the scene outside the window with wide eyes.
"What, what's wrong?"
"This breath is not wrong, it's nearby."
"Nearby...? Who!?"

After saying this, Roussey immediately rushed to the shop owner who was busy dealing with customers. She seemed to feel that there was a vampire infested. Alphons, who realized this, hurriedly chased after him. Rossi's attitude is different from the usual calm appearance before, which is obviously unusual. What does she mean by "and..."? In any case, judging from this situation, it is clear that something bad has happened.

"Excuse me, where did that person go?"

Let Rosey ask urgently so that the boss has an expression that he doesn't know what he's asking. At this time Alphons realized that Luca was not seen in the shop. Almost a quarter of an hour after the front-end meal came, I didn't see it again when I returned to work in the store. With Alphons' explanation on the side, the boss also discovered this.

"Ah...yes, it's really slow. I just asked her to go to the vegetable vendor on the opposite street to buy ingredients..."

Elphons and Rossi looked at each other, and an ominous premonition that something bad happened spontaneously-the two rushed outside without saying a word.

The imperial capital where two silhouettes run in the moonlight.

The figure who ran ahead and made the blue-purple coat screaming at him, Roussey, was opening his eyes and patrolling the surroundings vigilantly, trying to find the figure of the vampire. Immediately behind, along with the second figure in front of the person who was so fast that he was not like a woman, Elphons, also looked around like Roussey, in order to find out her childhood sweetheart, the girl exposed Silhouette of card.

The vegetable vendor mentioned by the innkeeper, and the short path in the middle, weren’t able to see Luca. On the contrary, it was Rosey who felt the vampire smell on the road, so it was like Follow the clues to explore gradually towards the core. Obviously looking for Luka, she evolved into looking for the breath of a vampire, but the two of them didn't have the slightest doubt; because in their hearts, it was the ominous premonition that haunted such a big event.


An abrupt scream sounded around. At the same time he heard this voice, Alphons felt a chill in his heart and stopped. He can't get it wrong. That was the voice of the familiar childhood sweetheart.

"Luca, where are you!?"

"The smell—from there!"

After Rosey finished speaking seriously, he immediately rushed towards one of the small alleys. When Alphons heard this, he rushed over with a heavy step. Even though he was breathing out of breath, Alphons still didn't care. He slammed the wooden boxes and garbage piles on the road and kicked away, opening his vision in front of him, and then he came to the neighboring one. on the street.

Ahead—a figure of unknown origin is standing. This "unidentified character" covered his whole body with a black coat, looking strange and suspicious. His face is covered with a large piece of cloth, covering the upper half, and even his eyes are covered underneath. The only exposed lower part of the face was unusually pale, with a twisted smile on his mouth. Although it looks like a human, Alphons' instinct tells himself that the opponent is definitely not a human.

This guy... is a vampire.

The vampire in black was holding in his hands a person who seemed already weak-it was Luca. When Alphons confirmed this, the vampire also opened his mouth greatly.

At this moment, the sharp fangs that could not be derived from human beings, like beasts, were exposed. The "bite marks" that were added to the necks of the victims of those cases suddenly appeared in Alphons's mind. Then, the pair of fangs went straight to Luca's neck, who seemed to have lost consciousness.

Rossi, who arrived first, pulled out several unknown objects from under the cloak he was wearing as soon as he arrived at the scene, and then threw them all at the vampire without hesitation. Those objects were knives one size smaller than the dagger she gave Alphons, and they were also what she called "weapons for hunting vampires." These knives made a few rays and flew towards the vampire.

At the moment when the vampire was about to bite off his fangs, after taking a glance at where they were, he turned over and avoided the attack of the knife. The receiver vampire put Luka in his hands on the ground. Jumped up high and fell behind Alphons.

As things developed too fast, Alphons was too late to react and did not take any action. Just behind him. The one who committed consecutive murders in the imperial capital-the vampire. Just now, the other party wanted to let the fangs reach Luca. I can't spare him--! Just when the thoughts reverberating in his heart came to this conclusion, Alphons finally stretched his hand to the sword he was wearing at his waist, and then turned around and performed a horizontal slash with all his strength. The sword crossed the vampire's chest, and Alphons' hand felt the slash.

However-the vampire looked at Alphons with a contemptuous smile. The chest scar that was cut by the sword just a moment ago healed in an instant, and the next second, the vampire's right fist hit Alphons' chest with lightning speed.


With the impact of the blunt object, the air in the lungs suddenly poured out. Although he has avoided the key at the very moment, he still has a trick. The intense pain caused Alphons to shrink up uncontrollably.

"Please get down--!"

Rosay's shout came from behind. At this time, Alphons, who could only do as she said, relaxed the strength of his thighs and fell to his knees. The rapier flicked over his head and pierced forward at lightning speed—the target was the heart of the vampire.

The vampire who was triumphant a moment ago seemed to feel the danger of the silver light, and quickly stretched out his left hand to resist.

The sharp blade pierced the left hand and was about to pierce the chest in front of his eyes-but the sword's power stopped there.

From the left hand through the rapier, bursts of white smoke were emitted with the sizzling sound. This reaction was completely different from the attack by Alphons just now, and it seemed that it did hurt the vampire.

"...Hmm, that's how it is. You are the "vampire hunter" are the one who sealed those corpses. 』

The vampire's strange voice sounded at the scene completely stalemate.

"I heard that several members of the tribe were killed before... I didn't expect that a little lady like you would do it. 』

""Clan people"? Damn beasts who dare to claim to be humans are really lost in the world."

Rossi replied half tauntingly in a more acrimonious tone than usual, and used the rapier in his hand with greater force.

However, the vampire just tightened the muscles of his arm and prevented the rapier from moving forward.

Alphons, who fell on his knees, barely squeezed out his strength and staggered to the side of Luca who was lying on the ground. It seems that she just lost consciousness and fainted. Alphons, whose expression was distorted because of the pain, was also relieved.

"If it can last until dawn, the power of the vampire will be greatly reduced. I wonder if I can appreciate the light to accompany me until then?"

"This beautiful lady, I am very happy for your favor, but please forgive me for not being able to accompany me this time. What's more, your dinner tonight has been put off for the time being by you. 』

After the vampire had finished saying this, Roussey felt the opponent's appearance slowly twisted, and then, the vampire's body gradually turned into a black mist and disappeared from the outside.

"Miss Vampire Hunter. And that weak and incompetent human being. If I still intend to hinder my meal in the future, just realize it--"

After saying these words, the vampire completely turned into a mist and disappeared without a trace.

——After a while, the surroundings became quiet.

The punching bruise on Alphons' chest, the pain has gradually eased. It seems to have escaped the fracture injury. Alphons put the unconscious Luka on his back, staggering and standing up.

"This way...Isn't it defeated."

"The technique of turning the body into fog is one of the tricks that vampires will use. Although he escaped, it should take some time for his left hand to recover. I think no more residents will be attacked tonight. Got it."

"Vampires are really amazing...I just want to be fine."

"I won't let him run away next time. Be sure to get rid of him-prepare a stronger weapon."

"...You... are really incredible..."

Even so, it can be considered to be temporarily out of danger. He rescued Luca and successfully prevented the vampire's death before it happened. All of this is because of the presence of Rossi in front of him to succeed.

"Thank you, Rosey. It's all because of you--"

"Don't be polite. It doesn't make sense."

Rose said that this is just doing his part. Rejected by her consistent coldness, Alphons shrugged helplessly.

"This case is not over yet. In any case, the true identity of the vampire must be found out."

"Well, that's right. Just as I said in the tavern, let's go to see other crime scenes tomorrow."

After Rosey said this, he didn't listen to Alphons's goodbye to her, and left the scene in a hurry. Just now, something shocking happened, and it turned out to be so crumbly. This couldn't help but make Elphons shrug his shoulders again with emotion.

Then Alphons sent Luca home.

On the way home, Luca, who was sober on Alphons' back, was blushing and at a loss with surprise at the current situation. She lost consciousness during this period and can't remember what happened. Of course, Alphons couldn't tell her the details, so she had to say something like "When I see you down on the road, I will carry you on my back and send you home." "Should It's because of the exhaustion of work recently" and so on, and Luca is also relieved.

Alphons, who responded with a smile to make Luca feel at ease, was also thinking about the fight with the vampire just now. When he faced a vampire, he had no room for action. Although it was only an instant incident, he even had the silver dagger given to him by Rousai forgotten in an emergency. Fortunately, it didn't drag Roseey, but as an imperial soldier, he was really pretty hopeless. In order to resolve this vampire incident, Alphons vowed in his heart that he would definitely be able to help Rossi next time.

——Rosay walked alone in the dark night, and began to think about the situation just now.

The figure of Alphons who fell to the ground in a violent blow by the vampire.

Almost losing his life, the leopard became a corpse, Alphons’ childhood sweetheart figure.

And the "that scene" she didn't want to recall.

"Am I making the same mistake--"

Rossi stopped walking, frowned slightly and looked up solemnly at the sky where the moon was hanging high.

"This guy is the murderer of the "Vampire Incident"...ah."

Captain Gruide looked at the sketch of the vampire that Alphons had presented with a serious expression.

Alphons reported the incident to Captain Gerd the morning after encountering the vampire.

The sketch book that Gerard was holding, and the portrait of the black-and-white figure painted on it was based on Alphons' description. Although the upper part is covered by cloth, the features are definitely outlined. This painting may be helpful for future investigations and vigilance work.

As for this character is actually a vampire, as well as the fact that he will turn into a black mist and disappear, they still concealed it, and did not explain to Ge Lade. This painting is only prepared to remind people to pay attention.

In terms of the original procedure, everything should be honest and honest, and then a complete countermeasure should be drawn up, and the troops should be mobilized to search for and crusade against vampires-but ordinary humans may not be able to deal with that vampire. This is something that Alphons, who suffered a severe blow from the opponent last night, understands better than anyone. If one is not careful, it will cause unnecessary sacrifice. Moreover, if a large number of people start the investigation, it may also cause the other party to hide and escape from the imperial capital secretly. In order to be able to reliably take down the vampire, the only way is for Rossi and himself to track down on their own.

"Anyway, Al, fortunately you and Luca are fine."

Gruide said again, "This is more important to me." He sighed as if he was relieved.

Regarding the dark figure, he has decided to cooperate with the portrait to immediately appeal to the public's attention. Once the people of the imperial capital can avoid walking at night, the damage will be less than before.

Grind told Alphonse: "Since everyone is injured, you will take a good rest at home today." But Alphonse replied that he still has to meet with Rossi to continue the investigation.

"Don't force it."

When Alphons walked out of the room, he remembered how much Grider cared about him. Although Ge Lade is usually a strict captain, he always takes care of himself as his own son. Alphons secretly thanked Grad for his concern, and made up his mind again.

"I must resolve this case smoothly."

After his mind was settled, Alphons was about to leave the troop barracks and go to the meeting place scheduled with Roussey to meet her, but at this moment, a colleague with an unpleasant expression on his face-Elleroy It just happened to be oncoming. The other party seemed to have just finished the morning training session, still sweating on his body, but he did not breathe. Elleroi's sword skills are top-notch in the Gryder team, and his strength is far beyond that of Alphons and other players who are supposed to receive the same training. It may be because of his superiority over others, which makes him always look down on others. This time the two ran into the same situation. When Elleroi saw Alphons's face, he showed a despising smile.

"...I've heard about it, Elphons. You met someone who is suspected of being the murderer of the "Vampire Incident", right?"


"You guys are really worthless. If there is a way to catch that guy on the spot, the case will be resolved now."

Facing this Eleroy who was provocative when he saw him, Alphons remained silent. If it were normal, Alphons had quarreled with him a long time ago, but this time what he said was indeed correct. Had it not been for being too incompetent, he would have defeated the vampire on the spot long ago. Seeing Alphons' reaction like this, Elleroy seemed to be declaring that he had won, put his hands in his chest, and said with a grunt:

"You, just let the captain get overwhelmed. If you have a good school, it's better not to be strong over there next time."

Grider was brought out by Elleroy as evidence in the words, and Alphons couldn't help but wanted to fight back - but just when he was about to speak, he shut up. Because he found Elleroy with his hands in his chest, with a bandage wrapped several times on his left arm.

"...Why would you wrap a bandage?"

Alphons unconsciously pointed to his arm and became concerned, which made Elleroy's expression momentarily stunned.

"Suddenly saying what this is doing... it's not a big deal. It's just that I accidentally got injured during training just now."

A little blood leaked out of the bandage, and it seemed that it was indeed the injury he had just received.

"Hmph, I'm not happy about a place like you."

Probably the injury on his body was suddenly cared about, which caused Elleroy to mess up all of a sudden, so he left the scene with an embarrassment on his face. Alphonse grabbed his head and watched him walk away.

For Alphons, his friendship with Elleroy didn't say anything bad. It will be like this, when did it start? Alphons didn't know it himself.


It doesn't help to think about this kind of thing. After all, I have to focus on the vampire incident. Alphons, who had regained his spirits, opened the door of the camp and went to meet with Rossi.

Following the progress of the previous day, Alphons and Rossi met at the location where the fourth victim was found. The two people investigated the vicinity of the place for a while, but as expected, they couldn't find any clues related to the vampire. At this time, Rosey thought for a while as if thinking about something, and suggested that he should go to the alley where he met the vampire last night, and Alphons also agreed with Rosey's proposal.

The impression of this alley during the day is different from that of the silent night. On the road, I could see women chatting and laughing with each other, and old gentlemen looking at the open-air shop, etc., rather it was a bit of excitement. It seems that because the vampire incident only occurs at night, the people can still live with peace of mind at this time.

The two of them acted in a way that would not be noticeable, and went back and forth in the alley in parallel, looking for any clues.

"It's actually fighting vampires in this kind of place... it's really not realistic."

"Fundamentally speaking, vampires and the like are already divorced from reality. To put it this way, I, who has a mission to hunt that kind of creature, seem to have no sense of reality."

The corners of Rossi's mouth rose slightly after saying such a reasonable and reasonable remark.

...Is that just a joke? Alphons, who didn't know how to respond, just remained silent. I don't know if I saw that Alphons was facing such a situation, Rosey didn't say anything, and began to analyze what happened last night.

  "The breath of that vampire is the same as the breath I felt from the victim before. He must be the murderer who caused the "vampire incident" in the imperial capital, so he can't be wrong."

"The breath...ah."

Speaking of this, during the tracking last night, Rossi also said the same. Alphons thought.

"That means that by following the breath, there is a way to find out the true identity of the vampire."

"No, I said before. The time for vampires to exert their power is at night. When the sun appears during the day, they cannot exert their power, but their breath will disappear because of this."

The ideal situation is to take advantage of the opponent's inability to exert strength, but currently does not grasp the clues related to the true identity. Now Alphons once again realized the difficulty of "Vampire Hunter", and couldn't help but feel struck by it.

"But being able to get in touch with the opponent last night is already a great progress. Because once the fierce battle starts, it should be possible to leave some clues. Maybe that person also saw something."

That—she was talking about Luca. After thinking of this, the Alphonse suddenly stopped and stopped walking. Rossi, who was walking with him, didn't follow him. He looked back, and Rossi also stopped and stood behind. Although the expression on her face was still the same blank expression, but the slightly lowered head looked like she was annoyed by something.

"what's happenin?"

"—No, nothing. Anyway, just keep looking for clues."

The next two people investigated in this alley for a while. Under Rossi's proposal, they divided into two sides, each investigated different places, and then met again to gather the results of the two sides' investigations, but just like the day before, they did not get any clues related to the true identity of the vampire.

Time has come when the sun is about to go down, the red brick houses and the sunset glow each other, showing a bright red.

"It took so much time to investigate, but there was no gain... Damn it!"

Rossi said before that the power of vampires is gradually becoming stronger and stronger. As far as the current situation is concerned, the strengths of Rossi and the vampire can still be evenly matched. Even though Luca was finally rescued yesterday evening, if there are any more victims in the future, the urgency will be of no help. Alphons is stunned, and Rossi just stares blankly. Hold him.

"It's no use worrying. Let's do our best for each other for now."

Alphons nodded bitterly, and replied: "That's right." Since he still had to report the investigation results of the day's incident to the report, he said goodbye to Rossi here.

Then he suggested that the two would meet in the tavern yesterday-but Roussey rejected the offer.

"Today I also have something to go to church."

"So... I originally hoped that I could go on patrol with you who can detect the breath."

After all, it was only one day apart, and the current situation of the case is happening every night and must be strictly guarded. Rosey seemed to understand this, and she told Alphons:

"I will pay attention here, don't worry." Then he said:

"Then, we will see you tomorrow. Goodbye."

After speaking, she bowed deeply and walked away.

Alphons felt that Roussey's attitude was indescribably different from the previous one, but after all, he couldn't know the reason, so he could only silently look at her leaving back.

Time came to the evening-Alphons, who had finished reporting with Grad, wandered into the tavern. Although the meeting between him and Rousai at this shop has been over, he still wants to come and see how Luca was attacked by a vampire last night.

"Ah, Al! Welcome!"

At a glance, I saw Alphons walking into the store with Luca and arranged him to the empty seat in front of the counter.

After Alphons paid the owner of the meal that was not settled last night, Luca happily came over to order him. Seeing Luka showing his unexpected vitality, he finally let go of his heart.

Luca's life was almost taken away by the vampire in the name of eating. Thinking of this, Alphons' heart immediately surged with irresistible anger.

"Uh... Al? You, what's wrong with you?"

Hearing Luca's inquisitive voice with a timid tone, Alphons realized that he was showing a serious expression, so he hurriedly sent the meal that he brought out into his mouth to cover it. After his mood calmed down in this way, he smiled so that Luca could feel relieved.

"...I'm sorry, it's nothing. Anyway, did you recall anything from last night?"

"No... I'm sorry I tried to remember, but I can't remember."

To be prudent, I still asked, it really didn't work. Rossi said that Luca might be overwhelmed by the fact that the memory of encountering the vampire was confused. It seems that it is difficult to get a clue to the true identity of the vampire from Luca. Thinking of this, Alphons exhaled and sighed.

Luca was still racking his brains at this time to see if he could think of anything in order to help Alphons. After she paused for a while, she suddenly uttered an "ah".

"Well, I thought of something not yesterday, but today... That person just came to the store just now, alone."

"……that person?"

"That's the one with you, Al."

Could it be-Roussey? She said she wouldn’t come to this store, didn’t she? Said that there is something to go to the church. Alphons suddenly felt a rush of confusion in his heart.

"Uh... she seems to have come to ask me something about yesterday. As a result, I couldn't remember anything at that time. She seemed satisfied, said "Farewell" and left immediately."


Hearing these words, Alphonston's eyes widened when he thought of something. He had said goodbye to Luo Saidao several times before. She used "goodbye" when she said goodbye before, but when she said goodbye in that alley today, she also said "goodbye". Alphons only discovered at this time that the reason why he felt strange at that time was in this place.

Later, she came to this shop alone and learned something from Luca. With the mission of hunting vampires, what will she want to do next? Alphons left more than half of the uneaten food on the plate, and put Mira, who paid for the meal, on the table.

"Ai, Al!?"

"If you find the rest, you will save it for me!"

The second "Ominous Premonition" after yesterday-

Alphons rushed out of the store as fast as he could, rushing all the way to the street where the sun was about to go down.

The imperial capital at night was silent.

During the day, the Geraide team, which maintains the order of the imperial capital, released information about the person who might be the murderer of the "vampire incident". The specific characteristics of the suspects have been conveyed to all corners of the imperial capital, making the public's fear of the case even higher, and at the same time further increasing the vigilance of the case. The quietness of the night is just the result of course.

It's as if they are antagonizing such a situation-there is a thin figure that looks like a woman walking alone on the dark and desolate night road.

She wore a dress without much decoration, and looked like a girl from a middle-class family. She walked forward quickly, and the clicking sound of her boots reverberated in the quiet street.

The woman embraced her body with her hands and shrank her body. From that small figure, she could feel that she seemed to be afraid of something. In fact, a bizarre murder case of young women is taking place in the imperial capital. They are all being killed because the blood in their bodies was released. Therefore, this woman will feel so frightened to go, not without it. It makes sense.

She looked around carefully and frequently, and continued to walk into the darker alley around her. Under the weak moonlight, the woman's shadow stretched from her feet all the way to the back.

The shadow that stretched back began to rise quietly and slowly. The bulging shadow followed closely behind the woman walking in the dim alley, and then gradually stood up.

Immediately afterwards, the shadow was silently transformed into a human form.

The figure was covered with black clothes up and down, and even the upper part of the face was covered, with a strange face. The corners of the mouth with a weird smile can still see sharp fangs.

vampire. It stands to reason that there is only this kind of creature in the legend, and it has completely appeared in this moment. From the black clothes that assimilated with the shadow, a pale arm without blood was slowly stretched out. With a more quiet movement, that arm gradually stretched out to the woman's back. The sharp black paws on the fingers calmly pushed away the woman's shoulder-length blond hair, and touched the neck under the blond——

——At this moment, the vampire felt a certain sensation spread all over the body from the tip of its paw. This feeling is exactly "murderous". From this destiny, the blood of the whole body will be absorbed and lose its life, and the leopard will become a weak creature of the pathetic corpse, exuding this kind of breath that shouldn't be there.

The vampire who intuitively felt dangerous immediately wanted to pull away and jump back, but a new murderous aura came from the side, making the vampire nowhere to escape. With a cracking sound from the stone slab underfoot, the right arm of the vampire stretched out was cut to perfection.

"Well…! 』

The vampire was in pain, and couldn't help snorting a sharp sharp blade with silver brilliance. It drew arcs and flew continuously, flying over the right arm again and again, but the matter was not over yet. The countless blades that pierced the ground exudes a sharper murderous aura, and in the next instant, these blades shoot out from the ground with a fierce aura, drawing arcs like a trajectory just now. Just before the right arm was about to be severed by the blade, the vampire jumped away on the spot without any risk.

The vampire stretched out his hand to press on the right arm that was cut like torn clothes by a sharp blade, and the smoke was constantly emitting from it, trying to get away from the woman. The countless blades flew towards the woman's front—the sword with the handle that had been held in her hand for some time. The sharp blades connected by a tough iron wire are superimposed one by one, and finally a sword is formed.

This incredible sword was called the Magic Sword. The woman shook the sword and shook off the blood attached to the sword. When she took out the sword, she no longer gave people the cringe of fear of the dark night. The woman turned her head slowly, revealing the awe-inspiring and expressionless face under the blonde hair

Vampire hunter-Rou Sai.

"I was lured out by you. Humph, beautiful means. 』

"Your praise is my honor."

Rossi said so, the magic sword in his right hand did not take away, and his left hand immediately took out something from his arms. It was a large-caliber pistol with a shining white and silver light-it was even bigger than the military one, and it looked like a monster.

Rossi aimed the muzzle at the vampire's eyebrows and pulled the trigger of the pistol mercilessly. There was a loud explosion of gunpowder. The violent impact generated by the detonation of the primer, if it were an ordinary person, the shoulder would have been dislocated, but Roses was unmoved, and the silver bullet that had received the blessing of the church burst out.

However, the vampire took the lead to avoid the silver bullet, and then walked behind Rossi's back.

Rossi still kept his muzzle at the vampire without slack.

"It seems that all you can do is escape."

"Look at this trick, right? 』
After the vampire finished speaking, he opened his black clothes completely. The black suit began to swell ignoring its original quality, and from below, one by one, corpses like ghosts crawled out. There were five, six, and seven-more and more, and finally reached as many as ten corpses.

It’s less than a day since the battle last night. It is logically impossible to have time to attack so many humans.

"--That's the case. You used to suck blood from people before, but you also robbed people who had no one to report the missing persons without relatives. And you have been closed in a certain place."

"clever. Because I know there is a "vampire hunter". In order to prevent when there is no way to eat, I have to "stock up" food first. 』

After Luo Sai finished speaking quietly, he stretched out his hand to grab the cross-dress covering his body and tugged hard with the dress, and he tore the clothes and threw them away. Then, hidden under the dress-made of strong leather material, flexible clothing-many places are decorated with corsets, there are huge guns or knives and other combat clothing armed with vampires. Revealed.

Facing an even stronger murderous intent than before, an evil smile appeared on the vampire's face.


With an order, the corpses rushed towards Rossi together.


"Huh, huh...Rose, where are you!?"

After Alphons left the tavern, he has been running around in the imperial capital, looking for Rosette.

But none of the colleagues in charge of patrolling late at night had ever seen her. Alphons has a reason why he must pursue this incident. He hoped that there would be an end to the incident with his parents being killed. Because of this, he made a request to Roseey to assist her in hunting vampires. But she probably wanted to fight the vampire by herself-it was too dangerous. The corpses of the murdered parents can't help but linger in their hearts.

I don't want to see that scene anymore-Alphons thought firmly while running. Then he heard a certain sound in his ears.

——It is the sound of fighting. He intuitively felt this, and looked around, and then determined that one of the alleys in his sight was the source of the sound. Alphons went to the alley without hesitation-witnessing the magnificent sight.

Two corpses rushed up to attack first. After Rossi put the magic sword in his sheath first, he took out another large pistol. With a slight gap, she turned around and flashed the corpse man's violent boxing and claw-swing attacks that ignored the limits of the human body. The two pistols in her hand were pointed at the eyebrows of the two corpses, and the trigger was pulled at the same time. Under the violent impact, the corpse man's head was shot and the whole body was knocked over.

Then three more corpses took advantage of Rousai's body shape after the attack had not recovered, and pursued them, continuing the attack from the dead corner. After determining the position by listening to the sound, Rossi directly pointed the muzzle of the pistol at two of the corpses without even looking at the opponent, and shot them accurately through the head.

The corpse man who was lucky enough to not be attacked opened his mouth savagely and wanted to bite Rosey’s skull to pieces, but Rosey returned to his figure and quickly put away the pistol in his hand, just like Turning forward like running clouds and flowing water, with the magic sword drawn out in an instant, he cut the corpse man in two with one sword.

After Luo Sai landed on the ground with a wonderfully balanced posture, before the corpse man who had just been cut in half fell to the ground, he kicked directly to the side. Immediately afterwards, two more corpses continued to press forward. Rosey faced the two corpses, took the magic sword in his hand and swept it first, and then the sword body split up, and countless sharp blades pierced it. The throat of the corpse man cut the two heads like fruits.

In a blink of an eye, Rossi, who was unable to fight with seven ghouls, turned around, confirming the location of the smiling vampire and the remaining three corpses with his eyes. She once again drew out the two pistols that hung around her waist, blasted the remaining bullets out, and rushed to the opponent's position at the same time.

The vampires used the corpse as a shield, and avoided the bullets one by one. After firing all the bullets and making sure that all the corpses had been defeated, Rossi threw away the two pistols without bullets, and took the opportunity to draw out the magic sword again, swiping the sword, and cutting off the head of the vampire. .

A sharp metal sound rang. It was the sound of metal and metal crashing.

The vampire drew the sword hung on his body from the black clothes, blocking the magic sword that was slashed by Rou Sai. As the opposing blades pressed against each other, sporadic sparks burst out from time to time where the blades of the two sides met, and the two formed a stalemate state like last night.

"I didn't expect that you could defeat the corpse man without mercy. Most of the humans who have encountered corpse people shake their hearts vividly and hesitate to take action. 』

"To me, the corpse is just a poor puppet manipulated by a vampire. Since I have lost my soul, there is nothing to hesitate."

"Hmph, interesting. Is it really worthy of being a "vampire hunter"? 』

The metal rubbing sound of the two swords reverberated in the alley. The power of the vampires after absorbing the blood from them who became corpses was obviously stronger than that of last night. The right arm, which was cut like a rag, has now recovered and returned to its original appearance. However, Rossi, who used the full force of "Vampire Hunter", showed no signs of inferiority to the opponent in terms of strength. The strength of both sides is still evenly matched


Appearing in this place with the shouting was a young man in military uniform-Alphons. Alphons, who attacked by surprise, took the dagger that Rosey gave him and slashed at the side of the vampire.

This attack with unaccustomed weapons was not deep enough and did not cause fatal damage, but it could be said that it was enough to destroy the current balance.

Seeing that this flaw caused by Alphons is not to be missed, Roussey exhausted all his strength and opened the vampire's sword, and then followed the direction of the sword to connect the attacks, drawing the next one horizontally from the chest with the flaw to the left arm. Wounds, the vampire's body immediately exploded blood as a result.

At this time, from the inside of the vampire's black clothes, an unknown object tore and flew out.

The vampire snorted and pressed his chest, but looking at the situation, the magic sword seemed to only scratch a thin piece of skin. The body's reaction is really amazing. The vampire who stretched away again sighed, and looked back and forth at the two of us who were posing with swords.

"...This is really unfavorable. Please allow me to retire. "

After that, the appearance of the vampire began to faint, and his body instantly turned into fog and disappeared on the spot.

"Escaped again..."

Elphons put the dagger in his arms and stared at the place where the vampire was. Looking at Alphons who behaved in this way, Rossi sighed helplessly in his heart.

"...Why are you here?"

Saying this to the expressionless Roussey made Alphons unconsciously angry, and grabbed her shoulders with both hands.

"Why do you ask? Why do you want to fight alone!? It's too dangerous!"

"Danger...Do you really think so?"

Roussey was still expressionless--no, her face had an unprecedented look on her face with an incomparably cold touch--looked at Alphons coldly, and said so.

Only then did Alphons come back to his senses, and re-examined the appearance of the Rose in front of him.

Her whole body was dyed blood red. Under the shining of moonlight, she can clearly confirm her appearance. Alphons let go of the hand on her shoulder, looking less at her palm, there was also slippery blood on it.

Rossi himself was not injured in any way. All her body was stained with muddy blood left over from the corpse.

"No matter how I say it, it is also a person with the name of a "vampire hunter". How many vampires and corpses have been ruined so far-you can never imagine it."

Alphons had indeed seen it with his own eyes; saw the figure of Rousai Bo ruthlessly ruining the corpse; saw that she was facing a human-shaped opponent, and she wielded the weapon in her hand relentlessly, with the flying blood leaping Moving, as if dancing. The levels of the two sides are obviously different. That's the battle between monsters and monsters. It is because of personal experience that I dare not intervene until such a time.

Seeing Alphons, who was completely speechless, Rossi gave a cold smile--

"——Al, I no longer need your assistance. Please forget everything and go back to the original life."

After she said that, she respectfully bowed to Alphons as she did when she first met.

——Al, I no longer need your assistance.

Thinking back to the shocking appearance of using force, Alphons could only silently accept what Rosey said.

But Alphons is not without words to refute. The real identity of the vampire is not yet known. She has joined forces with herself who belongs to the Imperial Army just to find out its real identity.

"The true identity of a vampire, I have already grasped during the day. So I have no place to ask you."

As if seeing through Alphons' thoughts, Roussey asserted.

Have mastered the true identity——? Alphonse was taken aback by the suddenness. She was obviously investigating with herself, but only she found out the true identity of the vampire. Could this be true? …No, it’s not always together. As far as today is concerned, it is divided into two investigations in the end, so it is not impossible.

"Just, even if it is like this... I have a personal reason for pursuing this case! I won't just do it like that!"

This matter has also been told to Roussey. That was the case of the murder of his parents when Alphons was a child-perhaps this "vampire incident" was related to this case.

I reacted very clearly to this kind of thing, and I sighed and stared directly at Alphons with cold eyes.

"Then I will tell you straightforwardly-you will get in the way."

This sentence pierced Alphonse's chest like a knife, leaving him speechless.

"When you saw the scene, you should be able to understand it. This matter is no longer for the world to intervene."

Rossi pointed to those corpses lying next to him with broken skulls, cut off their heads, and silver bullets pierced all over their bodies-no, it was just a concrete and incomplete human remains.

The scene of the fight just appeared in Alphons' heart again. Even if I intervened earlier in the fight scene, I must have been unable to do anything. Don't say anything to help, or even interfere with Roussey... This kind of situation can be imagined at will.

Looking at Elphons, who bowed his head, Roussey's eyes were slightly vaguely reminded of the past.

"I used to work with someone in the world to track down a vampire. After the other party insisted on helping me, I agreed."

Hearing Rosey's words, Alphons raised his head in surprise. There are people who have done the same thing as yourself in the past—?

"--The helper was later killed. He was killed by the vampire we were chasing. And that vampire also disappeared without a trace under an unidentified condition."

For her as a "vampire hunter", this must be the most unwilling result.

"This is the biggest stain in my past work. I must never make the same mistake again. That's why I will maintain a clear demarcation line with you this time. Please try to make sure that I can investigate the crime scene smoothly. This is my only requirement of you. In this sense, it is not so much "cooperation", but more accurately it should be regarded as "utilization"."

Then, this point progressed quite smoothly. I have successfully mastered the true identity of the vampire, and the military has also released the appearance of the vampire. Such results are already commendable. Fortunately, the common people did not dare to walk the night road, so that they could successfully lead out the vampire. Thank you very much. ——Why does Roussie have been so indifferent? Alphons understood.

After Rosey finished speaking, he let out a sigh of relief.

"The world that shouldn't have rendezvous happened by accident. You broke in by accident. That's it. So, please forget it. Anyway, what I want as a vampire hunter is "loneliness"--"

After saying that, and smiling again like a self-deprecating one, Rosey turned and walked away. Elphons looked at Roussey's expression and felt a strange difference from what she said.

But Alphons did not stop Rossi until the end. Between the two of them, there was a barrier that really existed, but it was invisible to the naked eye and unable to climb over the past.

"Leave it to me afterwards. Please don't go into this matter anymore-goodbye."

After Rossi said so clearly to Alphons without looking back, he just disappeared into the night. Alphons, who was treated indifferently, just stood silently in a sea of blood.

The next morning--the ten bodies of unknown origin were found in a corner of the imperial capital, and the place was suddenly in an unprecedented noisy commotion. Under the command of Captain Ge Lade, the military personnel rushed in and out to deal with it, and the onlookers who came to explore the miserable scene were in an endless stream. Alphons, who recently acted as a unit, also joined the official investigation team of the case this time, and started the investigation together with his colleagues in the army.

The remains of the autopsy by the military personnel, under the attack of Roussey, should have shown serious damage, but it is strange that those traces are completely invisible. All that was left was the bite marks of the vampire.

The only person dealing with the scene was Alphons suspicious about this, but he immediately remembered where Roussey belonged to the church. There must be the companions she used to work with over there, who did some treatment on these remains, right? They have the technology to refine weapons for use in combat with vampires, so it may not be a strange thing for them to repair the remains of them. Alphonse couldn't help but show a helpless smile on his face that he would start to imagine such an unrealistic plot.

Sure enough, Rossi did not appear on the scene. Her relationship with Alphons has officially ended last night, and it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. After this incident, the vampire incident will be quietly resolved under her handling. Only the legendary vampire will not let the outside world know its existence, and will be taken away in a place that no one knows.

——Is this really good? In Alphons' heart, there is always a question lingering. It was at the time of parting that a fleeting expression appeared on her face.

After all, what I want as a vampire hunter is "loneliness"-Rousey smiled as if he had already given up following these words.

But it's not just cold, I always feel like... "lonely" emotions from it.

"lonely". Alphons rebuked the word in his heart.

Alphonse, who lost his parents in the past, also suddenly felt lonely.

The feeling of loneliness and horror disappeared without asking for anything in return.

This will easily erode people's spirits and make people sick.

But because he was adopted by his father's friend, Gryder, and he also made an important friend like Luca, he was relieved from such a loss. There is no way for a person to live alone, Alphons understands this deeply from his past experience.

Rosey said she wanted "loneliness". Does she really think so in her heart? Does she actually harbor some unspeakable concealment?

For this person who embraced the "loneliness" like himself before, Alphons always had a sorrow.

Then Alphons made up his mind. He still can't let this matter go away. Even if you let Rousai leave it alone, there will be no change in what you should do. In order to let myself have an account on the case of the murder of his parents in the past. Even if there is any danger, even if it will hinder her actions, he must continue to participate in the incident.

Alphons shook his head, and just tossed off the depression that had been accumulated in his heart since last night. He refocused his distracted spirit and devoted himself to the investigation work intently. Because he feels that only by doing this can he stand in the same position as Rossi.

As time went by, the sunset finally began to envelope the crime scene. The ten remains have been removed, and almost all the onlookers have left. The large number of investigating teams' search work on the scene has come to an end, and it was decided to stop here today and prepare to collect the team and return to camp, but Alphons was the only one who was still investigating the scene of the crime silently and refused to leave.

"Al, it's time for you to go back to the camp."

Alphons heard Grad's warning of concern, but he continued the investigation at hand without looking back.

"...Sorry, uncle. Let me investigate again."

The scene of the crime was the place where Roussey had a fierce battle with the vampire last night. In the course of their battle, it is very likely that there will be any important clues left. Although all the investigators have spent a whole day investigating, they have not found such clues. But Alphons firmly believed in his heart that there must be any clues left on the scene.

Seeing Alphons like this, the corner of his mouth raised helplessly and said to him:

"Well, I'm satisfied with the investigation. Don't push yourself too hard."

As soon as he finished speaking, Gerald and the other team members started to set off in the direction of the camp. Alphons thanked Grad in his heart, and then resumed the investigation at hand.

After that, almost another quarter of an hour passed, and even the setting sun was about to go down the mountain-Alphons, who had already thoroughly investigated the crime scene, fixed his eyes on one point.

In the gap between the house and the house, which is considered a blind spot for investigation, something fell there.

Yes, in the battle last night, something fell out of the vampire when Rossi swung his sword... Alphons remembered.

The width of the gap allowed Alphons to barely reach in with one hand. He stretched out his hand desperately, clamped the thing with his index and middle fingers, and successfully took it out.

That thing is a long thin rectangular piece of cloth. Alphons rummaged with the piece of cloth. The cloth has become a bit dirty and has turned grayish brown. The original color looks like it should be white. Judging from the broken incision, it was thought to have been cut by Roussey's sword, but the piece of cloth seemed to be just a normal piece of cloth without any abnormalities.

——But if it was seen by others, Alphons didn't think so. When he saw this piece of cloth, he fully understood.

He understood why Roussey would suddenly say goodbye to him--

He also understood the true identity of the vampire who caused the imperial capital to panic.

The bright red moon hung high in the night sky of the imperial capital again. It was a bright red full moon that was strange and strange. The color of the moon looks brighter than it was a few days ago, rendering the crimson brick houses side by side red-it looks like blood.

Affected by the fact that as many as ten victims were found in this vampire incident, the members of the Grada team strengthened their early-warning patrol late at night that night.

No more victims can appear. This is an issue related to the face of the imperial army. With such thoughts in mind, the Gryder team almost devoted their entire team to patrolling back and forth in their respective routes.

In such a situation, in a particularly dark corner of the imperial capital—a street that was separated from the tavern "Jan Teng", there was also a young man in military uniform walking. He was showing an unhappy expression, patrolling back and forth on the night road where no one came out to walk.

Suddenly-at the corner in front of him, a figure appeared.

The young man who saw the figure was wary, and he reached out and touched the sword hanging around his waist. The figure walked towards where the young man was, and the appearance gradually became clear.

It was a fellow robe about the same age as the young man-Alphonse. He watched the young man's figure quietly with his eyes.

"Humph, it's you." The young man snorted, obviously unhappy.

"Is your position? I should be in charge of this place, right?"

The young man looked at Alphons with a real and hostile look, but Alphons still stared at the youth and said, "—I have something to ask you." What was out of him.

Alphons was holding a dirty piece of cloth. "What's this?" The young man asked with an unclear look.

"The thing that fell on the spot where the vampire appeared last night. Is this your thing-Eleroy?"

Alphons said to the young man-Eleroy. As for Elleroi, he looked back at him with his usual cold eyes.

"I don't understand what you are talking about. What's wrong with this piece of cloth? And what are you talking about, vampire? Anyway, you are also a member of the Imperial Army. What are you talking about?"

Elleroi sneered. But Alphons was always serious.

"This piece of cloth is what you said you were injured during training-a bandage wrapped around your left arm."

A small piece of bandage was severed in the battle last night and flew into a blind spot in the investigation area during the day. Alphons continued so, but he didn't mention that it was cut by Rossi. Because of what happened last night, Elleroy should also be very clear.

Hearing what Alphons said, Elleroy made a move to hide something by pressing his left hand under the sleeve of the military uniform with his right hand.

"At the end of the day, you, who has the top swordsmanship ability of assassin, would suffer such injuries in ordinary training. This kind of thing is not natural. No, it is indeed not wrong to be injured. It is because the bandages paid back. Fresh blood oozes out, but this is most likely caused deliberately to cover up the wound pierced by the rapier."

Elleroi listened to Alphons's words without saying a word. If it were normal, he would probably say something to refute immediately, but he didn't say it. Instead, he furrowed his brows and stared at Alphons impatiently with his eyes.

"Of course, you must have replaced the bandage in the evening, right? But in that case, why did this bandage fall on the scene? Obviously you didn't participate in the investigation operation this morning."

This piece of cloth is not a proof to the outside world that Eleroy is a vampire. In the final analysis, there is no way to prove to the public that there are such legendary creatures in the world.

But this piece of cloth can be used as evidence that Eleroy's people were in that place at that time. For Elphons, who knew there were vampires, this was enough.

"...I can't believe it. You who belong to the same unit as me... You who are better than anyone, turn out to be an attacking vampire."


There was no response, Elleroy, who was always silent, slowly lowered his head.

"But as a member of the Grada team that protects the imperial capital, I will never allow any more victims to appear. Since you do not argue, I will arrest you as an important reference person——"


Just when Eleroy spit out such a sound from a prostration and weak posture from his body, the atmosphere on the scene suddenly became dignified, Alphons felt so.


Elleroi threw himself up and laughed wildly.

A burst of unimaginable sound would be made by the usual gentleman, like a demon voice escaping from the bottomless abyss, echoing in the streets at night. From his mouth open to the point of splitting, Alphons saw--

That sharp like a beast-the fangs of a vampire.

Alphons reached out and touched the sword hanging around his waist. The sword body rubbed against the scabbard and made a brushing sound. He quickly drew the sword out and assumed a posture-but Eleroy was like a spring, moving his backward body forward. He flicked and drew the sword, and suddenly he was close to Alphons.

Elleroi's right hand muscle Jiaoqiu swung the sword down vigorously with a motion like waving a stick. The speed came so fast that Alphons could only choose to block it with the sword.

With the sound of a huge metal impact, Alphons' entire body and the sword in his hand were blown out by the blow. The arm strength is quite strong-its strength is much stronger than when he was beaten in the chest a few days ago. If he was hit with the current strength at that time, his person would probably no longer be in this world.

Alphons barely got up and shook the sword in the handshake with a numb hand to confirm the touch, but the vampire Eleroy immediately chased him with the hard sword in his hand.

Alphons steadied his horse and barely blocked the chase. He slammed the sword away and removed the impact-but this had already used his full strength, there was really not much strength to turn to attack, so he fell into defense. One way. Even though his attack has been blocked, Eleroy still indifferently handed out one move after another.

"You are too impatient, Alphonse! You can't help but know that vampires are more powerful at night!"

Indeed, if we can wait until dawn, perhaps this duel will change slightly.

But Alphons could not choose to wait for dawn. Tonight, there may be new victims. Knowing this, and being able to calmly wait for the chance to win, this kind of coldness is beyond the reach of Alphons.

Alphons' grip strength was reaching its limit immediately. Under the heavy blow, the sword was bounced and spun and fell to the slate floor.

"It's over, Alphons!!"

Elleroy turned his sword and focused his entire body on his right arm. In another second, it seemed that the sword was about to swing down Alphonse's neck.

A scene of his head parabolic flying up into the air vividly appeared in Alphons' heart.

In an instant, Alphons heard a sound. It was the shrill sound of several things piercing through the air—then the right arm that Eleroy was about to wave—disappeared.

Blood sprayed out to the surroundings. Elleroi held the sword with his right hand, like the scene that Alphons had in his heart, flying into the air like a parabola, and finally fell to the ground.


Elleroi reached out and pressed the severed right arm, and instinctively jumped back. And in front of Alphons's eyes appeared-an incredible sword with countless blades strung together with iron wires-the blade of the magic sword, which was drawn straight down from the night sky of the red moon shining on the imperial capital.

The sword body of the magic sword rang again with the sound of flying through the air, following the swing of the iron wire and returning to the night sky. Instead, a beauty descended from the sky to the scene of the fight.

A woman with a blue-purple coat and a flat hat of the same color on her head—under the coat, she wore a combat uniform with various weapons. She wiggled her shoulder-length blond hair, and shook off the blood stained on the magic sword in her hand, and gave Alphons an incredible look.

Weak and soft, Alphons, who was kneeling on the ground, smiled slightly at her.

"It's too slow, Rosey--"

"The vampire hunter... has he appeared...!"

The vampire Eleroy gnashed his teeth and stared at Roussey fiercely. He was cut off at the broken part of his right hand by the magic sword, and red smoke was rustling. Rossi looked at Alphonse's face, returned to Elleroy's body, and took up the magic sword in a blank expression.

The two sides kept their distance in advance and retreat, stalemate looking for the next opportunity to shoot.

While maintaining such a posture, Rossi said without turning his head:

"——I should have told you not to intervene anymore. actually fought a vampire alone...I didn't expect you to be so stupid."

Rosey's tone was compelling, with a little anger, but Alphons stood up unmovedly and strenuously.

"You wanted to deal with it by yourself first. And I didn't plan to do that in the first place."


"—I'm betting. Bet you will show up. Then, you really come. Just like when we first met."

This passage of Alphons seemed too unexpected to Roussey. Even from behind, she could know the shaking in her heart, but she immediately took the sword again and recovered her calm.

"What does this... mean?"

"...The biggest reason why you broke the cooperation relationship with me is not because something has been used up or it will get in the way. It must be because you don't want to involve me in this incident...just like your sacrificed cooperation in the past Like my partner."

  "...This is your own explanation."

Rossi said in a very cold tone. But Alphons has definite proof of this.

"Then why are you saying something like "The true identity of the vampire has been discovered"? "
"……!……Did you discover it……"

Think about it carefully, it is indeed suspicious.

The time when a vampire can exert its original power is at night, and the ideal situation is to take advantage of the day when there is the sun to defeat Rossi once said. But last night, she used a dangerous method of using herself as a bait to lure the vampire to appear. This is not reasonable, nor is it like her.
"You may have discovered some facts during the investigation. I don't know the details, but because I judged that if I continue to intervene and assist you, you will be dangerous. I told you such a lie in order to be able to alienate you quickly."

Rossi remained expressionless and did not answer. This is equivalent to acknowledging what Alphons said.

"Huh...what are you talking about over there!"

The vampire Eleroy, who was facing the two, began to open his eyes wide, condensing his body's strength. Then-the red smoke that originally came out of the right arm disappeared. Instead, a turbid and black liquid started to foam and flow out from the cut. The right arm that was severed and dropped to the ground also had the same phenomenon. Then, these liquids spurted out suddenly, combining them as if they were attracted to each other.


Rose was alert to something, and quickly waved his magic sword. The countless blades that stretched out cut through the liquid, but immediately returned to its original shape. Then, the liquid quickly pulled the right arm back, bringing the two cut surfaces together. When the foaming liquid at the junction stopped, Eleroy's right arm was completely restored to its original shape.

"Can heal the damage of the magic sword at such a speed...this vampire really--"


Elleroi put his strength on the sword clasped in his right hand and rushed straight towards Roussey.

Rou Sai always kept a calm attitude, and shot the sword body of the magic sword against Eleroy again. The sword body that stretched forward completely wrapped around its body quickly, splitting the body while restraining it.

However, Eleroy, together with the sword in his hand, instantly turned into a fog before being completely bound by the sword. The countless blades of the magic sword cut into the air at once, and the fog spread out in all directions, and then appeared from the blind corner of Luo Sai's rear left, and once again raised the sword and swung it down.

This attack completely took advantage of the emptiness, and it was about to split Rosey's head in half. However, Alphons, who had intervened at the very moment, blocked the blow with the sword he picked up from the ground.

"Um...!!!" Alphons gritted his teeth, desperately squeezing the sword in his hand to support it.

Eleroy, who should be completely dominant in terms of strength, could not disintegrate this desperate defense.

"...You are really an eyesore!"


Taking advantage of this gap, Rossi drew out the large pistol from his backhand and immediately squeezed the trigger. The bullet shot through Eleroy's shoulder, causing his body to recede.

Alphons immediately changed his formation, stood close to Rossi's back, and regained his posture with his sword.

"--Rose, I will never die! I won't be killed by any vampire! So--"

"At this time, what are you talking about!"

Rossi used Alphonse's shoulder as an auxiliary platform, aiming at Elleroy and firing the large gun in his hand. Elleroy, whose wound on his shoulder had healed immediately, avoided all the bullets at an incredible speed, and approached where the two of them were once again. The bullet was shot in a blink of an eye, but there was no time for another shot.

With the stiff sword in Eleroy's hand, following the violent posture, they were about to behead the two together to the ground. Faced with such a strong sword power, Alphons swung his sword with all his strength to smash each other. As a shocking impact occurred, Alphons' sword broke into two halves.

Eleroy, who was swinging his sword, was also bounced off by this sword, but if he can focus his strength on slashing the sword in his hand, next time he will surely make Aylphons and Rosay desperate, and he is sure that victory is in hand. The vampire raised his mouth--

But such a complacent expression suddenly turned into an expression of astonishment in the next second. Alphons, who had guessed that his sword would break, had already taken out a handful of things from his arms and held it firmly in his hand. It was the silver dagger that Rossi gave him.

"So! I will never let you "lonely"!!!"


Alphons shouted so, and swung down his short sword. With a flash of silver light, Eleroy's body was scratched like a bamboo.


Elleroi couldn't help taking a big step back. The heavy wound caused by this head-on split, although it did not hurt the heart with a slight gap, it also caused the most serious injury to date.

"Why would I be caught by this kind of guy...! Damn it, hate it...! Damn it, hate it, hate it, hate it~~~~...!!!"

The expression on Elleroi's face was deeply marked with intense hatred and depression. He did not realize that his negligence was the main reason for Alphons' blow. From his face, he can no longer see what he looked like when he pretended to be a human.

On the other hand, Alphons also seemed to have exhausted his strength due to the attack just now, panting and kneeling on the ground. Rossi looked at such Alphonse with an incredible expression.

He is working hard to accept his "loneliness". Just after discovering the huge "loneliness" that I started to embrace in my heart because of the unfortunate death of my collaborator in the past.

I will never let you "lonely"-what Alphons said just now, kept ringing in my heart. There is no basis for this sentence, just relying on his own feelings, but it brought warmth to Roussey's cold heart.

"...Hehe, this man... is really hopelessly stupid."

Roussey, who had always been expressionless before, showed a natural laugh. This made Alphons couldn't help turning his head.

"--But, I appreciate it."

What Elphons saw in front of him was Rosey, who had always been expressionless, showing a smile that was completely unimaginable-like a goddess, full of kindness.

"You, you are..."

Alphons reacted as if he saw something invisible, and turned his head back in a panic. What reflected his vision was the figure of Eleroy who hadn't moved yet.

That's right, now is not the time to relax. There was a fatal blow to that vampire-Eleroy.

Alphons turned his head to face Rosey again, and nodded at each other.

Rossi passed Alphons, who had exhausted all his energy, and walked towards Elleroy. Elleroi still lowered her head, looking lost, her mouth broken and she didn't know what she was saying. Rossi pointed the gun at his head, and then just pulled the trigger and the case was resolved. ".........?" Roussey suddenly stopped the finger that was pulling the trigger.

There was an extraordinary sense of difference from Roussey.

"The breath... disappeared--"

——Aleroy, who had been absent-mindedly lowering his head, turned his head suddenly and looked at Rossi.

"Yes, it's impossible for me to lose. If I suck more blood, I won't lose to the mere Alphons--"

Seeing Eleroy's wandering eyes and miserable smile made Rousey feel uncomfortable. In the next second, he was hit directly by the wound, and a fierce red mist sprayed out.

"This, this is..."

The fog enveloped the surroundings in an instant, and the vicinity of the fighting scene was completely dominated by a red fog. "Rose, what's the matter!?" Only the voice from Alphons was heard.

"It's okay, it's no harm, please calm down!"

This is what vampires will use when they are forced to use their own injuries.

Knowing this from past experience, Roussey began to concentrate on feeling the breath of Eleroy who had disappeared from his field of vision. She has the ability to detect the movement of vampires by feeling the breath. A blindfold like this is meaningless-it stands to reason.

However, nowhere can I feel the breath of a vampire. Obviously just now.

why--? Rossi was puzzled by this unexpected state.

Finally, the red mist gradually dissipated.

"Um...what's going on...!"

The people who stayed at the fighting scene-only Alphons and Rossi were left.

Elleroi’s people have disappeared. Just like this, he let him escape. Where did it go? Alphons relied on his slightly recovered physical strength to barely stand up.

"Rose! Follow that guy's movements! Otherwise..."

I'm afraid Eleroy is looking for a target for blood. There will be new victims as a result. If he gains further strength, is there a way to win on his own side?

"Please wait, I'm already following...!"

Rossi's heart was equally disturbed, but it was different from what Alphons was worried about. Why did that strange breath suddenly disappear completely, and can't feel it anymore? This situation has never happened before. Could it be that your abilities have declined?

When thinking of various possible reasons in his heart, the breath of the vampire suddenly reappeared.

Roussey was puzzled again. This is really inexplicable, but in any case, it is necessary to pursue Eleroy now.

She concentrated and felt the breath again--

Rossi finally found out where the vampire's breath appeared, and was astonished because of it——

"The breath of a vampire... is in the direction of the tavern!"

The location of the tavern "Jubilation" is only one road away from this street.

Alphons immediately rushed out with a serious expression.

Tavern "Jubilation". If it is normal, in this late night time zone, the seats in the store are already full of customers from Lao Baikong, but tonight may be affected by the announcement of the vampire incident, and there is not even a customer. .

Luka, who works as a clerk in this store, cleans up the store boringly because she has nothing to do, but she also cleans up the store all at once, and can only sit in a daze in a chair in the end.

Her childhood sweetheart, Elphons, did not come to the store today. I heard that the members of the Grada team are mobilizing to patrol the imperial capital tonight. Surely he must be very busy too, right?

Luka felt a little lonely and depressed because of this, and sighed slightly depressed.

The boss who wiped the knife and fork on the inside of the counter, looked at Luca with such an expression, and smiled peacefully:

"Let's go back today. It has been quite turbulent recently." Luka, who was listening to the boss said so, wanted to say so, when the empty and quiet store suddenly heard a brisk voice. It is set in the front entrance, and the audio will be emitted when a guest comes in.

Luca quickly got up from the chair-but gasped. Standing at the entrance of the store was a young man covered in blood and wearing a military uniform.

"Ah!" Luka screamed and rushed up immediately.

Seeing the familiar costume, Luka thought for a moment as her childhood sweetheart, but after rushing to see it, she couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief after confirming that she was obviously a different person.

Luca had an impression of the young man's face. A long time ago, when Alphons was just serving the staff, this young man had been invited to the shop by him, but now he has become hostile for some reason.

Remember the name is...Eleroy.

The owner of the shop quickly took out the first aid kit and ran to Elleroy to see his injury, but he was completely indifferent, his eyes just staring at Luca.

"Alphons’ childhood sweetheart—come with me."

After blurting out, Eleroy's face showed an unusually evil smile.


When Alphons and Rossi arrived at the tavern, the situation in the shop was already in a mess.

The chair fell to the ground. The table broke into pieces of wood. The smashed utensils and glasses were scattered all over the place, while the boss with blood in his temple fell under the counter.

Rossi calmly tried to treat the boss's injury with the spell passed down by the church. Under this incredible power, the bleeding wound stopped bleeding, and the person awakened. At this time, Alphons, who had been standing by the side, immediately stepped forward and asked, "Cheer up, what happened!?"

——Luka can’t be seen everywhere in the shop. This made Alphonse's heart anxious.

"...A young man in military uniform came over...No, it was a monster. Although, there was resistance...this guy took Luca away..."

The boss reluctantly said this, and fainted again.

The patrolling team members finally arrived at the scene at this time, and the surrounding area became noisy. Even the nearby residents who were already sleeping quietly were gradually gathered by the noise. In a short while, even Captain Ge Lade arrived at the scene and dispatched several personnel to question the boss about the incident and investigate the scene.

Before the military personnel arrived, Alphons and Rossi had already hid behind the house not far from the tavern.


Alphons reached out angrily and slammed the wall of the brick house. Rossi looked at Alphonse, who was so angry that he was shaking, with his hands in his chest, with a thoughtful look.

"...Please calm down. Luca's people should be safe."

Elleroi is looking for blood in order to heal her injuries and increase her strength. But obviously absorbing Luka's blood can achieve these two goals, but he didn't do it like this, just took him away. I'm afraid it was to lead the two of them to some place.

"Where he went, it is likely to be—"

Rossi's attitude is clear-pointing at the feet of the two. The last time he fought Eleroy, he summoned countless corpses out. These corpses are people who have no one to report the missing persons and have no relatives. Elleroi quietly took them somewhere as a "reserve". I am afraid there are still a few such people.

There is a large space where so many people can be confined, and there are usually no people going in and out, and it is a place that is not likely to be discovered.

What can meet such conditions is the structure left by the "Dark Age" hundreds of years ago-the underground tunnels densely covered under the surface of the imperial capital. Elleroi should be hiding somewhere in it. Hearing what Rosey said, Alphons immediately proposed to go and look for it. If you don't find it as soon as possible, Luca's people are in danger. But Rossi looked down and didn't say a word.

"...Are there any concerns?"

"Well, there are two things...First of all, the gentleman named Eleroy is likely to belong to the "high vampire"."

A family called vampires outsiders, who belong to this family of orthodox descent-are called "true ancestors". The "True Ancestor" family is said to have been lost for a long time in the historic continent of Semuria, but vampires with similar bloodlines are called "high vampires" by the outside world. It is said that it is still hiding somewhere.

They will be driven by blood cravings that appear once every ten years, causing a large number of victims in the back of history.

This kind of vampire can be said to be the biggest goal for the vampire hunter Rossi.

Among the vampires, they possess outstanding strength and growth qualities. For example, when Luca was attacked for the first time, she was suspected of being hit by a high-level trick called "Magic" and was taken to an uninhabited area. A terrifying technique that can manipulate human thinking to a certain extent. It was after seeing Luca lose the memory of the process before and after being attacked by a vampire, he discovered that there was a "high vampire", and deliberately alienated Alphons. .

The enemy has such a powerful force, which is one of the concerns.

And another concern is also related to this point.

"The powerful power of'Advanced Vampires' will become stronger at night. And because of this, it is logically impossible to completely stop this kind of movement."

This is something that just happened. The strong movement produced by Elleroi was completely cut off and could not be felt at the same time that the blindfold appeared. Because of this unexpected situation, Rossi missed the opportunity to start.

"He may not only be a "high-level vampire" or maybe. Maybe it's something more powerful and fierce--"

Elleroi hasn't shown the whole picture yet. Under such a state, can you still go to Hushan, knowing that there are tigers in the mountains? This makes it difficult for Rossi to decide.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate not to take Alphonse to the meeting-Alphonse seemed to have seen through her conclusions, and immediately said to Roussey:

"Rose, don't let me keep talking. I will not die. I will not bring you loneliness. No matter how strong the opponent is, I will never violate this oath."

This sentence is straightforward and unshakable. Hearing that he said that people who would never abandon loneliness ignore this frank statement from his inner conviction, a trace of loneliness flashed in Rosey's eyes for an instant.

——She still has one secret that she hasn't said.

This secret was a large part of the reason why she embraced "loneliness"-after Alphons's warm confession again, she couldn't help but want to confide this secret on the spot. ...But it's not time yet. For the current self, his words are enough. In any case, he must rescue his important childhood sweetheart. You must concentrate on this matter.

"——What's wrong with me, I'm still hesitating."

After saying this, Rossi, who suppressed his emotions, slowly stretched his hand to his waist.

The weapon she reached around her waist was a long sword that was worthy of hanging on the other side of the magic sword she was using. She loosened the buckle of the strap that held the long sword, took it out and gave it to Alphons.

"Use this instead of the sword you broke. You should be more comfortable with this sword."

Alphons weighed the weight of the long sword with his hands and drew the sword out to look at it. The silver luster reflecting the brilliance of the red moon-this is the light used to destroy the vampire, there is no doubt.

Originally, Rossi would give Alphons the hard-to-use dagger, so that he would retreat in the face of difficulties and should not actively intervene in a confrontation with a vampire.

But Alphons did not flinch once. Therefore, she gave him this long sword, with two meanings, one is to apologize for lightly insulting his will, and the other is to prove that he will work together again.

Alphons nodded firmly, and hung the sword with shining silver light around his waist.

The two looked at each other again.

Underpass-Luca's people are there. She must be rescued. A young soldier and a "vampire hunter" broke into the darkness.

On the side of the imperial capital, there is a wide river of the famous Yanoru River. The port of Heimdall was built facing this river-in the corner of the port, there is a door leading to the underground passage.

In order to prevent accidents, this door could not be closed in normal times. Alphons and Rossi just pried the door open and walked in firmly. Inside, you can see a waterway leading to the Yanoru River, and the water in it flows to the quiet and dark depths.

The ruins of the underground city built by the former "Dark Ages" are too large to be estimated in its entirety. The appearance of this dark space that was completely abandoned without any care, can be said to be like a dark labyrinth.

Alphons and Rossey only relied on the shining red moon to advance along the waterway, and they gradually approached the movement of the vampire Aleroy that Rossey felt. The "breath" that was once interrupted at that time, now accompanied by a strong atmosphere of tension, spread from the depths.

The two of them raised their vigilance and walked forward step by step. Later, even the moonlight shining into the waterway was no longer there, and the surroundings were completely covered in darkness. However, this situation was only short-lived, and after a while, I saw small torches on the wall, illuminating the road quietly.

"Sure enough, this place has been its hiding place from before."

That being the case, those who were taken away by Elleroy without relatives and no reason should be somewhere in this place, Alphons thought like this, but Roseey lowered his gaze, slowly Shook his head.

"It seems to be a step too late."

In front of the darkness, Rossi saw something slowly approaching where the two of them were, and there were several shadows. Those shadows are exactly humans who have turned leopards into corpses. Eleroy did not draw Luca's blood, but took her away; what he used to fill the need seemed to be the "reserve" of the unrelated people in this place.

Among these corpses, Luca was not seen, which made Alphonse feel a little consolation in his heart, but of course it did not guarantee that Luca was safe and sound. Because Eleroy just wanted to reveal the possibility that Luka was still alive, to lure Alphons and the others to approach.

There can be no more hesitation. Alphons drew the silver-white long sword. Luo Sai had already picked up the sword and spear, and put on a posture to prepare for battle.

"Ready to go!"

"it is good!"

As the two echoed each other, they rushed to the corpse group in front.

——This battle with the Corpse Man Group was the first time Alphons confronted the Corpse Man head-on. This violently consumed his heart. After all, they are just victims of vampires. Their lives may have just been taken away, but they involuntarily commit the heinous taboo of cannibalism.

The long sword he got from Rossi was a weapon made to bring them rest...Although he knew this in his heart, every time he cut the sword, he felt that his heart was hurt at the same time.

Rossi used his weapons as if dancing, knocking down the corpses one by one and driving out. But after moving forward slightly, a new corpse appeared again, who came to dance with her the dance of life and death.

Presumably she used to bear such pain by herself. Such loneliness is even enough to make people feel desperate. What is the reason that forced her to such a point? Alphons hopes to know.

Then, find out what can help her. However, now is not that time.

Alphons endured the pain in his heart like this, gritted his teeth and swung his sword forward.

Alphons and Rossi used the torches on the wall as instructions to walk quickly through the complicated underground passage. They swept away dozens of corpses on the road, consuming their physical and mental strength and continued to strike forward——

The last two came to an open place. There are crosses lined up side by side, and the gray dust on the ground may be damp because of the water channel next to it. These crosses should have been left over from the dark ages of the past. The crosses that are about to be weathered have decayed to the point of crumbling. This place is illuminated by only a few torches—it should be called an ancient underground cemetery.

It is located in a dark underpass, but it is shrouded in a place where the movement is more gloomy-in the middle is standing quietly a man in a military uniform with a black coat outside. Elphons, who was already exhausted when he came to this place, had to lean half of his body on Rosey, but when he saw this figure, he called out his name loudly.


This cry made everything in the underground oscillate for it, but the man was unmoved, he opened his black jacket and turned his head. There was a strange and tense atmosphere all around.

"Good job--"

The corners of his grinning mouth showed the life he had sucked, and his fangs were stained with blood.

Roussey calmly analyzed the situation in his own mind from the movement of Elleroy turning his head back. The damage he suffered in the previous battle has now been fully recovered. And it's not just that, the power he showed far surpassed the previous state.

The amount of blood he absorbed in the process of creating the dozens of corpses in the previous underground tunnel-considering this, it is only natural that there will be such a result, he has become a more terrifying monster, in the end How much power he possesses, now even Roussey is hard to estimate.

"Eleroy-where did you take Luca!?" Alphons asked loudly

"Ah~Where are the people... Just use your skills to ask."

After Elleroy said this disinterestedly, he slowly stretched out his hand from the black coat, and then raised his palm up.

From the fingertips of Elleroi burst out covering the entire underground cemetery, unparalleled power fluctuations, and then immediately silently.

"How...?" Alphons tensed his nerves for the unclear situation.

"Crap!" Rosey intuitively sensed what would happen in a moment, and immediately put on a preparatory posture.

Squeak... Youdao did not know what dull sound came out from the bottom. From the ground at the cross, nothing was born.

——The vain thing is the bone of a human arm. The moment Alphons discovered this, the other tombs surrounding him and Roussey also gave birth to this kind of bone arms from the ground one by one. The White Bone's arm bent his elbow and began to press down on the ground, and then the body struggling under the ground staggered and climbed up with a breath of dust.

These are the corpses buried here in the past.

Awaken the dead body as a trick manipulated by servants.

This is also an advanced technique that can only be used by "Advanced Vampires".

The shields, helmets, axes, and swords equipped on the skeletons are of different specifications and scattered. It seems that the place where the two people are currently located is probably in several cemeteries in this underground passage, which are specially used to bury the dead. A cemetery for people in the war. Surrounded by many bones, Alphons and Rossi stood back to back, and took up the sword in their hands to pose.

"Hahahahahaha, this power is so wonderful! Hahahahahahaha!"

Elleroi laughed loudly in intoxication. The numerous bones at the moment have not acted since they appeared. They are different from the corpses who will follow the implanted instincts. They are the real puppets that will act in accordance with the consciousness of the vampire.

Then the bones screamed: "Hands", and at the same time they approached Alphons and swung down their weapons from all directions. Such an offensive is impossible to defend in any case.

Just before this, Roussey patted Alphons on the shoulder from behind. He immediately understood what Rossi meant, and immediately squatted down before the surrounding weapons were swung down on him.

On the other hand, Rosey who jumped up, first twisted the upper body of his body sharply to the side, and then swung the right arm that stretched to the left of his body, and swung out the entire upper body that was twisted back.

What she held tightly in her hand was the hilt of the magic sword whose body had disappeared.

In the next second, with Rossi and the others as the center, they pulled out the surrounding sword clockwise and flew out. The sharp blades shattered the heads of a group of bones holding weapons at the front of the team and repelled them. The retreat caused the bones behind them to be affected and bumped into each other.

Taking advantage of the instant that Rossi played, Alphons, who had squatted down, rushed out, and moved straight towards the vampire standing behind the sea of bones-Alley.

All the bones blocking the front were slashed and attacked with the silver long sword in their hands, and fists and feet met each other from time to time to throw them away. Alphons relied on that tempered physical rampage, and gradually approached Eleroy.

Rossi, who stayed in place, attracted the enemy to his side, flexibly used his sword and pistol to fight, and remedied the occasional flaws, focusing on defeating the enemy at the dead end of Eleroy.

"Eleroy, why are you doing this? Why did you become like this!?"

Elphons smashed the bones in front of him and moved forward, and at the same time, he felt mixed and uneasy.

He remembered in his heart when he had just joined the Imperial Army a few years ago.

——Eleroy was originally an orphan living in poverty, unaccompanied, and helpless. Later, Sword Skill was appreciated by Gerade, and he joined the Imperial Army at his invitation.

Alphons, whose parents had been killed by unknown persons in the past, is in a somewhat similar situation to Elleroy, an unrelated orphan. And even the two people were saved by Captain Grard from the difficult situation they encountered.

Because of this, the two people cherish each other, and they fortify each other in the military, which has become a relationship of competition and cooperation.

However, this kind of relationship unknowingly becomes ill-informed, and it is often noisy in the face.

For Alphons, Elleroy, who has top-notch sword skills in the Grind team, is still a respectable object. Even after being ridiculed repeatedly and treated with unreasonable indifference, Elleroy is still a friend to Alphons.

He still couldn't believe it.

Elleroi would actually be a vampire.

He would cruelly take the lives of innocent people, not only using them as food, but also playing with them.

He violently repelled the last bones that stood in front of him, and finally opened the way to Eleroy.


Elphons rushed forward and swung down the silver sword in his hand.

Seeing this action, Eleroy grinned on his face and drew his sword with a brush. For a while, I don't know how many times this night, the metal sound of the sword and the sword hitting each other echoed in the underground passage.

"I will definitely stop you... as your friend!"


Elleroi blocked Alphons's sword with one hand, and pushed it back with amazing arm strength, Alphons' hand flicked back.

But he took advantage of this posture, turned around, and continued to chop Eleroy.

Elleroi caught the sword with his fingertips empty-handed.

The fingers that touched the silver sword body emitted burning white smoke, but Eleroy didn't take it as a matter at all. Not only that, he also stepped up his strength, causing small cracks in the sword body.

Elleroi's expression was not a smile full of this series of advantages-but a look of hatred.

"What friend! I obviously want to take away my precious things!"

Alphons, who was taken aback when he heard this, reacted half a beat to the sword that Eleroy waved from his other hand.

A wound was made from the left shoulder to the abdomen, and bleeding came out.

"Hmm...!" "-Al!!!" Roussey shouted loudly.

The road Alphons had just driven was already filled with countless bones blocking it.

Because she was tempting the bones to come to fight, the current situation did not allow her to go to rescue. Alphons seemed to be telling Roussey that he was okay and the wound was not deep. He deftly pulled his body, stepped back to keep his distance, and then shook the sword to confirm the feel of the sword and set his posture again.

"Hmm...what are you talking about!? What did I do!"

"Shut up! Now it's too late for you to make atonement!"

Eleroy continuously swung his sword and attacked.

Although Alphons tried to respond, he couldn't completely block the attack due to the impact of the injury just now. As a result, his flank, thigh, right arm, and whole body were gradually hurt.

Under the bleeding, Alphons began to feel left and right, but his physical strength was almost exhausted while still holding the sword, and now it was only that breath that supported him to continue the challenge.

Eleroy, who shot a fierce attack, breathed quickly. The corner of his mouth showed a triumphant smile again.

"Relax, the female vampire hunter you won't be lonely, and the girl in the tavern, I will send it to you right away."

Alphons' body trembled. Although he was already covered with injuries, he still looked at Eleroy with determined eyes

"...Eleroy, I don't know what hatred you have towards me, but...I won't let you kill me. I have promised."

"What are you talking about...?" Elleroy's smile disappeared again.

"Eleroy, come if you want to kill, I've already made enlightenment. The enlightenment that will not die. Also, you must stop your enlightenment-!"

"Say something inexplicable...!!!"

Elleroi rallied, holding the sword in both hands, and the whole person exuded a strange and compelling spirit. Alphons expected that Elleroy would perform the strongest blow ever.

"This time I will end you!!"

The sword was swung out suddenly under the impetus of his arm. Facing this mortal blow-Alphons did not defend, but maintained the posture of the silver long sword forward, accepting the attack from the front.

The Jianfeng cut deeply from the left shoulder just like before. Even if this blow was a hardened muscle, it would probably be cut like a cheese cutter with the flesh and bones - but it didn't.


Elleroi saw the situation that shouldn't have happened, and he used the sword that he swung down all the time, before cutting off the clavicle of Alphons's left shoulder, he was completely motionless.

Alphons did not give up the defense against this blow, but embraced the consciousness of using his body to withstand the attack, focused his concentration to the limit, and then tensed urgently when the blade cut into his body. Muscles-just resisted the blade that was cut down.

This kind of fundamentally impossible thing, and there is too much difference with the victory scene that appeared in his heart, so that Elleroi was greatly shaken. Alphons did not miss this opportunity.


Despite the severe pain, Alphons still made a stab pose. Eleroy released the hilt of the sword trapped in the man's left shoulder, showing a completely defenseless state.

Soon after—the blade of the silver sword pierced straight into Eleroy's chest.

——Following the hollow voices, the bones that had been facing Roussey before collapsed one after another, but she stopped her attack when she fought back and forth with the bones.

Rossi, who knew the situation immediately, looked at Alphons.

She saw the vampire there, the sword stabbed in her chest was drawn out, and then she knelt to the ground on the spot.

Elphons stretched out his hand and drew out the sword stuck on his left shoulder, and the blood suddenly vented out. Although he held his left shoulder with his hand, the wound was too deep, and the blood that could not be stopped continued to flow out.

"It seems too messy..."

"Indeed, really."
With these words of helplessness, Alphons felt a gentle feeling in the wound. Rossi, who rushed to his side, was using magic techniques to heal the wounds on his body.

"Always doing this kind of thing, a few of them are not enough to pay. It's really stupid. Plus, fools and fools are still looking for them."

Although he said that, Roussey's expression was full of peace of mind. It seems that it really made her worry too much. Alphons deeply reflected on what he had done just now, and looked down at the wound that was gradually stopping the bleeding. Although the physical strength will not recover, in short, the first aid is completed.

"...Uh..." At this moment-a small moan came from the two of them.

Eleroy, whose chest was pierced by a long sword and fell to the ground, looked at the top of the sewer with hollow eyes. The skin on his body has begun to crack and collapse one by one from the surface.

He didn't know what he was saying, but because his voice was too low, he couldn't hear it clearly.

Rossi slowly took out the large silver pistol on his body, and pointed the muzzle toward Eleroy's head.

"Uh, hello...?"

"Leave it alone, and he will disappear. However, you can't just leave it alone."

Even if it's a matter of a while, it can't be delayed. Although such judgments are ruthless, this is how vampire hunters are. Alphons was understandable in his heart, but there was still an unacceptable expression on his face.

He has many things he wants to ask Elleroy. Is he a vampire since he first met? Why has this kind of case been triggered only now? Why-hate yourself?

However, as a vampire, he is too dangerous. It cannot exist in this world. For this, Alphons was very clear in his heart. So Alphons didn't say anything.

But after a while, Roussey did not pull the trigger.

"what's happenin?"
"...It's weird."
"Why is it weird?"
"I can't feel the breath at all."
"The breath of "High Vampire"."

She had always been calm, and she was obviously shaken. Rousey's pupils dilated, and his body began to tremble slightly. From Eleroy's body, he didn't feel the breath of "high vampire". What kind of meaning does this mean? In other words, whose smell did she come here after?
"Before... I might have a serious misunderstanding."
"What do you mean?"
"Maybe, "High Vampire"--"

——Someone else.

Suddenly, an unknown object flew out at an extraordinary speed from the dark underpass. Those are two straight lines formed by the dirty thick black liquid-blood. These two straight lines flew over.

Immediately noticed the two straight lines of Rose, and immediately pushed Alphons to the ground.

Then, the black straight line at the front end that resembled a sharp spear, pierced Roussey's belly mercilessly.

With a boom, Alphons fell to the ground. Roseey, who was still speaking in front of him just now, was already lying in a pool of blood. She didn't move, she didn't even react at all... what's the matter?

Alphons had no control over all these conditions, and he couldn't even stand up.

"--Oh, I didn't expect it. I wanted to solve it together with two people."

In the secret tunnel that flew out of the gun, there appeared a man wearing a military uniform, who was the most intimate and familiar to Alphons——

"As a result, you were lucky and didn't die, Al?"


Moreover, he is absolutely unbelievable.

In the imperial army, the troops responsible for maintaining public order in the imperial capital are commonly known as the "Gladder Team". The grown-up man Gladder, who serves as the captain of this unit, is the chief of Alphons. In addition, he has also adopted those who have lost their parents. He brought him up and grew up like a father.

Elphons also knows that Grad is doing his best to solve the "vampire incident" that put the capital into a horrible atmosphere, but he is distressed because he hasn't grasped the relevant clues to the murderer of the case, and he can't help others. One of the reasons why Alphons fought for the opportunity to solve the vampire incident with his own hands.

Such him, why is he in this gloomy underground passage?

It stands to reason that he is commanding dispatchers to investigate him in the tavern where the people are being attacked by Elleroi. Why? Alphons couldn't understand. No, I don't want to understand.

"Yes, it will definitely be chaotic."

Ge Lade had a troubled expression, but smiled again, his eyes lowered and his hands reached out to grab his head.

This feeling is like warning Alphons who would accidentally call out "Uncle" at work. It is no different from the usual attitude, but it is extraordinarily weird.

Taking a closer look, there was Luka with empty eyes standing next to Grad. If such an unclear situation happened in front of me, I must be frightened--but it didn't depend on the situation. Luca didn't respond at all, as if he had lost consciousness.

"..."Magic" technique...then, you..."

Alphons came back to his senses and looked in the direction of the voice—it was Rosey who was talking. She was stabbed in the abdomen by the filthy dark blood spear, lying still on the ground, she barely squeezed out her voice and said something. Judging from the appearance of Rossi, it was obvious that he had suffered fatal injuries.

Seeing that Rousai was still alive after being stabbed by a sharp spear, Gerard showed a slightly surprised expression and immediately said:

"It's an honor to meet you, Miss "Vampire Hunter". My name is Grad and the "High Vampire" you are chasing."

——Ge Laide politely admitted.

"--team leader…"

Aleroy, who was dying and making a faint voice, crawled past Alphonse. He finally climbed to the feet of Ge Lade and said:

"Captain, Captain... I'm sorry, I..." Then he stretched out his hand as if begging.

Grad took Eleroy's hand, squatted down and hugged him.

"Well, it's okay, Eleroy. You did a good job. Help me lure that nasty "Vampire Hunter" to the Imperial Capital. That's enough. My vision is right. You are a man who meets my expectations. ."

Hearing Gerard’s words of comfort, Eleroy in his arms showed an unprecedented serene expression.

"——So, you are no longer useful. Take a good rest."

Gruide's words suddenly became cold. In the next second, Grad opened his mouth-piercing the sharp beast-like fangs in his mouth into Eleroy's neck.

"Ah, uh, oh~~~~~~~ dumb...!!!"

-Sucking blood. For the first time, Alphons witnessed the blood-sucking behavior happening in front of him. With the screams that make people want to cover their ears, the blood that flows from Eleroy's body uses the lives of dozens of people as food in exchange for the blood-it is absorbed into Gruide's body. .

Eleroy's originally young and strong body shrank like a dead tree. In contrast, Gerard, who originally appeared to be in his forties, was filled with energy. At the same time, black smoke emerged from his body, enveloping his figure.

Next, Elleroy's voice instantly became hoarse, and could no longer be heard. In the end-Eleroy turned into ordinary sand and fell on the damp dust of the cemetery.

When the smoke and dust dissipated, the figure of Ge Lade, wearing a black suit instead of the military uniform, appeared.

Gruide's appearance has changed to look like a young man of the same age as Alphons, with an intoxicated expression, and sticking out his tongue to lick the blood on his mouth. Then, as if confirming the feeling of the new body, I carefully examined my whole body. In this way, it was not the Grad that Alphons knew.

That is the posture of the legendary "vampire".

"Ah, it's so sweet. It's delicious after decades of human blood. It didn't cost me so much trouble to prepare."

Seeing Grind who sighed with satisfaction, Alphons showed a desperate expression.

"It was you... who turned Eleroy into a vampire? Let him suck human blood... for the final harvest..."

"It's so ugly, Al. He volunteered to be my dependent."

With that said, Gerard was acting like an acting, with his hands reaching his chest, his eyes drooping.

"Eleroy is an orphan. He is poor, and he is more lonely than anyone else. I saw his sword skills in his life and invited him to the army. As I expected, he started to be quite lonely. dependent on me."

He seemed to treat me as a real father-Gerd smiled. One sentence of Gerard gave Alphonse a cold feeling as if he was about to freeze people.

"He who feels this way to me may see that I treat you like a biological son, and he gradually hates you. Then, he started to think of ways to win my love. One day, I showed my identity to him. , Invited him to add. He happily accepted. Because he wanted to help me prove that "he is more useful than Alphons."

Rossi, who couldn't even get up, felt extremely regretful in his heart. When Grad turned Eleroy into a vampire, he might have given him part of his power. Feeling this breath, Rossi mistakenly believed that he was a "high-level vampire", and under the tactics, let the matter evolve into the current desperate situation.

After learning about the cause of Eleroy's resentment, Alphons was surprised. From the perspective of others, such resentment is too selfish, but Alphons regrets it. If you can detect his feelings like this, you might be able to prevent him from becoming a vampire.

Moreover, he also had to admit that-Gerard was manipulating Eleroy's will with a needle behind his back, causing a lot of sacrifices, but he was the real murderer behind the scenes.

Obviously every night, the troops sent people to patrol the roads, but they still could not reduce the number of cases. This was because he was in command of the troops himself, and it was only natural that there would be such results.

This fact made Alphonse, who had always respected Gerard as his father, felt a faint pain in his heart.

"My "blood craving" is finally satisfied. Come on, dessert, right?"

Gruide's eyes rolled, he looked at Luca who was standing next to him sluggishly, and licked his tongue—hearing this horrible word, Alphons' hairs stood upright. "Before this", when Grad finished saying this, he suddenly turned to face Rossi, who was lying on his left.

"You have to die "Vampire Hunter" first."

In the next second, Gerard's palm shot out countless "Blood Spears" like just now.

Alphons had no time to give a warning-these blood spears pierced Roussey's whole body.


Rossi put down and fell on the ground, secretly aiming the muzzle of the large silver pistol at Grard, and at the moment of the attack, he tried his best to turn his body to the side. As a result, this move may have had an effect, and it seemed that Rousey was saved from death-but it was also one step closer to the "death".

"Haha, really tenacious. Then—"


Alphons leaped forward and swiped his sword at Gruide who was about to make the next move. The silver long sword in his hand just swept down like this, but suddenly stopped after a deep impact.

"How can I shoot my uncle? Al."

With a look as if he was joking, Gerard stretched out his index finger and flicked it on Alphons' forehead. This bullet caused Alphons to receive a violent impact beyond imagination, and the whole person flew back and turned a somersault.

The blade dedicated to destroying vampires couldn't even cut off a thin piece of Gryder's skin. The "high vampire" who has absorbed the blood and life of dozens of people through Elleroi-Alphons feels like a high wall that can't be climbed is standing in front of his eyes.

Seeing Alphons sinking into a desperate mood, the vampire showed an expression as if thinking of something.

"--Ah~ That's right. Since I want to tell the truth, let me tell you good news by the way. It's a reward for you to gather here alive."

"Want to say...what..." Alphons knelt on the ground and was about to stand up reluctantly, and Grad said with a mean smile at him:

"The one who killed your parents is me."

This sentence further impacted Alphonse. Ten years ago, in a small home in a border village, the parents who died because their whole body blood was taken. The scene that was still clearly and profoundly in my mind resurfaced in an instant.

As if appreciating Alphons’ reaction, Grard continued:

"At that time, there was indeed a vampire hidden in that village. That is me. When your father discovered this, he wanted to secretly find out the true identity of the vampire."

Alphons heard this fact for the first time. Dad did the same thing as himself at the time.

"He is a good soldier. It's a shame to stay at that border. But it's too good. It almost made him aware of my true identity. So-I personally killed him. Together with that. Assist his wife together."

Alphons stood up and attacked again with his sword. It was as if he was going to shake off the words of Gerhardt.

"But you were the one who miscalculated, Al. I was going to kill you even when you were young. Anyone who might know my true identity can't let it go. However, you happened to be not at home at that time. "

Alphons kept slashing-the silver blade slid across the body without any effect. After all, even a wound can't be drawn. Ge Lade ignored it and continued:

"I can't make too many blatant cases at such a border. Because I might be sniffed out by the "Vampire Hunter" who heard the news. That's why I put you around to watch."

If I knew in my heart there was anything that would affect the true identity of Gerard, then I would have been killed somewhere in the past. This sentence reveals such a meaning.

He was approachable and treated like a father, all pretending to be-tears filled the corners of his eyes when Alphons, who only learned this fact from Grad's mouth until now.

"But it's all over. Al, you are useless."

Gerald, who had been ignoring the attack before, changed his attitude and began to fight back. That fierce punch stabbed Alphons to the right side of the abdomen and flew him back. "Uh...!" Alphons' rib was broken, and a sharp pain spread throughout his body.

However, even though his body was hurt so much, Alphons stood up. He was vomiting blood and his figure was already shaky, but he definitely couldn't let the vampire in front of him go.

"No matter how hard you resist, it's no use. Just die obediently."

Gruide's onslaught was like an endless stream of water bursting a bank. It was a series of punches with clenched and pierced fists. This burst of attack focused on the vampire's arm strength, one punch and one punch is as powerful as a steel sledgehammer. These attacks greet Alphons, who can't even defend himself.

The blood foam splashed out like a flower blooming, and dispersed to the surroundings.

"... Ai, Er..." Alphons heard Rosey, who was already confused, calling his name. If she falls here, she will be killed. And Luka, whose will was taken away, must be treated as food. Never let this happen. Never fall down here, never die.

Alphons was suffering from the pain of a broken bone from the violent blow. The "dead period" is constantly approaching. In such a situation, he slowly held the sword in a swinging pose, and swung down with the only strength of the force——

Grider threw his fist from the front of Alphons. With a heavy metal sound, the long sword was broken into two pieces, and the impact of this blow ejected the broken tip of the sword, piercing Alphons' right shoulder, and Then he pierced out, turned and drew a parabola to the back, and pierced the ground next to Rossi who was lying on the ground.

The moment he suffered this injury, Alphons heard a cracking sound on his body. I have exhausted all the strength in my body. He didn't even have the strength to hold the broken long sword, collapsed and knelt on the ground.

At this moment... Alphons lowered his eyes, remembering that dim memory of the past.

That was a little bit before the murder of both parents. A woman who claimed to have met her father often came to the house.

At that time, the work my father did at home-now in retrospect, it should be the investigation of vampires-in order not to let herself interfere with his work, this woman took Alphons out to play every day.

The homicide happened one day under such conditions. At that time, if you stay at home, you will definitely be killed. Moreover, it was precisely because she took herself away from her father that she could not know what was going on in the past. Fortunately, she was saved from being killed by Gerald.

Probably because the death shock of the parents was too strong, the memory of this woman didn't come to mind until just now. How is this woman now? I hope she lives healthy and safe--

Alphons finally lay down on the gray dust in the underpass. Ge Lade made a mocking sound.

"Okay, Al. Let this cause and fate come to an end. Your parents are waiting for you at the goddess."

The vampire's right hand made a hand-knife style, and swung it down like the blade of a guillotine, to chop off Alphons' head--

——A burst of pure white light shrouded in the surrounding area.

At the same time, Alphons felt like a sound piercing the air came to his ears. After realizing that he was still alive, he slowly raised his head to see what had happened.

A huge hole appeared in the middle of the hand knife. Ge Lade was shaking his palms in embarrassment. The hollow section still carries burnt black blocks.

"How, how come—"

What he sees is exactly-Rossi.

Her body was pierced, and she, who was supposed to be on the verge of death, is now standing there holding a large silver pistol that emits gunpowder.

"I won't let you touch him again."

Her eyes were bursting with bright red light.

Rossi had already made death awareness.

The whole body was penetrated by Gerard's "Blood Gun", and several attacks severely wounded the internal organs, and Roussey had no strength to chant the healing spells.

Since he is a "vampire hunter" as a profession, a certain corner of my heart has already been awakened. One day I will die in the battle, but before that, if I can kill one more, I will kill one more vampire.

This is what she stipulated for herself in her heart-"Atonement".

However, the time of death is imminent.

Everything that can be done has been done, and even so, there is still no way to smoothly defeat Gerard.

If you just fall asleep like this, you will probably fall asleep forever and never wake up again. Qiankui just did it, maybe it's easier. Consciousness has begun to fade away gradually.

Just when her eyelids were slowly closing-she saw something in the corner of the blurred vision.

——The young Alphons, who is cooperating with him, is fighting hard. He challenged the vampire head-on, waving the sword in his hand intently. There is no chance of winning, but—

Later, his last blow was blocked, and the silver long sword in his hand was broken. The broken tip of the sword flew all the way to the face of Rose, who was lying on the ground, and plunged into the damp ground.

The sword was stained with Alphons' blood.

Puff through.

Rosey heard his heartbeat. This feeling was something she had already abandoned. No-it's just that she deliberately ignored it.

I can't die now. Alphons said to himself that he would never die for himself. Then, he must also respond to his determination with this kind of awareness.

Regardless of whether his hand would be injured, Rossi reached out and grabbed the broken blade and brought it in front of him.

Then, she licked the blood that Alphons had put on the blade with her tongue. At this moment, her vision was bright red.

This was a dangerous sight-but her heart was already full of enlightenment that was very different from just now.

"Could it be that you are—!!!"

Gruide guarded the right hand that was punched a big hole with a pistol, and stared at the figure of Roussey. Looking at the figure of "Vampire Hunter" Roussey with a hazy and soft red glow.

"Let me introduce myself again-my name is Rosalia. I'm the descendant of the taboo family's "true ancestor"."

Alphonse, who was already lying on the ground, looked at the figure of Rossi politely giving Gratitude in his downside field of vision.

True ancestor. It was the orthodox lineage of the vampire family-Alphons remembered what she had said.

Rossi held a pistol, and in the other hand was holding the blade of a silver sword. She licked the blood that pierced Alphons and attached to it—reviving her from a state of dying. It was like Gerard who was full of energy because of absorbing the blood from Eleroy.

However, this phenomenon of Rousai is different from Grada's, and it feels like a sacred ritual.

It may be a relationship in which the body is completely motionless, Alphons calmly accepts the current situation. Roussey is a vampire-he accepts this fact quietly and calmly.

"You said you are a vampire "true ancestor"? Impossible, they don't exist in this world long ago—"

"Well, it's perished. I chose the path of destruction. Because they found it meaningless to use human blood as food to continue the race. I am their last orphan."

Rose closed his eyes to answer, then opened his eyes and looked at Gerald with awe-inspiring expression.

"The "higher vampires" who escaped because they couldn't bear the thirst for blood, were driven by desire to attack humans, and you tarnished the reputation of the clan-I cannot forgive you!"


Almost at the same time as this sound, Ge Lade stretched out the right arm that had been punched through a big hole. Countless "Blood Guns" appeared again from his hands, and they pierced Rossi's body at an astonishing speed. The moment these sharp spears pierced her body, Rosey turned into red smoke in a burst of wind.

Immediately afterwards, she instantly appeared behind Gerard, firing more than a dozen rounds of bullets in succession with the two pistols in her hands. These bullets, just like her, emitted a bright red brilliance, and shot through Gerard's whole body.

"Uh~~! "Because the body was subjected to a shotgun-like impact, Gerard's body flew forward. After confirming that he was temporarily unable to stand up, Roussey squatted down and gently stroked Alphons's cheek, which was lying at her feet and unable to move.

"Thank you, Al. Because of you, it hurts my consciousness....Wait I have a lot to tell you, please wait a second."

Elphons saw the appearance of Roussey, just like the old woman in his memory.

——Ah, that’s how it is——Alphons has no physical strength left to respond, so he turned to encourage and support her in his heart, and Rosé may have felt this kind of intention from Alphons. He nodded, then stood up and looked at Gerald again with an awe-inspiring expression.

Although Gruide had already begun to recover from the wounds suffered throughout his body, he was already in a state of reluctance. Rossi's attack of the true ancestor's power has obviously traumatized Gerard.

"Huh... stupid! What's wrong with using blood as food! How different is it from humans who have sacrificed other lives to survive!?"

Rosey answered this question calmly:

"—Everything. With the ability to surpass human cognition, you can manipulate others at will, creating corpses, everything really destroys the laws of nature and society. We are a race that violates the will of the goddess. Because of this, we can only stay In the fairy tale--!"

Rossi is based on this belief that as a vampire, he hunts and kills vampires. She denies her race and destroys it herself, hoping that it will be forgotten by the world slowly.

Alphons tried desperately to keep himself awake, staring straight at Rossi before him.

Even people of the same tribe can't understand at all. Her ideal, Alphons, didn't finally feel the loneliness in her heart until this moment, what it was.

"Smelly girl, it seems like you have seen everything...very good!"

Gritting his teeth, Ge Lade stretched his hand forward, and the filthy black blood produced from his palm formed a monster sword.

The black coat he was covering also began to squirm, turning into a bat's wings spreading to the left and right. Ge Lade flapped his wings and floated in the air.

Luka, who was standing upright on the side with an empty expression, suddenly lost consciousness and lay down on the spot. Even the spell power applied to her was taken back and used in the next attack.

"You impure "true ancestor"-let me cut off this old blood!"

Rosey also drew out the sword in response. She exudes a bright red brilliance, and the blue-purple coat turns into bat wings.

"Today...I want you to hand over the title of "High Vampire"."

Rosena stared at Gruide with bright red eyes and said.

In this way, the two vampires held their swords to each other and confronted each other in the air-the astonishing force formed a current of air that filled the underground cemetery, and the murderous aura of blades collided with each other. Alphons, who fell on his back, watched the situation quietly.

In the next second, the two figures passed by quickly like lightning.

Rossi and Gerard exchanged positions in an instant. The swords in both hands were in a state of being slashed out. The magic sword held by Rossi could no longer see the original blade, instead it was stretched to the point where it could no longer be stretched.


The one who made the sound first was Gruide. Line after line appeared on his body. Those straight lines were carved into the flesh that didn't even realize that it had been chopped and appeared half a beat late, cracks. At the moment he passed by, the magic sword split into countless blades, which struck his body innumerably.

Rossi turned around. Using the upper bracket of the sword to merge the blades along the iron wire, only a sound of metal collision was heard, and the blades of the blades neatly closed the body of the magic sword.

"——Farewell. One day, we will see you in the underworld."


Just when the sword body of the magic sword has completely merged and formed----

The body of the ruthless "high vampire" also gradually disintegrated from the feet.

Alphons slowly woke up in the middle of the underground cemetery that had recovered into a piece of silence.

The first thing he saw was the gentle smile of Rossi who quietly looked at him.

She no longer exudes the brilliant red brilliance.

Elphons felt as if he had been healed by a spell just now. Although he has not yet fully recovered, he already feels that he can barely stand up.

Luca was placed next to him and lay down. Although there was no trauma on her body, she was taken away by Elleroi, and Gryder applied the magic spell, and her physical strength was also obviously consumed.

"...Uncle, what's the matter?"

Alphonse's consciousness was blurred and fainted almost when Rossi and Grad passed by. Seeing Alphons staggering to his feet, Rossi lifted his chin and pointed to one place. Not far from him, Gryide was lying on his body, only the part above his chest was left.

"Al, are you—" He was still alive.

Vampires have tenacious and terrifying vitality, but even if they are in this shape, they can still survive, and they can't help but make Alphons feel pitiful for Gerard who has become like this.

"Although it is absolutely impossible for him to be saved..." Roussey said categorically.

Then, she slowly filled the pistol with the bullets, and then pointed the muzzle at the center of Grad's eyebrows. Judging from this situation, it seemed that he was planning to wait until Alphons was sober to kill the killer.

"Because I think you should see this moment."

"So, ah..."

She gradually squeezed the trigger. Ge Laide quietly closed his eyes, already waiting to die. Alphons-stopped Rossi who was about to pull the trigger. He looked at Roussey, who was a little surprised, and took out from his arms the silver dagger that Rousey gave him at the beginning.

"Let me do it myself."

"...You have to take revenge yourself, right?"

The person who said this sentence seemed to be ridiculing, it was Gerard.

"It's stupid, Al. You don't need to taint your hands. Humans are really stuck with boring things. That's why they are so easy to control."

"To shut up."

Rossi aimed his gun at this point again, and still didn't change the arrogant Gerard. After Alphons once again stopped Rossi, he quietly shook his head and said:

"——I have always regarded you as my father. Although you are unruly towards me, this will never change. Even I am very grateful to you, even now."

Hearing this, Gerard suddenly showed a surprised expression. Rossi beside him was equally surprised.

"So this is a ritual. In order to say goodbye to you, to the future."


Ge Lade laughed out loud. He could only laugh like that.

Alphons looked at Grard who was laughing so loudly, showing a bit of loneliness.

Then-quietly stabbed the short sword in his hand. Rossi was by his side, just watching in silence.


In the silent space, only the footsteps of boots hit the ground.

The party was leading by Rossi in front and Alphons following behind, and walked back in the dark underpass along the way. Behind Alphons, Luca, who was still fainting and unconscious, was carrying on her back.

Along the way, whenever he saw a leopard become the remains of a corpse, Alphons would stop, close his eyes and pray for peace behind him. According to Roseey, people from the church will come in and gather the remains of these corpses. The identities of vampires and corpses will never be publicly known to the outside world, and even this case will be buried in darkness.

After passing through the tunnel with torches and coming to the place where the outside light began to shine, Rossi stopped. This move made Alphons, who was following him, almost bumped into Rossi.

"Oh...what's the matter?" With that said, Alphons put the card on his back again.

"——One more thing, I didn't tell you."

Rossi turned around, showing a sorry expression. But after waiting for a while, Roussey did not continue. So Alphons went on to the topic and said:

"What you are talking about is the partner you unfortunately sacrificed in the past-is it my parents?"
"——Have you found out..."

Rossi didn’t realize until he discovered the true identity of Gerard.

The murder of Alphons’ parents is closely related to this case.

More than ten years ago, Alphons' father had an accidental encounter with "Vampire Hunter" Rossi. Then, he learned that Roussey was pursuing the vampire, so he expressed his willingness to work together. He embarked on in-depth investigations all the way, and he was only one step away from knowing the true identity of the vampire-that is to say, he found out that his friend Grad was a vampire...

As a result, Gruide was aware of the incident just a moment ago, and he was killed before he could tell Roseey the details.

"...But why did you realize that that person is me? It could also be other "vampire hunters", isn't it?"

"I just remembered—I met you at that time."

Alphonse's father always worried that this matter might put his family in danger. Therefore, he once asked Rosey to protect his son when he went out to investigate vampires.

In my memory, the woman who took her childhood to play outside for several times was Rosey, and Alphons finally remembered this matter at a critical juncture. Rossi did not refute, but admitted silently.

"...Speaking of this, I was the one who caused it. Actually, I should have to act alone. But I did not reject your father's proposal. Although this resulted in the most serious result, I still failed to completely reject you this time. Proposal."

Roussey has been alone in the war with his family for decades. Perhaps, without even realizing it, I felt hopeful of salvation from it.

So when Alphons and his dad offered to cooperate in the investigation, she couldn't refuse it because she felt that it was like a redeeming hand.

"Blood... I originally planned to stop drinking it until I die. I don't want to admit that I am a monster like Gret and the others. Although my strength is getting weaker year by year, I still--"

Rossi looked at his hand resentfully, and laughed at himself:

"...Hehe, it's ironic that I broke this taboo myself. As a result, I might really be just a "vampire"..."

Alphons can deeply understand the "loneliness" she embraces. So-he said with a smile, "Don't care."

"That’s to save me, isn’t it? At that very moment, you should be different from other vampires. Your father and mother who died will not hate you. I can take care of you to avoid being killed. Because of you , This time the case was resolved."


"So, I still want to thank you-thank you."

Rossi didn't make any response, just turned his face away and didn't look at Alphons. As a vampire, she felt for the first time that she was finally accepted. The thorn that stabbed in Rossi's heart like a thorn, disappeared in the process.

Alphonse deliberately didn't look at the expression of Rossi, who was sobbing quietly, but just looked forward to move forward.

Then the two walked for a while without saying a word. The light entering the underground passage has gradually become stronger, and finally it finally walked from the exit port connecting Heimdall to the outside of the underground passage.

The weird red moon was no longer visible in the sky, replaced by a white-hot and dazzling sunrise.

"—Then, I will say goodbye."

Rossi bowed slightly to Alphons. The shadow of the vampire has disappeared from the imperial capital, and she has completed the task. Although the farewell came too fast, Alphons didn't say anything. He just nodded and replied, "Really. Where do you plan to go next?"

"I don't know." Roussey shook his head gently and replied.

She might be going somewhere again following the breath of a vampire. Then, plunge into another death fight. This is her mission as a "vampire hunter" and a "true ancestor".

"After everything is over... come here again."


Rossi, who had already moved forward, couldn't help turning back after hearing Alphons' words.

"I will wait for you here."

It is impossible to imagine how long her mission must take. However, Alphons still said to her, "There is a place waiting for you to come back here. He told Roussey that what he said before "will never make you lonely" - it won't be a lie.


Roseey didn't hide the joy that came naturally from her heart, she replied with a smile. Then, he turned around and walked in the sun. Never looked back.

Luca behind Alphons actually didn't know when to wake up. Although she felt a little jealous in her heart, she still pretended to be sleeping, and did not prevent the two of them from saying goodbye.

——The "vampire incident" that caused the capital to be trapped in a terrifying atmosphere, it closed silently without anyone knowing it.

No murderer was arrested, but the case of "announced over" will surely be forgotten in people's minds. Become the record of an unsolved case with the color of urban legend.

However, I believe Alphons will never forget. He will not forget how many precious things he lost in this case, and will not forget the new friendship he has gained because of this.

And he sincerely hopes---

As a vampire, she is burdened with deep loneliness and a heavy mission, one day she can let go of everything and live peacefully.

"--Dawn will come. I believe you will do the same--"

Alphons watched quietly to the last moment, until Roussey's figure disappeared in the white-hot sun.


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