Falcom jdk BAND LIVE ASIA TOUR 2024 Miracle Trail V

Falcom jdk BAND "Trail of Miracles" V China tour kicks off for its fifth anniversary!

●Returning with great honors, the stage is sublimated
Four China tours, time flies, Falcom jdk BAND will once again set off a track craze in mainland China. This year, "Track of Miracles" V comes with great reputation and once again brings music that moves everyone and makes them passionate to Chinese fans. This anniversary party will surely bring endless surprises and touches to fans!

●The new tour mode makes the first stop exciting!
This China tour will be performed [for the first time] in Shanghai for [two consecutive days]. Both the song list and the performance method will be different!

Since the success of the "Trail of Miracles" IV China tour last year, the popularity of Falcom jdk BAND has increased sharply in mainland China. Their performance effects and enthusiastic presence on stage have not only been warmly welcomed by fans, but also won unanimous praise from industry insiders. This year, Falcom jdk BAND will once again set foot on the Chinese stage with the latest tracks and a brand new playlist, presenting the most exciting performance for the fifth anniversary of the "Track of Miracles" V China tour.

Classic songs such as "The Star Is Here", "The Silver Will's Golden Wings", "I'll Remember You", etc. have witnessed the development of the Falcom series of games and have become beautiful memories in the hearts of many people. When these familiar melodies are played at the concert, the cheering sticks waved by the audience will undoubtedly arouse the fans' initial emotion.

●The passionate stage, the whole audience was excited.
Falcom jdk BAND's music journey has never stopped. They always uphold their love for music and bring wonderful performances one after another to fans around the world. In China, the "Track of Miracles" V tour will once again prove that Falcom jdk BAND is not only a legendary band in the game, but also a leader in the music industry.

The "Track of Miracles" V China Tour is not only a music feast, but also a carnival party where Falcom game fans and music lovers gather offline to celebrate. In this grand event, fans will have the opportunity to relive the wonderful gaming moments that accompanied their growth with Falcom jdk BAND. This spring, let us look forward to "five" nights that are destined to be unforgettable during the five-stop tour in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu!

※Performance information
Date: April 5 (Friday) - April 6 (Saturday), 2024
Location: Stay tuned!
Date: April 10, 2024 (Wednesday)
Location: Central Station Performance Center
Date: April 12, 2024 (Friday)
Location: CH-8 Dudu Space Perfect Store
Date: April 14, 2024 (Sunday)
Location: Fulang Livehouse

Performing members: Vocals: Megumi Sasaka / Saxophone: Mihoko Hatakeyama / Violin: Kodai Tanizaki / Guitar: Koji Sekiguchi / Sakura Yoshida / Keyboard: Atsushi Inagaki / Bass: Naoki Yamagishi / Drummer: Yoshiki Yamazaki