Aniais in the sun

Writing justice, read as secondary two.

Edwin Arnold hadn't won the girl even once, at least he didn't remember that he had won. Edwin is very confident in his abilities, and his mind is still smart, but...from the moment he first met, until today, he has failed so simply and completely every time, and he didn't even have a chance to groan. .

Yes, it has been the same since that day two years ago.

The big clock is walking ticking, which can make this old coffee shop feel that time is still passing by. Edwin, who was only nineteen years old, didn't care about it. He sat in his usual seat at the bar, muttering righteously in his mouth.

"Hmm, today's report should be perfect~"

I have checked it three times, and the comments from the interview have been added perfectly. Edwin underlined the manuscript with a pen and read it in a low voice again.

As long as it can be reviewed and approved at the editorial meeting in the afternoon, the article I wrote can finally be published in the publication. Today, there can be no negligence in any way.

In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, you might as well...

Edwin looked up across the bar.

"...Anies, what do you think?"
"how could I know."
Aniais yawned and flung her cream-colored hair behind her shoulders. Compared with two years ago, Aniais's curly hair does not seem to have changed, as if it will roll on its own with her movements, and will flutter smartly when there is no wind.

"It's not business hours yet, why didn't this person come here early in the morning?"

While murmured, Aniais quickly wiped the drops of water on the glass with a dry cloth and put it back into the cabinet.

"Okay, okay! You show me as soon as possible!... Ah, no, no, please, please take a look. You know that too? The opportunity to write a column is really for me, a new reporter. Too precious!!!"

Edwin suddenly folded his hands together and bowed his head in pleading.


Aniais knew Edwin, he could make a request frankly even in the face of his two-year-old self, but it was precisely because of this that it was troublesome.

Aniais picked up another wet glass that had just been washed, and at the same time his eyes wandered quickly over Edwin's manuscript.

"There are three spelling mistakes. Wow, it really scared me. Also, the date seems to be wrong, right?"

"Oh, that's how it is..."

Edwin hurriedly picked up the red pen to modify.

"...Now I'm telling you this, maybe it's a bit..."

"What's the matter? Just tell me what you want to say! For this column, I even bet on my life!"

"This is a column on cooking, right?"

"Although it is a cooking column, it is also a news report."

"That's true...but I don't think Edwin is suitable for the job as a journalist."

Edwin was slow to write reports, he was not focused enough, and he was a little slow. After the special training of Aniès, she finally passed the entrance examination of the news agency. Although this is worth celebrating, it would be too reluctant to want to be a journalist in this way?

Aniais has always found it incredible.

No matter how you look at it, Edwin is not a person who is good at learning. Why does he have to target reporters?

As soon as the words were spoken, Aniais regretted it immediately. I saw Edwin tidy up the manuscript, then smiled and stood up.

"Hehe...because the justice reporter is so handsome!!!"

Edwin left the coffee shop saying "Wait for my good news," and the only thing left in the shop is the sound of the hands of the big clock moving and the wind ringing on the door.

"Huh, I knew he would say that~"

Aniais shrugged helplessly, and the black cat sleeping next to her woke up suddenly and yelled "meow~".

The city of Ankaville is considered a large-scale metropolis even in the Karvard Republic. Although it cannot be compared with the capital, there are also many companies settled in it. In addition, the clean streets facing the valley and orderly structure, as well as the ports and markets facing the big river, reflect the vastness of the city.

Edwin pedaled his bicycle aggressively, riding out from a corner of the market, turning to the fork in Sunset Street, and the small local magazine "Eaton News Agency" was ahead.

Nearly half of the reporters left their seats and gathered together, arguing about something. The veteran reporter Royce didn't notice Edwin who came in. He was tapping the table with the original manuscript in his hand. Kulev, who is in charge of the economics page, seemed to stay up all night, holding the microphone of the communicator with a tired expression. The editor-in-chief Chen kept nodding his head with a stern face.

Judging from their words, it seems that they are assigning tasks to conduct an interview on a traffic accident that happened in a certain place.

Edwin ignored this scene and quickly slipped to his seat calmly and drew the worn-out briefcase he usually used in front of him.

"Don't look triumphant, your kid is late!"

A very conspicuous head with white hair poked out and reprimanded with a voice that was clearly audible even in such a noisy environment. The middle-aged man is Brighton, the head of the cultural department and Edwin's mentor.

Edwin, who had already prepared, quickly handed the written manuscript to Brighton.

"Today's report has been successfully completed! When it comes to the editorial meeting, please take care of you!"

"I just pray that you won't make any more spelling mistakes. Really, how many times do you have to be reprimanded to learn something." Brighton said.

Edwin smiled slightly and promised: "Don't worry, there will be no problems today!"

The Eaton News Agency had four communicators. At this moment, another communicator rang again, and Carly, a female reporter walking nearby, picked up the microphone.


Carly frowned tightly.

"...It was five o'clock this morning, right...Ok...Ok..."

After recovering, Carly raised her hand high, and solemnly waved it left and right a few times, and the editorial office, which had been noisy like a station before, fell silent for an instant. Carly put down the microphone carefully just like treating a fragile item, and then turned her gaze to the editor-in-chief.

"Editor-in-chief, I heard that Vebaharut is dead."

"...Members of the political department~gather~"

I don't know who slapped the slap again, and the reporters answered and stood up.

"Is that person dead?"

"This is directly related to a major event in our place."

Amid the noisy discussion, more than a dozen people soon gathered in front of the editor-in-chief.

"Who is that Veba Harut?"

"Don't you know!? That's a big man! He is a giant in the cultural world, you don't even have such basic common sense."

Brighton listened to the noisy comments of the members of the Political Department, while muttering "Now we can publish a special report", and returned the manuscript in his hand to Edwin.

"The afternoon meeting is cancelled, Edwin, you also go to the scene to assist in the interview."

"What...!!! Why is this!!?"

"There are not so many whys, the leaders' orders must be absolutely obeyed."

Edwin stood up sadly, feeling that even the ground was shaking violently, almost falling.

...No, everyone looks unsteady.

Suddenly from outside the window came the sound of metal cracking and the sound of heavy objects sliding and rubbing on the ground.

...Quack quack quack, bang bang bang!

In the end, there was a loud "boom" that shook the glass of the office, and saw a guided bus roll over on the road outside, burning with raging flames.

It was a traffic accident... Edwin quickly grabbed the worn briefcase and rushed out like flying. What drove him to do this was not just his job as a reporter. Maybe it's just dazzling... Edwin seemed to see Aniais in the crowd with loud shouts.


Edwin rushed to the place where the incident happened one street away. He was confident of his speed and look in his eyes. In the scene that greeted the eyes, Aniais was indeed found. But she only turned her head and glanced at herself, and then immediately disappeared, and Edwin was also overwhelmed by the panicked and crowded crowd. She... why did she run away! ?

Disturbing sparks burst into the ears, and flames burned on the overturned vehicle. "Damn!!!" Edwin, who finally squeezed to the scene, took off his jacket, prying the car door open while slamming the flames, only to hear deafening screams and calls for help from inside, while the driver's hands were removed from the car. Hanging out from the window.

…It’s great that the manuscript was not adopted on the spot. This thought suddenly flashed in Edwin's mind.

Don't underestimate the justice reporter!

"Kagemaru, I'll go out and buy some things."

That morning, Arnies sent Edwin away and was about to go out. She remembered an important thing the night before—not long after that, it was her uncle’s birthday.

Aniais’ uncle is the owner of this coffee shop, and he will turn forty this year. If it’s Edwin’s birthday, just use "Too troublesome, no matter what" you can pass. (That said, last year and the year before, I thought it was the same, but it seemed to give something to him before and after his birthday) , But after all, I can’t treat my uncle who has been taking care of myself like that.

After putting down the drinking cup, Aniais repeated what she had just said to Kagemaru who was sleeping lazily on the counter. "You slacker, did you hear me?" The black cat yelled while tilting the ugly face, which was regarded as a response. "Really..."

After Aniesi said to the uncle who was carrying beer bottles inside, she boarded the second-floor dormitory.

"Today, wear clothes that are easy to move."

Aniais opened the door and entered the house, and soon put on a lightweight camisole and walked out.

After that, she put on the woolen hat that she liked very much hanging in the corridor, and hummed downstairs.

... After arriving on the first floor, Kagemaru, who was sleeping on the bar, opened his eyes and stared intently at the direction where Aniais was. Aniais looked around for a while, but found no one else. "Forget it, no matter." Aniais shrugged and said, "I'm leaving, Kagemaru."

The black cat jumped up lightly and rushed to the stocking cap on top of Aniesi's head, a cream-colored hair about to pop out at once. "Really, you kid...!". For some reason, Aniais's waist-long hair would branch out whenever there was a gap. Although Aniais pressed it in a panic, the dancing hair could no longer return to its original state.

Aniais' mother disappeared one day ten years ago. Her father is a gentle and loyal person, who lived with her until Aniès was fifteen years old. But he couldn't forget his wife after all, so after entrusting Anies to his brother who runs the coffee shop, he embarked on a journey to find his wife.

Now Aniais has fully understood the feelings of the two parents. Mom must also love each other deeply, just like Dad.

"Huh, what should I choose..."

Aniais felt that there must be a lot of open-air shops along the port market, so she came here, but she actually didn't think about what to buy. It would be nice to test my uncle's preferences beforehand...Anies couldn't help thinking like this.

Just when Aniais was not in her thoughts, a huge guided bus flew in front of her.

The large bus that deviated from the lane slammed into the isolation zone and would drive on the side of Aniesi, that is, a truck that was in the opposite direction of the bus was completely dented.

The brilliant green car body shone in the sun, and the twisted tires flew into the air.

"The driver is dead..."

Seeing the bus rebounding in the air, Aniais thought indifferently.

Her mind was extremely confused, but she also maintained an unprecedented level of calmness. When this huge metal block falls to the ground, the gentleman in the front row and the pregnant woman by the window will probably die...


Kagemaru suddenly opened its golden eyes, as if responding to Anias, and Anias' eyes widened.

The crowd screamed mournfully, rushing to escape from the scene of the accident. Four golden eyes are watching the world silently.

One... another... Edwin tried to rescue the surviving passengers one after another. As the bus landed in the corner of the market, the scene was very chaotic. Even worse, the truck that was hit seemed to be carrying some flammable items. Edwin coughed violently as a gust of hot air that could burn the skin mingled with smoke.

But... you must stick to it! Edwin thought so. Because there are still survivors inside!

"help me……"

"Don't be afraid! It doesn't matter, hold my hand although the window is small, but I will pull you up!"

"No way...I have a child in my stomach..."

"What, what!?"

Edwin couldn't help screaming.

"I'm only nineteen years old! How can we cope with this situation! ? 』

Although he was thinking like this in his heart, he was desperately saying "Please wait a moment", hoping to calm down the other party.

Edwin stood up and looked back, only to see several guided vehicles collided together because of the impact, and they had stopped on the road. Brighton and others have long forgotten about the interview work and are taking care of the rescued passengers. The sound of police sirens came from a distance, I am afraid that the ambulance finally arrived...

"Edwin, you come down first!"

At this moment, Brighton shouted suddenly.

"The truck is filled with gunpowder, it will explode!"

"I won't come down!"

For some reason, Edwin suddenly felt angry after answering.

Why does this kind of accident happen! ? At this time, why can't everyone help out! ?

"...More importantly, why are you running away, Anies..."

Edwin felt that after seeing herself at that time, Aniece fled in a panic. In fact, Edwin was not angry with her, a bus suddenly flew in front of her, and the average girl would definitely run away. But for some reason, it was difficult for him to accept it.

"...Why did you want to run away! Aniès!!"

"Idiot, who did you say escaped!"

At this moment, Edwin was soaked in a bucket of cold water.

It's Anies. Aniais with blue eyes shining brightly was panting lightly while carrying a plastic bucket.

...... This must be borrowed from the fish seller, a fishy smell.

"Little guy, you are really desperate, leave it to us next!"

"Come on everyone!"

A group of fishermen and fish sellers carried buckets, rushed forward from behind Aniais, and kept pouring water to put out the fire.

That's it! This is the port... Edwin suddenly realized this. I saw Aniesi's curly hair fluttering lightly, and she was calmly giving instructions to everyone-"Next!", "Go and borrow an axe!"

"Really... This guy was going..."

"Edwin...! Get out of there! There is a pregnant woman inside, right?"

Aniais climbed onto the car body, took the woman's hand, and kept saying to encourage her.

"If Edwin hadn't come, maybe it would have been easier."

"What's this!" Edwin exclaimed dissatisfiedly.

"Nothing." The cream-haired girl finally smiled at ease. Edwin... really slow.

After sunset, only the sound of a hip flask was left in the silent shop. Due to the personal preference of Aniais' uncle, this coffee shop also serves alcohol in the evening.

Suddenly, there was a door bang, which broke the tranquility of the night. It must be Edwin. Aniais thought so, without even lifting her head.

"...What's the situation?"

"Oh! Everyone's lives are fine!"

Edwin relayed the words of the police station and the hospital to Aniais. Except for the dead driver, the others suffered only minor burns and abrasions. In terms of such a major accident, this can already be considered a miracle. The fact that the casualties can be suppressed to such an extent is due to the timely rescue work.

"As for the cause of the accident, it is actually..."

"The driver died suddenly for some reason, causing the bus to lose control, right?"

"You... why would you know!?"

Aniais shrugged and raised the volume of the Doli Radio. Just listen to the announcer who is introducing the outline of the traffic accident and the cause of it.

"By the way, Edwin, you are really not suitable for being a reporter."

Aniais felt that the Angel of Justice was definitely more suitable for Edwin.

"Give me a glass of premium whiskey!"

Edwin rubbed his hands and cast a sharp gaze at Aniais.

"Okay, okay, I'll pour you a cup of ice tea. Don't be so handsome if you can't drink enough, Edwin."

Having said that...Why did that driver die? But the announcer on the radio has already started reporting another traffic accident.

The recent traffic accidents seem to be a bit frequent...

Aniais thought so, and picked up a new cup.

Soon it will be July 4th. Edwin Arnold will face a memorable task-a press conference for the first interview in his life.

Having said that, it is just a favor of the Political Department. The cultural giant Wei Baharut died suddenly last month. The issue of his heritage is very complicated and has attracted a lot of attention in the society.

"...Well, his only adopted son died due to a flood shortly after his death."

Edwin whispered to himself while struggling to pedal his bicycle.

"It's about to reach the uphill road of Cromwell Street. Let's rush up today!"

Edwin spoke out of determination in full force.

"...So, in this situation, Wibaharut’s friend and director should inherit his inheritance.
But there are rumors that the death of the adopted son in an accident was actually due to the conspiracy of the two...! "

"Hmph, that kind of rumors are not surprising."

"So, what was the result?...Is the rumors actually true!?"

"How would I know."

Aniais looked at the scenery slowly passing in front of her eyes, and replied softly. The vibration caused by the pedals can even be felt by Aniesi, who is sitting on the back seat of the bicycle holding the incubator.

Represented by Edwin’s boss, Brad, many Eaton employees like to drink coffee, so Aniesi will go there once a week to send everyone an exclusive coffee made by her uncle.

Although takeaway services are only done when they are interested, Aniès does not hate this kind of work.

... But Edwin said that he insisted on sending himself to the past, which was really over-enthusiastic and a little annoying.

"By the way, Edwin, are you still trying to get that cooking column?"

"Well... Although we have to wait until next month, there should still be a chance.... Now I am writing a new report. After all, the menu that I introduced still needs to be in season."

"Even if you are a journalist of justice, you have to start from the cooking column at first.~"

Whenever she chats with Edwin like this, Aniais feels very calm, the curls on her head dance with the breeze, and the sleepy-eyed Kagemaru gently meows on her head.
"Tsk tusk tusk... you really don't understand anything. Think about it, the cooking column is actually great! The report I wrote can enrich everyone's dining table.... If this can make them feel relaxed and happy... !"

Edwin stomped on the pedals of the bicycle with all his strength and shouted:

"Isn't that...really great justice!?"

The bicycle finally crossed the uphill road, and under the pull of gravity, it began to slide forward automatically.

Edwin didn't seem to notice Aniais's exclamation, and with a happy cheer from him, the bicycle rushed out. Driven by the wind, the car glided on the slope, getting faster and faster.

"...This kind of refreshment must be a commendation to Edwin who worked hard."

Aniais thought to herself while holding the woolen cap that was almost blown off by the wind.

Yes, this is not an accident. Edwin always thought attentively about what was in front of him, and moved forward unswervingly toward his goal.

... His positive attitude even made Anias feel a little ashamed.

"...Speaking of the incident just now..."

"Huh? What do you mean!?"

"It's Vebharut's legacy. Isn't there a rumor that the first heir was killed?" In order to silence the wind, Aniais raised her voice.

"If there is confidence that will never let things be revealed, maybe someone will do that kind of thing!!"

"So..." Edwin nodded in agreement.

"Okay! At today's reception, I will ask questions!"

"...Really, how can you directly ask about this kind of thing."

Edwin was innocent and almost dull, but because of this, Aniais was able to associate with him at ease. After confirming that Edwin did not look at her, she revealed a bright smiling face that would never be shown in front of others.

Today Edwin will grow up again, although he may be confused in the future, but he will still move toward his goal unswervingly.

It would be great if I could keep up with him...


"...What are you doing?"

"If something happens, you must find me! After all, I am a justice reporter!"

Edwin's hearty laughter echoed under the clear sky.

After sending Anies to the news agency, Edwin led the senior reporters to the largest assembly hall in Ancavill. A reception meeting will be held here today to discuss the treatment plan of Wei Baharut's huge legacy.

"Okay! Let's start the interview!"

Edwin followed the instructions of the seniors and quickly went to the reception room to grab a place, but when he reacted, he found that he was walking around in an unfamiliar corridor.

"What is this place!? Why can't I find the interview room?"

Edwin gradually became impatient, he quickened his pace, pushed open the doors in the corridor one by one, and went inside to check the conditions inside.

Edwin searched for a long time, but the opposite of the door was either a storage room or another corridor. If Aniais saw his embarrassment now, she would definitely show a look of dissatisfaction and sarcastically. But Edwin continued to search very seriously.

There was a broadcast sound from nowhere, informing that the reception meeting would start in twenty minutes.

"...Oh, it's troublesome now."

Edwin finally started to worry, he forcefully opened a door in gold that said "Lounge105At the door, I saw a man in the room wearing a high-end suit and tie, who was about 35 years old or older.

"...Oh, it seems that the interview time hasn't arrived yet?"

Edwin was dumbfounded. This man... is the one who posted the photo in the editorial department. He is neither the friend of Wei Baharut nor the chairman of the relevant consortium, but he managed the property for Wei Baharut before his death. He is now worrying about how to deal with the issue of inheritance. The key person to whom to hand over to the inheritance-the property manager Harcus Montegne!

So Edwin completely ignored Montegne's question and asked directly—

"...I am Edwin from Eaton News Agency. Can you accept my interview now about the content of today's reception!?"

Although Edwin didn't say "This is my exclusive news!", the abrupt request fully expressed this meaning. It was really stunned, but he was obviously serious.

"As for his estate distribution plan, the two gentlemen have to discuss and decide. I am only a tax collector, not a legal expert."

Perhaps it is also due to the factors of affection, Montegne was interviewed. He leaned on the black leather seat with comfortable cushions and replied.

"In terms of money, it is basically equal to the two sides. But in addition, the inheritance also includes land and art. I think neither of them will easily give in."

"The amount of inheritance is amazing, right? Does any of them want to monopolize the property?"

"No comment, I don't know the answer to this question."

"That... do you know anything about the death of the original first heir, the adopted son of Mr. Vebaharut last month...?"


The scene suddenly fell silent. Montegne, who had been answering questions fluently and freely before this, suddenly became like a stone statue and said nothing.

"...Oops, did you offend him? This kind of question seems too gossip! 』

Just when Edwin realized that he was a bit of a mistake, Montegne's right hand moved lightly. He first knocked on the table with his middle finger, and then used his index finger to hold his temple gracefully.

Edwin didn't understand the meaning of this action at all.

"I want to say a few words from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will treat this interview as an informal meeting between us, and don't publish it. Actually...I am not interested in his legacy."

Montegne continued:

"Although the amount of Veba Harut's estate is indeed amazing, I don't think it is worth killing."

"Did you know? Actually, there are things in this world that surpass human cognition and are far more valuable than property. For example... the "magic" family."

Most reporters went out for interviews, and the editorial office was very quiet. While adding coffee to the few people left behind, Aniesi quietly looked around the room.

Looking at the manuscripts left on the table, and the large number of memos with countless spelling mistakes posted on the wall, Aniès's mind has already reflected the general situation of Eaton News Agency tomorrow.

It seems that there is no chance for Edwin to perform for the time being, and there seems to be another accident somewhere. The recent accidents are really frequent... Suddenly, Aniais stopped her gaze on the photo posted in front of her.

"That... Editor-in-chief Chen, may I ask if this person is...?"

Although the editorial department prohibits outsiders from entering, the editor-in-chief Chen, who is always nagging, has never blamed Anies. He turned his head and glanced, and replied, "That's the manager of the property of Wei Baharut."

This photo seems to have been taken during the reception two days ago. For some reason, this man who looked like a capable business man made Aniais instinctively feel a sense of disgust.

"...This man may kill me, he may already know who I am..."

Montegne's words are like this-in the distant past, in the creation era recorded in the sacred scriptures, humans have the ability to use magic at will. But after a long time, it gradually lost this power. Nowadays, human beings can only use magic through the force guiding device. In everyone's eyes, this is already a normal thing.

But a certain group of humans secretly inherited their long-lost magical abilities...They are the so-called "magic". They still exist in this world today, and have fully integrated into the society of ordinary people.

"Don't you believe it? Forget it, it's no wonder that... I think there is a magician in this city."

"Hehe... maybe that person is by your side."

"By the way, if it's really as you think, Mr. Webharut's adopted son was killed by a method absolutely unknown... Then maybe it was done by a magician..."

In the end, Montegne urged Edwin again and again: "Never divulge these words to anyone, even your close relatives. Otherwise...the next deceased will probably be you and me."

Edwin has been a naughty but innocent child since he was a child. When he was about fourteen or fifteen years old, he happened to see a report by a journalist in a certain local magazine exposing a major politician's evil deeds.

The politicians who harmed others and benefited themselves were exposed to imperfect exposure and had to step down.

Afterwards, the reporter said nonchalantly:

"It is our reporter's duty to investigate all injustices and unsolved mysteries in the world and inform the public about them."

Since then, Edwin has regarded exposing the hypocrisy and ambiguous mysteries around him as his own justice.


If there are such strange guys of unknown origin, I will definitely tear off their disguise by myself!

"... Edwin, are you there?"

The editorial department was still noisy as usual, and Aniais poked her head out and asked in a low voice. Edwin seems to be very busy recently. He has never been to the coffee shop or asked her to help proofread the manuscript. What is he doing?

"Ah, are here."

Edwin, who had originally sat in his seat and wrote that he didn't know what it was, stood up after hearing the words, and then immediately looked back nervously at the manuscript on the table, which was the draft of the interview report.

Aniès scanned the content of the manuscript, which seems to be related to Wei Baharut's estate disposal plan. There is also Brighton's note in the article-asking Edwin to carefully record the estate distribution plan determined at the reception, the opinions of the property manager Montegne, and the situation of a girl wearing a ribbon. In addition, we must carefully organize the director’s experience.

Although two spelling errors were found, Aniais did not say anything.

She faintly felt that the other person's attitude was a little cold, and she wanted to tease Edwin as a joke when Edwin came to the store next time.

"I'm here to deliver the food, and I brought you lunch by the way....You haven't eaten yet?"

"Oh, thank you very much, Aniais, you are too late!"

Edwin only left the sentence "I'm going out for an interview", snatched the bag with the bread, and ran outside the gate.

His momentum seems abnormal...More importantly, his words and deeds seem to be very different from usual.

This abnormal sensation caused Aniais to have the illusion that Edwin disappeared from her sight instantly, and she felt a slight dizziness.

...What's going on, this feeling is...

Anias cast a confused look at Brighton and Carly, but the two who should have understood the situation just shrugged and showed the same expression to Anias. The expression was full of anxiety, confusion, and confusion.

……What exactly is going on?

What is Edwin doing...?

After returning to the coffee shop from the news agency, Aniais still couldn't calm down... Edwin is so strange, he is usually very simple, and he can see through it at a glance!

In order to adjust her mood, Aniès wiped the bar and arranged the cups, spoons, cutlery and plates neatly. But even if she did, she couldn't calm her mood. There is only one guest in the store, and that is Grandpa Paddy who lives nearby. He is sitting at the table and chatting happily with his uncle. I saw Grandpa Paddy waved to himself, and Aniais also gently raised his hand, which was regarded as a response.

"...Kagemaru, do you know anything?"

Always slept in a fixed position on the bar counter-Kagemaru at the left front of Edwin's seat, after hearing Aniais' inquiry, only responded with a sleepy gaze... How could Kagemaru know? .

Aniais reached for the stocking cap, but stopped as soon as he reached halfway through—I'm just looking for Edwin now. I'm sure I can't find Edwin's. After all, he is riding a bicycle, and the momentum is so fast. So she took out an old set of tarot cards from the drawer.

......Should use this one.

The ability to use the Tarot card to occupy the tokens so as to find the lost items is not within the taboo range, so Aniais often uses it to occupy the tokens for regular customers. Compared to praise like "Wow! So accurate!", it makes Aniais more happy to be able to use her abilities happily.

However, it is taboo behavior to occupy for oneself. Because although many things can be learned through divination, the occultists also have to bear the corresponding risks...

But... Aniais still untied the strap that was holding the tarot cards.

——Edwin is too weird today, it is too weird.

Aniais took a deep breath, then folded her fingers and placed her hand on the tarot card. As long as you do this, you can understand something to some extent.

Aniais thought so, her mind miraculously calmed down...

"……big sister!"


A cute little girl who looked about ten years old came to her at some point. When did she come in

Aniais removed her hand from the tarot card and asked what was the matter with the girl wearing the red ribbon.

"Big sister, are you divination? Can you divination for me...?"

The girl who called herself Tisse said there was something she wanted to know anyway.

"My dad... is doing a dangerous job, please tell me... can he succeed smoothly..."

Tisse seemed a little shy, twisted when talking.

"This one……"

Hmm... is it a kid who lives nearby? But I have never seen it before.

Aniais felt that the little girl's request was a godsend. There are some worries about using abilities for oneself, but as long as you make a speculation when you are taking possession of others, you can...

"...Well, let’s make a special exception today, and I will occupy this for you once."

"Wow! Really?"

"I never lie, of course, my tarot cards are the same."

This girl named Tisse seemed to be younger than she looked, and the meaning of each card had to be clarified one by one. Aniais and Tisai sat side by side on the seats in front of the bar, flipping the tarot cards while explaining the meaning to her. As for the result... well, it doesn't seem to be bad.

"As far as I can see...Tisse's father is very smooth at work, and he will be able to complete the goal soon. It must be no problem."

Aniais laughed.

After listening to Aniais's words, Tisse gave a bright smile and thanked him. But in Aniais's opinion, it is himself who should be thanked.

The previous irritability had miraculously disappeared, and Aniais finally recovered her usual self. Tisse went out, the wind chimes hanging on the door jingled. Aniais kept waving to each other until Tisse's figure disappeared completely.

......Okay, let's start to take Edwin's battle. Aniais returned to her seat and flipped the cards carefully. Although some sweat oozes out of the palm of the hand, there is no problem. "It must be no problem," Aniais whispered.

Aniais has decided on the way to formally take time, that is, with a strong mind, only flip one card. For Aniais, this is the most reliable method of divination.

"Edwin, what are you doing...?"

"Big sister! A card has fallen off!"

I don't know when, Tisse returned to his side. I saw that she picked up a tarot card from the floor and handed it to Aniais. After thanking him, Aniesi accepted the card, but after only one glance, she was completely stunned.

——DEATH, which is the god of death.

Aniais only felt that the sky was spinning, and she didn't even know when the girl went quietly.

The dripping sound of the tap stopped

The Tarot cards on the left of Aniais suddenly moved quietly, floating one by one in the air. But she didn't notice them at all, just staring at the death card intently.

Boom! A heavy shock made Aniais come back to her senses...Kagemaru? I saw it jump on top of Aniesi's head. At the same time, the tarot cards that lost their power fell to the ground one after another.

Kagemaru leaped back to the bar lightly and looked at Aniais with sleepy eyes, as if asking "What are you doing?"

"I, I'm fine, I'm just a little surprised..."

Aniais said while sorting out the tarot cards scattered on the ground. Fortunately, both Uncle and Grandpa Paddy didn't notice what happened just now, but it was really dangerous this time... It's better to just stop here. Forget what happened just now and go back to work as soon as possible.


Aniais put the death card on the bar, and flipped another tarot card. The same thing cannot be accounted for twice in a row, so this time the fortune-telling is "what Edwin is tracking this week."

"...Zizi...Next, I will continue to broadcast the next message about the traffic accident that occurred at about 1:40 pm today..."

…Perhaps because Zhan’s power was too strong, the guidance radio suddenly started on its own.

Aniais uneasyly turned over the tarot card, and the result was the inverse of the "sun", that is, the "darkness"...

Aniais also noticed that the recent accidents are indeed too frequent. In other words, this series of accidents has some connection with the "darkness". And Edwin learned the truth in some way, and is now preparing to face the "darkness" alone...


Kagemaru, with a sleeping face, suddenly warned.

"I know! Uncle and Grandpa Paddy didn't notice it anyway!"

Aniais dispelled the idea of taking another one. If you want to know Edwin's whereabouts, it should be the easiest way to ask someone from the news agency. Aniais turned on the communicator next to the clock and dialed the number of Eaton News Agency.

"Hello, this is Eaton News Agency."

"...Ah, Mr. Brighton, sorry..."

Edwin went out for an interview in the morning. Do you know where he is going? "

"Edwin? Haha...what are you talking about? Edwin has been sitting in his seat and working honestly from early morning until now."

Aniais' face turned pale in an instant. Edwin sits in place...? wrong! That is definitely not him!

Suddenly there was a loud noise on the street, and saw a motorbike that had been smashed into an arc in the air. The man driving the motorbike seemed to have died before falling to the ground. But Uncle and Grandpa Paddy didn't stop talking and laughing. They didn't even twist their heads, as if they were completely unaware.

Aniais had no idea what was happening now, and she felt that the whole world was tilting and shaking. Aniais squatted helplessly, feeling for the first time that there was a terrible force surging in the city in the dark.

...I have to stand up...

Aniais saw the death card on the table. She can believe this now.

After waiting for the big bell to ring twice, Anies slipped out of the room quietly. With the moonlight shining in from outside, she crossed the dim bar and came to the gate. After opening the inner lock, he stepped into the cold night.

After the daytime accident, Aniais draws another tarot card. The content of the divination is "When should I act?" The result of the divination is the Pope, which is two o'clock in the morning. No problem, Edwin will be fine. Aniais thought so. As long as we set off at two o'clock in the morning, Edwin will be rescued smoothly. Suddenly, Aniais found her hands trembling.

Can't act now! If the timing is wrong, Edwin will definitely die because of it. You can't do anything now, and you have to wait patiently until two o'clock in the morning anyway.


Kagemaru jumped on top of Aniais' head, it was much heavier than it looked. It must be because it is so delicious and lazy, that's why it grows so fat. However, this kind of weight can make Aniais come back from her memories...

Looking up at the bright full moon hanging in the sky, Aniais quickly took a deep breath. "……lets go."

It seems to be in good condition. After closing her eyes and feeling the stagnation of Qiyao flowing under the ground in the city, Aniais embarked on a night road full of unknowns.

... "Darkness" must be ahead.

The night in the city of Ancaville is very cold even in the midsummer season, not to mention at this time. Therefore, Aniais deliberately put on a thin white sweater.

Moonlight gleams on Aniesi's cream-colored hair, and the Cui Yao stone necklace hung on her chest keeps making slight ding ding dong dong with her steps.

The only thing his mother left for herself was this small stone.

Aniais can't remember her mother's face now, she only remembers that her mother used that power in front of others when she was very young, and then disappeared.

This is the iron rule of the family...

Although no one has warned, everyone understands the meaning of this iron rule. Because of his extremely dangerous power, he must live silently and low-key without being noticed by anyone.

It didn't take long for Aniais to cross the city and came to a huge hill. A pile of black tombstones lined up neatly, extending to the top of the hill, it seems that this is a cemetery. And in front, something seemed to be moving staggeringly.

……found it! It's Edwin!

It can't be wrong, Edwin was wearing a jacket that was burned with holes in that traffic accident. Obviously, I told him many times and told him to hurry up and buy a new one, but he is still wearing it now!

Aniais fell down and hugged Kagemaru on her head in her arms. What should I do next...I knew that, maybe I should dress more inconspicuously...

Murderous intent must be ambush ahead, ready to take Edwin's life. Anias took a deep breath, carefully calculated the distance to Edwin, and sneaked into the darkness.

Edwin seems to be following someone, and that awkward tracking method makes Aniesi feel angry—really! If you continue like this, you will definitely be discovered!

Due to her location, Aniais could not see the people Edwin was following. In this way, she has been following to the top of the hill without incident.

The scene before him seemed strange, Aniais thought to himself. Edwin has given up hiding and is talking face to face with someone...

"Sorry, I lost it again..."

"Forget it, there is no way."

"Damn it! I thought I could succeed tonight... But, Mr. Montegne, was that girl really created by the "magic"?"

"Absolutely yes, it was an "evil spirit" created by enclosing evil power in the outer skin of human beings. After you investigate, you should be clear? Whenever an accident occurs, the girl will definitely appear in the accident. Live." The man waved his right hand in front of Edwin.

"It will cut diagonally at the heart in this way, killing people. Evil spirits will make the scene abnormal, and only the "magic" can detect its breath."

"Huh, that's it..."

"You still seem to be skeptical, that's fine... Hehe, in that case, I will tell you one more interesting thing."

The man whispered in Edwin's ear. For some reason, Aniais could hear clearly in the moonlight.

"As long as you kill the magician, you can take its power away."

At this moment, Aniais suddenly ran into the weed on hand and made a loud rustling noise. Aniais secretly said that it was bad, desperately suppressing the intense dizziness.

Kill the magician... That's it, it seems that I have completely caught the trap of the man's property manager Harcus Montenegro!

"Hey, Aniès...? Why are you in such a place? Do you know what time it is now!?"

... Edwin is really slow. But he really helped himself a lot in this way.

Aniais had made up her mind. She stood up and ignored Edwin, but cast a sharp gaze at Montenegro.

"...You targeted me from the beginning, right?"

"But I didn't expect that the target would be such a young lady."

"It's killed so many people for such a meaningless goal!"

"It's not a "meaningless goal". I am not a real magician. If you want to gain power, there is only one way."

"——Edwin!! Get away from there!!"

Aniais rushed towards Montegne. There is still some distance away from him...Anyway, he must be led away from Edwin! !

However, Kagemaru, who rushed out with Aniais, suddenly turned around and turned back on the way, and warned loudly, "Meow!"


Anies' ankle was suddenly kicked severely by an invisible force and fell to the ground on the spot. She felt severe pain, so she reached out to touch it, and a blood arrow shot out from her thigh. Something seemed to be penetrated... At this moment, a burst of immature laughter came from behind. Aniais looked back and saw the lovely red ribbon fluttering in the wind.

"You are... Tisse who came to the shop during the day!?"

"Will Dad's work go well... Will Dad's work go well..."

Tisse's snow-white skin kept undulating, and under his skin, something seemed to be squirming...

"She's my daughter...well, right?"

"Edwin!! Get away from that person!!"

Aniais exhausted all her strength and screamed desperately. Edwin, who had been at a loss before, finally understood the situation.

"Your daughter!? Isn't that the "evil spirit" we have been hunting for the past week!?"

"Montenegro... so you are a magician!!"

Edwin shouted.

No... not so, Aniais secretly said in her heart. This person is not a real magician, he is just controlling the power that he has captured...

——Veba Harut, who has died, is the real magician!

"Run away!! Edwin...!!! Run away from here!!"

All Aniais could do was yelling.

Montenegro raised his right hand high, as if to say—Next, please witness my magic with your own eyes!

"Edwin, thank you for helping me bring her. However, the curtain call is about to come, and you are ready to become part of my strength."

Montenegro flicked with his white fingers, and a crisp sound burst into Edwin's ear.


Edwin rolled his eyes and fainted.

Hmm...what is that guy doing? Edwin thought so in vague consciousness.

Edwin seemed to see Aniais crying. As she sobbed, she jumped on and hit something uncontrollably. But Aniais, who attacked with selflessness, was quickly bounced off, which was not a fight at all.

"Why is this... that guy is better than me in fighting..."

Aniais exuded a white brilliance and looked shining, but Edwin didn't find it strange at all, but felt that today's Aniais was extremely natural.

"...Big brother, I found you! Come here soon! 』

A girl wearing a ribbon appeared in Edwin's consciousness.

"Come on! Let's go help Dad together! 』

The girl's arms are thin and cold, but they are powerful. Edwin, who was holding his arm in pain, couldn't bear the pain, and he couldn't help but cried out.

"...Hey...Wait, wait a minute, you...! 』

"Dad wants to gain new power as soon as possible, Tisse wants to help Dad realize his wish! Okay, hurry up! 』

This child... is an evil spirit in human skin. This is what the man named Montegne told himself. But Edwin couldn't believe that the girl in front of him was an evil spirit after all.

"...Mr. Montegne is actually not your real father, right? 』

Edwin awkwardly made a V gesture and continued. ...If you want to find the real dad, I can help you investigate. Because I am a reporter for justice...

"Edwin! Edwin...!!!"

If he was treated immediately, he might still be saved. Aniais suddenly thought of it.

Immediately rush to Edwin's side, there may be hope! !

...However, Montegne's mighty power prevented Anias from achieving her wish. Aniais was hit hard from the side by a completely invisible cylindrical object, and her body flew far away like a kite with a broken line, and fell to the ground feebly all over her body.

...... There is no hope... It's completely too late...

Thinking of this, Aniais, who had no power to stand, couldn't bear it anymore, and tears burst into her eyes.

Kagemaru rushed over and kept yelling to make Aniais run away, but Aniais had completely lost her mind and did not notice Kagemaru at all.

-Edwin! Why is this happening! ?

Edwin has always been the only one who accompanies Anais. Aniais will keep a certain distance from anyone, except for Edwin. When I am with him, I feel happy from the bottom of my heart, even to the extent that I must try my best to hide it.

Ahhh! My only friend Edwin...!

"Hahahaha! Great!"

Montegne turned his back to the full moon and came to the hill.

"You are my second prey... Hehe, the magician really has inestimable value."

"At the beginning I only got this power by chance, but as long as I hunt you down one by one, I can gain unlimited power...As for the lives of those who rush to pass the time, there are so many people!"

Montegne laughed wildly.

"The so-called "magic" is a group of people who have infinite desires and continue to satisfy these desires. This is simply the power of magic!"

Evil Greyhound stopped moving, her body's epidermis undulated violently, and something seemed to be moving violently under her skin. Finally, something broke out, and it seemed that even the night became darker because of it. This is the magic of Montegne.

"Oh, has the skin reached its limit? There is no way."

Montegne said nonchalantly, stroking the dark breath surrounding him.

"Torturing others with this kind of power will make me enjoy it. Finally, let me finish you off with my own hands. I will definitely grind you into meat sauce. Hurry up and have a good time together!!!"

Aniais had given up hope, she only said three words-"Murder".

Montegne, who was becoming more and more intoxicated by the black air, burst into laughter when he heard the words.

"Don't you think it is ridiculous that you should say this? It is this kind of power that drives me to do these things! In the final analysis, everything is caused by you magicians!"

The full moon in front of Aniais suddenly disappeared, and a dark mist came down from the hill and enveloped her.

…Yes, as he said. The power of the "magic" itself is a curse, and it will surely make people around him suffer misfortune. Therefore, no matter what the circumstances, the magician can not reveal his true identity.

"Edwin, I'm originally dreamed of becoming a reporter for justice..."

Aniais closed her eyes quietly.

After releasing the magic power, Montegne became more excited.

"It's so happy to get this kind of power. I want to torture others!! I want to kill as much as I want!! Ah ah!!! I can't stand it already!! I can't stand it anymore!! It's what drove me to do this! This kind of power! You magicians are to blame for all this!"

The power of pitch black passed through the cemetery like a gust of wind, easily smashing the tombstones where it passed, and blasted against Aniais' body fiercely.

But the boy's roar also sounded at the same time--

"It's not like that!!"

Edwin stood up. He was wearing the burnt-to-tatter jacket, and he carried the worn-out briefcase that he usually used.

"Of course the person who committed the evil is not right! Don't put all the blame on the inexplicable things like magic!!"

In the moonlight, there are countless confetti flying around Edwin. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a manuscript that had been broken into pieces. The manuscripts seemed to have been hit hard by the dark power, and they were completely shattered into paper scraps, flying out of the bag one after another.

Seeing this scene, Aniais, who had been completely absent, was stunned in surprise.

"... Ai, Edwin!? Why are you... safe...!?"

"Hey, Anies, have you forgotten? I don't usually tell you! If you encounter difficulties, you can call me anytime! Because I am a reporter for justice!!!"

Edwin kept pointing his thumb at himself and yelled loudly.

It seems that this is the first time Aniais has seen such a handsome Edwin. Although she has countless things to say, she can't even say a word when she reaches her mouth.

"That's it, I will teach you a lesson now! The interview will not start until I have beaten enough! Montegne!!"

"Why are you kidding me!! Why can that kind of broken bag block my attack......and more importantly...Why are you still alive!?"

Edwin didn't hesitate, and rushed up immediately.

"Ahhh! What is he doing!?" Aniais thought.

But think about it carefully, Edwin was originally such a person, and he has always implemented his beliefs unswervingly.

Edwin obviously didn't believe in so-called magic, and until now, he didn't know how dangerous that terrible power was. But he did not simply and rudely identify it as "impossible" or "the power of curse", but slowly investigated step by step, allowing himself to gradually understand and accept the truth.

... Edwin is such a boy, although he is always so reckless.


"Do you really want to do this?"

After hiding in the briefcase before, Kagemaru, who had hidden the dark power, stared at her jet-black eyes and asked.

"Well, I don't want to keep this from Edwin, I want him to see who he is."

Aniais looked up at the sky...tonight is a full moon.

The cream-colored hair danced without wind, and the girl's hands burst into dazzling light.

Edwin Arnold hadn't won the girl even once, at least he didn't remember that he had won.

Edwin is very confident in his abilities, and his mind is still smart, but...from the moment he first met, until today, he has failed so simply and completely every time, and he didn't even have a chance to groan. .

Yes, it has been the same since that day two years ago.

As for the future, there will probably not be any changes.

In the light of the sky, everything flew up and floated to the sky.

Edwin was also dancing in it.

The girl stretched out her hand and took Edwin's wrists. In the soft light like the sun, Aniais was full of dazzling brilliance, and her cream-colored hair was burning like a white flame.

——Edwin...Thank you. During this period, I have always had a very happy life.

——Why do you suddenly say these inexplicable things... Hey? where is this place? Am I dreaming?

——Haha... Edwin, you are so slow. Although you will definitely forget what happened today, I still have something to say to you.

Aniais smiled slightly. The word "happiness" seems to be suitable to describe her current expression. This is a smiling face that she has never shown before, and will never show anyone.

——Actually I am a magician. This is what I really look like, Edwin.

Edwin can no longer remember whether he felt shocked or accepted at the time. However, Aniais is smart, fights fiercely, and is very intuitive, as if she knows everything. "Huh, even if it's really a magician, it's not surprising"... Today Edwin thought like this.

"That's it, it's Anies! Okay, get me a glass of premium whiskey!"

If Aniais is still there, she will definitely bring a cup of ice tea in silence. But her figure has completely disappeared from Ankaville City.

Unknowingly, the treatment has ended smoothly, and Edwin's two broken ribs have completely recovered. After being discharged from the hospital, he boarded a long-distance bus bound for the capital.

I originally wanted to go there by bike, but the capital was far away after all. In addition, considering future actions, it is obviously better to take a bus.

Montegne has been arrested on suspicion of killing Veba Harut. As for Tisse, who was excavated from the grave by Montegne, related personnel have investigated her life experience and officially buried her. There shouldn't be frequent accidents in the future... Leaning on the bumpy bus, Edwin silently thought about the future.

The people in the city completely forgot what happened on that day. No one knew when the girl disappeared. Even Edwin himself had a hard time remembering what happened that night, so he could only mutter to himself and think hard every day.

Recently, he finally remembered a little bit.

At that time, Aniais seemed to leave such a noteworthy sentence at the end--

"If Edwin is not a reporter, we can meet again in the future. 』

"Hey! what does this mean! ? 』

"Because... isn't the job of a reporter to track down all the unexplained mysteries? 』

Aniais touched the Cui Yao Shi on her chest, seemingly unspeakable.

"But Edwin is too slow, I can't even understand my heart..."

", I must be a justice reporter."

Edwin sitting by the window opened the notes and looked up the next plan. Being a freelance journalist seems to be more difficult than imagined. Even Brighton, who trained Edwin, often sighed.

"But... Aniais said something like that to me at the time, how can I not care! I won't be able to meet again in the future? I don't believe it!"
"...So, I will definitely continue to work as a journalist and meet you again as a journalist."

"Wait and see! Aniais, I will definitely find you!!"

The gale whispered and howled in the vast grassland. The wind in Kalvard was very strong, and the girl who was sitting in the window seat of the same bus that day also whispered, "What a strong wind." She held her cheek in her hand, her cream-colored hair dancing happily in the sun. The girls who came to Ankaville were always basked in the sun.

Thinking of this, Edwin couldn't help laughing softly. Shouldn't justice reporters only believe in the facts they have seen with their own eyes?

The bus drove on the gravel road, and the clear sky in August was vast.


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