Card Technician Jack

An exciting duel.

-The Republic of Kalvard.

There is a street in this country, which was built by immigrants from the East because they missed their hometown and imitated it. This street, commonly known as "Oriental Street", is always filled with the vitality and enthusiasm of the residents.

On the main road where the old Doli bus passes, a row of oriental food vendors exudes the flavor of spices. In order to attract tourists, the vendors are eager to sell them. There are also all kinds of people going back and forth on the road.

The intersection of Eastern and Western cultures──

As this sentence says, it is indeed like this here.

At the northern end of this town, there is a dilapidated tavern. It was supposed to be built in an oriental style, but now the white walls are peeling off everywhere, and there is not even a door that can be closed properly. However, although the shop is old, customers still keep going. It has become a gathering place for criminals and gangsters.

"Hey... I'm sorry, I won again!"

A hoarse voice echoed in the dusty store.

The speaker's name is Jack. He is in his early 30s and is a man of medium build. He was wearing a shirt with a collar. The most important collar was ruffled and lifeless like seaweed, but it was already his best clothes. On the other hand, others can also see at a glance how valuable the accessories he wears; like the blue-emitting eyes, they are extremely disproportionate to him. Compared with the poor hooligans around him, he really seemed a bit conspicuous.

Jack has been staying in this tavern to gamble and drink with the criminals, sometimes after a fight, and then sit down and drink, day after day.

He also took a good seat in the tavern today, and has been drinking since broad daylight. As unchanging day is about to unfold again.

——On this familiar afternoon, a sound like a scream came from the store door, and with this sound, a new customer came to the store.

The person who came in... was a strange girl.

The girl walked into the store, closing the door with her hands backwards. It doesn't seem to be the wrong place.

There was still a trace of innocence remaining on her face... no matter how she looked at it, she was 18 years old at most. Maybe it's actually only 15 or 6 years old. Judging from the dark brown eyes and hair, it may be an Oriental; but the face with a high nose bridge makes people afraid to make a statement.

The girl walked over slowly. With the steps, her lovely knees loomed in the hem of the skirt. There is not a trace of deliberately modified clothing...Compared to appearance, she must pay more attention to the convenience of sports clothing.

Therefore, the oriental style necklace she wore on her chest also looked like a tasteless handicraft. ...The lack of weight is also one of the reasons. If you want to show the charm of women, I am afraid it will take some time.

That face with both Eastern and Western characteristics, coupled with unadorned plain clothes-the girl is simply the incarnation of this Oriental Street.

There was a little gangster who immediately caught sight of the girl. "Hey, miss... How about doing something good with me?" The gangster said, and grabbed the girl's wrist with his greasy hands.

——At this moment, the girl shook off the rogue's arm with one hand. After regaining her freedom, she reached into the skirt and pulled out a dark iron block.

Seeing the weapon against the tip of his nose, the little hooligan fell to the ground.

That is a guided force gun manufactured by the Republic Urnu Company. Despite its small size, this weapon is known for its large caliber. If you open fire, the head of the little hooligan will be blasted off. ... Ordinary girls don't take this kind of thing for self-defense.

"It's the latest style. Would you like to try it?"

As if already used to this kind of thing, the girl behaved very calmly. She was holding a force gun, her muzzle motionless. Probably it was overwhelmed by the girl's aura, and the little hooligan couldn't move up and down.

The air in the tavern froze in an instant, and the surrounding eyes focused on the girl.

"Hiccup...Miss. It's enough to scare him, so let him go?"

Maybe I couldn't stand it anymore, when someone suddenly said this sentence. The voice was hoarse and slightly magnetic. ——My name is Jack.

He sat on the chair and continued with his mouth full of wine. "That guy should have been reflecting on it," said Bi and looked at the little hooligan. As if responding to him, the little hooligan nodded desperately.

"I'm here to gamble." After the girl faintly said these words, she slowly lowered her left hand holding the force gun, her expression still indifferent.

"...Okay, come here. I'll be your opponent."

It was not the girls who reacted to Jack's words, but the rascals. They looked at each other with gleeful smiles on their faces.

Jack and the girl walked to the table inside. It has been carefully polished with varnish, and it may be a place dedicated to gambling. Both of them took their seats without saying a word. Jack was leaning against the wall, and the girl and Jack sat facing each other.

The hooligans secretly looked at the two of them, seemingly concerned about who the two wins and who loses. Everyone pricked their ears, and there was a disturbing silence in the tavern.

The girl proposed to use Stud to decide the victory, and Jack accepted the final match in the third day of the day without any objection. After confirming the rules through two or three sentences, the amount of bet was finally determined. 100 mila per round--even though the money is too little to buy wine, "if the opponent is a child, this amount is just right." But Jack still made a unilateral decision like this.

The card was dealt by the little gangster just now. Jack winked at him slightly.

first round--

The two exchanged cards only once. Jack called. The girl followed the cards. Jack two pairs. A pair of girls.

——Jack won.

"Haha, sorry, miss." He poured a full glass of amber liquid into his throat in one breath.

second round--

The two exchanged cards only once. Maybe it was because it was too easy to win, Jack yawned greatly.

The girl called. Jack followed. Two pairs of girls. Jack two pairs. The size of the card...the girl's card is larger.

——The girl won.


Jack's hand playing with the wine glass stopped abruptly. Jack immediately looked at the little hooligan. The little hooligan's eyes drifted.

"what's happenin?"

The girl asked aloud. She was expressionless as if she was wearing a mask.

"No, no...nothing."

(Could it be that this guy secretly changed the cards?..................Interesting.)

——Jack's eyes changed. He coughed slightly, put the wine glass in his left hand on the table, and then coughed again. ...The little hooligan who heard the hint took the card in his hand. This means "the next time the card will be dealt normally".

The third round-

The two exchanged cards only once. Jack called. The girl followed the cards. Jack's hands are...FULL HOUSE. "Hahaha, how are you!" Jack flipped over the cards in his hand triumphantly. There was also the sound of someone snickering among the hooligan.

The girl readily spread her cards.

...Four Article 7.

It turned out that the girl won--

The tavern was suddenly silent.

As a result... the girl won. The noise from the street passed by the silent tavern.


Jack held back the smile in his heart and asked the girl. "I said, miss, where did you learn these tricks?"

The girl did not answer. But she took the cards in her hand and began to shuffle the cards with superb moves. Several cards slipped down alternately, and they were dealt 5 cards to my hand and 5 cards to Jack’s side.

"Open it," the girl said.

Jack flipped the card. Jack has four jacks, and girl has four kings.

"This is... this card dealing technique is...!"

Jack was speechless after seeing the cards.

(Jack can't beat the king.)

The word "king" echoed in his mind.

"King"-This is a generic term for a legendary gambling master who has been hailed as the strongest in the Republic but has now died. The card-dealing technique displayed by the girl is exactly the skill that the king is best at-the card-dealing technique he used to often use when teasing Jack before.

"Who on earth... are you?" Jack asked the girl in surprise.

This time, the girl finally answered Jack's question.

"You may not know who I am, but I know you exactly."

"Hello, Victory Jack."

"My name is Halu. It is the daughter of the king who was killed by you."

"...! You said you are the king's daughter!?"

He did not meet the king's daughter directly. However, Jack did have an impression of her. Because the king who loves daughters like his life always talks about her daughter, Jack's ears are about to grow calluses.

"So...the king's daughter came to kill me..."

A tense atmosphere was flowing on the scene.

"Okay, you kill me."

Jack blurted out readily. No one in the tavern expected him to say that.

"Here is the heart, take a good aim," Jack said, tapping his chest to show the girl.

The girl Halu quietly raised the force gun. The goal is of course... Jack's heart.

Halu squeezed his finger on the trigger of the force gun.

In this tavern, no one had the courage to step forward to stop her. The hooligans are all six gods and no masters, just hiding far away and commotion.

"You idiots, stop arguing!" Jack began to irritate and roared. Suddenly, the tavern was silent.

Jack gritted his teeth. The eyes were fixed on the girl.

"...Yes, my purpose is revenge."

"However, it doesn't make sense in this form."

Halu suddenly put down the force gun.

Facing Halu's unexpected behavior, Jack showed a puzzled expression. Halu looked at Jack and continued. "...In the past 3 years, I have worked hard to learn this skill."

Having said that, she threw a card at Jack. It looks like an invitation.

"I prepared a suitable stage to end this grievance. The next duel will be there."

"It's a stud showdown that you really like very much."

"The regret and misery that my father tasted...I will give back all of this."

After putting down these words, Halu left the tavern. Unsure of the girl's true intentions, Jack stayed there for a while. He picked up the card that had fallen on the floor and examined the words written on it.

"Come to the port at 10 o'clock tomorrow evening. 』

"The port...Is it? Probably not..."

An ominous premonition flashed through Jack's mind. When Jack was about to squeeze the card, a small line of signatures written on the back came into view.


Familiar handwriting... It was the name of a man Jack knew.

"……………………………………………how so."

Jack became convinced of his hunch.

The next night after Halu came to the tavern, Jack followed the card and went to the port. It is rare that he hasn't even touched a drink.

He found himself being followed. Jack knew that the man who followed him was under the man named Enrique.

"Don't worry. I will neither run nor hide."

He turned his head and shouted loudly from behind. ...But there was no response at all.

"Tsk, what a boring guy." Jack turned his head and continued walking down the quiet path.

Tonight is a new moon, and the moon is not visible. Jack can only drive the night road by the light from the street lamp. As he walked, he recalled the scene of the previous battle with the king...

Because he is too strong, he is known as the "king" legendary gambling master. He is Jack's master and Jack's biggest opponent. Seven years ago, Jack and the King launched an unprecedented battle-Jack became the victor of that battle.

The two-person battle was used as a tool for power struggles by those in power entrenched in the secrets of the Republic. The king was responsible for the failure... just like that was killed. Even indirectly, it is indeed an irrefutable fact that Jack killed the king.

After almost an hour after leaving the tavern, the view of the harbor finally appeared before his eyes.

The huge ship floated quietly on the dark sea. ...This is the ship that Jack and the King got on board 7 years ago. The hull was sprayed with pitch black paint, blending with the darkness. If you are not determined to look at it, you will not be able to perceive its existence.

Jack approached the gangway, and a small figure greeted him—Halu.

"Welcome, Victory Jack."

"I didn't expect you to come here by yourself like this."

"Hehe, I admire your courage."


If in normal times, Jack would say something casually. But tonight is different. He only glanced at Halu, and quickly got into the boat. In the light of the boat window, his faint blue eyes were shining brightly.

The sound of the siren sank into the deep darkness. Before long, the ship slowly left the pier.

The ship sailed smoothly in the darkness without a sound.

Unlike the silence of the outside world, the ship separated by a steel plate is full of lights and noise. The utensils are collected from all over the mainland, and a group of musicians are playing lively music...The light from the crystal chandeliers imported from the kingdom illuminates every corner of human desire. In the hall located in the center of the hull, the passengers after dinner were chatting with great interest.

Although they are pretending to be gentlemen reservedly, they are actually those in power who are secretly active in the underworld of the Republic. This group of people is enjoying the time between wine, food and gambling, and they will discuss which person to kill next. These members have not changed much from 7 years ago.

In the deepest part of the hall, there is a very concealed VIP seat-just like 7 years ago, a group of men appeared there. An old man was surrounded by strong bodyguards. He is the host of this in-ship party-Elder Shemlock.

The thick white beard that grows near the belly button is not only a symbol of himself, but also a symbol of authority. Although he retired from the front line many years ago, he still serves as a consultant for several organizations, and his influence has not diminished so far; he can be called a monster of the underworld.

Under the call of the elder Shamlock, the in-ship party held only once a year has become an important place for those in power to exchange information.

Among these people, there were a few who didn't feel very friendly. For example, Enrique and Waughan.

Enrique is the person who planned the second gambling game 7 years ago and this time.

He was originally a businessman who sold power tools and weapons, but after he started doing business with Oriental Street 10 years ago, he got involved in drug smuggling, quickly expanded his power, and became a newly emerging villain.

On the other hand, Worn is a villain who entrenched in this area before the appearance of Oriental Street. This person can order evil forces such as gangsters and rogues, and is the number one person in the organization.

In the past 10 years, Oriental Street has become the center of the two old and new struggles between Enrique and Waugh. The two sides did not give in to each other, did not compromise in one step, and kept repeating the confrontation of paying back the blood debts.

In this context, Enrique proposed 7 years ago to use gambling to fight the sex off. It was a big one-on-one duel between the most powerful gambling experts. He proposed to Warn that he hoped to use this victory or defeat to determine their respective spheres of influence on Oriental Street, so as to minimize unnecessary confrontation.

At first, Waugh was opposed to this plan. Of course, the continued confrontation has also suffered severe damage to his organization; however, the conservative Waughan is not a man who accepts novel ideas easily.

Therefore, Enrique changed this idea to propose to Elder Shemlock. Subsequently, the elder agreed to a duel.

The elder is also an adviser to the gang of Waughan. Now that he agreed, Worn also had to accept that duel.

The hour hand points to 11 o'clock in the evening.

The duel between Jack and Halu will start at 12 o'clock. Halu waited for that moment in Enrique's room.

"Your father died of illness 7 years ago. 』

The girl who grew up believing her mother’s statement, but learned that her father had died because of a duel three years ago.

She spends most of her time with her mother, so there are not many memories of her father.

However, because of this, her father became an irreplaceable existence, deeply imprinted in her heart.

What she remembered most clearly was the casino scene. Although her father didn't take herself often, her father's use of magic-like card skills to stun the well-dressed gentlemen was a kind of longing for her.

The last memory of my father in my memory is the scene where Halu lay on the bed, and his father held her hand and encouraged her to say "Don't worry!" Perhaps because of this memory, when her mother told her father was dead, she couldn't believe it anyway. The last father I saw was healthy as usual, and it was hard to imagine that he would soon fall ill.

Later, when she ran errands for her mother to go shopping in the town, she suddenly had the idea to walk to the casino in the alley. After accidentally hearing the gossip of the gangsters there, she immediately understood the truth of her father's death. For those who enter and exit the casino, the matchup 7 years ago is very famous.

After knowing the truth, she was dominated by only one emotion. That is the heart of revenge against Jack. She vowed to hone her skills to the realm of her father, and then began to enter and exit the casino.

And after learning about her through others, it was Enrique who approached her. He bet Jack to win seven years ago, and won the battle with Waugh; now he sees a chance to win from the king's daughter, Halu. Therefore, he proposed to reproduce the matchup that year.

This is just right for Halu. She severed contact with her mother and joined Enrique's organization. She gave up everything and tried desperately, and the incomparable talent she was born with allowed her to reach the realm of a king in only three years.

Halu quietly waited for the duel to begin. Is it three years old in the eyes—she sat on the sofa, hung her head, and sighed for a long time.

"You don't need to be too excited," Enrique said softly.

"...Don't worry. I'm not excited yet."

For a moment, a nearly melancholy expression appeared on Halu's face.

But after a while, she returned to her usual indifferent expression.

"Jack's fiasco...I just want to see him now."

After hearing what Halu said, Enrique snickered to himself. Perhaps because he firmly believed that he could win, his face was even more distorted.

Halu waited in Enrique's room. On the other hand, Jack was also sitting in front of the bar in the lobby. From there, the stage of the duel can be seen at a glance.

He ordered the wine, but did not drink a sip, just staring at the battle arena in a dream. The face remains the same, the scenery remains the same. In the process of staring, what happened 7 years ago as if it happened yesterday, kept coming to mind.

"If it's convenient, how about I buy you a drink?" someone called up behind Jack.

Jack shook his head silently without looking back. There is no need to think back about 7 years ago. He also knows exactly who made the noise. It's Waughan.

Seven years ago, the King Waughan would win. It was this man who executed the king later.

"Jack, your skill to surpass the king...I look forward to it."

Worn said only this, and then went elsewhere.

"Jack beyond the king...?"

Jack curled his lips in a mocking manner. The minute hand took another step forward. ...11:50. With only 10 minutes left, the duel is about to begin.

The audience began to gather in the hall one after another. Everyone has been looking forward to the showdown tonight. There are also quite a few people betting on Mira on two people. Although compared with Enrique and Worn, their money is almost nothing.

Halu followed Enrique to the hall. She walked to her seat, sat down quietly, and looked ahead. In the face of the audience, she was not timid at all.

After seeing Halu taking his seat, Jack slowly left his seat. Unlike Halu, Jack is a celebrity. It was enthusiastically cheered by the audience. He remembered himself seven years ago, who was at a loss in the cheers.

Both Jack and Halu were seated. The card table occupies the center of the hall. Although the two were face to face, no one looked at each other.

In the silence, only time is passing.

Not long after they were seated, a man in black came to the card table. As 7 years ago, men only deal with cards. He is the dealer prepared by Elder Shemlock.

The man in black pressed the switch located under the card table, and then the surrounding area of the table sank a little, allowing spectators from all directions to see the stage of the decisive battle.

Behind Jack is Waugh and Enrique's group; both sides are eagerly watching their hands. And the one who was watching all this behind them... Needless to say, it was Elder Shemlock naturally.

"Come on, the decisive battle tonight is a revenge battle!!"

Facing the big showdown after 7 years, Enrique couldn't restrain his excitement and shouted.

Across the small poker table, the two faced each other. Before the eyes of the two of them was a mountain of bargaining chips. When one of the sides runs out of chips, the outcome is clear.

The hour hand points to midnight at 12 o'clock. The duel between Jack and Halu began quietly.

-Win or lose is one advance and one retreat. As soon as Jack had won, it was Halu's turn to win; after Halu had won, he was replaced by Jack to win. The two sides do not give in to each other.

The situation of the battle was inextricably difficult to solve, and Waughan and his followers were surprised by this. Everyone who bet on Jack began to booze.

During the duel, Halu spoke to Jack intentionally or unintentionally. Using dialogue to disrupt the opponent's rhythm is the usual method. However, Halu's attitude is so persistent that anyone who looks at it will find it not quite right. However, Jack ignored such Haru at all.

30 minutes after the start of the war. Jack spoke suddenly, breaking the silence.

"...There used to be a man."

He slowly began to speak with a voice that he could barely hear around him.

"A man has an idol."

"A man wants to become an "idol" and wants to defeat an "idol", so... he takes the initiative to approach the "idol"."

——Two people turned over the cards. Jack pair. Two pairs of Halu. The chips flowed from Jack to Halu.

"Hehe, what's wrong with you Jack? Is this also one of your battle plans?"

Although Haru often interjected, Jack remained unmoved and continued to speak.

"Men steal the "idol" card art and hone their skills."

"Efforts will pay off. I don't know when it started, men become very strong and become synonymous with "victory"."

"One time, someone followed his word of mouth."

"That person caused two gambling masters, who are also known as the strongest, to face each other."

"...There is no game more interesting than this."

Enrique's ears flicked. Jack has something to say.

"The man happily accepted the requirements of the game."

"Having a once-in-a-lifetime duel with'idols'...this makes men very excited."

"The man at that time didn't see the situation around him clearly."

"I haven't even thought about what it means to lose."


Unconsciously, Halu began to listen to what Jack said. The audience is the same.

I don't know when, everyone in the hall is listening to Jack's whisper.

——Two people turned over the cards. Jack has no pair. Halu FULL HOUSE. The chips flowed from Jack to Halu.

"Jack, you just talk and don't think about the game at all."

"...Never mind. I will end you as soon as possible."

Halu's words made the silent venue excited again. Perhaps because of her self-confidence, she desperately put all the chips in. In terms of the number of chips, Halu has already had a big upper hand. Jack could not accept the challenge of such a big bet.

"Not enough chips...I think about it. How about using your life to make up for it?"

"If I win, you will say goodbye to your life here."

Halu took out the force gun from his short skirt and placed it next to the card table along with the bullet.

"Even Jack cannot accept this stupid proposal. 』

——Everyone guessed this way, but was immediately broken by Jack's words.

"...Okay. Anyway, if I lose, I will be killed."

"Your proposal...I accept it."

Jack's words stirred the audience. Enrique was overjoyed. Worn remained silent and watched the development of the situation.

Neither party exchanged cards. Two people put the cards on the table.

"So, what happened to the man?"

He probably wanted to hear the other party's last words, and Halu, who was convinced that he had won, asked Jack.

"... A man will never defeat an "idol"."

At this moment-Halu's expression has been stiff and indifferent, quickly torn apart. The real expression she showed at this time was an anger that even Enrique hadn't seen before.

"--Nonsense! Didn't you win!"

"On this big stage!"

"And...and, didn't you still embarrass Dad!!"

Halu's eyes were wet.

"No! Your father didn't lose at all!"

"He felt no regret or misery at all."

"Your father... the king, he chose to fail to protect important things!"

"The king has not lost his dignity!!"

After hearing these words, Enrique panicked. His commander told Jack to shut up. However, Worn did not allow him to do so. Worn suppressed Enrique's actions, and asked Jack to make it clear.

There was a shaken expression on the faces of the audience. After receiving the signal from Elder Shemlock, the two men in black stepped forward and turned over the cards at the same time.

Jack is...Four Kings. Halu is... Shijo J.

——Jack reversibly won. However, the hall full of spectators remained silent.

"…………Do you understand?"

"Jack can't beat the king."

Jack looked at the card and muttered to himself.

The two-man duel ended with Jack's dramatic reversal of victory.

Putting aside Jack's words and deeds for the time being, Worn breathed a sigh of relief for the victory, which formed a sharp contrast with Enrique, who was sitting on the ground with his head folded.

Halu stared at the combination of cards blankly, she couldn't believe everything she saw in front of her. "How could..." "How did all this happen..." "The four kings... this should be my hand!"

Hearing this sentence, Enrique suddenly began to protest. Jack cheated. This showdown was invalid. No, Jack broke the rules and should be sentenced to defeat! !

"Stop struggling, Mr. Enrique."

"Then tell me what tricks Jack used."

Wern resolutely asked Enrique. "As long as you don't reveal yourself, it won't be a problem. This is the "rule" of this duel.

Being questioned like this, no matter how unwilling it is, I can't refute it. In order to prove the cheating, Enrique began to criticize Jack's actions.

"...It's useless." Jack immediately denied it.

"This is the "trick" used by the king 7 years ago."

"I didn't understand at the time. Enrique-sama shouldn't understand either."

Jack's gaze shifted to Halu.

"In order for me to win, Halu, in order to protect you, the king used this "trick"."

"...It's the trick of the veritable "king"."

Jack lowered his head and continued.

"...I never understand."

"Since the king has such a big move that can defeat me calmly, why should he take the initiative to give up the game?"

"...I hate the king."

"For the fallen me, for the past 7 years, I can only use alcohol to numb myself."

"...But, yesterday I finally understood."

"Halu's invitation to me..."

"When I saw Enrique-sama's name on it...............a thousand clues were suddenly clarified in my mind."

"...That was what happened around the Decisive Battle Day 7 years ago."

"I heard that Haru, who is the king's daughter here, has contracted an unexplained disease and is lying in bed."

Upon hearing Jack's words, Halu retorted:

"...So what? What kind of answer are you!"

Jack continued unimpressed.

"...Speaking of 7 years ago..."

"At that time, I heard a rumor about Master Enrique."

"I heard that he got a special poison through some kind of channel..."

"I remember there was such a thing."

It seemed that there were also people who knew something about it, and there was a commotion in the audience like ripples. Enrique bit his lip and lowered his head.

"Halu suffers from diseases of unknown cause."

"The rumors surrounding Master Enrique at the time."

"Also, the king who chose to deliberately lose to me..."

"What these three things revealed... is a simple fact."

At this moment, Waughan stood up suddenly, staring at Enrique and roaring loudly.

"Asshole! You actually poisoned that girl 7 years ago..."

"And... and threaten the king with this!"

"You actually poisoned that girl, and you threatened the king with this!"

This sentence came out of Waughan's mouth, and after hearing it, Halu stiffened as if struck by lightning. Surprised voices also came from the audience.

Enrique continued desperately to defend himself in the face of Waughan's investigation. Although he tried every possible means to restrain his vacillation, after all, he still had no tolerance to completely cover up all this. Under the skeptical gaze of his colleagues, his appearance of defending himself was funny.

Everyone began to believe Jack's words. Of course, people could not find any evidence that Enrique had poisoned Haru seven years ago. However, his argument is not "logical." On the contrary, Jack's explanation is more "logical."

In the underworld, betrayal is commonplace. But the irony is that because of this, "logic"—the rationality of things is more valued in this world.

As long as this "rule" is followed, no evidence is needed. Enrique will definitely be sanctioned in some form. Enrique, who finally figured this out, gave up trying to defend himself.

Halu has been standing blankly. The five flavors are mixed in my heart, and I don't move.

"Dad didn't lose." Although the truth made her feel relieved, it also made her feel a deep emptiness. The father chose to die for himself. The image of the father is so tall and tragic.

The flame of revenge has supported her all the way to the present, but now she has completely lost her arrogance. It burned dry like this, lit up a thin plume of smoke... and finally turned into white ashes.

"...How could it be, how could this be...Dad actually...for me...!"

Thoughts rushed to her heart, converging into this sentence, something in her heart shattered.

Halu fell to the floor and burst into tears with her head on the spot.

Glancing at the crying Haru, Waugh patted Jack on the shoulder and said something to comfort him.

"Tonight is the best night. I can help you realize any wish you can achieve."

He whispered to Jack.

"Then I will take over Halu."

Jack answered without hesitation.

Worn was embarrassed by this answer. No matter how miserable Haru is, she is Enrique's pawn after all.

Even if Enrique will be sanctioned for what she did 7 years ago, she will not be able to easily restore her freedom.

"Just do what Jack wants. There should be no problem."

The sound coming from behind made everyone in the hall horrified.

Everyone's eyes are focused on the same place.

At the end of his gaze was the old man with a long beard-Elder Shemlock.

"Just give him the girl.............Right? Enrique."

Enrique nodded weakly. At last, there was a lively cheering to celebrate the victory inside the ship.

At dawn, Jack and the others returned to the port. The huge ship shadow disappeared into the morning mist like a dream.

"...What are you going to do with me?"

"No plan. You are free."

"You should and will not become a victim of any transaction in the future."

"You can freely arrange your life."


"... I ask you, Jack."

"You... why are you helping me like this?"

"The king spared his life to protect you."

"Moreover, it also saved my life at the same time."

"...My life was given by the king."

"So for the king's wish, it is only natural for me to fight this fate, right?"

"...Dad's wish?"

"I think the king must regret it 7 years ago."

"Because I stepped into the underworld, I even implicated my daughter in the end..."

"You... only you can't be involved in the underworld."

"...This is the king's wish."


"...Understand it. Don't have anything to do with us in the future."

Jack only said these words in the end, leaving Halu behind and hurriedly left the scene.

-The Republic of Kalvard. There is a street in this country, which was built by immigrants from the East because they missed their hometown and imitated it. At the northern end of this town, there is a dilapidated tavern.

It's been a week since the duel between the two. Jack is still staying in this tavern. And I started drinking in broad daylight.

It stands to reason that he should have settled his past grievances, but compared with the past, he has not changed at all.

——No, there are still changes. His drink volume has decreased. He stopped drinking sullen wine, but drank it in small sips instead.

Today, the store door also made a mournful sound. A new guest came to the tavern. The one who opened the door and came in was-Halu.


Jack called her hastily.

"Hey! What do you want to do! This is not where you should be!!"

Halu remained unmoved, and responded with a smile on his face.

"Hey, Jack. Come to the duel, an exciting duel."

"...But, don't bet anything this time."


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