LGC calculator

Note: There are many ways to reach the same LGC level in the game. This calculator simulation circuit only provides one of these ways to complete all tasks, and try to ensure that you can reach 333 before selecting the line in Chapter 5, and you can select all cooperative forces.
Note 2: Players can also make their own simulation choices below.
Note 3: This calculator is a beta version, and any problems may occur. If you encounter any calculation-related problems, please use the problem feedback function and provide a reproduction method (what was selected and what was done). At present, the mobile phone and other devices have not been adapted, and the font and other related content have not been set, and will be gradually improved in the future, please understand.
Please enter desired final LGC grade
LAW level GRAY grade CHAOS level
Chapter 5 Event Completion and Options before Line Selection
chapter event name Finish? select actually get LAW ACTUALLY GET GRAY actually get CHAOS
Chapter 5 LGC before line selection
0 0 0
Final LGC
0 0 0