Imperial Chronicle (Cold Steel 2)

Newspapers of Ereponia (October-December 2004)

[Special report] Martial law in the imperial capital is lifted

The imperial capital has been in the center of chaos for a long time, and the Noble Alliance recently announced that it has successfully expelled the rebels. A part of the regular army forces that attempted to rebel have been wiped out. At the same time, the head coach of the Noble League ─ ─ Duke Kane also announced the lifting of martial law, and said: "We have ensured the safety of the imperial capital."

The rebellion of the "Regular Army", an important core of national defense, has led to fierce fighting in the capital. One-The unrest caused by the series of unrest has not yet subsided, but the incident has finally ended. "We will guarantee the safety of the imperial capital. Don't worry, leave it to us." (Captain of the Noble Alliance Army garrison)

◆Disposal of the Rebel Remnant Party◆

Many people assisted in this rebellion, and the Noble Alliance is also continuing to search for relevant persons and arrest them one by one. And suspected that they were also involved in assassinating the former prime minister of Osborne. The source, who declined to be named, said: "The water in this incident is very deep."

In addition, some of the army mech divisions were turned into "rebels" and were at war with the noble coalition forces in various places. This is obviously an act of betraying your majesty. Regular army and mecha divisions everywhere should surrender immediately.


【Society】Members of the royal family take a rest

The royal family members are expected to rest for a while. The Imperial Household Agency explained that this was to strengthen security, but people familiar with the matter said that on the other hand, it was also quite distressed by the series of disturbances. In addition, a related person from the Noble Alliance said: "Your Majesty appeals to everyone to show loyalty."

His Royal Highness Olivet is currently the only member of the royal family whose whereabouts are unknown, and it is very likely that he was involved in this rebellion. The Alliance of Nobles is desperately trying to search for news of His Royal Highness.

[News] "Mecha Soldier" made public

A few days ago, the new weapon "Mecha Soldier" that served as the defense of the imperial capital was publicly published to the media. The full-height 7 sub-moment humanoid weapon is very reliable and has overwhelming power.

This new weapon is also known as the "Justice Knight" that executes justice. I believe everyone still remembers the brilliant performance of preventing the rebellion. The Noble Alliance Army with mechas intends to deploy a large number of them throughout the empire in the future.

[Express News] Kruchin State is almost under control

According to the publication, Kruchin State leads other states, and the rebel forces in the state are almost under control. Some of the ongoing battles are expected to be won or lost in the near future.

A military official said: "Please also look forward to our performance." It shows the firm determination to defeat the remnant party. In addition, a series of crusades caused many villages to be drawn into the flames of war. Everyone sincerely hopes that the war will end soon.

[Announcement] Seeking information on wanted criminals

The railway gendarmerie and other regular military generals, old reformist politicians, relevant persons who provided assistance, and some students are wanted for suspected rebellion. This is a major task related to the prestige of the empire. If you see these people, please immediately inform the noble alliance army and leader army near your home.

[Special report] Lightning attack by the noble alliance army!

The insurgents are now being wiped out everywhere. The Noble Alliance stated that it has calmed down about 60% of the entire empire. The suppression of the old regular army suspected of rebellion seems to have proceeded quite smoothly.


◆The Noble Alliance Army wins consecutive battles◆

The reporter went to interview the troops on the western front. The local assembly of a large number of military boats and mech troops is very shocking. People deeply realize that the quality and quantity of the noble alliance's armaments far surpasses the rebels.

In an interview, the captain said: "The old regular army and the mech division are indeed elite troops, but they have lost their righteous status. The rebels are almost equal to the mob." He showed firm confidence in the battle situation.


In addition, the direct troops of the well-known heroes General Alleria and Brigadier General Wores are also on the front line, and the overall morale is very high.

"Whether it's in the past or in the future, we who bear the righteousness, there is absolutely no word for defeat in the dictionary."


◆Future forecast◆

The combat headquarters will continue to carry out crusade operations in the future. A small number of old regular troops scattered everywhere began to collude with the insurgents, worsening the empire’s security, and hope that they can be attacked as soon as possible.



[Society] The former head of Regnitz was formally arrested

Regnitz, the former head of the imperial capital, was formally arrested a few days ago on suspicion of assisting the rebels. So far, more than 40 important officials of the old government have been arrested. "Unexpectedly, there are so many insurgents lurking in government agencies." The person in charge of the search seemed to be unable to conceal the look of surprise.

In addition, most of the rebels are members of the old reformists and will continue to search for relevant persons in the future.


[Event] Beware of false rumors and protest actions

There are frequent acts of spreading false rumors and protests everywhere. It is believed that the insurgents were instigated behind the scenes, and the Military Public Relations Department called on the public to be more vigilant.

"Suspecting that the regular army did not rebel is also a crime of rebellion. It is best not to listen to rumors lightly." (also from the Public Relations Department). Readers must also pay attention and don't be fooled by rumors.


【Information】Operational information on railways and flying ships

The Alliance of Nobles is committed to quelling the rebellion, and railways and flying ships have gradually resumed operations. But the frequency will be greatly restricted, and large-scale temporary inspections will be implemented everywhere. In the future, depending on the follow-up situation, the operation may be stopped again. Please pay more attention to follow-up related news.

In addition, preferential measures will be implemented to give priority to transportation tickets for those with titles, so please take advantage of it.

[Special Report] Flagship Patanguai is on tour!

Patanguai, the flagship of the Alliance of Nobles, patrols the entire empire. So far, the rebels are still fighting stubbornly in various places. This tour should be to eliminate the uneasy situation. The ship is a solemn and well-known flying battleship. Readers from all over the empire have the opportunity and please be sure to see its majestic appearance.

◆Is the civil war coming to an end? ◆

It is speculated that this tour will also further promote the end of the civil war. The Alliance of Nobles is desperate to end this series of turmoil, and there must be some intention behind it. "Flagship tours also have the meaning of boosting morale. Presumably it can speed up the war situation in various places to victory." (Lamar state nobles).

◆Will members of the royal family also travel together? ◆

According to some intelligence reports, the person in charge, Duke Kane, Secretary of the General Staff Rufas, and members of the royal family will also travel together. The members of the royal family are recuperating, but this time they may have the opportunity to appear in public in the form of a labor force. It is more likely that your Highnesses, even if they are mercilessly rebelled by your subordinates, still uphold the great love and expressly and publicly call on the rebels to surrender as soon as possible. This newspaper is also looking forward to seeing you members of the royal family.


[Economy] Economic chaos gradually stabilized

The empire's economy was once in chaos due to the chaos in the logistics network. The Ministry of Finance recently stated publicly that the economic situation has gradually stabilized. It also explained that everything is due to the gradual expansion of the peace zone of the Noble Alliance. At the same time, as to whether it is possible to proceed further

During the tax increase during the war, the Ministry of Finance also stated with reservations that it "has no right to make a decision." This statement also disappointed some people.

[Express News] Will large-scale fighting break out in the west again?

The war continued in the western region, and the Noble Alliance Army stated that it would conduct another large-scale war in the coastal area of Lamar State. "Many rebels seem to have gathered here and are waiting for an opportunity to counterattack. We will also send a large number of troops to fight with all our strength." (Aristocratic Alliance Army) also asked nearby residents to evacuate as soon as possible.

[Event] A mysterious "Knight" appeared in the east?

This newspaper received information that the leader of Kluqin had fought with mysterious humanoid weapons. It is speculated that it may be a replica of the elite unit "The Blue Knight" that belongs to the Noble Alliance. While raising its vigilance and strengthening its guard, the Noble Alliance is also trying its best to track the body's whereabouts.

[Express News] The old regular army retreats! The League of Nobles wins overwhelming victory on the Western Front

Good news came from the Western Front. The League of Nobles announced an overwhelming victory in an earlier large-scale battle. The rebel crusade has made substantial progress.

According to information from the Military Public Relations Department, about 50% of the remaining forces of the old regular army in the western region, which has been wiped out, are also retreating steadily. It can be described as a big step to regain the glory of the empire from the hands of the rebels.

◆A week of fierce battle◆

The old regular rebel army assembled more than 300 heavy tanks to launch an attack. Throw the neighboring areas into chaos. In this regard, the elite troops of the Noble Alliance ─ ─ Alleria Runners-up and the Worais Army have entered the battle one after another. Finally, at noon on December 6th, the end of the war was drawn.

The Aurelie runners-up and the Worais army gained an overwhelming advantage on the battlefield from the very beginning, fully demonstrating their heroic strength. The rebels retreated at first sight and resorted to many despicable tactics to resist tenaciously, which led to a week of fierce fighting.

The key to victory was due to the flanking operations of the two generals. The military public relations department stated: "There was no intention of flanking at the time." Even so, the two armies showed a seamless and wonderful cooperation and finally defeated the rebels. This battle is a rare fierce battle in recent years, but the casualties of the army are still very slight, and one can't help but once again admire the amazing combat strength of the two generals.

◆The amazing performance of "The Knight of the Blue"! ◆

The most elite body "Blue Knight" belonging to the Noble Alliance also attacked in this battle. It is said that it appeared in a few dangerous situations and successfully helped turn the situation around. A military official said: "The details are all confidential." However, some opinions show that it is unexpected to rely on a single body to achieve a wonderful performance "It is just like the legendary "Huge Knight"."

The Alliance of Nobles includes the heroes General Alleria, Brigadier General Wores and "The Knight of Blue". Looking back now, the overwhelming victory may be a natural result.

◆A complete sweep is just around the corner◆

Through this battle, the Noble Alliance further succeeded in calming down the three cities. A complete sweep of the rebels must be just around the corner.

In addition, the battlefield was originally limited to the coastal area of Lamar State, but due to the temporary retreat of the rebels, the main battlefield gradually spread to the inland areas. Although there have been a large number of refugees who have taken refuge for a while, the civilian casualties are also very slight because the battlefield has avoided the residential area.


[Society] Wars spread in the area of Shuanglong Bridge

The battle between the leader of Kruchin and the 4th Mech Division tended to fall into a long-term battle. In the past, the Fourth Mech Division was hailed as the strongest division in the empire, but due to persistent resistance, the leader army has officially identified them as "rebels." It was decided to send a large number of troops to wipe it out with all its strength, and the frontline atmosphere was on the verge of breaking out.

In addition, the 3rd Mech Division continued to illegally occupy the northern Kanda Gate, and was hesitant to disarm. It seems that the chaos in the east will continue.

[Politics] The imperial government will negotiate with Clos Bell?

According to some sources, the imperial government seems to have negotiated with the state of Closberg again. "Although Clos Bell is arrogant, but it is not completely without room for negotiation." (Relevant government officials). Issues such as the withdrawal of the Declaration of Independence, the immediate dissolution of the National Defense Forces in the state, and the lifting of the asset freeze of the IBC [Cross Bell International Bank] should be the focus of this negotiation, but the atrocities of the Clos Bell State that destroyed the Garella Fortress must be everyone too. They are still fresh in memory. The government should take a firm stand and completely dominate this negotiation is the best policy.

[Event] Carrejas is still missing

The new cruiser Carrejas, belonging to the royal family, has been missing since the outbreak of the Civil War. It is speculated that an unknown person drove away deliberately, but the news obtained by this newspaper pointed out: "It is not a formal use, and the members of the ship are suspected of rebellion." (Imperial Personnel) The Noble Alliance Army is also collecting information on sightings from various places. , Fully trace the whereabouts of the Carrejas.

[Special report] Shuanglong Bridge falls! !

The newspaper received shocking news. The leader of Kluqin retreated near the Ssangyong Bridge, which had been raged by the Japanese war, and the Ssangyong Bridge fell. The reporter of this newspaper ventured into the extremely chaotic battlefield and interviewed the leader of the leader state who was retreating for readers. According to him, "The 4th Mech Division’s approach is quite despicable, and it goes against the knighthood of the empire." The captain said. Fan words also seem to vaguely reveal that there has been a certain dramatic reversal in this battle.


◆Ssangyong Bridge captured by the rebels◆

The old regular army and the Fourth Mech Division seemed to have occupied the Shuanglong Bridge and further demanded the "immediate liberation" of the imperial capital. The Kluqin leader strongly condemned this. It can be predicted that more intense battles will erupt on the front lines.


◆Current situation of nearby residents ~ In-depth reportForward keldick

With the fall of Ssangyong Bridge, the trading town of Keldic was also occupied by rebels. The reporter is aware that he may encounter danger at any time, and try to go to the local area for interviews...

An official from Qiyao Church told reporters: "The situation is not particularly chaotic." Since the leader army had withdrawn before the war, there seemed to be no casualties among residents. The local market is also held as usual, and you can even see residents shopping here happily. "The most important problem is that the Grand Bazaar was abandoned due to the civil war. I hope that the civil war will end soon." (Businessman in the Grand Bazaar). The atmosphere in the town was unexpectedly calm, which impressed the in-depth reporters. However, the future situation is still unclear. Travelers should pay special attention to avoid going to dangerous areas.



[Express News] Marquis Rogner declares neutrality?

This newspaper received information that the Marquis Rogner suddenly announced his neutrality and withdrew from the alliance of nobility. Now this newspaper is also in the process of urgent confirmation, but now it can only say that the news is unclear.

In addition, regarding this incident, the general staff of the Noble Alliance Lufas agreed to an urgent interview with this newspaper.


Reporter: After the fall of Shuanglong Bridge, news of Marquis Rogner's withdrawal from the alliance was reported. Is this information true or false?

General Staff Rufas: It seems that the recent situation has indeed caused you anxiety. I would like to take this opportunity to officially confirm that this message is true.

Our newspaper: Well, the situation in the east is very dangerous! ?

General Staff: No, it's too early to say. Think about it carefully. How many rebels are left in the eastern part of the empire?

Reporter: Let me put it this way...The old regular army forces in the east, except for a few, have almost been driven out.

General Staff: Yes, this time of chaos is also expected. The superiority of the noble alliance will not be shaken by this. After the Marquis Rogner calmed down, he would definitely return soon.


Although the visit was not long, the general staff of Lufas still clearly answered the questions raised by this newspaper. Finally, he sincerely held the reporter's hand and encouraged the reporter to work together for the prosperity of the empire. Show his extraordinary demeanor.


[Society] Marquis of Haynes provides relief supplies

In order to solve the problems of many victims in various places, the family of the Marquis of Haynes began to provide various relief materials in Shazarant State.

In an interview with this newspaper, the Marquis of Haynes said: "As the four famous people, I must also fulfill the obligations of the nobility." At the same time, he promised to continue to help the victims in response to needs in the future.

While thanking His Excellency the Marquis for his generosity, the civilians should also unite and be determined to survive this national disaster.


[Event] Neutral forces appear in the west?

According to sources, a mysterious group calling itself "Wind of Freedom" appears everywhere in the western part of the empire. They advocated neutrality and rescued civilians affected by the war, but the actual purpose is still unclear. The League of Nobles believes that they may be a bad criminal group that took advantage of the fire and called on the people to be vigilant and must not easily accept their statements in full.

[Express News] Decisive Battle in the Imperial Capital! ? Tension is on the rise

The 3rd and 4th Mech Divisions, which were identified as rebels, seemed to have begun to persuade towns in the suburbs of the imperial capital to evacuate. People familiar with the matter pointed out that the two rebel forces are likely to start planning a decisive battle in the "imperial capital." This move caused tension in the neighbouring area to escalate.

Complete preparation for the battle

On the other hand, the aristocratic alliance army that is defending the imperial capital is fully prepared for the battle. The garrison captain in charge of commanding the mecha units said: "The decisive battle is just what I want. This is a great opportunity to wipe out the rebels."

In addition, the most elite troops that have won many battles ─ ─ Aurelie Runners-up and Woles Army also returned to the imperial capital to prepare for battle, looking forward to the two generals' attack. Besides, there is a shortage of supply lines for the rebels. Even if a decisive battle breaks out by then, it is estimated that the outcome may be determined within one or two days at most.

Please believe that the Noble Alliance can win, don't worry too much.

Impact of the transportation network

In the event of a decisive battle in the imperial capital, it is expected that the railway network and flying ships will cease operations. "Until the safety of driving can be ensured, the operation must not be temporarily suspended." (Relevant person from the Ministry of Railways). Before the end of the civil war against the rebels, readers are also asked to pay more attention to the movement of traffic.


[Event] The Duke of El Barrea was arrested! ?

The newspaper received news that the Duke of El Barrea, the lord of Kruchen, was now charged with multiple crimes and was arrested. The most important crimes include arson, causing war, and torturing leaders. It seems that he was suspected of committing a brutal act that shouldn't have been done by lords such as the lords of the Keldyk. Although the truth has not yet been clarified, the state administration has been frozen, and the public capital, Balihad, suspected that there was a lot of noise. In addition, he is said to have been removed from the Noble League. (News from an unnamed person)

【Express News】Cross Bell has another change?

Something seems to be happening in the eastern state of Closesberg. At present, there are only fragmentary and unclear information such as "light blue light appears" and "giant trees grow." This newspaper is also urgently confirming it.

It is believed that Clos Bell is likely to attempt to use newly developed weapons to launch an aggression, neighbouring residents should be vigilant.

[Express News] Chaos on the Western Front

According to information received, the missing 7th Mecha Division appeared in the west that had been almost completely suppressed. According to reports, they responded to the self-proclaimed neutral group "Wind of Freedom" and called on the noble coalition army to stop fighting.

The Alliance Army has just begun the final sweep operation, saying that a series of obstructive acts have violated the crime of rebellion and plan to eliminate them. On the other hand, the remnants of the old regular army seem to have begun to gather, and the front line is in a state of extreme chaos.

[Express News] Torista riots in the suburbs of the imperial capital?

There seems to be some kind of riot in the suburban city of Tolista. According to reports, there have been continued sightings of many students of the Tolz Military Academy who should have been suspended from school. The situation is quite unnatural. The Army of the Noble Alliance suspects that this is a strategy of the rebels and is preparing to conduct an in-depth investigation.

[Announcement] Message from the editorial department

Now the civil war is moving step by step towards a very urgent situation. Especially people living in the suburbs of the imperial capital, please pay close attention to the situation and calmly respond in an emergency. In addition, in view of the conditions in various parts of the empire, this newspaper also believes that if the war is allowed to continue to expand, it will damage the national strength and is by no means a blessing to the empire.

May this civil war end soon. (Editor-in-chief of this newspaper)

【Extras】Crossbel Autonomous Prefecture disappeared

Qiyao calendar January 14, 1205. The interim mayor of McDowell, the representative of the autonomous state government, formally signed a contract with the Erebonian Empire. The Krossberg Autonomous Prefecture will lose its autonomy, pulling down this 70-year history of autonomy.

After the signing, the interim Mayor of McDowell appeared at the venue, announced in a trembling voice with tears, "I am really ashamed," and left the venue directly after speaking. The assembly of the autonomous prefecture also announced its dissolution, and the city was full of citizens who were in silent mourning, mourning the end of the autonomous prefecture.

To ensure the safety of residents, the imperial government set up a "Governor's Mansion", and plans to use this as a base for future rule.

◆In-depth discussion, whether the empire’s move is in line with justice◆

Why did Crossbel evolve to where it is today? As a media organization operating in this land, we will lead you to review it again.

Focus ① Trends of Clos Bell]: In October 1204, the mayor of Clos Bell, Dita Kuroys, used illegal political means to manipulate public opinion, and then declared the "Independent State of Clos Bell." At the same time, the Clos Bell International Bank freezes the assets of various countries, threatening to recognize their independence.

Focus ②The movement of the empire]: The Erebonian Empire solemnly condemns this move. Crossbel used to be an empire's territory, but launched an aggression against the state. So finally decided to launch "Train Cannon" to the city.

Focus ③Cross Bell’s counterattack]: Dita Kuroys became the first president, using new weapons to stop the attack, and in order to destroy the "Train Cannon" to attack the Garella fortress and completely destroy the fortress.

Focus ④The turmoil of Closbernet】: On the other hand, the legitimacy of the former president of Dita was questioned, and he was arrested by the Clos Bell police soon. A series of unrest came to an end. The interim mayor of McDowell re-established the administrative system and began to investigate the full picture of the incident - and at this time the empire launched another aggression and merged with Clos Bell.

There is no doubt that the origin of the turmoil is Krossberg. At the same time, they must also admit that they have repeatedly attacked the imperial army at fault. However, the Erebonian Empire attempted to use a large number of destructive weapons "Train Cannon", and we can only use words such as "authoritarian" and "cruel" to describe this behavior that seriously threatened the lives of the citizens of this city.

In addition, considering that the former president of Dita has been arrested in the state, and actions such as withdrawing the Declaration of Independence have been taken, under such circumstances, the subsequent aggression, occupation and merger of the empire can hardly be said to be due to justice, right?

The explanation of the Ereponia empire is that Closber was originally the territory of the empire, and the residents should work together to fight the threat of the Republic, but this explanation is seriously different from our perception.

Which side should Krossberg belong to? Should we ask ourselves again?

◆Tangu Ram Gate continues to be tense◆

The situation at Tangulam Gate in the eastern border continues to be tense. The Republican army launched an aggression in an attempt to dissolve the "territorialization of the empire" of Clos Bell, and it seemed that a large-scale war broke out with the Mecha Division of the Imperial Army stationed there.

Seeing the unrest in the city gradually spread, the Imperial Army invested in "Mecha Troops" and an elite unit called "The Gray Knight", calling on the people to stay calm.


[Editor's postscript] "Under the Winter Sky"

Just under the winter sky in January, we officially became the "People of the Empire Territory of Closberg." Regarding this fact, I think you all have a different way of looking at it. After all, such changes are too great.

However, even if autonomous prefectures have become a thing of the past, some things will not change. We are still individuals with free will, able to think with our own minds, feel with our own hearts, and we can also imagine our own future. No matter how the world changes.

So, let us continue to think in the hometown where we were born, under the severe winter sky. (Editorial Department of the Clos Bell Times)

[Special Report] CongratulationsMerge Clos Bell!

The commander of the Crusade of Crossbell, Rufas Elbarea, gave an inaugural speech at the new governor’s palace "Orchid Tower" and was appointed as the first Governor of Crossbell. Secretary Albarrea said that he would Completely renewed the administration and committed to social stability, which won enthusiastic cheers from the local area.


◆The local side fell to the ground to welcome ◆

"Now I can finally become a member of the empire!" (23-year-old female) The city of Krossberg has already been shrouded in an atmosphere of celebration. On the other hand, some people regretfully said that "we were disturbed by the people in the empire in the past." (self-employed man) Clos Bell once destroyed the Garella fortress. It seems that the trend of introspection in the state is spreading faster.


◆Cooperation with the mainland of the empire◆

Crossbel is one of the few prosperous trading cities on the mainland. Becoming a member of the empire in the future, will be expected to achieve further vigorous development. The newly reinstated Prime Minister Osborne also announced new measures to support the State of Closesberg on the same day. The imperial government also expressed its willingness to jointly promote the development of Clos Bell State, and shook hands with Governor Rufas enthusiastically.


The merger of Clos Bell will surely bring a brighter and brighter future to the empire. All my colleagues in this newspaper will also give their full support. (Editorial member of this newspaper)



【Economy】The economic index has surpassed the level before the Civil War

In response to the merger with Clos Bell, the domestic economic index rebounded sharply. In addition, the head of Regnitz’s imperial capital has issued a declaration to completely revive the imperial capital, and large companies such as the RF Group have also restarted trade exports...The background has many excellent elements, and some people even say that the current economy has long "surpassed the pre-Civil War" The standard."

In addition, the tax revenue of the trading city of Closberg is said to be comparable to that of the imperial government. Many economic analysts predict that the future prosperity is expected to enter an unprecedented state of prosperity. "Through the merger of Clos Bell, the economy of the empire has also been improved. It has surpassed the original size of a big country, and now it can even be said to be a "superpower"" (economic critic)


[Society] "Grey Knight" is active! Suppress the Republican Army!

The hero once again showed brilliant performance. Earlier he tried his best to end the civil war, but now he suppresses the Republican army alone! It is simply the hero of the new generation of the empire ─ ─ Lien Shuhuaze. He is the only driver to control the latest sharp body "Gray Knight", and he is also a student at the Military Academy. The army also noticed his outstanding abilities early on. "He has made so many military exploits at such a young age. When he graduates, he will be given special treatment to make him a reserve cadre." (Military staff)

Although Shu Huaze will receive much attention and expectations in the future, the military public relations department will not accept any interviews because his movements involve military secrets.


[Politics] Convene a temporary consular meeting

It is expected that an interim meeting of leading states will be held at the end of this month. It is said that the Marquis of Logner, the Marquis of Haynes, and the Governor of Closbell, Secretary Rufas, will gather to discuss post-war handling and how to deal with the Duke of Kane and the Duke of El Barrea who have officially entered the interrogation process.

In addition, regarding the chaotic situation in Haidu Ordis, which continues to refuse the intervention of the regular army, will also "issue a statement," hoping to accelerate the calming down of the current chaotic situation.


[Life] Greet the new year happily

There have been many events in the past, but the new year has finally arrived. Let us take this opportunity to change our mood and welcome a new life happily.

①The first priority is to tidy up the surrounding environment and dispose of unnecessary things without cumbersome! Of course, do not forget the cleaning. ②Make a one-year plan and set new goals. Surely it will make you feel comfortable and cheerful! ③It is also a good way to repay people who have taken care of yourself. A good impression can be obtained by leaving a sentence while giving the gift of appreciation.

And finally...④ Take a good rest. Under a series of turbulence, there must be many people who are very exhausted. There are even incidents of collective hallucinations in the imperial capital. Please rest well, dear readers, and raise your spirits to welcome a new life!

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