Secret Service Support Division

The pressure on the empire and the republic is increasing. While parliamentarians and officials controlled by the two powers are engaged in ugly political struggles and public opinion wars, the mafia and foreign criminal organizations are also secretly expanding their forces, and the war is like an arrow. In this situation, the Crossbell police gradually lost the trust of the citizens.

In order to solve this situation and completely rectify the political atmosphere of Clos Bell, in January 1204 of Qiyao Calendar, a special police department: the Secret Service Department was born. The initial personnel are: Section Chief Sergey Rowe, members: Lloyd Bannings, Allie McDowell, Tio Prato, and Randy Orlando.

After the formation, they have always worked hard to overcome the barriers of Clos Bell. With the assistance of the Crossbell police and the garrison, they dealt with the various incidents of Crossbell, encountered the god wolf Zeit, rescued the mysterious girl Qi Ya, and suppressed the remaining party of the D∴G sect.

Although it was temporarily disbanded for a period of time, Noel Shika, who was formerly of the Security Force, and the leader of the Holy Book Society, Vaj Hermishfia, joined the Special Service Support Section. Everyone was active in the West Semlia Chamber of Commerce, the Clos Bell attack, the arrest of the mayor, and the Big Tree of Bizhi.

During the occupation of Krossberg by the Empire, although their activities were restricted, they continued to move in the dark...

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