Noelle Hikka

Member of the Closbell City Garrison

"Didn't you tell me? I'm also a member of the support class!"


She is good at using heavy firearms and driving vehicles, and is considered to be the next-generation ace female member of the Clos Bell Garrison.

She was briefly stationed in the "Secret Service Support Class", participated in activities as a member of the class, and worked with Lloyd and others to solve many difficult incidents.

During the Empire's occupation of Clos Bell, she secretly joined forces with the aspirants of the garrison to engage in resistance activities, and secretly helped Lloyd and others by collecting military-related intelligence.

After independence became a foregone conclusion, Noelle returned to the reorganized garrison, and his rank was promoted from "sergeant" to "second lieutenant." Seeing that the "Re-Independence Signing Ceremony" is in sight, she is currently serving as a garrison under the command of Commander Sonia

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