Vaki Hermesfia

Qiyao Church Star Cup Knights, the ninth guardian knight

"I am really blessed with so many excellent partners around me."


A mysterious young man with a neutral appearance that is quite eye-catching. The ninth guardian knight of the Star Cup Knights is the name of "The Sacred Book of Blue".

In the past, he had pretended to be lurking in the old town of Closberg, and secretly led the youths in the "Holy Book Club" of the unscrupulous youth group. He also acted as a reinforcement member of the "Secret Service Support Section" with Lloyd, in Closbell. There have been various activities.

After the occupation of the empire, he left Crossbell to travel around the country as a guardian knight, but because Qiyao Church was about to attend the "Reindependence Signing Ceremony", he and his new partners returned to the close relationship with him.

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