Allie McDowell

Secretary to Speaker McDowell


Role experience

Ellie is the granddaughter of Crossbell Speaker McDowell. With both talent and appearance, and a stable personality, he supports the "Special Support Division" with a wealth of knowledge and skillful negotiation skills. After the occupation of Crossbell, she worked under the guidance of her grandfather as a diplomat negotiating with politicians and dignitaries. During the "Great Twilight" period, while supporting Lloyd, she moved around in various places, and confronted her former friend Maria Bell.

Although he didn't graduate from the police academy, he got full marks in the police shooting test.

After being freed from "Battle Cage", Ellie and Alyssa had a chance to meet. It is said that the two exchanged information in various aspects on both public and private matters.


Born as the daughter of the McDowell family.


Divorce of parents.


Study abroad in the Codex country of Artria.

1204 Jan

He was assigned to the "Special Support Division" under the Crossbell Police Station.

1204 March

The attempted assassination of Mayor Crossbell occurs.

1204 May

The remnants of the "D∴G Order" caused the "Order Incident".

1204 June

The "Special Support Section" was temporarily disbanded and traveled around the world with the help of his grandfather.

1204 August

①Meet the "Special Support Section".

②Served as a security guard for the Western Semeria Chamber of Commerce.

1204 October

①Dita issued the Crossbell Declaration of Independence

② "Treasure of Zero" was born, and Ellie was placed under house arrest in Mishuram.

1204 Dec

①Crossbell liberation operation begins.

②The "Big Tree of Blue" appeared, and after the "Special Support Section" broke in, it disappeared.

1205 Jan

The Autonomous State of Crossbell merged with the Empire and became the State of Crossbell.

1206 May

Because of "Battle Cage", he was imprisoned in Mishuram.

1206 August

① "Guerrilla Association" and "Special Support Division" sneak into the magic area of the Orchid Tower together.

②In the underground space, he fought with "Black Moon" and provided help to the new VII group.

1206 September

Assisted in the "Salt Pile" and "Great Twilight" battles.


Crossbell Independence

Interpersonal relationship

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