Tio Prato

Research Director of the Crossbel Branch of the Epstein Consortium


Role experience

A girl who was kidnapped by the "D∴G Religion" for human experimentation, and has a sensory ability that is several times stronger than ordinary people. The Epstein Foundation was optimistic about Tio's ability and invited her to join the consortium. In order to test the magic wand, Tio was transferred to the Special Support Section.

Because she belongs to the consortium, she is very familiar with the operation of the guiding terminal. When using the "eternal system" of Tio's exclusive technology, her sensing power will be further improved, and Tio uses her perception ability to provide assistance to the activities of Group VII in various situations.


Born in the Principality of Remiphilia.


Kidnapped by "D∴G Religion".


He was rescued by Lloyd's eldest brother Guy Bennings at the Altair stronghold.


Leave home and join the Epstein Consortium.

1204 Jan

He was transferred to the "Special Support Section" at the Crossbell Police Station.

1204 May

Resolved the "Order Incident" caused by "D∴G Order".

1204 Dec

After the disappearance of "Big Tree of Blue", he reconciled with his parents in his hometown.

1205 Jan

The Autonomous State of Crossbell merged with the Empire and became the State of Crossbell.

1206 April

Transferred to the development director of the Crossbell division of the Epstein Foundation.

1206 May

Help Group VII search the location of "Snake Eater".

1206 August

① Was placed under house arrest at Torz II, and was later rescued by Group VII.

② Was invited to Patan Kuai.

1206 September

Assisted in the "Salt Pile" and "Great Twilight" battles.


Crossbell independent.

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