Basic description


1. The Sora no Trajectory game in this resource is optimized based on the Sora no Trajectory trilogy set deluxe version SET released by YYT and the optimization patches of its predecessors. The Legend of Heroes 3 game is also based on the version released by YYT and its predecessors. The optimized patch production of Steam, the Chinese version of the Steam Trail FC version comes from the track FC of the Entertainment Tongkong, and its copyright is owned by the Entertainment Tong. You can purchase and support it through platforms such as Cube. The full storytelling voice of Sora no Trajectory FC is based on Falcom and Kadokawa production, and the Chinese version of Simplified Chinese version of PSV is released by Simplified Chinese version of PSV. The first chapter of Sora no Trajectory is fully evolved version extracted and produced, SC/3rd/Zero's Trajectory/Bizhi's Trajectory Based on the extraction and production of the Japanese version of the PSV evolution version produced and released by Falcom and Kadokawa, you can purchase the FC simplified Chinese PSV cassette issued by the mainland on the online shopping platform, and purchase the traditional Chinese issued by Sony Asia Division or the Japanese version issued by Sony Japan on the PSN. stand by. The Chinese patch text and part of the pictures of Shanzhi Track 1/2/3 were extracted from the traditional Chinese PS3/PSV/PS4 version issued by Sony Asia Division and optimized, and the Chinese group of Sony Asia Division was reorganized into a personal company, Cloud Leopard, follow-up The traditional Chinese version for PC transplantation will also be released. You can purchase the traditional Chinese version of the console for support, or purchase support after Cloud Leopard releases the traditional Chinese version of the PC.
2. If antivirus software prompts a virus during the following installation process, please decide by yourself whether to trust the antivirus software or the resources. If you trust the resources, please allow all, or temporarily close the anti-virus software (recommended) for installation. After installation, you can turn on the anti-virus software. Please allow it if you report the virus when it is running (but some anti-virus software may secretly kill files, such as Windows Defender...). The tinder currently installed on the personal computer has no false positives.
There is also a strategy package stored in the resource directory. You can download it for reference. Of course, you are welcome to visit the track strategy station to view more detailed content.

[Basics: System libraries required to run various software and games in the system]

Because many programs and games rely on some industry-standard programming interfaces for the convenience of writing corresponding functions, these library functions are indispensable. Generally speaking, the full version of the operating system that is kept updated and the games obtained through formal channels include the necessary libraries (such as Steam), but there are often the following problems that cause the software and games to run without the corresponding libraries and fail to run normally. :
1. Various streamlined systems and various game versions packaged online may not include a part of the library.
2. There are some libraries whose high version and low version API are not compatible. It is useless to install only the highest version, but only the high version is installed during packaging or user installation. Therefore, you need to install them all separately, such as .NET2.0, .NET3.5 and 4.0 (all versions after 4.0 are compatible).
3. Some programs are not robust enough and call a specific version of the library. When the original version disappears after the library is upgraded, it cannot run. Therefore, the historical version libraries of most important nodes need to be installed.

Therefore, there are currently some packaged system library collection installation packages available on the Internet, and I personally recommend installing them in the following ways:

first step

If it is Win10 system please see this step, Win7 does not need.
After the Win10 system is installed, the function of .NET3.5 (including .NET2.0) is provided by default, but it is not turned on and needs to be turned on in the control panel. It needs to be downloaded from the Microsoft server for installation when it is opened. Due to the well-known DNS pollution and other reasons, the speed and connection quality of connecting to some Microsoft servers are poor, and it may take a long time or even unable to download completely. Therefore, it is recommended to install .NET3 separately in offline mode. 5. Win7 is not required because it is included in the system library collection package in the second step, but it is only valid for Win7, and Win10 still cannot be successfully installed through this method.
installation method:
Unzip dotNetFx35_W10_x86_64, enter the folder, right-click on Setup.bat, select Run with administrator privileges, select Yes for user account control, and then wait for completion. Restart once completed.

Second step

Install 3DM game runtime collection v3.0.
In the same way, unzip it first, then run the 3DM runtime installation tool v3.0.exe, and select Yes for user account control. It is recommended to choose the default recommended installation and click Install. Wait a long time until it is done. In the same way, restart it.
Above, it should be possible to ensure that most of the libraries required by the game are installed normally. However, since the last update of the library was 2017.8, if you want to be perfect, it is recommended to install the following two, otherwise some newer games rely on the updated library. For example, the launcher for setting the resolution may be written in .NET 4.7.2 of.

third step

Install MSVBCRT_AIO_Library_2019.01.25_X86+X64.exe.
User account control option is yes, it can be installed all the way by default. Part of the system core dependent libraries can be upgraded to the latest version.

the fourth step

Install MSDotNetFramework472-KB4054530-Library-x86-x64-AllOS.exe.
Run directly to upgrade .NET4 to the latest version 4.7.2. If you are prompted that it has been installed, you can directly fork it. The Steam One-Ticket Game Update in February 2019 is even more of this stuff.

Both the original files downloaded after the above installation and the files after decompression can be deleted.

In addition, if you encounter a video that cannot be played in the game, it is recommended to delete all players and decoder packages that may be affected. The green Potplayer is usually used to play videos, which can deal with most video decoding without affecting the registry called by the system's decoding components.

There is also the problem of the WIN10 input method. In many games (most of the games below may have an impact), if the Chinese input method is turned on (even if it is in English), then the game will have keyboard operation-related APIs. Some strange problems have occurred, causing the game to freeze, freeze, or crash after a period of time. The most correct way is to add a standard English-American keyboard to the system and set it as the default input method for each process. Use Win+Space to switch when you usually want to input in Chinese. Please set it up in the following way:

Add language, add English (United States), make sure Chinese is still in the first item (otherwise the system default display language is not Chinese), if not, move the order.

Then click the added English (United States) and click "Options". Then add keyboard, American keyboard QWERT.

Press the arrow on the upper left to go back and click "Spelling, keyboard and input settings"

After entering, click on the advanced keyboard settings below.

Enter the following window and make sure that the red two parts are the same as mine, so that each window is in English by default. As long as the input method is not cut randomly when the game is opened, the input method will not affect the game operation.

At this point, the input method part is also set up.


Installation instructions for each series of patches:

Trails in the Sky FC/SC/3RD-Chineseization/Voice Patch

Zero/Ao-Voice Patch

Trail of Lights I/II/III-Chinese Patch