Track Series Pre/OP/ED


All video copyright belongs to Japan Falcom company, organized and produced by Locus Series – Café, commercial use is strictly prohibited

At present, the network disk contains the traditional Chinese version (cloud leopard version) Pre/OP/ED of Zero's Track, Bi's Track, Flash's Track 1-4, Creation's Track, and Li's Track. The files are all in webm format.

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download link

download link:Dial | OneDrive, extraction code: oz74

File Directory

In the video folder, there is currently only one folder pre op ed in Traditional Chinese.

Traditional Chinese pre op ed folder:

  • zero: zero trajectory OP/ED
  • ao: Path of Green OP/ED
  • sen1-3: Trails of Cold Steel 1-3 PRE/OP/ED
  • sen4: Trails of Cold Steel 4 PRE/OP/ED, NE's ED has two versions, webm and mp4, webm is the original game file, no BGM (BGM is the game BGM playback). The mp4 is the processed version with BGM added. The timeline cannot guarantee a perfect restoration, so add the BGM file at the same time (66 Love の Poetry.mp3)
  • sen5: Trajectory of Creation PRE/OP/ED
  • kuro: Lai's Path OP/ED