Trajectories of Li 2 Intelligence Summary (Continuously updated)

2022 8.10

Character introduction

Character portrait

Cao Lee

Cao Lee

"Tonight, Cao Li has become an illusion. May the eldest lady - wake up from the dream as soon as possible"

Character portrait

Keane Lou

Gien Lu

"Things are developing very quickly - Aaron, and Yaxian, do what you should do."

Character portrait



"The head of the former Lai family's Anbu, Gaolan - is the name of the person who is about to slaughter you"

Character portrait

Yaxian Lu

Ashen Lu

"Cao...Wait....Even so, I...I also—!"

2022 8.4

Character introduction

Character portrait

Looney Kincaid

Rene Kincaid

"That way it doesn't count as who owes whom, so I have no reason to refuse."

Character portrait

Array Wasek

Zin Vathek

"I'm furious about it too, but maybe that's the consequence of my 'quasi' stagnation."

Character portrait

"Broken Ring"

Elroy Howard

Ellroy Harwood

"All I have to offer is the 'kill weapon' and the 'motive', plus a few drops of potion to complete it."

Character portrait

"Skinny Wolf"

walter clone

Walter Kron

"This is - how to use your fist!!!"

Character portrait

"Golden Butterfly"

Lucretia Islay

Lucrezia Isselee

"Hmph, you're very good at getting me to detect that breath—but if you can use it, why not?"

2022 7.28

Character introduction

Character portrait

Nina Finlay

Nina Fenly

"That stage...for me...a bit too dazzling"

Character portrait

Dominic Ransta

Dominique Ranster

"Yo, kids. Was it a little too naughty?"

Character portrait

Latoya Hamilton

Latoya Hamilton

"Cartel, take some time to think carefully about who you want to be as a researcher and as yourself."

Character portrait

Mirabell Elton

Mirabel Aalton

"The director's training is harsh and ruthless, but I'll take care of the aftermath for you so don't be afraid!"

2022 7.27

Traditional Chinese version announced to be released on October 27, 2022 / Chinese version official website update

2022 7.21

Character introduction

Character portrait

Philip Alphad

Feri Al-Fayed

"Brother, I will work hard with Mr. Fan and the others!"

Character portrait

Aaron Wei

Aaron Wei

"The matter of the Lu family has nothing to do with me. I only come here on my own behalf to handle the commission (4spg) given to me by my playmate in the same year."

Character portrait

Lizette Downing

Risette Twinings

"In the end it's just a fake body...just an illusion conveyed by fake signals"

Character portrait

Cartel Salicion

Quatre Salision

"I know these things are very important to me...really, really sorry..."

Character portrait

Judith Ransta

Judith Ranster

"So I didn't!? I don't remember I joined the firm!"

2022 7.15

Web CM

The track of Li 2 radio drama

2022 7.7

Character introduction

Character portrait

Ryan Bright

Renne Bright

"Ah, now I'm just a pretty girl student council president who can be seen everywhere?"

Character portrait

Static name Rem Ooriki

Shizuna Rem Misurugi

"Yes, of course you can reject me as you please, but if that's the case, I'll be willing to help you."

Character portrait

Kasim Alphad

Kasim Al-Fayed

"Decide yourself" Homura "What is it, there is no other, it's just you, Felida"

Character portrait



"Ready at all times, Fann! Show them the real 'real'!"

role model

Glendale (pretend to be a ghost)


2022 7.1

Short PV

2022 6.9

Character introduction

Character portrait

Nadia Lane

Nadia Rayne

"What Xiaona expects is the kind of lazy life that fills the schedule with sleep!"

Character portrait

Sven Yabel 

Swin Abel

"We will never forgive anyone who wants to trample on the resolve of those who accept the past and move forward!"

2022 5.14

Character introduction

Character portrait

Glendale Zorga

Grendel Zolga

Character portrait

Crimson Altra


Character portrait

Leon Batazal

Rion Balthazar

Character portrait

Celis Orticia

Celis Ortesia

Avatar for character SNS

Movie Poster Recruitment

2022 4.11

Character introduction

Character portrait

Fann Yaclyde

Van Arkride

Character portrait

Yaniae Clautier

Agnes Claudel

Character portrait


Elaine Auclair

Combat system

Magic that can be set according to the character is added to the map attack, and the attack method can be switched according to the enemy's resistance to fight. In addition, command attacks have new elements.

Fishing system

Game screenshot