Zero/Ao Kai PC version texture optimization patch

How to use

Download Zero Bi's Trail · Change the texture optimization under the cloud leopard patch file

There are 2 folders in the textures folder in the compressed package, ao and zero, corresponding to Bizhi's track·change and zero's track·change respectively. Unzip the h_data folder in the folder to the corresponding game root directory to replace the original file ( Remember to back it up), select "High Resolution Textures" when starting the game to run.


Bizhi trail · use this patch instead, the following areas will be wrong

  1. On the 1st floor of the support class, please keep the original c0110 and c110b folders
  2. Rainbow Theatre, c410 and c420
  3. New Brown, C490
  4. Orchid Tower 35F, 36F, c1540, c1550
  5. State Guest House, t1100, t110b, t113b
  6. Speaker McDowell House, c0310, c031b
  7. Knox Sea of Trees, r4050, r4060, r4090
  8. City of Mirrors (behind the mirror), t1490
  9. Merkaba, e3020, e302b