Locus of Li I/II Traditional to Simplified Patch

How to use cloud leopard version complex to simplified patch:

  • There are two zip files in the compressed package
  • Unzip the tc folder in the patch to the game root directory and overwrite it to replace traditional Chinese with simplified Chinese, or optimize the original traditional font library.
  • Unzip the tc folder of the Kuro font to the game root directory to overwrite it for restoration.


The traditional and simplified version v0.1 is modified using the original font library of the game. The font may meet the aesthetics of some users, but some characters are missing, and the modification is more troublesome, and will not be updated later.

The flash track font library is used since the traditional and simplified conversion v0.2, and the subsequent versions are based on this.

The Chinese version of NISA is based on the Japanese version. Please use the Japanese version to run the game.

Traditional and simplified version update:

2022/08/07 – v0.4, optimized character spacing.

2022/08/06 – v0.3, optimized character display, improved text rendering resolution.

2022/08/03 – v0.2, use the Flash Creation simplified font library, fix some characters and text display problems in v0.1 version.

2022/08/02 – v0.1, the first version of the simplified character library, some special symbols have display problems.

Traditional Chinese optimized version update:

2022/08/03 – v0.1, first release.