The latest information on "Lai Zhi Liao" (continuous update)

Official website update on July 21

Lucrezia Islet

Valut Krone

Official website update on July 8

Philip Kraussell

Kim Wasek

Shiuna · Lem · Mizuki

Official website update on June 24

System【LGC adjustment】

According to the player's actions, the fighting forces and hostile forces will change!Details

Official website update on May 27

New protagonist

Character's main combat skills

In the command battle of "Lai Zhizhi", like the previous "trajectory series", the CP (combat skill points) accumulated in the battle can be used to activate various special skills "combat skills" inherent to the character!
It is advantageous to fight while seeing the performance of the combat skills held by each character.Details

Official website update on May 13

New protagonist

Force guide "Xipha"

The official website also announced the latest information on the sixth-generation force guiding device "Xipha".Details

Official website update on March 9

New protagonist

Combat system

This game will use two combat systems, real-time combat and command combat, and players can seamlessly switch between the two modes during combat.Details

Real-time battle

Command battle

Stage show

Capital of the Republic of Kalvard——Edith

Real machine demonstration

Protagonist fighting