Summary of world trajectory information (continuously updated)

The traditional Chinese version of World Trails is scheduled to be released in 2024

Cloud Leopard Entertainment announced that Tracks of the World will be released in 2024, and President Chen Yunyun said that they will work hard to launch it simultaneously with the Japanese version. In addition, two new game screenshots were also announced this time.

The 20th anniversary commemorative game "Kisi of the Legend of Heroes: Farewell, O Zemuria-" is released and will be released in 2024

The "Kiseum" series celebrates its 20th anniversary. "Farewell, O Zemuria - Farewell, O Zemuria" will be released in 2024!

In-game screenshots

"In the year 120X, everything will end."

Dr. C. Epstein, the father of the Doomsday Guidance Revolution on the continent of Samria, once predicted as follows──

Seeing that the critical date in the prophecy is approaching, the huge foundation built in the land of Kunlun...Ground

Preparing to launch a guided rocket into space.

"Can humans reach the outer atmosphere?" "What is at the end of the continent?" "Can humans know the truth of the 'world'?"

While the whole world is paying attention to this unprecedented great undertaking, somewhere in the Orade Autonomous Prefecture, which is called a technological singularity, various forces, led by a young man who makes a living as an "underground master house", are gradually moving towards... Assemble there──

After all, can that trajectory flying towards the distant sky open up a new future for Samlia? Or──