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Released on September 26, 2024

Trails in the World will be released on PS5/PS4 on September 26, 2024. The Chinese and Japanese versions will be released simultaneously.

Character introduction

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Lean Schwarzer

"Please allow me to learn from you - this is also to see with my own eyes what the realm beyond the Eight Leaves is like!"

A young instructor at the Erebonian Empire's Thorz Military Academy.

The empire was once caught in a huge vortex of fate, but with the help of many companions and collaborators, it overcame many difficulties.

He practiced the culmination of Eastern swordsmanship, "Eight Leaves, One Sword Ryu", and obtained all the secrets. He now calls himself the "Gray Sword Saint".

In this work, for some reason, he was invited by the former enemy country, the Republic of Calvard, and after meeting up with his companions in "Torz Class VII", they went there together.

At the same time, he also received a letter from his master Yun Kafai, whom he had not seen for a long time...

Artina Orlean

"Mr. Rean - if the Eye of Observation tells you this, then you should go to that land."

Members of the Strategic Studies Office at Thors Military Academy—

After graduation, by chance, he became a associate member of the Imperial Division of the Epstein Foundation.

During battle, the partner's tactical shell lightsaber is transformed into the next-generation weapon "Shield Sword".

Although his background is special, he continues to grow as an ordinary person and sets foot on the land of Calvard with Rean, his former instructor and current colleague.

In addition, in this work she also serves as the person in charge and liaison for "a certain case" commissioned by the foundation.

Chloe Ambust

"For your enthusiasm, please let me at least bet half of my chips."

A young man who works as a freelance contractor in Tasrem City, a free metropolis in the north-central part of the continent, specializing in secretly assisting in handling international disputes and troubles.

After overcoming the incidents in the Empire and Crossbell, he and his friends resolved the turmoil in his hometown of Julia.

He then moved his activities to the Free Metropolis adjacent to northeastern Calvard, a land that was neither imperial nor Julai.

He uses a large locomotive made by Atworth as a means of transportation, and signs a contract with the civilian military company "Mardok Company" to upgrade his double-edged sword to a new foldable style.

In this work, he will meet up with Rean, his friend and partner from Class VII, in the Orred Autonomous Prefecture where MK's headquarters is located.

Fey Clausel

"Yeah. I think I've regained the feeling of being with Rean and the others."

A B-rank guerrilla fighter of the Imperial Guerrilla Association with the title of "Fairy". Currently assigned to the Republic of Calvard again.

He assisted Zhen and Elaine in last year's gangster "Amata" incident.

Based on the relationship with Fili, who is a mutual acquaintance, he also established a good relationship with the underground Yorozuya office.

In this work, she meets up with Rean and his group, who were unofficially invited by the Republic, and proposes "a certain proposal" to use the connections of Vann and others...

Tova Herschel

"Working together to accomplish something - I think this is also "Tolz's style."

A temporary teacher assigned to Aramis High School from the Erebonian Empire's Thorz Military Academy.

Although she is often mistaken for a student due to her petite stature, she is smart and good at planning. During her student days, she served as the student council president and handled a lot of affairs, and even commanded a flying ship.

While working as a teacher, he is also active in transnational non-governmental organizations, dedicated to resolving conflicts and poverty issues.

In this game, she will meet up with Thors's junior Rean and former classmate Clo to visit the facilities that her grandfather, a famous astronomer, once visited.

Kevin Graham

"You should know it well, right? -- I am definitely the enemy of this world and an unforgivable person."

The itinerant priest of the Seven Radiance Church, and the fifth guardian knight of the Star Grail Knights, who holds the title of "Thousand Gauntlets".

He is an easygoing, seemingly frivolous young man, but in fact he has a strong sense of mission and can make cold judgments when necessary when carrying out a mission.

He once called himself a "heretic hunter" and secretly punished sinners who were deemed "heretics" by the church. Later, after facing his past due to a certain incident, he chose to go with his follower knight Liz and use his power to protect specific things.

In this work, it seems that he has accepted a mission from the church and is trying to contact Rufus, a man who has abandoned his past...

Rufus El Barrea

"I can do it -- and I don't hesitate at all. After all, I am no longer a human."

The former first governor of Crossbell, he was also born into the Duke of Elbarea's family, a prominent noble family in the Erebonian Empire.

After the end of World War I, he was imprisoned as a war criminal, but two and a half years ago, in the "Crossbell Re-Independence Incident", a fake person pretending to be Rufus appeared, so he acted as Kamen Rider "C".

His encounter with Sven, Nadiya and Lapis gave him the opportunity to re-examine his way of survival.

After the Second Independence Incident, Rufus, who has completely abandoned the past, is being monitored by the CID of the Republic, which was once an enemy country. At the same time, he and Lapis and others are watching the future of Semria and taking actions in secret.

Lapis Rozenberk

"It's both elegant and cute, right? Rufus helped me pick this one!"

A Rozanbelk Guidance Doll that is hosted by an anthropomorphic personality (AI) managed by the artificial intelligence "Elysium".

She has human-like sensibility, is greedy, and has an inexplicable obsession with cute naming, but as a management AI she still has overwhelming computing power.

During a series of bizarre murders in the Republic, his AI was rewritten into another personality and used, but with the efforts of the Arkled Solution Agency, the Guerrilla Association, Swain and others, he successfully recovered his original personality.

Afterwards, she traveled to the Ored Autonomous Province with Rufus to transfer the AI into a new body made by combining the craftsmanship of Master Yorugu and the technology of the Mardok Company.

Sven Abel

"Like you, this is all thanks to me facing 'important things' -- no, 'important people'."

A former assassin who escaped from the assassination organization "Garden" and is good at using special dual swords with fusion and marking mechanisms.

Although he seems indifferent and pursues rationalism on the surface, he is actually not a cold-blooded person. He has a straightforward and reasonable personality.

After leaving the Garden, he made a vow with Nadia to "never kill again" and embarked on a new life with Rufus and Lapis whom he met on the journey.

In this game, he takes on a mission through Rufus, but Father Kevin from Heretic Hunter appears before him, and the assassins from the Garden are also one of his targets...

Nadia Lane

"Our captain is usually like this~ It should be a bit similar to that "Broken Vow", right?"

A former assassin who works with Sven, he uses a doll called "Bear Baron" as a weapon that contains special needles and hidden weapons.

He lives a lazy life and likes to rely on Sven for everything, but he is actually a realist with a cold mind.

She cares about her partner Sven more than anyone else, and uses her excellent computing skills to analyze intelligence, silently supporting him instead of him doubting others.

Perhaps her intuition as a former assassin had not yet dulled, and she always viewed Father Kevin's words and actions with suspicion.

Elaine Oclair

"Whatever the association's plan is, it won't go as they wish."

An A-rank guerrilla fighter known as the "Sword Girl" who possesses both superb swordsmanship and beauty.

He was born into a prestigious family that ran the dessert maker Quincy Bell, but after graduating from high school he ignored his family's objections and embarked on the path of a guerrilla fighter.

Together with Vann, his childhood friend and school sweetheart, he solved various incidents in the Republic, and while understanding each other's positions, he gradually established a relationship that was ready to get closer to each other.

However, at this time──the anti-immigration organizations in various parts of Semria all chose to take action when the Republic was implementing the "Star Picker Project". After learning about this, Elaine also began to investigate as a guerrilla.

Looney Kincaid

"This is a state secret. I don't need to say more, right? Director of the Acryde Solutions Agency."

An assistant officer and agent affiliated with the CID (Central Intelligence Department).

While handling a large number of cases, he is also able to rush to the scene and execute tasks accurately. At the same time, he can maintain a resolute attitude towards the powerful, which makes him highly regarded by President Granhart.

He usually cooperates with his childhood playmates Vann and Elaine by taking advantage of each other's positions, but at the same time he also warmly watches over their relationship as an older brother.

However, as Project Star Reacher entered its implementation phase, CID focused its resources on the project, and Kincaid found it increasingly difficult to maintain such a relationship due to his position.

Vann Ackerlyde

"To escape or to face yourself -- the final choice is still yours."

A young man who makes a living as a "Underground Yorozuya". He is always willing to lend a hand to those who are lost between the public and private worlds.

Perhaps because of his helpless background, others often think that he has a calm and realistic personality, but in fact he makes decisions according to his own standards (although his love for desserts sometimes interferes with his judgment).

Although he possessed the Demon Core because he was born as a demon king, he successfully sealed the Demon Core in the cracks of the world after a direct confrontation with the demon king that separated from himself.

Anneliese Cloutier

"So, Mr. Vane... please don't regret thinking of someone important to you."

A second-year student at the prestigious Aramis High School, who has a pure and lovely temperament but still reveals a firm will from time to time.

She once commissioned Vane to find the guide device "Genesis" left by her great-grandfather, which became the opportunity for her to join the "Akled Solution Agency" and start working part-time.

Although she has achieved her goal of collecting the eight "Genesis" scattered throughout the Republic, she still works in his office because she has a faint affection for Vann.

Fili Alphard

"The universe...!? Can humans really go to such a place!?"

Felida is a young female hunter who has been receiving formal combat training since childhood in the high-level hunter regiment "Kuruge Warrior Regiment" that emphasizes honor and tradition.

Due to a series of events involving the rival Jaegers of the Iron Shield, she begins working at Vann's Resolution Agency and attends Sunday school at a Middle Eastern temple.

During the strange events that occurred in the Republic's capital in early 1209, she was forced to confront Vann and others due to "corruption", but she eventually managed to overcome this difficulty. In addition, she became more mature by the age of 14, which is considered an adult in Kruger.

Aaron Wei

"I don't intend to be bound by the past or the present - I just go my own way."

In the Oriental Street of the Republic, there are famous and romantic figures who are also leaders of the young people full of vigor and vitality.

He is not only proficient in the swordsmanship and boxing of the Wolhwa-ryu, one of the three great boxing styles, but also performs the "female form" sword dance in the Oriental opera. Due to his unruly but attractive presence, he is called "Kirin'er" and "the little tyrant of Naju".

Once, he was almost controlled by the reincarnated soul of the demon "Great Lord" who once ruled Oriental Street, but he finally found himself. In order to re-examine the "Black Moon" who wanted to use him and himself, he is now devoting himself to the "Underground Yorozuya".

Lizette Downing

"——This is my pride as an SC, and more importantly, as an employee of the firm. 】

She is an SC (Service Specialist) of the Maldok Security Company, and attracts everyone's attention with her calm attitude and cool appearance.

Despite her seemingly elegant appearance, she hides extraordinary fighting abilities, and can even hold the upper hand when facing off against the hunter Fili or the genius Aaron.

Due to a series of events related to Genesis, she was sent to the Arkleid Resolution Agency. With her SC skills, as one of the employees, she provided extensive support to Vann and other members of the agency.

In reality, she lost most of her body in an incident in the past and now uses a pseudo-body from the Maldock Corporation to supplement it.

Cartel Salicion

"Brother Yang and Sister Ailei have also taken action... Now I just need to stick to my style as a member of the underground jack of all trades."

He is a young researcher in the master's program of the republic's academic research institution "Basel University of Science" and also participates in projects of the multi-technology manufacturer "Urnu Corporation".

Although she was born and raised in a special environment, she was adopted by Dr. LaToya Hamilton at a young age. She has respected and loved her like her own grandmother and embarked on the path of a researcher.

He joined Acreed Solutions as a result of the Republic's technological crisis and while supporting the firm's technical work, he strives every day to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, Dr. Hamilton, in applying technology for the benefit of society.

Judith Langstad

"Expose the darkness, fight against evil——I want to show you the power of "Night Cat"! !"

She is a top actress in the industry of Leading Films, and has charmed countless audiences with her natural talent and acting skills cultivated through unremitting efforts.

She has a strong sense of justice and stands up to evil, but sometimes fails unexpectedly due to small oversights.

She and her junior actress Nina encourage each other and are both competitors and good friends who trust each other.

While she was enjoying her glorious days as an actress, she inherited her grandmother and mother's role as the "righteous thief" in the behind-the-scenes world, transforming herself into "Phantom Thief: Night Cat", punishing illegal companies and politicians, and quietly fulfilling her duty of justice.

Bergard Germain

"I didn't expect you to grow to this level... I'm not a wasted person as your master."

A robust old man who once served as a peripatetic priest in the Seven Lights Church.

As a master of the Kunlun Style, one of the three great boxing styles of the East, he has many disciples all over the mainland. To Fan En, he is his valued master and benefactor.

Even though they were concerned about the personal safety of Vann, whose experience was different from that of ordinary people, they still provided strict guidance and gave him many aspects of guidance in life.

After resolving the incident in the Republic with Vann, he headed to the eastern part of the continent for some reason, but now he has reunited with Vann and others to continue providing support.


"In 120X, everything will end. "

The end of Zemuria

Dr. C. Epstein, the father of the Orbital Revolution, once predicted that


As the critical date in the prophecy approaches,

A huge base built in KunlunPreparing to launch a guided rocket into space.


“Can humans reach beyond the atmosphere?”

"What is at the end of the continent?"

"Can humans know the truth about the 'world'?"


While the whole world is paying attention to this unprecedented feat,

Somewhere in the Ored Autonomous Prefecture, which is considered a technological singularity,

Led by a young man who makes a living as an underground handyman

Various forces are gradually gathering there.


After all, the trajectory flying towards the distant sky

Can they open up a new future for Semlia?

Or maybe──

Leif District (Idis District 10)

A quiet residential area located on the high ground in Itis, the capital of the Republic.

Although the area has undulating terrain, it has become an area with excellent living conditions due to the park overlooking the capital and the convenient transportation conditions to the Metropolitan Highway, which is popular among the wealthy class.

In addition to Anessa's home, the Granhart Mansion, her childhood sweethearts Odette and Albert's homes are also located in this area.

Sheridan District (District 11 of Itis)

This area is located in Itis, the capital of the Republic, and is famous as a tourist attraction.

Centered around the central square, the Chardin Theater, which hosts a variety of performances, the Merida gaming company, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of the Z-1 racing car, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which houses a large number of works by emerging artists, attract many foreign tourists.

Project Star Reacher

Led by the 23rd President Roy Granhart, this is a national-scale project that was secretly prepared behind the scenes of the Republic of Calvard.

planThe content is to use guided rockets to launch communication satellites into the "space outside the atmosphere" where no one has ever reached, and ultimately realize manned space flight.

It is said that thisplanThe significance of this includes conducting surface observations from ultra-high altitudes to formulate countermeasures to environmental problems and establishing a new guided communication network through satellites.

Seku Space Force Base

A large-scale facility built in a vast basin deep in the Ishgar Mountains in the southeast of the Republic to implement the Star Recruiter Project.

The plan was considered a top state secret until it was officially announced, and its existence was kept completely secret.

Ored Autonomous Prefecture

An autonomous prefecture located in the north-central part of the Zemuria continent, adjacent to the Principality of Remifilia and the Republic of Calvard.

Although it is located further north than Mesedam in the north of the Republic, the climate is warm, so it has developed its own agricultural ecosystem since ancient times.

Since most of the area is farmland, it is well known for its peaceful rural scenery. However, in recent years, due to the establishment of the headquarters of the Maldok Company here, it has been increasingly affected by the influx of funds, mainly foreign capital.

Mardok Security Company

Private military companies (PMCs) have grown rapidly in recent years.

Possess and utilize very high-level technology, but much of it is of unknown origin.


A local city located between Itis, the capital of the Republic of Calvard, and the ancient capital of Orasion.

As a transit city connecting the two cities, it prospered and branches and subsidiaries of large companies also moved in accordingly.

Although it has no notable features, the city has gained a certain popularity among the citizens of the Republic due to its peaceful atmosphere and livable environment.

Black Cat Night Pavilion

A cafe run by the Lansta family in Ankaville.

The current owner is Chloe Lanstar, mother of film actress Judith and former Nightcat.

Although it is a shop run by a former first-class artist, it is close to customers and is said to be loved by local residents as a place to relax.

Ankaville General Hospital

A large hospital in Ankaville.

Equipped with the most advanced medical equipment, there are many patients from far away who come for consultation and treatment.

Game System


Some characters, such as Vann, who has the ability to transform into a demon with his magic suit, and the Guardian Knight who has the stigmata, can consume their amplification gauges on the battlefield to enter an awakening state, thereby temporarily greatly improving their combat capabilities.

When awakened, not only does the appearance change, but the attack power and speed will also increase, so you can combo against the enemy with an overwhelming advantage!

In addition, during awakening, you can restoreIncreaseslot, thereby extending the awakening time through efficient combat.

Double Magic

In addition to the guidance magic with seven attributes of [earth, water, fire, wind, time, space, and illusion], there is also the high-level magic "double magic" that combines two different attributes.

Although it consumes more EP, its power far exceeds that of ordinary guidance magic.

In this game, many new double magics will be available for fierce battles with hostile forces!

BLTZ System

A new element of the SCLM system expansion of "Trails of Kiseki" and "Trails of Kiseki II".

In command battles, when you gain the AT bonus "Blitz" state, performing normal attacks or combat skills or magic attacks will trigger BLTZ chain/BLTZ support!


field battle

When the dedicated slot on the lower right side of the screen is full, press the corresponding button to activate ZOC (Zone of Control).

During activation, the enemy's speed will be slowed down, so you can attack unilaterally on the battlefield.

In addition, when ZOC is activated, not only will the player's attack power increase significantly, but the stun damage caused will also increase, so even enemies with high defense can be easily stunned.

Command battle

In a command battle, if you activate S-Boost twice and reach full boost, you can activate ZOC (Zone of Control).

After activation, the target character can continue to act. In addition, the attribute enhancement state can be maintained for one round longer than usual.

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