Falcom jdk BAND LIVE ASIA TOUR 2023 Miracle Track IV

Falcom jdk BAND "Tracks of Miracles" IV China tour restarts!
The reunion after four years, the gathering across time and space.

Do you still remember the joy and touch that Falcom jdk BAND "Track of Miracle" III performed in six cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xiamen in August 2019? When "星の在り处" / "Silver の Will Gold の Wing" / "I'll remember you"... one after another classic melodies sounded at the concert site, and the audience waved cheering sticks, will it be You bring back the original touch.

Nineteen years ago, a game called "Trails in the Sky" opened a door. Since then, countless classic moments in the game, accompanied by these classic music, have remained in the hearts of many people. Across the gate of time, these theme songs representing the essence of the Falcom series of games have also become an indelible memory. And the Falcom jdk BAND band is also growing, changing, and fixed in it. To this day, it has become a legendary band that performs Falcom's series of game songs on major concert stages.

Trails of Miracles will be restarting later this summer. The new team of Falcom jdk BAND will come to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for a three-stop tour. With its distinctive arrangement and touching melody, it will once again dedicate its wonderful performance to the vast number of Chinese fans!

Performing members: Vocal: Megumi Sasaka / Saxophone: Mihoko Hatakeyama / Violin: Kodai Tanizaki / Guitar: Koji Sekiguchi, Sakura Yoshida / Keyboard: Atsushi Inagaki / Bass: Naoki Yamagishi / Drummer: Yoshiki Yamazaki

The trajectory journey is about to set sail again

The new team of Falcom jdk BAND came to China again with new songs! Present their passionate and touching music works to everyone!

In the late summer of passion, the gorgeous stage.
The long-lost touch, the familiar melody.
Great performances, enthusiastic audience.
Relive the majesty and tenderness of the trajectory, and sing a new chapter.

(Reprinted from Dimensional Mowan Weibohttps://weibo.com/7251325443/N9FNUy2nq)


Ticket Information:

August 13 Shanghai Bandai Namco Shanghai Cultural Center - Dream Theater
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August 16 Sound Republic Livehouse Guangzhou

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