Trails from Zero EVO/KAI-Trophy


Q: How to change the content of the trophy?

A: The lonely high investigator: The original Normal difficulty level and above, all members below level 40 (EVO) are now all members below level 40 (modified).

      Veteran investigator: The original Hard difficulty (EVO) is now Hard difficulty or higher (modified).

      In addition, the changed trophy color is slightly different from EVO (does not affect the collection, this guide uses the EVO trophy color).

Brass Trophy(35)

Newcomer search officer

Get the search manual.

Furniture collector

Collect all furniture and power director housings

Three-star chef

Complete all successful dishes

A unique chef

Complete all unexpected dishes


Holds more than 1,000,000 Mira

Continuous Yashi

Over 100 hours of play time

Supreme Sword

Make the strongest weapon

Unparalleled martyr

Raise the level of a member to level 50.

Fighting warrior

Win 100 battles

Fighting warrior

Win 500 battles

Lightning flashes

Achieve 100 preemptive attacks

Super secret skills

Use 100 S skills

Hundred Flowers Meet

Interrupt the enemy's magic and skill drive 100 times

Come back to life

Get out of crisis in battle.

Brilliant offense and defense

Experience Bonus value reached x3.00 or more

Lien Chan broke

3 consecutive victories

Eight heads knock out

Defeat 8 enemies at the same time

Undefeated brave

Pass any chapter if the number of impossible battles is 0.

Brave lion

Pass any chapter when the number of battle retreats is 0.

Star Hunter

Defeat the Wanted Beast [Demon Pterodactyl].

Hunter of the Moon

Defeat the Wanted Beast [Phantom Demon].

Sun hunter

Defeat the wanted warcraft [Dark Hero].

Dark Hunter

Defeat the 【Dominator・Angel of Conviction】.


Complete the prologue "Secret Service Support Section".

Will to march

Complete Chapter 1 "Afternoon of the God Wolf".

Get rid of the confusion

Complete Chapter 2 "Golden Sun, Silver Moon".

Determination to move forward

Complete Chapter 3 "Cross Bell Founding Memorial Ceremony".

Will to pursue

Complete Chapter 4 "The Wisdom That Comes Quietly".

New determination

Complete the final chapter "Cross Bell's Longest Day".

A love affair across identities

Participate in "Black Auction" with Ellie.

Brothers and sisters who don't know the world

He Tio participated in the "Black Auction".


Participate in "Black Auction" with Randy.

Bond with Ellie

Deepen the bond with Ellie

Bond with Tio

Deepen the bond with Tio

Bond with Randy

Deepen the bond with Randy

Silver trophy (11)

First-rate investigator

Become a search officer・1ST.

Wise man

Collect all the information in the combat manual.

Citizen hero

Complete all support requests.

Flame Chef

Collect all recipes.

Crystal Loop Collector

Collect all crystallization loops.

Book collector

Collect all "Black Market Doctor Glenn" and "Cross Bell Times Weekly."

Treasure hunter

Open all treasure chests.

Explosion King

Catch all the fish.

Victor of the past

The number of battle victories reached 1,000.

Aspiring Scholars

Defeat more than 2000 enemies.

Experienced investigator

Complete the game with difficulty above the difficulty.

Gold trophy (2)

The Lonely Search Officer

Complete the game with a difficulty of normal or higher, and all players are below level 40 (EVO)/all players are below level 40 to complete the game (change)

The legendary search officer

Complete the game on nightmare difficulty.

Platinum trophy (1)

The "Zero"

Get all trophies

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