Kuro no Kiseki II - Trophy

Brass trophy


The level of order in the LGC camp reaches the maximum.


The gray level in the LGC camp reaches the maximum.

deadly smile

The level of Chaos in the LGC camp reaches the maximum.

book master

Collect all the information in the book notes.

fishing master

Collect all the information in the fishing notes.

food fanatic

Raise the foodie class to the highest.

Treasure hunter

Open 150 treasure chests (except in "Fairy Tale Garden").

Hollow Core Collector

Get all Hollow Cores (except special editions).

Magic Drive Collector

Get all magic drives. (Except EX)

Master of Deflector

Unlocks all dynamo slots for all partners (15 players).

Capable underground master house

Get an S rank in any chapter (except the prologue).

gift giver

Give gift items more than 30 times. (Except gem cards)

background music fanatic

Use the Maldok Support feature to change the background music in Fairy Gardens

best vacation

Experienced all the leisure activities in Nimes Island (3 types in total)

Academic festival consultant

Experienced all events of Gakugi Festival (4 types in total)

Ultimate combat skills

Use the Enhanced Combat Skill function in Fairy Tale Garden to enhance all combat skills of any character to the limit

Ultimate Soldier

Craft 1 Black Jade Steel Main Weapon Part.

magic weapon collector

Craft Black Jade Steel main weapon parts for all allies (15 players).

Extreme AI

Raise the level of any hollow core to the highest level.

Lonely Spa Lover

Part I, Part II, Part III, and the epilogue have all washed the sauna in the capital + washed the sauna in Messerdam and Lamport.

Unparalleled movie pass

Watch all movies.

novice hacker

Use the hacking method to open the Power Lock treasure chest.

Master of SCLM

Use "SCLM Chain" and "SCLM Support" more than 500 times in total.

S Amplifier Master

Act more than 500 times in S boost state.

Super secret skills

Use the S combat skill more than 250 times.

Brilliant offense and defense

Achieve a tactical reward of x4.0 or higher.

Lightning flashes

Launch preemptive chip attacks over 250 times.

unparalleled strike

Achieve a total damage of 100,000 points or more.

field warrior

Defeat over 300 enemies in total in field battles.

Quick Magic Master

Defeat 100 or more enemies in total using Quick Magic.

EX Chain Master

Activate the EX chain more than 200 times.

Rare Mage

Use all double magics (7 types in total).

Fighting warrior

Defeat 500+ enemies in Command Battles or Field Battles.

king of war

Defeat 1000+ enemies in Command Battles or Field Battles.

Underground Master House, start action again

Start acting again as an underground master house

Crimson Roar

Complete the prologue "Crimson Roar".

fairy tale garden

Complete the "Fairy Tale Garden" in front of the curtain.

North Harbor Capriccio

Completed Part I side A "Capriccio in the Northern Port City".

Acting for the underground master house

Complete Part I side B "Agent Underground Master's House".

Revisit Huangdu ~Dazzling Black Moon~

Complete Part II side A "Revisit Huangdu ~Dazzling Black Moon~".

Infiltrate Aramis ~The days that are not so leisurely~

Completed Part II side B "Infiltrating Aramis ~A Not-So-Leisure Day~".

Nemes Island ~Another Festival~

Complete the broken chapter "Nemes Island ~Another Festival~".

Silver trophy

AAA Office

Alclyde Solutions has an AAA rating.

Commissioned master

Complete all orders (4SPG).

LGC Masters

The levels of Order/Gray/Chaos in the LGC camp are all maxed out.

Link master

Raise all link levels to maximum.

Master of battle

Collect all information in the battle notes (except EX).

Crown of Hell

Complete the game on "NIGHTMARE" difficulty.

fairy tale hero

Defeat the boss on the ninth floor of Fairy Tale Garden.

Universal jubilation

Complete Part III "Joy to the World".

Gold trophy

Outstanding Underground Master House

Complete all achievements (except EX).

the end of the flow

Complete the epilogue "The End of the Flow".

Platinum trophy (1)


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