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The plot of the entire track series revolves around the continent of Semuria. The story stages of different works are different countries/regions of the mainland. The protagonist and supporting role of each work will meet as the whole story of the series advances.

The detailed introduction of each work can be found inList of GamesThe page view, which contains the currently logged-in game platform (for example: Steam), whether there is a Chinese version, the expected release date and other information

The complete strategy sequence according to the game release sequence should be:

					Trail of Sky FC → Trail of Sky SC → Trail of Sky 3RD → Trail of Zero → Trail of Bi → Trail of Cold Steel I → Trail of Cold Steel II → Trail of Cold Steel III → Trail of Cold Steel IV → Trail of Creation → Trail of Lai → Lei's Path II

Among them, the trail of the sky→the trail of the green are all 3D/2.5D pixel villains, which change from the trail of the flash to the real 3D modeling

If you want to start from a relatively new work, you can start with Flash Track I. There may be some side plots that cannot be understood, but it does not affect the game experience. However, it is best to complete the zero track before starting the track creation, because one of the three main lines of the track creation has a lot to do with the zero bi. In addition, the characters of Sora no Trajectory will also appear in the later stage of Sen no Trajectory and in Sono Trajectory.

Trajectory series entry map (this picture can be reproduced)

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of trajectory game platforms


Advantages: good picture quality and frame number; you can play to zero track -> all the latest works; new works of the track series are the first to land on this platform

Disadvantages: The price is slightly higher; it can protect the liver reasonably but requires paid software


Advantages: excellent picture quality and frame rate (appropriate hardware required); price is lower than the host platform; high playability, easy to play some Mods or modify the game

Disadvantages: A small part of the system environment may cause some software problems that need to be solved by Baidu.


Advantages: portable, suitable for playing the turn-based JRPG of trajectory

Disadvantages: high price; limited by performance, image quality and number of frames are not good


Unfortunately, as of now, no platform can provide all track games. Probably the closest is the PS4 platform, except for the trilogy of empty tracks, the rest of the works are available. Yunmao expects to transplant a large number of works to the Steam platform this year.When the transplantation is completed, all the published track works can be played on the PC.

PC platform can play all track works.

Because the track game on the Steam platform has several different publishers, it is roughly divided into two versions, the North American version (XSEED and NIS release), this version only supports English and Japanese subtitles/voices, but basically allPatchesThe porting optimization of the North American version is very good, even beyond the experience of the PS platform.

The other one is the Asian version (released by Clouded Leopard), which supports traditional Chinese and Korean subtitles and Japanese voice. Cloud Leopard version Flash 12 is the first self-porting, resulting in lower quality (picture quality, etc.) than the US version, but it contains most of the DLC that needs to be purchased additionally in the US version. Flash 34 uses the US version of the file, but also contains most of the DLC. Due to encryption and other reasons, the Cloud Leopard Edition Flash 34 cannot use additional MODs, and some computers with lower configurations may experience freezes.

At present, the release speed of the Cloud Leopard version is relatively fast, and you can already play all the works of Traces of Light - Traces of Leviathan 2, and the transplantation level of Traces of Leviathan 1 and 2 is also higher than before.

For detailed differences between different versions, please refer toList of Games.

One is to look at the publisher, Clouded Leopard Entertainment is the official Chinese version of Cloudcat

The second is to look at the supported languages

These two versions are basically remakes of the original game, please refer toList of Games.

The DLC of the track series is basically some props, clothing and other things that enhance the user experience, without involving the plot. If you want to support the Pharaoh control, or want more characters to dress up, you can buy it completely. In addition, some ported versions The game has integrated all DLC released in the past (such as SEN NO KISEKI·CHANGE).

Parallel world, currently has nothing to do with the main track

Trail of Awakening is a web game based on the trail world. Trail of Dawn m is the mobile version of the Japanese server.

Star Trail is equivalent to Xiao Zhi Trail's national mobile game, and is represented by bilibili.

At present, in bilibili's national regions, Changyou's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan/international mobile games have been suspended.

The plot of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan/International servers has been updated to the end of Chapter 6, which can be watched"The Trail of the Stars" Taiwan Server Plot Collection (End of Chapter 6)

Follow-up Chapter Seven - Final Chapter Plot, available to watch"Trail of Dawn" Japanese server plot (Chapter 7 + final chapter)

Japanese Chapter 7 - Final Chapter TextLink

stage background:

Crossbell and Remiphilia in the 1204 year of the Seven Yao Calendar (Zero Bi handover) can be regarded as the Remiphilia chapter. The niece mentioned by Archduke Albert in Trails of Flash 4 may be the protagonist of this work. one.

Main plot content:
There have been many terrorist attacks and disappearances in Crossbell and the Principality of Remiphilia. The reason behind this is that someone called the Death Merchant/War Minister is trying to cause chaos in the Semeria continent.

Nahat Weiss, a former hunter, Chloe Barnett who received a heart transplant from the D∴G order, Ronald Griffin, a Crossbell investigator, and Liv, the daughter of Remiphilia The Crossbell test team composed of others, cooperated with the R&A Investigation Institute, the Guerrilla Association (Agat, Array, Arios) and other organizations to solve the incident between Crossbell and Remiphilia, and stop the war secretary. conspiracy.

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