The Trajectory of the Realm – Plot Guide

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  • XDi
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Internal expandable frame switch:


The game will be released in 2024

Inheritance bonus 

Li Zhi's Trail Clearance Archive:
Life Dew, Strength Dew, Guardian Dew, Magic Dew, and Mind Dew 2 each.

Firm evaluation class:
AAA:Fann's Refining Stone x 5, Anies' Refining Stone x 5, Elaine's Refining Stone x 5
AA:Fann's Refinement Stone×5

LGC grade(You can get all 3 at the same time):
LAW Level 5:Amulet of Order(HP upper limit +500, 50% prevents all abnormal states)
GRAY Level 5:grey talisman(STR, DEF, ATS, ADF, SPD, evasion rate, magic evasion rate +7)
CHAOS Level 5:Amulet of Chaos(STR+10, kill rate+10%, CP+10 during action)

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