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Q: How many weeks does platinum require?
A: In this game, there are special events and character notes collection that cannot be taken into account in the weekly event. The difficulty of Nightmare cannot be directly platinum. If the Nightmare difficulty of the week is all collected, it is recommended to save a file before the trip event of Part II ④. Prioritize the collection of character notes. After the week is finished with the remaining trophies, read the file to adjust the VE difficulty and go straight to the main line to the previous day. Mending the trophy.
If you choose other difficulty in one week, you need to play Nightmare difficulty in two weeks, and jump the cup after the true ending. The second week of this work can inherit the level.

Brass Trophy(42)

Book fan

Fill in all the information in the book notes

Flame Chef

Fill up all the information in the cooking notes

The fisherman of the water world

Fill in all the information in the fishing notes (all 30 kinds of fish + the largest fishing rod LV)

Master Pom

Conquer all the opponents in the popping.

Photo collector

Take all the landscape photos and report

Core circuit collector

Collect all core circuits (all 31 types)

Lost Magic Collector

Collect all the lost magic circuits (beads) (all 5 types)

One who transcends trials

Open all the trial treasure chests


Holds more than 1 million Mira

Fighting warrior

Achieve 100 battle victories

Fierce warrior

Achieve 700 battle victories

Realm Pearl

Any core loop reaches LV10

Lightning flashes

A total of 300 rounds of preemptive/dominant/surprise attacks

Super secret skills

A total of 100 rounds of S combat skills

Brilliant offense and defense

Achieve tactical rewards x 3.0 or more

Master Break

Use more than 800 breaks

Master Link

Achieve LV7 in the Link level of any two people

Chase master

Launch more than 500 pursuits

Master Rush

Unleash 100 or more consecutive onslaughts

Master Burst

Unleash more than 50 burst attacks

Command Master

Use Courage Command 100 times or more

Special Bond Yuna

Spend a special time with Yuna

Special Bond Altina

Spend a special time with Altina

Gorgeous secret service

In any chapter of the plot, an S evaluation is made

Special Bonds·Miao Jie

Spend a special time with Miao Jie

Special Bond Alyssa

Spend a special time with Alyssa

Special Bond Laura

Spend a special time with Laura

Special Bond Emma

Spend a special time with Emma

Special Bond Fei

Spend a special time with Fei

Special Bond Sara

Spend a special time with Sarah

Special Bond Tova

Spend a special time with Tova

Special Bonds·Elysee

Spend special time with Elysées

Special Bond Alfin

Spend a special time with Alfin

Bonds with cooperators

Cultivate a deep bond with Sereno and Dubali

Dive into the Orchid Tower

Dive into the Orchid Tower

A drastically changed world~waking up from the dark abyss~

Cleared the prologue "A world that has changed dramatically~waking up from the dark abyss~"

ⅦThe Trial of Class

Clear Part I "Trial of Class VII"

The broken sword, and then-

Clear the chapter "Broken Sword, and then─"

Fateful stars

Clear Part II "Fateful Stars"

The age of the lion ~ where the flash is heading ~

Clear Part III "The Age of Lions ~ Where the Flashes Go~"

At least make a promise tonight

Talk on the day before customs clearance "At least make an agreement tonight"

Flowers die beyond the flame

Clear the final scene "Flowers Die Beyond the Flame"

Silver trophy (8)

Blazing Wings

Regain the level to reach the sky level

Crown of Hell

Complete the game on nightmare difficulty

Task master

Achieve all tasks (delegation)

Treasure Hunter

Opened all the treasure chests

Combat expert

Fill up all the information in the battle notes

Character master

Fill in all the information in the character's notes

VM collector

Fill in all the information of the card notes

Men's Bonds

Cultivate a deep bond with Kurt, Ash, Eliot, Macias, Euses, Gaius, and Clo

Gold trophy (2)

Legendary Class VII

The secret service department has reached Grade A and zero

Towards the future

Reached the finale "towards the future"

Platinum trophy (1)


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