Trail of Cold Steel III-Trophy


Q: How many weeks does platinum require?
A: You can get Platinum in one week of Nightmare difficulty. If you choose another difficulty in one week, you need to make another nightmare difficulty.

Brass Trophy(42)

Flame Chef

Fill up all the information in the cooking notes

Explosion King

Fill in all the information in the fishing notes (all 25 kinds of fish + the highest fishing rod LV)

Gossip lovers

Collected all the broadcast topics and reported them

Photographer's Agency

Take all the landscape photos and report

Core circuit collector

Collected all core circuits (28 types in total)


Holds more than 1 million Mira

Top Pearl

Any core circuit rises to LV7

Fighting warrior

Achieve 100 battle victories


The number of winning battles reaches 600 times

Lightning flashes

A total of 300 rounds of preemptive/dominant/surprise attacks

Super secret skills

A total of 100 rounds of S combat skills

Brilliant offense and defense

Battle reward x3.0 or above

Master Break

Use more than 800 times to break the defense

Master Link

Achieve LV5 in the Link level of any two people

Chase master

Launch more than 500 pursuits

Master Rush

Unleash 100 or more consecutive onslaughts

Master Burst

Unleash more than 50 burst attacks

Command Master

Issue more than 100 Courage Commands


In any chapter of the plot, an S evaluation is made

Bond with Yuna

Deepen the bond with Yuna

Bond with Kurt

Deepen the bond with Kurt

The bond with Altina

Deepen the bond with Altina

The bond with Miao Jie

Deepen the bond with Miao Jie

The bond with Ah Xiu

Deepen the bond with Ya Xiu

Bond with Tova

Deepen the bond with Tova

Bond with Alyssa

Deepen the bond with Alyssa

The bond with Eliot

Deepen the bond with Eliot

Bond with Laura

Deepen the bond with Laura

Bond with Macias

Deepen the bond with Macias

Bond with Emma

Deepen the bond with Emma

The bond with Juss

Deepen the bond with Juss

Bond with Fei

Deepen the bond with the Philippines

Bond with Gaius

Deepen the bond with Gaius

Bond with Miriam

Deepen the bond with Miriam

Bond with Sarah

Deepen the bond with Instructor Sarah

The bond with Elysée and Queen Alfin

Deepen the bond with Elysée and the Queen Alfin

New Class 7 starts operation

Start admission test

Spring comes again

Complete the prologue "The Return of Spring"

Reunion ~ Chalk Old Capital ~

Complete the first chapter "Reunion~The Old Capital~"

Crossbelt of Contradictions

Complete Chapter 2 "Cross Bell Intertwined with Contradictions"

Instigation of Steel~The sea is in chaos~

Completed Chapter 3 "Instigation of Steel ~ Sea Capital Disturbance~"

The shining Heimdall

Complete Chapter 4 "The Glorious Heimdall"

Silver trophy (8)

Mingmen Non-commissioned Officer School

The college level is raised to the prestigious level

Crown of Hell

Complete the game on nightmare difficulty

Task master

Achieve all tasks and branch school tasks (commissioned)

Treasure Hunter

Opened all the treasure chests

Combat expert

Fill up all the information in the battle notes

Character master

Fill in all the information in the character's notes

Book fan

Fill in all the information in the book notes

VM collector

Fill in all the information of the card notes

Gold trophy (2)

The legendary instructor

Instructor level increased to S rank

For whom does the bell ring

Complete the final chapter "Who is the bell ringing for?"

Platinum trophy (1)


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