Tracks of the Realm – Archives

Li ZhijieⅢ STEAM archive

The game is not yet available

Archive location

Clouded Leopard version of "Li's Trail III":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\CLE\Kuro_no_Kiseki3
  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\CLE\Kuro_no_Kiseki3

How to use

There are 6 folders under the kuro3 folder in the compressed package, each corresponding to an archive. When using, directly put the folder corresponding to the archive number into the folder in the above archive location, where xxx is the archive serial number such as 088, 089, etc. You can also copy it directly. For the following archives, you can obtain all combat-related achievements except combat evaluation. You only need to trigger the corresponding content (such as S skills, SCLM chain, SCLM assistance) once.


Trail of Light III PS Archive

The game is not yet available

Customs Clearance Archive: This archive is PS4/5 Li Zhi Trace customs clearance archive, without any DLC, Hong Kong version and Japanese version of the game can be used.

Perfect archive: contains the boss battle archives of each chapter, all collections, etc.


Trails of Lebanon 2 Inheritance