Hajimari no Kiseki-Trophy

Brass Trophy(42)

Flame Chef

Collect all the information in the cooking notes

Real Blowfishing King

Collect all the information in the fishing notes (all 26 kinds of fish + fishing rod with the highest level)

Fanatic Bookworm

Collect all the information in the book notes

Master Pompom

Beat everyone in "Bomb Touch"

VM champion

Won everyone in "VM" (except for the characters unlocked with the golden seal stone)

Core circuit collector

Collect 55 core circuits

Lost Magic Collector

Collect 6 kinds of lost magic crystal circuits

Two millionaires

Holds more than 2 million Mira

Three artifacts

Craft 3 types of weapons from Hezemria Mine

Realm Pearl

Increase the level of any core circuit to 15

Fighting warrior

Reached 100 battle victories


The number of battle victories reached 500 times

Lightning flashes

A total of 300 preemptive/superior/surprise attacks were launched

Super secret skills

Activate 100 s combat maneuvers in total

Brilliant offense and defense

Tactical rewards reach ×3.0 or more

Eight heads knock out

Defeat 8 enemies at once

Breaking Master

Break the defense more than 800 times

Link master

The connection level between any two characters reaches 7

Chase master

Launch more than 500 pursuits

Continuous Assault Master

Launch more than 100 consecutive storms

Master Burst

Unleash more than 50 burst attacks

Master of Courage Command

Use the Courage Order more than 100 times

Heroic warrior

Unleash more than 100 heroic attacks

Valiant Master

Use heroic magic more than 100 times

Heroic Therapist

Initiate more than 50 heroic treatments

Master of Elements

Use magic more than 100 times for the enemy's weak attributes

Overcoming the Trial

Dominate the 9 gates of trials

Happy vacation

Played all mini games with everyone in the extra chapter "Beach DE Vacation"

Liberation operation begins

Begin the liberation operation

Cross Bell Liberation Operation

Completed the prologue "Crossbel Liberation Operation"

The day of independence again

Complete Lloyd's Route Chapter I "The Day of Independence Again"

Homecoming when the snow melts

Complete Lien's Route·Chapter I "Homecoming in the Snow Melt"

Encounter night

Complete??? Course·Chapter I "Encounter Night"

Lost Soul

Complete Lloyd's route Chapter Ⅱ "Lost Soul"

The shadow of the Crimson City / "C" a dark move-

Complete the Li En/"C" route·ChapterⅡ

Beyond fantasy

Complete Lloyd's route Chapter Ⅲ "Beyond Fantasy"

Uncovered sky

Complete Lien's route Chapter Ⅲ "The Revealed Sky"

Remembrance ~ Grasp the brilliance

Completed the "C" route, Chapter Ⅲ "Remembrance ~ Captured Glory"

Awakened Will-Black Siege

Complete Lloyd's Route Chapter IV "Awakened Will-Black Encirclement War"

Zero Encounter

Complete the Lien route Chapter IV "Zero Encounter"


Complete the "C" route, Chapter IV "Elysium"

Guess who I am

Witnessed a dialogue between certain people

Silver trophy (8)

Unyielding liberator

Liberation class reaches "S"

Crown of Hell

Complete the game with difficulty above "NIGHTMARE"

Extra chapter observer

Watch all extra chapters

Master of battle

Collect all the information in the battle notes (except EX)

Treasure hunter

Open all treasure chests (except for the Fantasy Corridor·Extra Chapter)

Character master

Collect all the information in the character's notes

The King of War

The number of battle victories reached 1500

Find out the truth

Collect enough evidence to find out the "truth" and proceed to the final battle

Gold trophy (2)

Founding seeker

Complete all main tasks and get paid

End, and founding

Complete the final chapter "The End, and the Founding"

Platinum trophy (1)


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