Trails of Cold Steel II-Trophy


Q: Can Trails of Lights 2 be Platinum?
A: No, there are two-week limited trophies (ice hunters, true history seekers, etc.).

Brass Trophy(38)

Crown of Fortitude

Complete the game from hard or higher


Holds more than 1 million Mira

Realm Pearl

Increase the level of any core circuit to lv5

Supreme Sword

Craft the strongest weapon

Fighting warrior

Reached 100 battle victories

Victor of the past

The number of battle victories reached 600 times

Lightning flashes

The total number of preemptive/superior/surprise attacks has reached 300 times

Super secret skills

100 s-breaks

Hundred Flowers Meet

Prevent the enemy from driving the combat skills and magic up to 100 times

Brilliant offense and defense

Tactical rewards reach x3.0 or more

Eight heads knock out

Defeat 8 enemies at the same time

Link master

The connection level between any two characters reaches 7

Chase master

Successfully pursued more than 500 times

Continuous Assault Master

Successfully launched more than 100 consecutive onslaughts

Master Burst

Successfully launched more than 50 burst attacks

Amplification Master

Successfully launched more than 100 boosts

Ice Demon Hunter

Defeated the Demon Soldier Isra Dead Angel

True history seeker

Read the parsed black history book and meet a certain person

Special eugenics

Get an S rating in any plot paragraph

Bond with Alyssa

The bond with Alyssa deepens.

The bond with Eliot

The bond with Eliot deepens.

Bond with Laura

The bond with Laura deepens.

Bond with Macias

The bond with Macias deepens.

Bond with Emma

The bond with Emma deepens.

The bond with Juss

The bond with Juses deepens.

Bond with Fei

The bond with the Philippines deepens.

Bond with Gaius

The bond with Gaius deepens.

Bond with Miriam

The bond with Miriam deepened.

Bond with Sarah

The bond with Sara instructor deepened.

Bond with Tova

The bond with President Towa deepens.

Bond with Alfin

Cultivate a deep bond with Alfin

What I saw after waking up was...

Waking up in the Isingert Mountains

Homecoming ~ the end of frustration ~

Completed the prologue "Homecoming ~ The End of Disappointment~"

Grey War

Complete Part I "Grey Wars"

Silver Giant Ship

Complete the "Silver Giant Ship" between the scenes

Red Wings~the awakened lions~

Complete Part II "Red Wings ~ The Awakened Lions~"

Just keep moving forward

Complete the final chapter "Just keep going forward"

Closber under occupation

Completed the rumor "Cross Bell under Occupation"

Silver trophy (10)

Phoenix Wing Red Lotus Medal

Awarded the "Phoenix Wing Red Lotus Medal" by Emperor Jugent

Commissioned master

All commissions (39 in total) were successfully reached

Master of battle

Collect all the information in the battle notebook (except EXTRA)

Flame Chef

Get all the recipes (22 items in total)

Explosion King

Caught all fish species (24 species in total)

Character master

Collect all the information in the character notebook

Book addiction

Collect all the information in the basic book (except EXTRA)

Treasure hunter

Open all treasure chests (prologue ~ final chapter)

Core circuit collector

Collect all core circuits (31 types in total)

Crown of Hell

Complete the game from difficulty nightmare or higher

Gold trophy (2)

Grade A zero students

The student class is generally promoted to Grade A zero

The end of winter

Talk about "The End of Winter" after reaching the end of the day

Platinum trophy (1)


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