Sora no Trail 3RDEVO-Trophy

Brass Trophy(45)

Magic Spear Loya

Kai literature will have "Magic Spear Loya".

Holy Gun Ur

Kaiwen will have the "Holy Gun Ur".

Star Cup Knight

Episode 0 "Star Cup Knight" cleared.

Shadow Land

The first episode "The Kingdom of Shadows" is cleared.

Alienated capital

The second episode "Alien Capital" clears the customs.

The Way of Gold, The Way of Silver

The third episode "The Way of Gold, The Way of Silver" is cleared.

Dim Stigma

In the fourth episode, "The Dim Stigma" is cleared.

Labyrinth of light and shadow

Complete the fifth episode "The Labyrinth of Light and Shadow".

Trial of the Guardian

The sixth episode "Trial of the Guardian" is cleared.

The distant Yan group

The seventh episode "Distant Yan Group" clears the customs.

After all the hardships and dangers, finally reach the other shore

In the end, the words "experienced all difficulties and dangers and finally reached the other shore" cleared the customs.

The brave who can't fall

Any star level can be cleared for 0 times with no combat times.

Courageous lion

Clear any level with 0 battle retreats on any star level.

Immortal hero

Clear the level with 0 retries.

Lonely crown

Complete the game with a difficulty level of NORMAL and above, and all players below level 140.

Transform madman

The slot hole of the force director is strengthened to the maximum.

Master of Combat Skills

Learned all the combat skills.

Master of Magic

All magic is used.

Supreme Sword

Made the strongest weapon.

Loop collector

Collect all loops.

Flame Chef

Collected all the recipes.

Book madman

Collected all the books on the bookshelf in the hermit's courtyard.

Treasure hunter

Opened all the treasure chests.


The gold held is more than 1 million Mira.

Lasting Yashi

The game time is more than 50 hours.

Unparalleled martyr

The level of all team members rose to 140.

Fighting warrior

The number of battle victories reached 100 times.

Fierce fighter

The number of battle victories reached 300 times.

Victor of the past

The number of battle victories reached 500 times.


Defeated more than 100 enemies.

Aspiring Scholars

Defeated more than 1,000 enemies.

Lightning flashes

Launch a total of 100 preemptive and surprise attacks.

Super secret skills

Activate S-Break 100 times.

Hundred Flowers Meet

Interrupt the enemy’s skills and magic drive up to 100 times.

Come back to life

Get out of dangerous situations in battle.

Eight heads knock out

Defeat 8 enemies at the same time.

Lynx Capua's express package

Clear the customs with HP50% and above in "Lynx Capua's Express Package".

Blast Fishing Legend Estil

Clear the game with a fruit of 1500pt or more in "Blast Fishing Legend Estir".

Martial Arts Conference

The nightmare mode was cleared in the "Li Wushu Conference".

Card Technician Jack

Defeat Jack in "Card Technician Jack" within 5 rounds.

PONG of locus

Clear the level with RANK1 in "PONG of Tracks".

Sword fox

Defeat Philip the first guardian (enhanced version)

Feiyan Honger

Defeat the second guardian Wuxiang (Enhanced Version)


Defeat the third guardian Cassius (enhanced version)

black Knight

Defeat the fourth guardian, the Black Knight (Enhanced Version)

Silver trophy (3)

The crown of fortitude

Complete the game with difficulty HARD and above.

Memory gate

Read all the short stories in the door of memory.

Heretical sanctioners

Defeat all guardians (enhanced version).

Gold trophy (3)

Crown of Hell

Complete the game with difficulty NIGHTMARE.

Seer of the Eye of the Sky

Collected all the information of the World of Warcraft Manual.

Thousand's Gauntlets

Defeat Ariane Rhodes.

Platinum trophy (1)


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