Kuro no Kiseki – Archive

Li Zhizhi STEAM Archive

Note: Please do not modify the system user or the saved game folder at will, there may be a reading problem, the game patch has fixed this problem.

2022/10/22 Update the archive, you can basically get all the achievements except the battle, all EX battle notes.

The 2023/3/1 NISA version will be released, most of the archives can be read directly, and the customs clearance archive cannot trigger inheritance correctly.

Archive location

The Clouded Leopard version of "The Path of Li":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\CLE\Kuro_no_Kiseki
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\CLE\Kuro_no_Kiseki

NISA version of "Tracks of Li":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\Kuro
  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\Kuro

How to use

There are a total of 9 folders under the kuro saves folder in the compressed package, each of which corresponds to an archive. When using, directly put the folder corresponding to the archive number into the folder of the above archive location, and xxx is the archive serial number such as 088, 089, etc. You can also directly copy it in. The following archives can obtain all battle-related achievements except battle evaluation, just trigger the corresponding content (such as S skill, SCLM chain, SCLM assist) once.

  • 088 is the archive before chapter 5 selection. Before that, all collected, LGC level 3-3-3, all forces can be selected, the specific values are the same as the suggested options in the guide.
  • Archive before customs clearance of Chapter 5 of the Fourth Line:
    • Note: When making these four archives, I missed the bath in Chapter 5, and the achievements will be missed at the end of the chapter. And because the LGC level required by each person is different, and there are many LGC options in Chapter 5, it is not recommended to use these archives to inherit the final chapter.
    • 089: Guerrilla Line
    • 090: Black Moon Line
    • 091: Association Line
    • 100: Turtledove Line, there is a hollow core that is not full level in this archive. After resetting the enemy in the scene with the recovery device, you can get the achievements and trophies related to the full level of the hollow core after clearing the field.
  • 109: Save the final chapter before the last bath for easy access to the "Lonely Spa Home" achievement
  • 128: Before the final treasure chest, there are two black jade steels, you can go to any recovery device to make the final weapon to get the achievement (all weapons can be completed if the modifier items are not reduced)
  • 130: The final boss battle on the roof of the office. After defeating the boss, you can get the Nightmare difficulty clearance and collect all the battle notes.
  • 136: LGC full level in the second week, all bonds, all in-game achievements (except Battle 5.0), read the save file, trigger the Daswani connection event, you can get the bond achievement + all in-game achievements
  • 225 is the Nightmare difficulty clearance archive, which can open the second week game inheritance
    • The specific inheritance content is the same as the picture below
    • LGC level 3-4-5, the specific values are the same as the suggested options in the guide.
  • 228 is the four-dimensional game clearance archive, and you can get all the battle notes (including the four-line EX) if you inherit it.

Li Zhi's trajectory PS archive

Note: This archive is a PS4/5 Li Zhi trajectory clearance archive, without any DLC, the Hong Kong version of the Japanese version of the game can be used.

2022/7/27 The perfect archive removes the use of DLC, including the boss archives of each chapter, and the nightmare clearance file.


Li's Trajectory Inheritance