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Alternate address for overseas users:Mega SkyDrive

The archives of the clouded leopard version and the NISA version can be used interchangeably, and the archives of this website can be directly used for the clouded leopard version.

Archive location

Clouded Leopard Edition "Tracks of the Flash IV":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\CLE\ed8_psv4
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\CLE\ed8_psv4

NISA (North American version) "Sen no Kiseki 4":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\ed8_psv4
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Falcom\ed8_psv4

How to use

There are 28 files in the sen4saves folder in the compressed package, corresponding to 14 archives. When using, savexxx.dat and the corresponding thumbxxx.bmp should be placed in the folder of the above archive location. xxx is the archive serial number such as 070, 088, etc. . You can also copy all of them directly

  • 142 is the trigger file for the previous day Tan’s bondage, which can be used to brush up the bond achievements of male and co-workers.
  • 147 is the final archive of the previous day's story, and you can get the final female bond achievement, except Yuna (you can trigger Yuna related, Kurt's one-sentence plot, see for detailsThis video)
  • 159 is the final test box, after passing, you can get the test box achievement
  • 182 is the final treasure chest. After opening it, you can obtain treasure chest achievements. At the same time, you can fight in this map, explode S or trigger various link attacks to obtain corresponding achievements
  • 183 can get the final two character notes, and the final prime minister
  • 184 is a normal ending file, can it be opened? ? ? (True Ending) Route
  • 185 is the true ending archived before the final decisive battle
  • 186 is the reunion ending, you can see the last hidden content
  • 201 is Nightmare Difficulty Before Day Tan Fetters Action
  • 202 is the final bond of Nantan on Nightmare Difficulty
  • 204 is the true ending of Nightmare Difficulty, archived before the final battle
  • 205 is the ending file for the members of the Nightmare difficulty, you can see the final hidden content
  • 260 is the normal difficulty clearing archive, 261 is the nightmare difficulty clearing archive, can open the second week to inherit
    • If you want to brush achievements conveniently, it is recommended to choose the following inheritance:
      • 1. Link LV·Continuous Attack·Burst Attack
      • 2. Mira Yao chip
      • 3. Props
      • 4. Various note information
      • 5. Ability value
    • It is recommended not to inherit anything during the first play, and at most one Mira Yao Chip to protect the liver


perfect archive

File name: PS4 – Trails of Cold Steel IV Perfect Archive.rar

Contains the final boss save of each chapter, the bond trophy save, and the perfect clearance save. For details, see read me.txt in the rar package

Note: Thors' revival is not the biggest in multi-week games.


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