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Alternate address for overseas users:Mega SkyDrive

Note: At present, there are two archives in Baidu network disk, one is the NISA customs clearance archive for the inheritance of the second week, and the other is the clouded leopard version archive, which can complete various achievements. The clouded leopard version and the NISA version archive are interoperable under the same DLC, and only need to be partially modified. Please refer to the following for specific modification methods. There is only clouded leopard version archives in Mega SkyDrive.

Archive location

Clouded Leopard Edition "Tracks of the Lights III":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\Sen_no_Kiseki_III
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Falcom\Sen_no_Kiseki_III

NISA (North American Version) "Sen No Kiseki 3":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\ed8_psv3
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Falcom\ed8_psv3

How to use

There are 8 files in the compressed package except Readme.txt, which correspond to 4 archives respectively. When using, savexxx.dat and the corresponding thumbxxx.bmp should be placed in the folder of the above archive location, xxx is the archive serial number such as 070, 088 Etc. You can also copy all of them directly

  • 142 is the final fetters archive, you can brush fetters achievements here
  • 159 is the final treasure chest archive. Open the treasure chest in front of you to directly obtain treasure chest achievements, and you can trigger various combat achievements here (using corresponding skills to obtain).
  • 160 is the final pre-battle archive, which can be used to complete the nightmare difficulty level and various combat achievements
  • 200 is the complete collection of the difficulty of the nightmare difficulty of the week, you can directly inherit all the content
    • If you want to brush achievements conveniently, it is recommended to choose the following inheritance:
      • 1. Link LV·Continuous Attack·Burst Attack
      • 2. Mira Yao chip
      • 3. Props
      • 4. Various note information
      • 5. Ability value
    • It is recommended not to inherit anything during the first play, and at most one Mira Yao Chip to protect the liver

The clouded leopard version reads the NISA American version archive method

First create an arbitrary archive in the clouded leopard version.

Download a hexadecimal editor such as 010Editor, open save200.dat, and the archive file created in the clouded leopard version, there will be the following page:

Initial state of NISA US version archive

Select the first three lines of save200.dat, replace them with the first three lines of the clouded leopard version archive, and save.

The first three lines of hexadecimal numbers in the clouded leopard version archive

Customs clearance archive after replacement

Note: Make sure to have full DLC before reading

Note: Reverse replacement can also make NISA version read Cloud Leopard version archives

Sen no Kiseki III PS4 archive

perfect archive

File Name: PS4 - Trails of Cold Steel III Perfect Archive.rar

Contains the final boss save of each chapter, the bond trophy save, and the perfect clearance save. For details, see read me.txt in the rar package



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