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Bizhi Track·Change STEAM Archive

Note: 2022-03-12 The full achievement archive has been updated.

Archive location

The Cloud Leopard version of "Bi Zhi Track Change":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\Ao_no_Kiseki_Kai
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Falcom\Ao_no_Kiseki_Kai

How to use

There are 5 folders in the compressed package, corresponding to 4 archives and system information archives respectively. When using, you need to put xxx_save.bin and corresponding xxx_save.ico in the folder into the folder of the above archive location, xxx is the archive serial number such as 036, 048, etc. You can also copy directly into it.

  • Fetter archive, read the archive through SL, you can trigger the final fetter achievement of all team members
  • Nightmare difficulty 4 weeks game clearance file, all collections, all achievements, can open subsequent weeks
  • The final treasure chest is archived. After reading it, open the last treasure chest to obtain the treasure chest achievement.
  • The final pre-battle archive, after reading it, you can enter the Nightmare difficulty final pre-battle, play the game and make your own customs clearance archive
  • The system.bin and info.bin in the system settings archive can open the built-in achievements and link to the steam achievements

Bizhi Track·Change PS4 Archive

Archive download

Baidu Netdisk | OneDrive Extraction code: oz74

Decompression password: altina


This archive can get the best inheritance point (search officer level is full), butNot a perfect collection of archives, All are easy difficulty

Some trophy achievements need to re-trigger the specified conditions to get them normally, it is recommended that this save is only used for inheritance

2022-05-17 Update the perfect archive, including the boss battle and nightmare difficulty archive of each chapter.