Track of Zero-Archive

Track Zero·Change STEAM Archive

Archive download

Baidu Netdisk Extraction code: l4th

Alternate address for overseas users:Mega SkyDrive

Note: At present, Randy's bond and level 40 and below clearance archives, please wait for the subsequent update.

Archive location

Cloud Leopard version of "Zero's Track Change":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\Zero_no_Kiseki_Kai
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Falcom\Zero_no_Kiseki_Kai

How to use

There are a total of 13 files in the zero saves folder in the compressed package, corresponding to 6 archives and system information archives respectively. When using, you need to put xxx_save.bin and the corresponding xxx_save.ico into the folder of the above archive location, xxx is the archive serial number Such as 054, 057 and so on. You can also directly copy it in. system.bin and info.bin can enable built-in achievements.

  • After the system and info are read, all achievements except Randy's bond and level 40 and below can theoretically be obtained.
  • 54 is Ellie's bond file, after reading it, talk to Ellie to get Ellie's bond achievement
  • 57 is the one-week normal difficulty clearance archive
  • 68 is the Tio bond archive, after reading it, talk to Tio to get the Tio bond achievement
  • 69 is the final treasure chest archive. After reading it, open the last treasure chest to obtain the treasure hunter achievement. After reading this archive, return to the main interface, open all inherited contents through scores, and read and inherit the customs clearance file No. 71.
  • 70 is before the final boss on Nightmare difficulty
  • 71 is the Nightmare difficulty clearance file

Tracks of Zero·Change PS4 Archive

Archive download

Baidu Netdisk Extraction code: oz74

Decompression password: altina


This archive can get the best inheritance point (search officer level is full), butNot a perfect collection of archives, All are easy difficulty

Some trophy achievements need to re-trigger the specified conditions to get them normally, it is recommended that this save is only used for inheritance