Regional introduction

Located in the western part of the continent, a huge empire with the "Golden Horse" logo. The current emperor is Yukent Razer Anor III. This country with a long history and tradition has strict nobility and other systems, and under the command of Prime Minister Gillias Osborne, who is known by the nickname "Iron Prime Minister", the country has built railways and the country has gradually moved towards modernization. In addition to the mechanized national regular army, it also has a huge military force such as the state army (army of the nobles), and it is as famous as the Republic of Calvad in the east, and is known as one of the largest countries in the mainland. At present, Carl Regnitz, the representative of the imperial government, is in charge of state affairs, while the royal family is responsible for communicating with domestic and foreign countries and improving international relations. In the past, in order to compete for supremacy, it fought against the Republic of Calvad, which is also a big country. Later, it was admitted that the launch of the Battle of the Dragon of the Earth was a lack of its own country, and the republic was paid astronomical indemnities. Today, the empire has been pulled away from the republic, which has grown substantially.

Regional original painting

3D model