Trails of Cold Steel Ⅳ

basic information
Original name of work
The Trail of Heroes' Flash Ⅳ
Translation of works
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Ⅳ | Trails of Cold Steel Ⅳ: The End of Saga | Eiyuu Densetsu – Sen no Kiseki Ⅳ: The End of Saga
Selling platform
PS4 | NS | PC
Release time
September 27, 2018 (PS4) | April 9, 2021 (Steam, English) | December 23, 2021 (Steam | NS, Chinese)
Official Chinese
Support (PS4 | NS | PC)
Falcom Sound Team jdk (Hayato Sonoda, Takahiro Uren Sugami), Yuto Kamito, Mitsuyo Shingo
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Original introduction

      "The Legend of Heroes: Trails in Sen no Kiseki IV" is a role-playing game released by Falcom. It is the ninth work in the Trail series, and the fourth work in the "Tracks" series. It is part of the SEN No Kise series. The last work.


      "Giant Twilight" caused the "curse" to spread in the Erebonian Empire. The war between the Empire and the Karvard Republic is about to break out. At this time, the new and old "Class VII" will take action separately.
        However, the "Gray Knight" Li En, who was swallowed by the power of the ghost out of control and even lost himself, was caught and locked up somewhere. The members of the new class VII suffered a huge physical and psychological shock, and the other partners disappeared.
        In order to save Li En and solve various mysteries surrounding the empire for many years, the old and new "Class VII" came together and started adventures with the heroes of the famous mainland.

Version changes
The original version.
Added DLC for all costumes and decorative items (except for the Japanese version of the shop bonus)
Added DLC for all costumes and decorative items (except for the Japanese shop bonus), and the picture quality has been enhanced