Trails of Cold Steel I

basic information
Original name of work
The trail of hero 伝説関の
Translation of works
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel | The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel | Eiyuu Densetsu – Sen no Kiseki
Selling platform
PSV | PS3 | PC | PS4
Release time (PS3/PSV)
September 26, 2013 (Japanese) | June 24, 2014 (Chinese)
Release time (PS4)
March 8, 2018 (Japanese) | August 18, 2018 (Chinese)
Release time (NS)
July 8, 2021 (Chinese)
Release time (PC)
August 3, 2017 (Japanese, English) | February 8, 2021 (Chinese)
Official Chinese
Support (PSV | PS3 | PS4 | PC)
Falcom Sound Team jdk (Hayato Sonoda, Takahiro Uren Suga, Saaki Aoyama), Yuto Kamito, Shunji Okajima, Uekura Journey
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Original introduction

      "The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki" is a Japanese-style RPG game on the PS3/PSV platform released on September 26, 2013. The timeline is parallel to "The Legend of Heroes: Trail of Zero" and "The Legend of Heroes: Trail of Jade".


       Lien Shuhuaze, the adopted son of Baron Shuhuaze in Umir Town in the northern part of the Ereponia Empire, was very concerned about his past and the identity of his adopted son. He decided to enter the Thorz Military Academy in order to find a new "path". During their internships in various places, Li En and his team also noticed everything that was happening in the empire secretly.

Version changes
The original version. The game uses a different 3D engine from the previous games in the track series, and the characters have changed from the Q version to normal proportions.
PC (North America)
The PC (North America) version of "Tracks of the Light" is a PC version directly transplanted from PS3 by XSEED. The official English dubbing of 50% has been added to the game, and it has been localized in Europe and America. New content: high-resolution 3D graphics, defogging, English/voice + English subtitles, script modification, etc. Can use localization and UI high-definition patches.
The PS4 version of "Sen No Kiseki Kai" is an enhanced version of "Sen No Kisei", which supports up to 4K, 60FPS picture quality, high-quality music, and is equipped with plot and battle acceleration and fast forward functions. In addition, if Japanese players have the PS4 "Sen no Kiseki III" clearance archive, they will be able to unlock multi-week special bonus elements. Port players can continue to play by reading the archives of the PS3/PSV version of "Sen No Kiseki" through Cross-save. If they have already cleared the level, the new week can get the clearance bonus.
The Chinese, Japanese, and Korean versions of "Sen No Trail·Kai" released by Cloud Leopard Entertainment are the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean versions of PS4's "Sen No.Kai·Kai" version. The content is basically the same as the PS4 version.