Rubacher Chamber of Commerce

The Clos Bell Mafia organization, established around 1134 in the Qiyao calendar, used weapons smuggling, money laundering and other means to make money. After that, it even helped some people smuggle and started business with hunters.

After the current president Marconi took office in 1196, he cooperated with Garcia Rossi of the Westwind Brigade. After that, the West Wind Brigade was disbanded, and Garcia formally joined the Rubacher Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, the Speaker Hartmann of Closberg has also established contact with the Rubacher Chamber of Commerce, and each year he cooperates in holding a "Black Auction" in Mishuram to do some illegal business.

However, in the Qiyao calendar year 1204, changes gradually occurred within the organization, and the infiltration of the Black Moon into Clos Bell also greatly affected the status of the Rubacher Chamber of Commerce. Malkney chose to cooperate with Joachim, the remaining party of the D∴G Order, and was ultimately harmed by "True Knowledge". After more than 70 years of history, the entire Chamber of Commerce was completely destroyed...

List of known members