Garcia Rossi

Leader of the Rubacher Chamber of Commerce, former deputy director of the West Wind Brigade of the Hunting Corps

"Only a half-hearted consciousness, don't let me run to the battlefield ─ ─ Lloyd Bennings!"


A strong man known as the "Killing Bear", a strong man who likes to fight head-to-head with pure power.

Since he was young, he has been in the society under the stage, wandering between the hunting group "Westerly Brigade" and the gang "Rubacher Chamber of Commerce", and there are constant disputes between "Black Moon" led by Clos Bell and Cao Li .

Although he has committed many crimes so far, his character of emphasizing benevolence and reasoning is still trusted by Lloyd and others as investigators.

In the incident of the Independent State of Crossbel in 1204 of Qiyao Li, he encouraged Lloyd, who was imprisoned by the Wehrmacht, and assisted him in fleeing. Later, he generously accepted the arrest of the National Defense Forces and chose to go to jail to repay his crimes.

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