The empire is the largest and one of the largest heavy industry manufacturers even on the mainland.

Originally a weapon workshop that lasted from the Middle Ages to the present day, it has developed rapidly under the influence of the force revolution 50 years ago, and has an overwhelming market share in steel, railways, weapons, and tanks.

There are four departments, with independent accounting system between departments, the first factory is steel and all large machinery, the second factory is all weapons such as firearms and chariots, and the third factory is guided trains and guided spaceships. , the fourth development department for the development of force communication technology and tactical force missiles.

The current president is Irina Ryanfort. Replacing the biological father and expanding the group with savvy and capable means has resulted in the cost of each department being independent. As a result, the Alliance of the Nobles had new weapons such as huge flying warships and mechas, which ignited the fuse of the civil war.

After the end of the war, following the imperial government’s will to reinvigorate the group, relying on orders for post-war revival and strengthening of armaments, it gradually expanded its operations. More train guns were deployed on the border of the Republic of Kalvard...

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