An organization on the West Semlia continent, established around 700 years after the Qiyao calendar, has its facilities all over the mainland. They deny the existence of a goddess and believe in a god called "D".

In order to reach the state of "wisdom" to summon "D", they develop the drug "true knowledge" ("G (Gnosis)") that can enhance people's ability and see everything, and kidnap children for inhuman experiments, causing them Psychological shadows also endow them with extraordinary abilities.

In addition, with the help of the alchemy of the Clos Berkullois family, they created the Son-Kia 500 years ago.

In 1198, under the leadership of Cassius Bright, combined with the forces of guerrillas and the Closbell police from all over the country, the ecclesiastical sweep operation was carried out. The ecclesiastical facilities in all parts of the western mainland were wiped out. The power of the religious group is largely understood.

The remnant of the sect, Joachim Jonta, survived and tried to wake up and recapture Chia. However, with the efforts of the spy support class, Chia was rescued and the sect was completely destroyed...

In 1208, the power of the cult resurfaced. The former priest of the cult, Gerard Dantis, led Amata to create chaos throughout Calvard through the creation of the world. One of the Five Pillars Demon Lord) was absorbed by Gerald in a cult experiment...

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