Lixia Mao

The legendary killer "Silver", a dancer from the Rainbow Theatre Company

"Even if it is the person who signed the contract in the past, I don't intend to continue to be merciful...!"


An active, gentle and low-key girl as an artist under the "Rainbow" troupe of the Klos Bell Autonomous Prefecture.

Her true identity is "Silver", the legendary killer of the Republic of Kalvard, who uses a huge magic sword that is longer than her height as a weapon.

I used to explore my own way of survival while undertaking the commission as "Silver", but after meeting the people of "Rainbow" theater and "Secret Service Support Section", after living with the people of Clos Bell, I decided Determined to live as an artist.

Illya, the predecessor who saw her talent and pulled herself into the "Rainbow" troupe, admired her more than anyone. At present, he is constantly practicing to celebrate the performance of Clos Bell's re-independence commemoration.

Role experience

Signed a contract with "Black Moon" and came to Crossbell, the legendary killer "Silver" that was avoided in Republic Chinatown. Lisha initially wore a black costume that covered her entire body, disguised herself as a man to hide her physique, and her mask was broken during the battle with The Association, revealing her true identity.

After revealing her heart to Lloyd and the others, she saw the dawn of living as "Lisha Mao". Since then, Lisha has been assisting Lloyd in infiltrating searches, contributing her own strength to Crossbell's independence.


Born as the daughter of "Silver"


Inheriting the will of the previous generation to become "Silver"

1204 Jan

① Come to Crossbell. Sign a contract with "Black Moon" to carry out activities.

②I was valued by Illya Platier and joined the "Rainbow Troupe"

1204 March

The first confrontation with the "Special Support Division" at the Tower of Stars.

1204 April

Because of "Black Auction", he once again appeared in front of "Special Support Division".

1204 October

①In the Erum Wetland, he fought with the Society and revealed his true identity.

②"Red Constellation" attacked Crossbell City, and Illya was seriously injured.

1204 Dec

① Terminated the contract with "Black Moon" and began to assist the "Special Support Division"

② Participated in the battle of "The Big Tree".

1205 March

Dive into the underground space with Lloyd and fight Rean.

1206 May

Because of "Battle Cage", he was imprisoned in the Mishuram area.

1206 August

Along with Arios, he fought against Valut, the gang, and rescued Lloyd from the siege.

1206 September

Acting as a member of the "Wings of Light" operation.


①The three signature actresses of "Rainbow Troupe" gathered for the first performance.

②Closbell independent.

Interpersonal relationship

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