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Original name of work
Hero 伝説零のtrack
Translation of works
The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki | The Legend of Heroes: ZERO NO KISEKI | Eiyuu Densetsu Zero no Kiseki
Selling platform
PSP | PC | PSV | PS4 | NS
Official Chinese
Support (PSV | PS4 | NS | PC)
Falcom Sound Team jdk (Hayato Sonoda, Takahiro Uren Suga, Saki Ayyama, Masanori Osaki)
Release time
September 30, 2010 (PSP) | October 18, 2012 (PSV) | April 23, 2020 (PS4)
February 25, 2021 (NS)
August 28, 2011 (PC/English) | December 23, 2021 (PC/Chinese)
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Original introduction

      "The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero" is a strategic role-playing game produced by Japanese company Falcom. The world view of the game is the same as the previous title "The Legend of Heroes: Trails of the Sky", but it has undergone great reforms in terms of characters and character settings. And innovation.


        "The Trail of Zero" started a few months after the end of "The 3rd of the Sky", and the stage of the story was the Krossberg Autonomous Prefecture in the western part of the mainland. Crossbel was once the place where the Empire competed with the Republic, but now it has developed into one of the few trade and financial cities on the mainland. Because of the pressure of the empire and the republic, the political struggles between the officials of the two countries continue to expand, coupled with the rise of the underworld and foreign criminal organizations, there have been frequent disputes. In order to prevent the conflict from escalating further, the Crossbell Police Department has established a new special task search section, bringing together four newcomers Lloyd, Ellie, Tio, and Randy. They will create a brand new in this huge city of light and darkness. Adventure!

Version changes
The original version.
The Chinese version of Track of Zero PC is transplanted by Soulgame based on the Chinese version of the PSP Japanese version released by Falcom that year. It provides new content such as higher resolution, high-definition redrawing of textures, and bug fixes.
The PSV version of "Track Zero Evolution" is an enhanced porting version of the PSP game "Track Zero". The main improvements include: full voice of the main storyline, re-arrangement of the soundtrack, new side missions, new mini-games, and picture quality New elements such as upgrades, additional trophy systems, and some battle balance adjustments.
The PS4 version of "Zero Tracks: Change" is a high-definition remake of "Zero Tracks" released on the PSP platform in 2010. In addition to the high-definition picture, resolution enhancement and full voice of the main story, a high-speed mode (up to 4 times faster to skip various performances and dialogues) has been added, supporting 60FPS operation, sound quality improvement, and the ability to completely skip animation performances in battle, Adjusted the UI and some trophies, as well as new elements such as battle balance adjustments. Some characters in the "Tracks of the SEN" series that are related to the plot of the game will also appear as additional elements.
Steam | NS
The content is the same as the PS4 version, but it has not yet been released.